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Create error-free custom invoices in minutes. InvoiceOwl’s online invoice generator helps you make an invoice, download it as a PDF, and instantly send it to your client, all while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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What is an Online Invoice Generator?

An online invoice generator is a convenient web-based tool that allows you to create customized invoices effortlessly. InvoiceOwl’s free invoice maker eliminates the need for complex accounting software or the hassle of designing invoices from scratch.

With pre-designed templates and a user-friendly interface, InvoiceOwl makes the invoicing process a breeze. Just input your essential business details, client information, and invoice specifics into the provided template. Then, you can choose to save the invoice locally or download it instantly.

How to Make an Invoice Using a Free Invoice Generator?

InvoiceOwl offers you one of the best free invoice generators, that is easy to use, fully automated, and packed with powerful features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make an invoice free of cost:

Step 1: Personalize the template:

Once you access the invoice generator page, click on the ‘Settings’ tab, located on the top left side. Under the ‘Settings’ tab, you will be able to customize four elements as per your business style and preferences.

  • Native currency
  • Currency format
  • Date format
  • Decimal digits

Personalize the template

insert company logo

Step 2: Insert company logo

After adjusting the preferences in the settings tab, now it’s time to personalize the invoice template with your company logo. There will be an ‘Add Logo’ box in the top right corner. You can add the logo in PNG, JPG, or SVG format within the file size mentioned therein.

Step 3: Add business details

Add the required business details, such as your name, your company’s name, company address, city, state, and zip code, followed by the country you live in.

Add business details

add customer details

Step 4: Add customer details

Next comes the “Bill to” information, where you can add your client’s details like company name, address, city, state, and zip code in which he belongs, followed by the country they live in.

Please note that If the billing and shipping addresses are the same, check the box labeled ‘Shipping address same as billing address.’ Otherwise, enter both addresses separately.

Step 5: Invoice details

Enter the required invoicing details given just after the logo box, where you will add the invoice date, due date, and invoice number.

enter invoice details

Input line items

Step 6: Input line items:

List the goods or services you’ve provided, including a detailed description, quantity, rate per quantity, and the total amount payable. You can add as many line items as needed, and the tool allows you to save them for future use, reducing data entry.

Step 7: Additional taxes or discounts:

Any applicable taxes or discounts offered should be specified, so that clients can get clarity on every penny they are paying. It also includes the addition of shipping costs, if any. All these things in total make the client’s total amount due to you. .

Add additional taxes or discounts

Get the total amount charged

Step 8: Get the total amount charged

After additioning applicable taxes and costs incurred and subtracting the discounts offered, you get the total balance due. This is an actual payment obligation that the customer owes to you.

Step 9: Include necessary notes or terms

Any additional notes or payment terms that require the user’s attention should be carefully documented here. This is an opportunity to communicate important information beyond the basic invoice details.

Include necessary notes or terms

Save or download the invoice

Step 10: Save or download the invoice

Now, either save the invoice or download it for later use. Once downloaded, it can either be taken out as a print or you can directly send the invoice to the client via email.

What are the Essential Elements of an Online Invoice Generator?

There are 9 essential elements of a free invoice creator,
that will help you create professional invoices, facilitating faster payments.

  • 1. Invoice header & logo: Title the document as an “INVOICE,” and add an attractive logo to make it easily recognizable among your customers.

  • 2. Company name and details: Include the vendor’s name, company name, address, and contact details to make it easy for customers to reach you when needed.

  • 3. Name and details of the client: It is necessary to mention the client’s name, address, and contact details for seamless correspondence and easy reference to future transactions.

  • 4. Invoice details: An invoice number, invoice date, and due date are the required elements to provide a separate identity and easy references to your invoices.

  • 5. Description of goods and services: It is advisable to clearly outline the specifics of each item, ensuring your clients have a comprehensive understanding of what they are being billed for.

