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What is an Online Invoice Generator?

An online invoice generator is a web-based tool that helps you generate invoices. It allows you to create an invoice online and send it directly to your customer, as well as download the document in PDF format to save locally on your computer. It has only two requirements, a web browser, and an internet connection.

The InvoiceOwl online invoice generator lets you create professional invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos on the go. It has multi-browser compatibility.

Features Our Invoice Generator Equipped With

  • Create a professional invoices easily in just a few seconds
    Generate Invoices In Seconds

    Create professional invoices easily in just a few seconds with an intuitive interface.

  • Create fully personalized invoice template
    100% Customizable

    Create 100% personalized invoices with your brand logo, name, colors, and watermark.

  • Get flexible invoice templates
    Multiple Templates

    Get flexible invoice templates that make your job half done, and maintain consistency to make online invoice.

  • Easy to access invoice generator from anywhere
    Easy Accessibility

    Access the invoice generator from anywhere, anytime through any device.

  • Automate invoicing tasks and avoid errors

    Automate invoicing tasks and avoid human errors to create precise invoices.

  • Change template and get real-time preview
    Real-Time Preview

    Change templates with a single click and get real-time previews without losing any data.

Types of Documents You Can Create With Our Invoice Generator

  • Create professional invoices without breaking a sweatInvoice

    Ask for your hard-earned money by professional invoices without breaking a sweat. Invoices help you get paid and keep a track of your income.

  • Win more jobs by sending estimatesEstimate

    Win more clients by sending precise estimates promptly. It lets you create and save all your details and templates. It helps you generate estimates with a professional touch.

  • Send and create customize credit memosCredit Memos

    Let your customers know exactly how much balance they have. It is used in case of returns, price drops, and order modification.

  • Ordering supplies and products for your business just became easierPurchase Order

    A purchase order is a document that is issued by the customer and sent to the vendor. It confirms the demand for the goods/supply by the customer.

Essential Elements You Should Look For In Every Online Invoice Generator

  • Title

    Every invoice must be titled as “Invoice” to let the receiver know the intent of the document. An invoice is only a legally binding document when it clearly mentions the title —Invoice.

    Without the invoice title, the receiver might get confused about whether the document is an estimate, credit memo, or invoice.

  • Invoice Date

    The invoice date is generally the day the invoice is issued. This holds a significant value in the invoice. This dictates the due date and establishes the official date of the trade. Moreover, the invoice date also helps businesses to schedule, track, and sort invoices. The invoice date is especially helpful to distinguish between two recurring invoices.

  • Invoice Number

    The invoice number is the unique identification number assigned to every invoice. This is the number by which every invoice is distinguished. The invoice numbers help to sort and keep track of invoices.

    The number can be numerical or a mixture of digits and alphabets as well. For example, the fourth invoice for “xyz” client could be numbered as “#xyz04”. Or another method of numbering the invoice is by date. For example, the seventh invoice of the month could be numbered as “Nov/21#07”. Thus, it has an automatic invoice number generator that assigns invoice numbers in series.

  • Due Date

    The due date is the date by when a vendor expects to get paid. Generally, businesses provide a time to make the payment. And the due date is the last date for paying the total amount without any late payment charges.

  • Vendor’s Company Logo

    The vendor company logo is for branding the invoice. The logo helps customers to verify the invoice’s genuineness. Other than that, invoices are a great opportunity for vendors to market themselves.

    The brand logo makes the invoice unique and easy to recognize.

  • Client’s Company Details

    If you are sending an invoice, you must mention where to send it, right? The Client’s company information is similar to the “To” on any document. It helps you to send the invoice to the right person. Furthermore, the client’s details reduce the chances of misplacing the invoice.

    Thus, you need to include the contact details. For example, physical address, contact number, email ID.

  • Vendor’s Company Details

    Just like all the legally binding documents, every invoice needs the sender’s details. The vendor company’s details state whom this invoice is from. Without the vendor business’s information, the customer would not know whom to pay.

    Other than that, it would be tough to decide the next steps if the invoice gets into dispute.

  • Shipping Address

    Shipping address is the address where you have delivered the goods. The shipping address doesn’t need to be the same as the client’s address. Therefore, you need to mention it clearly on the invoice.

    However, if the billing and shipping addresses are the same, you can always write —same as the billing address, in the column.

  • Purchase Item Details

    Purchase item details are mandatory for any invoice to be understandable. Each product/service rendered should be mentioned with its name, description, quality, rates, and the total cost of the item.

    Line items provide a cost breakup of the total amount and maintain transparency and double ensure the total number of items.

  • Discounts

    If you offer discounts, mention the discounted amount in the invoice. Subtract the discount amount from the subtotal and show the calculation as well. Discounts attract more clients and early-bird discounts encourages them to pay you as soon as possible.

  • Tax Rates

    The law binds the customer to pay tax whenever they buy any goods. Thus, mentioning the tax rates and respective calculations is essential.

  • Shipping Charges

    Generally, the cost of the goods does not cover the shipping cost. In such cases, businesses charge shipping fees in addition to the subtotal. Not showing the shipping charges might confuse the customer. This might delay your invoice payment.

  • Amounts Paid

    When the customer pays advances or partial payments before the total amount is due, you need to acknowledge those amounts as amounts paid. This sum of money is subtracted from the total.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions guide the customer in making online payments. Terms and conditions let the customer know all the available payment gateways they can use to pay you, instructions for claiming a refund, and consequences if they miss to pay you on time.
    These terms and conditions help small businesses avoid lawsuits.

  • Balance Due

    The total amount the customer owes the business is mentioned as the —balance. The customer is supposed to pay you the amount mentioned as the balance. This is the most highlighted part of the invoice.

