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Create unlimited itemized receipts for your customers in minutes. InvoiceOwl’s free receipt generator makes your life easy so you can focus on serving customers and growing your endeavor.

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What is an Online Receipt Maker?

An online receipt maker is a free web-based tool designed to simplify creating and generating electronic receipts. This personalized and cost-free approach has a range of pre-built receipt templates. You can choose your preferred free receipt template to make a receipt instantly.

To create receipts, simply feed the required details into the fields given, followed by downloading them in PDF format. Send the generated receipts to your clients via email, WhatsApp, or any other agreed digital format.

Why Do You Need a Receipt Maker?

With a boom in online businesses, the use of digital receipts is increasing at a staggering rate. Resultantly, there is a need for an efficient and adaptable tool to manage the intricacies of modern financial transactions. And what other than a free receipt maker will empower you in this regard?

Here are some other compelling reasons why you need an online receipt maker:

  • To give a polished and professional touch to the receipts.
  • To reduce the manual errors and increase precision.
  • For better customization.
  • For efficient record-keeping and easy access in the future.
  • For sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.

What are the Benefits of an Online Receipt Generator?

An automated receipt generator could be of great help to you if you are seeking a one-shot solution for generating accurate digital receipts. Let’s explore how you, as a contractor, could spend more time on your business and not on administrative tasks.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Start using InvoiceOwl’s itemized free online receipt maker and avoid erroneous data entry, consistent pressure to maintain receipt design, and tedious receipt formatting.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

No more generic, one-size-fits-all templates. Personalize your receipts with a receipt making tool. Play with logo position, multiple template options, and different currency or date formats.



Digital receipts ensure a polished & professional presentation every time. A clear, legible format and consistent branding, of the receipts raise credibility & trust in your business.

Instant Download

Instant Download

Click ‘Download’, once all the details are added. You can even preview the document before downloading it. This ensures timely correction of errors in case of any discrepancies.

Error-free Receipts

Error-free Receipts

No more typos, miscalculations, and messy handwriting. Online receipt generators leverage automation and built-in validations to minimize errors and ensure accuracy in every detail.

Zero Cost

Zero Cost

Hefty price tags and expensive subscription plans upset us right? Use a free online receipt generator and create receipts digitally, without spending even a penny.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

Added wrong details, or want to update information? Not a problem! The free online receipt maker allows you to edit the already drafted receipts before sending them to your clients.

Digital Backup

Digital Backup

Unlike paper receipts that can easily fade, tear, or get misplaced, digital copies generated by an online receipt making tool are securely stored in the cloud.

Save Clients and Items

Save Clients & Items

In the case of recurring clients, you don’t need to add clients or line items from scratch every time. The software saves it and helps you select them whenever needed.

Types of Receipts

Cash Receipt

Cash Receipt

A cash receipt is a document confirming the payment made in cash for goods or services rendered. It includes the transaction date, the amount charged, the name of the payer, and a description of the goods or services. Such receipts are proof that the payment obligation has been fulfilled using cash.

Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt

A payment receipt is evidence that a payment has been received for the goods or services rendered. These receipts are crucial for record-keeping purposes and for providing evidence of financial transactions. It includes the payment date, amount paid, method of payment, and information identifying the payer and payee.

Sales Receipt

Sales Receipt

A sales receipt is an evidence of a sale. However, it does not promise the receipt of payment on sales done. It is issued by the seller upon the completion of the sales. It typically includes the sales date, items purchased, their prices, taxes or discounts, and any other information about the seller.

Delivery Receipt

Delivery Receipt

A delivery receipt is a document confirming the delivery of goods/services. They act as proof that whatever is ordered has been delivered as expected. It includes the date and time of delivery, a description of the items, any supporting documents, and the recipient’s sign or confirmation.

Expense Receipt

Expense Receipt

An expense receipt is a document saying that an expense has been recorded. It can be any time during the month, quarter or year. The employees or any person making an expense submits the expense receipts to the HR or accounts department, which the company will then reimburse.

