Invoicing Guide

Invoice automation process

Step-by-Step Invoice Automation Process

According to statistics, 39% of invoices in the United States are paid late, and 61% of late payments are due to billing mistakes. See below. Moreover, 82% of finance departments...
Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice: Everything You Need to Know

This article is all about assisting you to get an idea about recurring invoices, their pros and cons, and how to employ them in your everyday business. đź“ťKey Takeaways: Understand...
Tax invoice

What Is a Tax Invoice?

Whenever a seller issues a tax invoice, it means they have supplied goods and services to the buyer. On the other hand, if the seller is not registered, then the...
Key benefits of billing software

9 Lesser-known Benefits of Billing Software

Whether you are a freelancer, e-commerce business owner, or a brick-and-mortar retailer, streamlining the cash flow is of utmost importance. As a business owner, your prime goal is to improve...
how to make an interim invoice

How to Make an Interim Invoice

An interim invoice is issued to the customer before the start of the project. To create an interim invoice for small businesses, the vendor will have to draft achievable project...
Pay an invoice

How to Pay an Invoice? [10 Easy Tips to Follow]

To establish a consistent and streamlined approach to accounts payable, it becomes of prime importance for customers like you to pay an invoice on time. Obviously, there exist many strategies...
graphic design invoice

Guide On Graphic Design Invoice For Freelancers

For freelancers, the act of invoicing clients should not be delicate. It is essential for freelancers, especially graphic designers, to set up an invoicing system for proper invoicing, ideally, they...
Invoice reconciliation

What is Invoice Reconciliation?

The invoice reconciliation process is a process of confirming and matching every piece of information in invoices. The process includes sorting each and every invoice to match with corresponding bank...
shipping invoice

What Is A Shipping Invoice?

A shipping invoice is a document used by sellers to provide the details of products and services being shipped to a purchaser. It is also known as a bill of...
Net 30

What Does the Net 30 Payment Terms On An Invoice?

Net 30 payment terms is a widely used payment term on an invoice that shows the client has to pay the amount within or before 30 calendar days. The blog will explain everything related to net payment terms?
Excel invoice

How to Create an Excel Invoice Template?

Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word, everything is good. But when it comes to the Microsoft Excel program, small business owners can create an Excel invoice template...
PO number

What is a PO Number on an Invoice?

A purchase order number is a unique number and legal document of a purchase transaction between buyers and sellers. It helps both buyers and sellers to keep track of purchased orders.
Proforma Invoice

What Is a Proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice is a preliminary sales document issued to the customer before the completion of the work. In simple words, a proforma invoice is: A commitment of goods or...
what is a vat invoice

What Is a VAT Invoice?

VAT is also known as value-added tax and is called the good and services tax used across the European Union and other regions. VAT invoice applies to goods or services...
Open office invoice

How to Make an Invoice in OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a program that’s free and has a Word program as part of its suite. Small businesses can easily make Open Office Invoice. Word program in this suite is...
What is self billing invoice

What Is a Self-Billing Invoice?

A self-billing invoice is an arrangement between the supplier and the buyer, wherein the customer prepares the invoice for the supplier and sends them a copy along with the payment....
Sales invoice

What Is a Sales Invoice?

A sales invoice is a document that accounts for a transaction. It reflects the type of services provided to a company or buyer. It also shows what time the services...
Google doc invoice

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Small business owners need simple and easy-to-use invoicing solutions to send invoices to their customers. They can make an invoice in Google Docs, either by designing from scratch or downloading...
Invoice tracker template

Invoice Tracker Template for Small Businesses

Most small business owners keep track of their invoices. Tracking the invoice is very important because failure in getting mismatched transactions can lead to less profit from your business products...
Invoice a customer

When to Invoice a Customer

There is a general question “When to Invoice a Customer? An invoice should be sent immediately after a customer’s order has been met successfully. Product-based organization: The invoice is sent...
Vendor invoice

What Is a Vendor Invoice?

The vendor invoice is a document that lists the total amount suppliers own and is listed by the recipient. An invoice is always generated and issued to the organizations when they place...
break down the quote process

Breaking Down the Invoice Quote Process

Here, we’ll look into the three distinct W’s of the quoting process: what is a quote, when should you send a quote, why you need to send a quote, what...
Interest invoice

Interest and Late Fees on Overdue Invoice

For an overdue invoice, there’s no applicable interest rate. After the payment date is overdue, the late fee is decided willingly by the vendor. You must inform the customer of...
Outstanding invoice

What is an Outstanding Invoice? A Complete Guide

Unpaid invoices decreases the credibility of the business. Getting them settled on or before time is necessary. Using invoicing software would take the burden off your shoulder, and you would get paid on time.
Sundry invoice

What Is a Sundry Invoice?

Most of you know about invoice definition in accounting but don’t know about the Sundry Invoice definition. The sundry invoice is an invoice that is issued by a company when...
What is invoicing

What is Invoicing?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an invoice as a list of services provided or goods sent, with a payment statement i.e a bill. In other words, an invoice is a...
What is the invoice number?

What is an Invoice Number? [Methods and Examples]

As a business owner, what are your major responsibilities? To handle multiple clients. To bookkeep payment processing. To deal with partial payments or overdue payments. To manage tax and accounting...
Difference between invoice and receipt

Invoice vs Receipt: The Key Differences

Keeping business documents up-to-date is the basic aspect of maintaining accurate records. It helps understand the exact financial condition. But, this task can be confusing for most businesses, sometimes they...

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