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What is an Online Receipt Generator?

An online receipt generator is an agile and accurate web-based tool that allows creating receipts digitally, without the need for paper or special software. It is one such web-based tool that needs no downloading and is accessible anywhere with the internet turned on.

The receipt generator is built with ready-made templates, which gets prepared by just adding a few essential details. The receipt is downloadable or available to send through the software.

InvoiceOwl is a software that allows contractors to create receipts without spending too much time on them. Also, you don’t need to download it, so no worries about reserving space in your system. You can create PDF receipts through InvoiceOwl software and send them to your customers.

How Can an Online Receipt Generator Benefit You?

An automated receipt generator could be of great help to you. Let’s explore how you, as a contractor, could spend more time on your business and not on administrative tasks.

Edit the way you want

Edit the way you

Using the InvoiceOwl receipt generator lets you edit the receipts the way you want without any restrictions on the number of attempts.

Do not pay to use

Don’t pay to use

You can create and send unlimited receipts to your customers on the go without having to pay for using the receipt generator.

Accurate and efficient

Accurate & efficient

Unlike the manual receipt-making process, this one, with the software, delivers efficient and error-free receipts.

Download anytime anywhere

Download anytime,

Another benefit of the free online receipt maker is you can download, customize, and send them through your convenient medium.

PDF templates

PDF templates

With the InvoiceOwl receipt maker, create a template once and reuse it unlimited times. No restrictions on using the same template.

Instant notifications

Instant notifications

Whenever receipts are opened by your customers, you receive instant notifications. It will update you from time to time.

Save clients & items

Save clients &

You don’t need to add clients or line items from scratch. The software saves it that helps you select them whenever needed.



Using the InvoiceOwl receipt generator online, you would be able to offer a professional look to your receipts.

More satisfied customers

More satisfied

Online receipts need not require storage and are of great benefit at the time of the tax period. Customers can access e-receipts 24*7.

What Different Types of Receipts Can You Make With an
Online Receipt Maker?

Receipts cater to several business purposes, and every purpose needs a separate receipt. So, let’s find out which one suits what business purpose.

Sales receipts

Sales Receipts

Using the InvoiceOwl receipt generator lets you edit the receipts the way you want without any restrictions on the number of attempts.

Delivery receipts

Delivery Receipts

You can create and send unlimited receipts to your customers on the go without having to pay for using the receipt generator.

Payment receipts

Payment Receipts

Unlike the manual receipt-making process, this one, with the software, delivers efficient and error-free receipts.

Expense receipts

Expense Receipts

Another benefit of the free online receipt maker is you can download, customize, and send them through your convenient medium.

What is the Right Format to Create a Receipt Online?

  • Title: Since there are five different types of receipts, the title eliminates the benefit of the doubt. Besides, it even rules whether the e-paper is an invoice or a receipt since both of them have a minor difference between them.

  • Receipt Number: Since you would be creating multiple receipts day in and out, you would need a differentiator for which a unique receipt number is a great separator. The receipt number can be numerical, alphabetical, or a mix of both. In whatever style you number them, just make sure you sequentially number them. They should be in a series so that it gets easy to recall and track in the future. And for that purpose, accountants prefer to include the date in the number as well.

  • Vendor’s Company Logo: The vendor company logo is for branding. The logo helps customers to verify the receipt’s authenticity. Moreover, receipts are a great opportunity for vendors to market the brand. It helps in getting the customer to repeat business with you.

  • Vendor’s Company Details: Apart from the logo, the vendor’s company details are also essential. You need to provide your contact number, physical address, email address, and website. It justifies the authenticity and ownership of receipts.

  • Client’s Company Details: The client’s company details indicate the payer. It is the same details that go in the “To” column of the corresponding invoice. It eliminates the chances of fraud claims and protects you against legal suits. Moreover, it helps you generate customer aging reports and customer payment history.

  • Vendor’s Company Details: Vendor’s company details are nothing but your company information. The logo is also a part of this. You need to provide your contact number, physical address, email address, and website. This is to claim the receipt is generated by your company.

  • Shipping Address: The shipping address is the address where you are supposed to deliver the goods. The shipping address doesn’t need to be the same as the client’s address. Therefore, you need to mention it clearly on the receipt. The billing and shipping addresses can be the same. In such a scenario, you must add complete details in either of the tabs and write – the same in another tab or tick mark if a checkbox is provided.

  • Purchase Item Details : Each product/service you sell should be mentioned with its name, description, quality, rates, and total cost. Line items provide a cost breakup of the total amount and maintain transparency, and double-ensure the total number of items. Moreover, it helps to record what items the customer paid for.

  • Discounts : The discounts you offer might not be the same every day. Thus, mentioning the discounts is necessary to make the customer understand. It helps you justify the total and remember how much discount you offered to that client on this particular business deal.

  • Tax Rates : Mentioning tax further breaks down the total paid amount and helps explain it. This also shows that the customer has paid the taxes lawfully.

  • Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are generally not included in the cost of the items mentioned. Thus, if you
    do not state the shipping charges, the customer might suspect some hidden charges, and this breaks your reputation.

  • Terms and Conditions : Terms and conditions are included mainly to clarify the possibilities and process of

  • Total Amount : The total amount indicates the amount the customer has paid you. Even if the client has paid you a part payment, you must mention it.

Adapt These Best Practices to Retain Customers

You are not doing business for one-time, and you want customers to be retained and avail services or buy goods. Considering this as a reason, you must follow the best practices. These are simple gestures that may retain customers for a longer time.

