How Does InvoiceOwl Help
Electrical Contractors?

InvoiceOwl is a good conductor for cash flow when used by electrical contractors.

  • Helps you bring more jobs with personalized and professional estimates
  • Lets you send estimates and invoices online or offline by printing
  • Helps you with generating automatic receipts for online payments
  • Updates you about the estimates and invoice status in real-time
  • Helps you track your expenses by creating professional purchase orders

Simple, Powerful, and Efficient

InvoiceOwl is the solution for your estimate and invoice challenges.

estimating invoicing process

Setup the Estimating and Invoicing Workflow
That’ll Never Fall.

InvoiceOwl Features for Electrical Contractors

Bring your estimating and invoicing process to the next level by letting InvoiceOwl take care of it at every step.

Cost Estimates

Estimate accurately for all the electrical jobs. Even for not so
well-defined jobs, you can add a markup as a safety net and
profit margin. Bid a price with in-depth cost breakup and
effective design to get the job.

cost estimation
customizable invoices

customizable invoices 1
customizable invoices 2
customizable invoices 3

Customizable Invoices

Issue invoices with your signature without needing to print
them. Sign them through your smartphone and send them to
get approved quickly online.

Online Payments

Accept online payments to get paid 10x faster with multiple
payment gateways, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and
Stripe. Send a quick “Pay” button with invoices in the email

online payments
sales reports

Sales Reports

Generate sales reports that let you analyze how your business
is doing annually, quarterly, or monthly. It gives you insightful
sales reports by clients, time, and items. Moreover, you get tax
reports to be prepared for the tax season.



App is great. Has everything you need
to provide proof of payments, make
invoices, purchase agreements. They
even keep your customers info handy.
Shows you who has paid who owes and
allows you to take payments on the go.

Gustavo Ballesteros

Gustavo Ballesteros


This is a awesome and superb invoice
bill create application. Such an
excellent and interesting invoice and
billing app Free application. Highly
recommended Application.

 Jett Carlson

Jett Carlson


I use InvoiceOwl for my pest control
business and it’s made my life so
much easier, as I can invoice the
customers on-site straight after
completing a job.

Danny Hutchinson

Danny Hutchinson,

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you do an electrical estimate?

    To estimate an electrical estimate, you need to calculate the total hours the job would require and multiply it with the hourly rates for your labor and equipment. This is harder than said. Thus, InvoiceOwl helps you remember how many hours a particular service takes and its rates.

  • Do I need any third-party app for sending the estimates and invoices?

    No! InvoiceOwl has the in-app features to send your estimates and invoices via email, SMS, or any other messaging app. It also helps you with an auto-generated cover message.

  • Can I track my business expenses?

    Yes! InvoiceOwl helps you track your business expenses by registering purchase orders.

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