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A constant back-and-forth of creating estimates on paper due to minor changes could make you sit in the office for hours. How about trying estimate templates to create accurate and precise estimates? Choose from these two formats, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and download free templates to save the time that you can spend with your family!

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Choose from a range of professional estimate templates designed specifically for contractors, so you can easily bill your clients for your services.


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You Are Just A Click Away From Creating A Professional-Looking Estimate.


Go One Step Ahead

You Are Just A Click Away From Creating A Professional-Looking Estimate.

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Use online estimate templates to create error-free estimates for your potential clients and win more jobs.

Different File Formats of Estimate Templates

After going through different formats, we have listed 5 best estimate template formats that contractors can use. Try each of these formats for your business:

Microsoft word

Microsoft Word

Through Microsoft Word, you can design different kinds of documents, estimates, and reports. You can customize your templates using different colors and fonts and adding images. Using a free Word template, you don’t have to worry about adding your own fields and lines.

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Microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel

With the Microsoft Excel formula, you can instantly calculate totals on your estimates. The only disadvantage of it is not every customer has it on their computer and phone.

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Google docs

Google Docs

There might be a time when you might not have Microsoft Word on your PC. Or you wanted to create an estimate through your phone. Google Docs is the answer to your question when you want to create an estimate you want.

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Adobe pdf

Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF estimate template helps you to create estimates in just a few clicks. You can share it with your clients through email or any medium that you are comfortable with. To create fully customizable estimates using your brand logo, and branding, all you can do is start with a free trial.

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Google sheets

Google Sheets

Google sheets is another option when you want to create estimates with complete details. You will have access to the Google sheets estimate template anywhere and anytime.

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What are the Different Types of Estimate Templates?

Here are different types of estimates contractors use in their daily life. Get an idea about each one of them and use them whenever required.


Bid Estimate

A bid-free estimate is prepared when a customer requests a quote for availing contracting services from contractors, including rates, line items & subtotals of material and labor.


Hourly Work Estimate

Such free estimates are prepared and shared with customers to notify them about how much they will be charged on an hourly basis.


Material Estimate

It includes the cost of materials and equipment for the said contracting jobs. The type of materials required, their amount, and the overhead costs are considered.


Quantity Estimate

Calculating the number of supplies, manpower, and other resources needed to finish a contracting job is known as a quantity estimate.


Detailed Estimate

A full explanation of the expenses associated with any kind of project is provided in a document called a detailed estimate.


Preliminary Estimate

Before exact plans or specifications are created, a preliminary estimate is an approximate cost estimation of the cost of a project or service.

What is the Right Way of Using an
Estimate Template?

Once you download our estimate template, you get the freedom to edit/alter it the way you want. Just for your information, you must start filling out an estimate in the following way:


Add your business name

– First, remember to add your business name so that the estimate receiver remembers you and get paid faster.


Add company details

– Now, you need to add company details and information like business name, logo, and contact details.


Add client details

– It’s time to add the client’s details and contact information, including name, address, and contact number.


Add estimate number

– Add estimate number, date, and payment due date information to make things smoother.


Make a list of line items

– Time to make a list of line items and add those services, quantity, rate, and subtotals.


Add billing information

– If needed, you can also include information like credit or debit card details.


Add payment terms and notes

– At last, add important notes and payment terms in the estimates to look professional and authentic.

How to fill an estimate template

Benefits of Using Estimate Templates


Utilizing pre-made templates allows you to quickly and easily create new job estimates for each contracting job. It ultimately saves a lot of time that you could spend in your contracting job.


By ensuring consistency in the format, it looks like a professional-looking estimate. So, you better choose a format that fits all your needs and answers customers’ queries.


Standard cost data and algorithms are included in quote templates, lowering the possibility of calculation errors. Since it is created through online estimating software, you don’t need to worry about human errors.


A well-structured free estimate template gives the estimate more credibility and professionalism. Plus, it even increases the chances of winning more jobs and your client’s trust.

Easy Learning Curve

Utilizing estimate templates is child’s play since they can be easily customized without putting in much effort. Just download them and make the most use of them.


Estimate templates can be modified as per the requirements of the customers. Adapting to the changes is one of the significant advantages of the estimate templates.

Estimate Template Alternatives

 Estimate template alternative

You have downloaded estimate templates and prepared estimates to share, but is that the only thing you wanted? Ain’t your contracting business demand more than just creating estimates? What about invoices, payment collection, and smoothening the accounting process?

For all that, explore InvoiceOwl software that lets you create customized estimates and invoices the way you want, add details without much manual work like templates, collect payments on your behalf, and sync all your invoices with QuickBooks online sync.

If estimating & invoicing tasks and spending more time at your work are your priorities, then InvoiceOwl software is what you must add to your asset list.

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Free EstimateTemplate VS InvoiceOwl Estimating Software

Downloading and creating estimates through an online estimate platform is halfway through the business objective; there is still a lot more to accomplish. Having a featured-pack estimating software at just the cost of a coffee is what helps you to achieve your business goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Estimate Templates?

    An estimate template is a ready-made layout that allows you only to fill in details of your business, client, services (material, labor, overheads), rates, units, and subtotals. The objective of an estimate template is to offer an approximate quote for the services customers would be rendering.

  • How can I pick the ideal estimate template for my company?

    Keeping the following things in mind will help you choose the best estimate template for your business:

    • Identify the purpose: Determine the kinds of projects or services you normally estimate for, then choose a template that best suits your requirements.
    • Customization: Take into account the extent of customization you need, and choose a template that is simple to alter to meet your unique requirements.
    • Industry rules and standards: Choose a template that complies with the norms and standards in your industry.
    • User-friendliness: Look for a template with simple instructions that are straightforward to follow and utilize.
    • Compatibility: Make sure the template can be easily exported or shared with clients and is compatible with the software used by your business.
    • Cost: Take into account your spending plan and choose a template that provides good value for money.
    • Reviews and ratings: To determine the quality and utility of the template, read online reviews and ratings from other users.
  • Can I alter a template for an estimate to suit my needs?

    Yes, you can change an estimate template to fit your needs. The information, format, and appearance of the majority of estimate templates can be changed to meet your unique needs.

    You may alter the font type, size, and color, as well as add your corporate logo or other branding components. You can also add, remove, or amend sections. Some templates may additionally have variables that let you enter information and have the project’s overall cost calculated automatically.

  • Do I need to install invoicing software?

    No, you don’t need to install invoicing software to leverage it. Just open InvoiceOwl and start exploring it. From creating estimates/invoices to syncing them to QuickBooks and adding to a new company along with your existing company, what InvoiceOwl does for you.

  • Can I convert my estimates to invoices?

    Yes, you can convert already approved estimates to invoices without spending additional hours on creating a new one. With just a few clicks, your invoice is ready to send to your customer.