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What is an Online Purchase Order Generator?

The online purchase order generator is a web-based tool that helps you generate purchase orders without logging in. You can use this tool from any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone.

The InvoiceOwl online purchase order tracking software for contractors is entirely free to use. You can create and share a customized PO with this free tool. It has all the fields and columns essential for a purchase order.

Why Do you Need a Purchase Order?

If you are a contractor needing to buy raw materials and stock up on your inventory, verbal communication with your vendor might confuse you. And this is why you need a purchase order. This being the main reason, various other reasons make purchase orders necessary for your contracting business. So let’s talk about them.

  • Recording business expenses
  • Easy order tracking
  • Checking delivery schedules
  • Keep the team on the same page
  • Easy to audit in future
  • Accurate budget planning
  • Protecting against legal actions
  • Generating financial reports
  • Getting the order delivered quicker
  • Maintaining professional relations

Purchase Order Generator Features

  • Create and send accurate estimates

    Professional POs

    Create and share professional purchase orders and get the material delivered quicker.

  • Edit your estimates

    100% Customizable

    The generator is entirely customizable and lets you create personalized purchase orders effortlessly.

  • Effective professional estimates templates

    Email Directly

    Email the created purchase order directly from the tool without signing in to your email account.

  • Access estimates from anywhere

    Get a Copy

    Get a copy of every purchase order you create with just a single “Download” button click.

  • Automate Financial Information

    Multiple Currency

    Doesn’t matter what country you live in. You can create a purchase order of any currency you want.

  • Easily convert the estimates

    Multiple Templates

    Create POs with uncountable unique designs using multiple templates and 100 editability.

Must Elements For Every Online Purchase Order Generator

  • Title

    Having the title “Purchase Order” is a must. Without the title, the document can not be legally binding. Therefore how obvious it may sound, never forget to mention the title above everything.

    Other than that, it helps to classify the document as a purchase order otherwise, the vendor or your team member might confuse it with an invoice.

  • Purchase Order Date

    The purchase order date is one of the most important elements of the purchase order template. It denotes the date of issuing of the PO. The PO date helps you and the vendor in organizing and prioritizing the PO.

    Especially in recurring POs, it helps to distinguish between two POs as all the other details are almost similar.

  • Purchase Order Number

    The purchase order number is a unique number on every purchase order. This unique identification number helps you with identifying, tracking, and sorting the purchase order. This purchase order number is also mentioned on the invoice generated against the particular PO. Thus, it comes in handy when you have to cross-verify the invoice against the PO.

    The number system is generally sequential to make organizing the POs simple and easy. It might include the vendor’s initials, month, and year as well. It can be a combination of alphabets and numbers.

  • Delivery Date

    The delivery date is the date on which the buyer expects to get the delivery. The delivery is supposed to be done on this day and if the vendor fails to get the material delivered on the mentioned date, the order might get canceled. Or the vendor has to offer the materials at discounted rates as compensation.

  • Contractor’s Company Logo

    Uploading the contractor’s company logo is important for the brand. You need to brand your purchase orders and that logo is the best way. The vendor can easily know from whom it is and not confuse it with any other brand.

  • Contractor’s (your) Company Details

    Do not forget to add your company details as it plays a vital role. It denotes from whom the purchase order is. It helps the vendor contact you in case of any confusion. Moreover, if the purchase order goes into a legal dispute, you cannot claim that you are the buyer as long as you have not mentioned your company details in the column “From”.

  • Vendor’s Company Details

    Just like the above information, you need to provide the vendor’s company details including the company name, contact person’s name, contact number, physical address, email address, and the website. This information is mentioned in the column “To”.

  • Delivery Address

    Most contractors get confused with the delivery address. It is the address where the vendor is supposed to deliver the materials and goods. For example, your office is in Brooklyn but you want the materials to be delivered in the South Bronx because the site is there. So, the delivery address will be in the South Bronx.

  • Purchase Item Details

    You need to mention all the items that you need to purchase with all the detailed information. Include information like name, description, quantity, quality, and rate. The more detailed item list you create the less room for confusion. And this affects how quickly your PO gets approved.

    Another thing you need to keep in mind is to mention all the items in a list of lines.

  • Discounts

    Yes, the discount is for the vendor to offer, but if you have a mutually consented construction agreement signed earlier for the discount, you can mention the discount as per the agreed terms. Other than that, you can also claim your discount if you have any discount coupons.

  • Tax Rates

    Filling up the tax rates helps the vendor in processing the purchase order quickly. The tax rates are fixed, therefore you can calculate the tax and send the purchase order to be accurate. This practice helps you in precise budget allocation for your business expenses.

