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What is an Online Invoice Generator?

An online invoice generator is a web-based tool that helps you generate invoices. It allows you to create an invoice online and send it directly to your customer, as well as download the document in PDF format to save locally on your computer. It has only two requirements, a web browser, and an internet connection.

The InvoiceOwl online invoice generator lets you create professional invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos on the go. It has multi-browser compatibility.

Features Our Invoice Generator Equipped With

  • Create a professional invoices easily in just a few seconds
    Generate Invoices In Seconds

    Create professional invoices easily in just a few seconds with an intuitive interface.

  • Create fully personalized invoice template
    100% Customizable

    Create 100% personalized invoices with your brand logo, name, colors, and watermark.

  • Get flexible invoice templates
    Multiple Templates

    Get flexible invoice templates that make your job half done, and maintain consistency to make online invoice.

  • Easy to access invoice generator from anywhere
    Easy Accessibility

    Access the invoice generator from anywhere, anytime through any device.

  • Automate invoicing tasks and avoid errors

    Automate invoicing tasks and avoid human errors to create precise invoices.

  • Change template and get real-time preview
    Real-Time Preview

    Change templates with a single click and get real-time previews without losing any data.

Types of Documents You Can Create With Our Invoice Generator

  • Create professional invoices without breaking a sweatInvoice

    Ask for your hard-earned money by professional invoices without breaking a sweat. Invoices help you get paid and keep a track of your income.

  • Win more jobs by sending estimatesEstimate

    Win more clients by sending precise estimates promptly. It lets you create and save all your details and templates. It helps you generate estimates with a professional touch.

  • Send and create customize credit memosCredit Memos

    Let your customers know exactly how much balance they have. It is used in case of returns, price drops, and order modification.

  • Ordering supplies and products for your business just became easierPurchase Order

    A purchase order is a document that is issued by the customer and sent to the vendor. It confirms the demand for the goods/supply by the customer.

Personalize Your Invoice As Per Your Business

Accepting and delivering orders take time but creating invoices is a matter of seconds with the invoice generator tool. Trusted by millions of business owners like you for its smooth editability, precise tabs, and specific note section for some narration. Follow the simple steps and create an invoice.

Step 1: Personalize Settings

Once you land on the invoice generator page, there will be various fields/tabs to fill in the data. Before starting to add the data, you must adjust the settings as per your preference.

  • Tap on “Settings” for the pop-up
  • Click on the drop-down to select your native currency under the “Currency” section
  • Click on the drop-down to select your native currency format under the “Currency format” section
  • Click on the drop-down to select date format under the “date format” section
  • Click on the drop-down to select decimal digits under the “decimal digits”

Note: All the fields are editable.

Personalize settings

Add Information

Step 2: Add Information

Firstly, add your details, such as:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Company’s address
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Add your company logo in PNG, JPG, or SVG format

Secondly, add “whom to bill” details, such as:

  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Company’s address
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Tip: Tick mark the box if you want your shipping and billing address to be the same.

Lastly, add invoice details, such as :

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice due
  • Note: All the fields are editable.

Step 3: Add line items/services

This section requires adding information about what items have you sold or services rendered by your client.

    All you have to do is:

  • Add item/service name, quantity, and price
  • Add a description of the product/service
  • Add “new item/service” if there is more than one

Note: If the services are charged on an hourly or manpower basis, you can mention it in the item description.

Note: The country flag will be automatically changed as per demographics.

Note: All the fields are editable.

Add line items and services

Check the figures

Step 4: Check the Figures

  • Add “Discount” either in percentages or numbers
  • Add “Tax” either in percentages or numbers

Note: All the fields are editable.

Step 5: Add Narration

  • Add “Notes” with a message for your client
  • Add “Terms and Conditions” with all the payment instructions and bank details

Note: All the fields are editable.

Add narration

That’s all!

You have now generated a professional invoice.

How to Send Invoices Using an Invoice Generator?

Creating invoices is halfway through the game, you accomplish your goal when you send the invoice to your respected client. Know how to email your client with the following step.

Share Invoice Through Email

Just after you add all the crucial details to create an invoice for the work done, it’s time to send it.

