Multi-Company: What it is?

The ability to manage and access estimates & invoices for several firms or organizations within one software, as opposed to switching between different software, is known as multi-company functionality.

Here are the following possibilities where you must need multi-company functionality:

  • When running a seasonal business
  • When running different companies in the name of your spouse
  • When looking for tax benefits
  • When comparing multiple business performances
  • When facing trouble switching platforms

Note: Only Champion plan users could leverage the multi-company feature.

Add Multiple Companies With Our Invoicing Software

Don’t waste time juggling multiple software for your multiple companies. Try our multi-company
functionality and experience the benefits firsthand.

How Does Our Multi-Company Feature Benefit You?

Using InvoiceOwl to add a new company to your existing one brings you several benefits on the table.

How does Our multi-company feature benefit you

  • Streamline estimates/invoices and enhance efficiency
  • Simple reporting and analysis
  • Access estimates or invoices of any company anytime, anywhere
  • Centralization of data
  • Comparison of your companies on a single software
  • Tax benefits
  • Organizes and differentiates clients and line items of different businesses
  • Keep seasonal businesses separate
How does Our multi-company feature benefit you

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many companies can I add to a champion plan account?

    You can add and manage as many as five companies to your champion plan account. Besides, you can even import data from your first company to your other companies.

  • Can I delete the company from the InvoiceOwl account?

    Yes, you can delete the company at any point in time. However, you cannot reactivate the same account once deleted.

    To delete the account, you must follow these simple steps:

    • Switch to the account that you want to delete
    • Go to “Settings”
    • Click on “Company Information”
    • Click on “Delete Company” under the company information
    • Click “Yes” under the pop-up
  • Can I import data from my existing company to a newly created company?

    Yes, you can import data from your existing company to your new company. The data includes

    • Clients
    • Items
    • Document Settings
    • Taxes
    • Units
    • Invoice Terms
    • Reminders
    • Notifications
    • Email
    • SMS

    Basically, you will be able to import all or some data and settings from your existing company to your new company.

  • Does my company get logged out if I use the same company on two different platforms?

    Yes, if the same company is opened in two different browsers or devices, then it would get logged out from one of the browsers or devices. For instance, if company A is opened in Google Chrome and the same company is opened in an iOS device, then it would log out from one system.

Ready to Add Other Companies to Your Single InvoiceOwl Account?

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