Gross receipt

Gross Receipt

Gross receipts are the total revenue earned by an individual from different sources. It includes the generated from the sales of goods or services. These receipts are useful for assessing a company’s revenue performance, understanding its scale, and analyzing trends over time.

What are the Essential Elements to be Included in a Receipt?

Here are the must-have elements that should be included in your professional receipts. These enhance the clarity, readability, and credibility of a receipt, followed by effective communication between the parties involved.

  • Title: Clearly label the document as a “RECEIPT” right on the top to eliminate any type of ambiguity about the intent of the document.

  • Receipt Number: Assign a unique receipt number to each transaction for easy tracking and quick referring in the future. It becomes easy to identify the receipt associated with a specific transaction and efficient retrieval when needed.

  • Receipt Date: Specifying the receipt date on which the transaction took place is necessary. This will help in easy record-keeping and managing accurate chronological organization.

  • Seller’s Company Details: Enter your company details such as company name, company address, and contact details. The seller details should be clearly mentioned for easy brand identification and quick recognition by customers.

  • Buyer’s Details: Next is to enter the buyer details. It includes their name, address, contact details, and any other required information. This eliminates the chances of fraud claims and protects you against legal suits.

Online receipt maker elements
  • Items/Services Purchased: A clear description of the items purchased or services rendered along with their name, description, quantity, and rates should be added to receipts. Line item details provide a cost breakup of the total cost incurred to maintain transparency and clarity before clients.

  • Tax & Discount (If any): You can add a tax rate or applicable discount details in the calculation and to let users know the financial breakup of the total amount they are charged.

  • Total Amount Charged: The addition of the total cost incurred, discount levied, tax charged or any other costs involved should be added in the pricing section as the total amount charged. Please note that the partial amount (if paid by the customers) should also be included.

  • Terms and conditions: Specifying the agreed-upon payment terms, including the due date if it’s a credit transaction, payment methods, refund policies, warranty information, etc should be added.

  • Additional Notes: Leave space for any additional notes or comments relevant to the transaction, fostering personalized communication.

How to Create a Receipt?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a receipt using an online receipt generator.

Step 1: Choose a customized receipt template:

To create a professional receipt you need to first select an appropriate free business receipt template that aligns with your business style and preferences. Numerous receipt templates are available in different file formats to suit your needs.

Choose a customized receipt template
Add business details

Step 2: Add business details:

Add accurate business details in the template such as business name, business address, company logo, and contact information. Clear business details will help anyone to reach you easily in the need of an hour.

Step 3: Add buyer details:

Including customer details like their name, address, email address, and phone number is essential for maintaining a comprehensive and accurate record of the transaction. It also facilitates effective communication and future references.

Add buyer details
Insert essential receipt details

Step 4: Insert essential receipt details:

To fill in receipt details, receipt number and receipt date are the essential elements that you need to add without fail. These are the crucial details that work as a unique identifier and also provide a chronological record of the transaction.

Step 5: Itemize products/services:

A complete listing of all the goods or services purchased along with a detailed description of the quantities, rates per quantity, and the individual prices should be included. This lets customers know what they are paying for, which eventually enhances transparency, and trust and ensures clarity between both parties.

Itemize products services
Calculate the total amount charged

Step 6: Calculate the total amount charged:

Sum up the costs of the listed items or services to calculate the total amount charged. It should also include any discount given or tax applicable. This concise figure provides a clear overview of the financial aspect of the transaction.

Step 7: Additional notes and terms:

Supporting notes plus clear terms and conditions associated with the transaction should be specified to avoid any future ambiguity. This might include payment terms, refund policies, or other relevant information. Transparency helps manage expectations and avoid confusion.

Additional notes and terms
Save and send

Step 8: Save and send:

Once all the necessary details are entered, download the PDF receipt and save it in your folder. You can also directly send a receipt to the buyer via email or any other agreed-upon method.