  • Shipping Charges

    The shipping charge is something that you need to pay in addition to the cost of the items. This is the cost of logistics to deliver the materials and goods to the delivery location. Thus, you need to mention it as well.

  • Total Amount

    The sum of costs of items, discounts, taxes, and shipping changes, gives you the total amount to be paid. The total amount is approximately how much you will owe to the vendor once the order is delivered.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions keep both the parties (you and the vendor) on the same page and protect you in legal battles. These terms mostly state the scenarios where you can disagree to pay the charges and cancel the order.

Create Your Purchase Order in Just Minutes

InvoiceOwl online free purchase order generator is the free tool that helps you create professional purchase orders instantly and send them to the vendor. Thus, let’s know how to create POs with this tool like a pro.

Step 1: Select and Customize the Purchase Order Template

Tap on the “Settings” in the upper right corner to select a template of your choice and customize it for your needs.

You will be seeing a settings window.

Select any of the pre-designed templates for creating personalized and professional-looking purchase orders.

Now, customize the:

  • Currency
  • Currency format
  • Date format
  • Number of decimal digits
  • Logo position
  • Category of shipping address

Once you are happy with the customization, click —Save.

select and customize template

add a logo

Step 2: Add a Logo

Click the“add logo” to upload your company logo, and upload the logo. (supported formats (such as png, jpg, or svg))

Step 3: Add your Business Address

To enter your business name, contact number, mailing address, and email address, tap on the box “From”. Fill every column as guided.

Add a business address

add customers contact detail

Step 4: Add Vendor’s Contact Details

To enter the vendor’s address, click on the “Bill To” column and enter the name, contact number, physical address, and email address of the vendor.

Similarly, enter the delivery address. If the shipping address is the same as your address, check the “Delivery address same as my address” option.

It will auto-fill the delivery address the same as the entered “From”.

Step 5: Purchase Order Details

Next is the PO details such as

  • Purchase order number
  • PO date
  • Delivery date

purchase order detail

add line item

Step 6: Add Line-items

To add the items you want to purchase, enter the item’s name, description, rate, and quantity. And it will automatically calculate the total cost of the item.

After entering all the details of an item, click the “Add New Item” button to create an itemized purchase order.

There are no limits to how many items you can add to one purchase order. Thus, add as many as you want and you’ll get the total calculated automatically.

Step 7: Total Amount Calculation

To calculate the total amount, you need to enter:

  • Claimed discount
  • Applicable taxes
  • Shipping charges

You get the option of filling the discount, and taxes as a percentage of the subtotal or as a fixed amount.

The moment you enter all the details, our online PO generator will calculate all the figures and give you the total amount.

Add balance due calculation

To add the notes and terms

Step 8: Add Notes and Terms

Add notes and terms to personalize the PO and inform the vendor of your conditions and agreements regarding the transaction.

To add the notes and terms, select the respective column and type in your notes and/or terms and conditions.

That’s all!

You now have a ready-to-be-sent professional purchase order.

How to Send a PO Using the InvoiceOwl PO Maker

Sending a purchase order using the InvoiceOwl PO maker is even easier than making one. Let’s know-how.


Once you have generated the purchase order, preview it and proofread it for any discrepancies by clicking on the preview button on the right-hand side menu.

Want to change the template without losing your data?

Simply click on the select templates in the preview window and select the template you like


sending purchase order online

Send Purchase Order Online

If the purchase order created is exactly how you wanted, click on the send button on the right-hand side menu.

Confirm the “From & Bill To” email addresses.

Confirm the email addresses and click the “Send” button.

The purchase order will be sent to the “Bill To” email address in PDF format.

Download the Purchase Order Offline

If you want to hand over the purchase order physically, mail it to the vendor’s office, or save it for future reference, you can download the purchase order in PDF format and print it on A4 paper size.

saving and sending purchase order offline

What are the Benefits of Using Our Purchase Order Generator?

  • Save time creating invoices from scratch
    Time Efficiency

    Save time creating purchase orders from scratch. This PO generator helps you create professional POs quickly with pre-designed templates.

  • Generate invoices for free
    Cost Efficiency

    Our PO generator lets you generate purchase orders for free. Moreover, if you want to edit it, you can do that without paying any extra costs.

  • Send the invoices via email or via mail
    Send it Online or Offline

    This purchase order creator provides you with professional POs as a PDF file. Therefore, it lets you send them via email.

  • Create and send error-free invoices online
    Error-free POs

    This online purchase order tool narrows down the possibility of human errors like typing mistakes and mathematical errors by eliminating the most human touchpoints.

  • Create and send invoices without any registration or commitment
    No Commitments Required

    Since our purchase order generator is free to use, you can create and send POs without any registration or commitment.