  • 6. Rates and quantity per unit or product: It is necessary to specify the unit rates and quantity for each item. This allows clients to see the cost associated with each unit, facilitating a better understanding of the overall charges.

Essential elements of an online invoice generator
  • 7. Applicable taxes or discounts: State any applicable taxes or discounts offered additionally. For instance, any discount % applied, promotional offers given, or terms negotiated mutually.

  • 8. The total amount charged: Summarize the total amount due at the end of the invoice. Display the total amount, incorporating all costs, taxes, and discounts.

  • 9. Additional notes, or payment terms: Include any additional information, notes, or special payment instructions relevant to the invoice that need the user’s attention.

Benefits of using Online Invoice Generator Tool

Ditch spreadsheets and switch to automated invoicing. Online invoice generator – a more efficient and accurate way of handling invoices. There are 9 benefits of using an online invoice maker. Go through each of them and see what wonders it creates in your existing invoicing processes.

  • Unlimited Invoices
    Unlimited Invoices

    Generate as many invoices as you need without any cost. Enjoy the freedom to create invoices tailored to your business requirements.

  • A Pro Touch
    A Pro Touch

    Elevate your brand image with a professionally designed invoice that creates a lasting impression on your clients.

  • time efficient
    Time Efficient

    Save valuable time by swiftly creating business invoices within minutes. Focus on what truly matters – the growth of your business.

  • Cost-Savvy

    No more costs for paper, printing, and postage. An automated tool like InvoiceOwl’s online invoice creator proves as a cost-efficient invoicing solution.

  • Error-Free

    Minimize the risk of manual errors with automated calculations and built-in validations, ensuring accuracy in your financial transactions.

  • Paperless

    Transitioning to paperless invoicing is an eco-friendly approach, reducing your environmental footprint while streamlining your billing process.

  • Instant Downloads
    Instant Downloads

    Get immediate access to your invoices with an instant download option. You can even save the generated PDF invoice for later use.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Enjoy the flexibility of managing your billing tasks on the go. A free online invoice creator is accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

  • No Registration Required
    No Registration Required

    Dive straight into creating professional invoices without the hassle of a lengthy onboarding process. Experience seamless invoicing right away.

10 Helpful Tips to Create a Professional Invoice

Crafting invoices that instill credibility is an art. These 10 helpful tips will surely make your invoices appear polished, descriptive, and attentive.

  1. Clearly label as ‘Invoice’. Ensure the document is unmistakably labeled as an ‘Invoice’ for easy identification.
  2. Include essential business and client details for record-keeping purposes and to get an easy reference in the later period.
  3. Add distinct invoice numbers for each transaction to aid easy tracking.
  4. Clearly state the invoice date and due date for a transparent payment schedule.
  5. Use a professional yet simple language tone throughout the invoice to pass a clear message to the client.
  6. Maintain consistency throughout the document for a professional look.
  7. Add clear payment terms, accepted payment methods, and potential penalties to avoid further misunderstandings.
  8. Add a polished and attractive company logo to maintain brand consistency.
  9. Periodically review and update your invoicing practices for efficiency.
  10. Consider integrating efficient invoicing software like InvoiceOwl to automate and streamline all your invoicing operations.

Tips to create a professional invoice

Free Invoice Generator Vs. InvoiceOwl

Level up your invoicing practices to an upper level. Online invoicing tools are surely an effective way to generate invoices, but switching to InvoiceOwl will unlock the full potential of smart, automated billing.

Have a look:

Perks Invoice Generator InvoiceOwl
100% editability Right Right
Export Invoices Wrong Right
Accept Payments Online Wrong Right
QuickBooks Online Sync Wrong Right
Real-time Notifications/Alerts Wrong Right
Download Invoices Right Right
e-Signature Wrong Right
Invoice Template Customization Wrong Right
Attach Contracts Wrong Right
Detailed Reports Wrong Right
Multiple Currency Options Right Right
Track Payments Wrong Right

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