Create Your Invoice in Just a Matter of Seconds

InvoiceOwl is an intuitive and easy-to-use free invoice creator. It allows you to create customized invoices with the option of selecting a pre-designed invoice template. So, follow this step-by-step guide to create invoice free online in just a few seconds.

Step 1: Select the Document you want to Create

The first step is to select the document which you want to create. It lets you create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos.

To select the type of document, click on the button —Invoice.

Select the document you want to create

Select the predefined invoice templates

Step 2: Customize the Template

Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner to customize the invoice template. It will open the settings window.

Select from the six predefined templates for creating branded and professional-looking documents.

Now, you have the option to customize the:

  • Currency
  • Currency format
  • Date format
  • Number of decimal digits
  • Logo position
  • Category of shipping address
  • Once you have customized the easy invoice free template, click on the —Save.

Step 3: Add a Logo

To add your business logo, click on the “add logo” box, and upload the logo in an image format (such as png, jpg, or svg) from your computer.

Add your business logo

Add your business address

Step 4: Add your Business Address

Tap on the box “From” to fill in the contact details, such as your business name, contact number, mailing address, and email address.

Step 5: Add the Customer’s Address

To add the customer’s address (the address to which you want to send the invoice), click on the “Bill To” box and enter the company name, contact number, physical address, and email address.

Similarly, enter the shipping address. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, tick the “Shipping address same as billing address” option.

It will auto-fill the shipping address the same as the entered “Bill To” for you.

Add the customers address

Invoice Details

Step 6: Invoice Details

Tap on the box “From” to fill in your business name, contact number, mailing address, and email address.

Next are the invoice details such as:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoicing date
  • Invoice terms/ Due date

Step 7: Add Line-items

To add line items to the invoice, enter the sale item’s name, description, price, and quantity. And this free custom invoice maker will automatically calculate the total cost of the item.

Once you have entered the item details, hit the “Add New Item” button.

You can add as many items as you want to the invoice, and our free invoice generator will automatically calculate the subtotal and total.

Add line items to the invoice

Add balance due calculation

Step 8: Balance Due Calculation

To calculate the total balance due, you need to enter:

  • Any discount offered
  • Taxes applicable
  • Shipping charges
  • Amount paid (any advanced payment already received)

Our online invoice creator lets you add taxes and discounts in percentages or directly in fixed value amounts.

Enter the shipping charges and amount already paid (if any), and the invoice maker will automatically calculate the total and the balance due to the decimal digits you previously selected in Settings.

Step 9: Add Notes and Terms

Adding notes and terms helps you personalize the invoice and guide your customers in making the payment, such as providing your bank details for a bank transfer.

Once you have entered the item details, hit the “Add New Item” button.

You can add as many items as you want to the invoice, and our invoice generator will automatically calculate the subtotal and total.

Add your business notes and terms

That’s all!

You have now generated a professional invoice.

How to Send an Invoice Using the InvoiceOwl Invoice Creator?

Once you have generated the invoice, you can preview it online.


Click on the preview button in the menu on the right side.

Once the preview is generated, you can change the template without losing any data at the preview stage too.

You can change the template without losing any data at preview stage

When you are satisfied send invoice

Sending Invoice Online

When you are satisfied with how it looks in the preview, click on the send button in the menu on the right side.

It will ask you to confirm the “From & Bill To” email addresses.

Make sure the email addresses are correct and hit the send button.

The free invoice builder will be sent to the “Bill To” email address as a PDF file.

Saving and Sending the Invoice Offline

For sending invoices offline, click on the “download” button, and you will get the printable PDF file, which you can either save as a copy on your computer, or print-off to send via offline means.

Save the invoice to send it later offline

What are the Benefits of Using Our Invoice Generator?

  • Save time creating invoices from scratch
    Time Efficiency

    Save time creating invoices from scratch. This free invoice generator helps you create professional invoices quickly with pre-designed free online invoice templates.

  • Generate invoices for free
    Cost Efficiency

    Our free invoice generator lets you make your own invoices online for free. Moreover, if you want to edit the invoice created, you can do that without paying extra costs.

  • Send the invoices via email or via mail
    Send it Online or Offline

    This invoice creator provides you with a professional invoice in .pdf format. Therefore, the free invoice maker lets you send the invoice via email or via mail too.

  • Create and send error-free invoices online
    Error-free Invoices

    This invoice generator narrows down the possibility of human errors like typing mistakes and mathematical errors by eliminating most human touchpoints.

  • Create and send invoices without any registration or commitment
    No Commitments Required

    Since our invoice generator is free to use, you can create invoice online for free and send it without any registration or commitment. Get your hands on it before you invest.

Frequently asked questions

  • On which web browsers do the InvoiceOwl online invoice generator run?

  • Is creating invoices with InvoiceOwl online invoice generator free?

  • How do I remove an item from the invoice?

  • Can I generate PDF invoices?

  • What is invoice terms?

    ‘Invoice terms’ is the period the customer is allowed to pay the invoice. The time is generally in days, and it depends on various factors, such as the nature of the business, type of the invoice, financial health of the vendor or customer..

    However, the most common invoice terms are 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days, or EOM (end of the month).

  • What is the difference between estimates and invoices?

    An estimate is an approximate amount that the vendor projects before selling the service or the product. It is issued to give an idea about the cost that the customers will have to pay. Whereas, an invoice states the accurate amount owed by the customer. It is issued to request payment.

  • What is the difference between purchase orders and invoices?

    A purchase order is sent by a customer to the vendor for raising the requirement. On the other hand, an invoice is used to notify the customer about the accounts payable.

  • What is the difference between credit memos and invoices?

    A credit memo is issued to notify the customer about the balance he/she has. And an invoice is to collect payment from the customer for the sold service or goods.

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