  • Click on the “Send” button to add details in the pop-up
  • Once the pop-up flashes, add your email address under the “From” section
  • Add your client’s email address under the “Bill To” section
  • Press Send button

Share invoice through email

Download and save invoice

Download & Save Invoice

You will be able to download your invoice by entering your email ID in the pop-up. The downloaded invoice will be in PDF format. Share the invoice through different channels with your clients. In the end, you can even save the invoices to your InvoiceOwl account.

What are the Benefits of Using Our Invoice Generator?

  • Save time creating invoices from scratchTime

    Save time creating invoices from scratch. This free invoice generator helps you create professional invoices quickly with pre-designed free online invoice templates.

  • Generate invoices for freeCost

    Our free invoice generator lets you make your own invoices online for free. Moreover, if you want to edit the invoice created, you can do that without paying extra costs.

  • Generate invoices for freeAccess Anywhere,

    Create invoices using an invoice generator at your office, on the field, or at your home. You don’t need to sit in front of the desk all the time for such administrative tasks.

  • Send the invoices via email or via mailError-Free

    Since it is an automated tool, you don’t need to worry about accuracy and efficiency. The invoice generator makes no mistakes in calculations.

  • Send the invoices via email or via mailNo Registration

    Use an invoice generator to create invoices without paying a single penny. Get your hands on it for free before you invest in software.

  • Create and send invoices without any registration or commitmentProfessional-Looking Invoices

    Use an invoice generator to create professionally-built invoices since it gains clients’ trust and ensures speedy payments.

Alternatives to Using an Invoice Generator

It’s easy to create invoices using an invoice generator. But after creating some of the invoices, you’ll notice that a lot of your precious time is being consumed by repeated procedures. For instance:

  • Whenever you wish to create a new invoice, you will have to duplicate the old file and give it a new name.
  • It can be tedious and time consuming to re-enter the same details for recurring invoices.
  • Finding and organizing old invoices is a pain.
  • You need to access each invoice you created and manually tally up the totals to determine how much you invoiced during a specific time period.

So, to make things easier for you, you can use InvoiceOwl estimating & invoicing software as an alternative. So, if you are thinking why should you subscribe to InvoiceOwl software to create estimates and invoices, then here’s the answer in the next section.

  • Limitless Scalability: InvoiceOwl expands alongside you as your business expands. Opt for a plan as per your business requirements, and create and send as many invoices as you’d like.
  • Estimating: Easily create accurate estimates so your clients can know what to expect and how much to pay for the services/products.
  • Invoicing: Send organized professional invoices to your clients, and keep a track of payments with ease.
  • Store Client Details: Create client profiles and store them on the cloud so that you can view transaction history and auto-fill invoices all at once.
  • Autofill Service Details: Save the details of your go-to services so that they will autofill with the appropriate information when you issue invoices.
  • Discounts & Taxes: Apply discounts and taxes to the entire amount of the estimate or invoice and leave the calculation to the software.
  • Mobile App Available: Our exceptionally efficient mobile app has all the features you adore about InvoiceOwl.
  • Payment Integrations Across the Board: InvoiceOwl accepts a wide array of payment options, including all major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, and Visa), Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Free Trial

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Re-use the Template

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Save the Data

Store the data you fed for making the next invoice even quicker.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is invoice terms?

    ‘Invoice terms’ is the period the customer is allowed to pay the invoice. The time is generally in days, and it depends on various factors, such as the nature of the business, type of the invoice, financial health of the vendor or customer..

    However, the most common invoice terms are 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days, or EOM (end of the month).

  • What is the difference between estimates and invoices?

    An estimate is an approximate amount that the vendor projects before selling the service or the product. It is issued to give an idea about the cost that the customers will have to pay. Whereas, an invoice states the accurate amount owed by the customer. It is issued to request payment.

  • What is the difference between purchase orders and invoices?

    A purchase order is sent by a customer to the vendor for raising the requirement. On the other hand, an invoice is used to notify the customer about the accounts payable.

  • What is the difference between credit memos and invoices?

    A credit memo is issued to notify the customer about the balance he/she has. And an invoice is to collect payment from the customer for the sold service or goods.

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