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Want Invoice Templates in Specific File Format?

Download the invoice templates in MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF format to get your invoicing done

Microsoft Word

No need to get used to a new software just to create an invoice. Download the invoice template with the ease of working with Microsoft Word. Change colors, add your logo, change the fonts, and many more tweaks simply using the Microsoft Word invoice templates. So what are you waiting for? Start now!

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Download Ms word invoice template

Download ms excel invoice template

Microsoft Excel

Don’t want to calculate all the cost, discounts, and taxes manually? No you are not lazy, you are just smart. Why to do the labor of calculating everything manually when you can create an accurate invoice using the Microsoft Excel formulas. Download the Microsoft Excel invoice template and forget the fat finger errors.

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Adobe PDF

Want to print your invoices? Customize your invoices directly as a PDF file and print them right away. All you have to do is download the PDF invoice templates and edit the template to personalize it as per your brand. Moreover, if you don’t want to download the template, create an invoice directly using the online invoice generator by InvoiceOwl for free.

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Want to create invoices fast and get paid faster?

Create Modern Invoices Using InvoiceOwl Invoice Templates

Are you bored of the mundane and time intensive paperwork? Update your invoice
creating process by using flexible invoice templates. Generate unlimited invoices with consistency and
build a brand to be reckoned with.


Download the best template

Download our invoice templates for free. Use the industry-centric templates
designed to create professional invoices. We provide you these templates in
various file formats, such as PDF, MS- Word, MS-Excel, Google Docs, you name it.


Dip it in your brand colors

Personalizing these fully customizable invoice templates is super intuitive. They allow you to upload your brand logo and images. Color it in your brand colors. Make your invoices an intricate part of your brand and impress your clients.


Save & send the invoice

Never be late at issuing an invoice. You can send invoices as PDF files right from your dashboard. You can save your invoices on the cloud, on your computer, and as hardcopy by printing them. Therefore, you’ll never misplace a single invoice.


Fill-in all the details

Create easily understandable invoices with our free invoice templates. You will find every possible field you would expect on your invoice. Fill in all the relative details without fail to make your invoices easy to verify and process..

Key Highlights of Invoice Templates

These templates are designed keeping in mind the best practices and niche-specific requirements.
Long story short, here are the key highlights of the invoice templates.

  • 100% customizable
  • Professional design
  • Play nice with printers
  • Consist crucial elements
  • Automate calculation
Key highlights of invoice template

Customize templates to get an invoice instantly.

What Types of Invoices can I Create with Invoice Templates?

A small business has to use many sorts of invoices in day-to-day accounting. And every type of
invoice has
a different objective and design altogether. So let’s quickly see a few major types of invoices.

  • 1

    Proforma Invoices

    These invoices are used to let the client know the charges of the services before
    starting the project.

  • 2

    Recurring Invoices

    Recurring invoices are issued at a regular term (monthly or weekly) for ongoing

  • 3

    Past-Due Invoices

    These invoices are sent when the client has failed to pay the invoice by the due date.

  • 4

    Interim Invoices

    These invoices are issued in between the project after the completion of a major event to
    break down the large amount.

  • 5

    Final Invoices

    The invoice that is issued at the end of the sale (product/service) is called the final

  • 6

    Credit Memo

    Credit memo is sent to let the client know of the positive balance they have in the

Download types of invoice template

You can create all such types of invoices using the free invoice maker.
Other than these invoice types,
you might have to create multiple types of accounting documents. So do you want a solution that
satisfies the needs for creating all types of documents? If yes, the free invoice maker might not be enough for you. What you want is an invoicing software.

Streamline you entire invoicing process with InvoiceOwl.


Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

An invoicing software is a tool that helps you create all kinds of invoicing documents such as
estimates, invoices,
credit memos, purchase orders, and payment receipts.
One of the best examples of
invoicing software is InvoiceOwl.

Download invoicing software for contractors

InvoiceOwl has various benefits that can help you run your
business smoothly. And here are some of them.

  • Lets you win jobs with professional estimates
  • Gets you paid faster with quick invoices
  • Saves you time with automated payment receipts
  • Helps you maintain an inventory with purchase orders
  • Builds your brand by letting you customize your invoices
  • Grow brand trust by letting your clients rate and review
    your services
  • Gets your business numbers at your fingertips by financial

So, if you find yourself using all the invoicing documents, signing up to
is highly recommended.

Benefits of Using Invoicing Software

  • Customize templates
  • Create invoices promptly
  • Track your invoices
  • Get paid 10x faster
  • Generate sales reports
  • Send automated payment receipts
  • Send invoices with cover letter
  • Reduce paper cost to zero
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benefits of using invoicing contractors

Don’t want to do repetitive invoicing tasks?