  • Be quick in generating payment receipts once you receive payments from the customers. You can use free online receipt generator software to create and send since it takes seconds for the tasks that take hours.
  • Concise receipts are easier to understand by the customers. Do not make it complicated and difficult to understand.
  • Once the client pays you, write a thank, you note to show them you are grateful for the business you had with them.
  • Sending an accurate and in-depth receipt would build trust and maintain transparency.
  • Use an online custom receipt maker to quickly create and send receipts through the same platform.

How to Use the InvoiceOwl Receipt Maker?

Accepting and delivering orders take time but creating invoices is a matter of seconds with the invoice generator tool. Trusted by millions of business owners like you for its smooth editability, precise tabs, and specific note section for some narration. Follow the simple steps and create an invoice.

Step 1: Select and Customize the Template

First things first. With the InvoiceOwl receipt generator, you can select free receipt templates and customize them accordingly.

Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner to customize the

Select one out of the six predefined templates for creating branded and professional-looking receipts.

Now, choose the following:

  • Currency
  • Currency format
  • Date format
  • Number of decimal digits
  • Category of shipping address
  • Logo position

Once you have customized the template, click on Save.

select and customize the template

add a logo

Step 2: Add your company logo

To upload your business logo, click the “add logo” box, and upload the logo in an image format (such as png, jpg, or SVG) from your computer.

Step 3: Add your business address

Tap on the box “From” to enter your business name, contact number, mailing address, and email address.

add your business address

add customers contact detail

Step 4: Add the customer’s contact details

To enter the customer’s address, click on the “Bill To” field to enter the name, contact number, physical address, and email address.

Similarly, enter the shipping address. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, check the “Shipping address same as billing address” option.

Step 5: Receipt Details

Next are the receipt details such as:

  • Receipt number
  • Receipt date
  • Valid until

receipt details

add line item

Step 6: Add Line-items

To add line items to the receipt, enter the sold item’s name, description, price, and quantity. And it will automatically calculate the total cost of the item.

Once you have entered the item details, hit the “Add New Item” button.

You can add as many items as you want to the receipt, and the receipt maker will calculate the subtotal and total automatically.

Step 7: Total Amount

To calculate the total amount, you need to enter:

  • Discount offered
  • Taxes applicable
  • Shipping charges

The receipt maker lets you feed discounts and taxes as percentages or directly in fixed-value amounts.

Enter the shipping charges, and it will automatically calculate the total and the amount to the decimal digits you previously selected in “Settings.”

total amount

add the notes and terms

Step 8: Add Notes and Terms

Adding notes and terms helps you personalize the receipt and guide your customers through the refund process if they have any disputes.

To add the notes and terms, select the respective field and type in your notes and/or terms and conditions.

That’s all!

You have now generated a professional receipt.

How to Send a Receipt Using the InvoiceOwl Receipt Generator?

Now that you have created a receipt, it’s time to send it to the respective customer.


Click on the “preview” button in the menu on the right side. Once the preview is generated, you can change the template without losing any data at the preview stage too.


sending receipt online

Sending Receipt Online

When you are satisfied with how it looks in the preview, click on the “send button” in the menu on the right side.

It will ask you to confirm the “From & Bill To” email addresses. Make sure the email addresses are correct and hit the send button. The receipt will be sent to the “Bill To” email address as a PDF file.

Saving and Sending the Receipt Offline

If you want to save the receipt to send it offline, click on the “download” button to get the printable PDF file, which you can either save as a copy on your device or print to send via offline means.

saving and sending the receipt offline

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of using a receipt maker?

    Using a receipt maker has some advantages, such as:

    • Time-saving: Automating the receipt-creation process with a receipt maker can save a lot of time, especially if you need to produce a lot of receipts.
    • Consistency: By using a receipt maker, you can ensure that all of your receipts have the same appearance and feel, which will raise the level of professionalism in your company.
    • Customization: You may produce receipts consistent with your company’s design by using many receipt makers that let you alter the layout, colors, and branding components.
      Automated record keeping: A few receipt printers also serve as automated record keepers, making it simple to handle and track your financial activities and generate reports.
    • Digital records: Some receipt printers also offer digital copies of the receipts, which are more environmentally friendly and beneficial for record keeping, tax compliance, and other things.
    • Support for multiple channels: Some receipt generators can also produce receipts in several file types (PDF, Excel, etc.) that can be used for various purposes and distributed to various recipients.
  • Can I use a receipt maker for any kind of business?

    Yes, you can use a receipt maker for any business since it has fields that work with all kinds of businesses.

  • Will my clients see “InvoiceOwl” on the receipt?

  • Can I make a PDF receipt?

  • Can I customize the look of my receipts?

  • Can I save my receipts and customer details?

    Yes, you can save the entire receipt by downloading it as a PDF. And if you want to save the data, sign up to InvoiceOwl, and you will never have to type the same data again to create an estimate, invoice, purchase order, credit memo, or receipt.

  • What features should I look for in a receipt maker or generator?

    When choosing a receipt maker or generator, you must look for the following features:

    • Accessibility
    • No use of calculators
    • Saving option
    • Multiple templates
    • Editable
  • Can I accept payments through my receipt maker or generator?

    No, you cannot accept payments through a receipt generator or maker since it is a free tool that can be used without downloading the software.

  • Can I use a receipt maker or generator on my phone or tablet?

    Yes, you can use a receipt generator or maker on your mobile phone or tablet. Since the feature is available on cloud-based software, you can access it anytime.


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