What is a Service Price Calculator?

A free tool used to calculate the price of your contracting service based on multiple costs, including labor, supplies, and overheads. This tool offers a precise estimate of the overall cost of benefit so that contractors may decide on their budget and pricing. Calculators for service prices are available for many different services, including painting, carpentry, construction, and HVAC.

Use the Service Price Calculator to Determine

  • Hourly salary of your contractors
  • Direct and indirect costs related to labor
  • Profit percentage and markup calculation

Calculate Service Price

Service cost is all about adding the labor, material, overhead expenses, and profit. You can add the numbers in the particular boxes and get an accurate amount without any human errors.


Number of laborers * number of hours * hourly rate


Add the total cost of all the material used in the performing contracting job.


Overhead expenses/working hours of each month * number of hours


Profit is an amount left after deducting all the business expenses that factor into completing a construction job.

Service Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

The accuracy of the service price calculator by InvoiceOwl depends on how accurate the data you feed in is. Mostly, the service pricing calculator shows an accurate estimate, which is why it’s been widely used by contractors like you.

You can cover all the contracting services specific to your industry and calculate profit and margin.

No, there are no hidden charges for using the service price calculator. InvoiceOwl offers this tool for free.

With the use of the service pricing calculator, you can price your contracting job since it demands various costs, such as material, labor, and overhead expenses. Considering these costs, you can quickly create estimates or use them as standard estimates for recurring contracting services.

The pricing calculator formula is as follows:

Labor cost + Material cost + overhead expenses + Desired profit

For calculating labor costs, you need to have three pieces of information handy:

  • Number of contractors required
  • Number of hours to complete contracting job
  • Paid per hour

Multiply all of them, and you get the labor cost. For example, if a construction job requires 5 days and 5 contractors to complete a job with $100 per hour per labor, then the labor cost would be 5*5*$100= $2,500.

Firstly, list down all the materials and supplies required for the contracting job. Also, you must include time, effort, and gas money when you calculate the material cost.

The profit margin should be 10-20% of your job cost. Make sure you adjust the profit amount in the calculator to achieve your desired profit. If you are confused about the margin, then you can talk to other business owners in your industry to get an average profit margin.

Here are the reasons to choose a calculator for service pricing:

  • Quickly lets you add up all the costs to prepare an estimate
  • Price a job in seconds
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Adds cost and revenue
  • Checks your profit margin and markup percentages


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