That’s all!

You have now generated a professional receipt.

Alternatives to Using Receipt Maker

No receipt maker needed: Get readymade professional receipts in just a few taps!

Switch to InvoiceOwl’s instant invoice-to-receipt conversion and get over the manual ways of building receipts from scratch. Here’s how InvoiceOw’s automatic invoice-to-receipt conversion can benefit you:

Here’s how you can instantly generate a readymade receipt:

  • Time-savvy approach
  • Eliminates manual error
  • Seamless integration into existing invoice process
  • Consistent and professional appearance
  • Preview before sending
  • Effortless receipt sending in a click

Best Practices to Follow While Creating a Receipt

Go through some of the best tips to follow while creating professional-looking receipts in just a few clicks:

  • Issue receipts promptly: On-time issuance of the digitally generated online receipts reflects professionalism. It also reassures your clients that their payment has been received and acknowledged promptly.
  • Ensure accuracy with details: Accurate information on your receipts is crucial for both legal compliance and customer trust. Validate the entered details to avoid discrepancies and potential misunderstandings.
  • Clarify payment terms: Be it specifying the due dates, accepted payment methods, and any relevant late fees, clear payment terms help in managing expectations and reduce the likelihood of payment-related issues.
  • Send digitally for easy access; Digital access to the receipts generated not only aligns with eco-friendly practices but also provides your clients with easy and instant access to their payment records.
  • Save copies for your records: Maintaining a record of all issued receipts is essential for accounting and auditing purposes. Save digital copies also facilitates easy retrieval when needed.
  • Add a business logo for branding: Including an attractive business logo in your receipts helps the existing customers to easily identify your brand amidst the competitors. A business logo enhances brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on your clients.
  • Include a thank you note; A simple thank-you note on your receipts not only shows appreciation but also contributes to building a strong and loyal customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a receipt maker for any kind of business?

    Yes, online receipt makers are versatile and can be used across various industries and business types. They are adaptable to different products and services. All you have to do is choose an appropriate template, feed the necessary details, save, and send.

  • Will my clients see “InvoiceOwl” on the receipt?

    Not at all, reputable receipt makers allow you to customize your receipts, including the branding. While using a receipt maker, you can remove any platform-related branding, ensuring a professional and personalized appearance.

  • Can I make a PDF receipt?

  • Can I customize the look of my receipts?

  • Can I save my customer details and payment receipt online?

  • What features should I look for in a receipt maker or generator?

    Prioritize features such as customization options, ease of use, compatibility with different devices, the ability to generate various receipt formats (PDF, digital, etc.), and robust record-keeping capabilities.

  • Can I accept payments through my receipt maker or generator?

    The primary focus of the receipt maker is to generate receipts. However, dedicated invoicing software like InvoiceOwl integrates with the Stripe payment gateway. This enables you to easily accept credit card payments online. So, if you need to bill clients and get paid directly, InvoiceOwl is better suited to your invoicing and payment method needs.

  • Can I use a receipt maker or generator on my phone or tablet?

    Yes, many receipt makers are compatible with mobile devices, You can use the app to make a receipt, send it to a client, and manage receipts on the go.

  • What is a cash receipt?

    A cash receipt is an acknowledgment of the receipt of cash. It typically includes details such as the date, amount, payer’s name, and a brief description of the transaction. Cash receipts are crucial for tracking financial transactions, especially in cash-based businesses.

  • Can I print receipts?

    Yes, InvoiceOwl’s online receipt maker allows you to get printable receipts free of cost. All you need to do is add the necessary receipt details, preview the receipt, download the same, and get it printed.

  • How do I make a receipt?

    To make professional and polished-looking receipts, trying your hands over the online receipt-making tools would be great. Using these online tools you can generate instant business receipts, save or send them to the clients via in-built emailing and can also download the receipt in PDF format.