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Create a professional invoice with the free contractor invoicing template to earn what you deserve without negotiating your worth.

Construction Invoice Templates

Download Free Contractor Invoice Template

Choose one from the below-mentioned free invoice templates from InvoiceOwl for your contracting business. All of them are fully-customizable and downloadable at you convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Download now.

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How To Create a Contractor Invoice Form

Follow the instructions given below for creating a more effective professional contractor invoice format.


Here is the step-by-step process of Contractor
invoice template:

  • Download the free contractor invoice template from InvoiceOwl
  • Add your business information with company logo, name, and contact detail
  • Fill in your client’s name, concerned person’s name, mailing address, and contact detail
  • Add an invoice number, invoice date, and expected payment date
  • List out the description of services rendered
  • The price for the services
  • Calculate the total cost and include the net amount at the bottom of your professional invoice
  • Note down the terms and conditions and late payment fees
  • Mention the preferred payment option
  • Send an invoice to your clients via email

What Should Be Included in Your Independent Contractor
Invoice Template?

Waste no time in forming structured contractor invoice templates, just include the following information in your
contractor invoice template.

  • Your company name, city, country, and postal address

    It is essential to write your company’s name, where it is located, and its pin code. So, the clients know where the invoice is Coming from.

  • Client’s business name, address, city, and postal

    Below that you need to write the client’s business name, where it is, and their postal address.

  • Invoice unique number and date

    To keep track of inventory management and invoices, you need to assign a unique number and issue date.

  • Invoice due date

    If your transactions are running late or there are chasing payments, mention invoice due date in it.

  • Payment terms

    Every construction companies function differently, so write your payment terms accordingly to your business needs.

  • Description of items

    In this you need to mention da brief description of items of goods and services.

  • Quantity number

    Include quantity number, the number of items, goods, and services in this column.

  • Price, tax, and total amount

    Mention the payment information, tax, and the total amount of contract work.

  • Note

    There is an option of note if you want to send special instructions If your client is asking for print invoices, use printable invoice templates for instant professional invoices.

Create your Custom Template by Invoice Generator

Impress your clients by sending them a customized invoice with the invoice generator. It lets you create, preview, send, and download custom professional contract invoices within a few clicks.


Benefits of Using a Contractor Invoice Template

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Multiple Use

You can use a contractor invoice template more than once. Just edit, save, send, and follow the same process again.

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Saves Time

It will only take a minute to create a professional contract invoice. Thus, you will save plenty of time you used to waste earlier.

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Easy Customization

The invoice template provides you with customization, so you can edit and customize invoices that fit your needs.

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Faster Payment

Get paid faster with the contractor invoice template. As all information is provided, hence no error will come at the time of payment.

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Detail Invoices

A detailed perfect invoice is possible with a contractor invoice template. It helps you to create a base for more detailed invoices.

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Paperless Process

Waste no time in generating invoices manually, contractor invoice templates allow you to generate effective invoice instantly.

Free Invoice Template vs. InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software

Want to know what’s best for you? Let’s compare the free invoice template and the InvoiceOwl invoicing app and see the advantages the InvoiceOwl app offers you.

Perks InvoiceOwlStart a free trial Free Contractor Invoice Template 

Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time

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Automate reminders for late payments

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Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays

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Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports

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Save clients with all the client information

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I invoice as an independent contractor?

    You can invoice as an independent contractor using an independent contractor invoice template. You just need to simply follow the steps that should be included in a contractor invoice. You can choose any type of invoice template that is suitable for your business requirements.

  • How do I write a contractor invoice?

    To write a contractor invoice you need to include some specific details into your invoice. Such as your small business details, clients’ details, description of the services you have provided, the number of hours you have worked, the total amount due, and the terms and conditions. You just need to make sure you are including accurate details into your invoice to collect payments quickly.

  • How do I create a self-employed invoice?

    A self-employed invoice is an invoice that a freelancer or contractor creates for their freelancing business. Such invoices are not different from the regular invoice, it is the similar way that you create an invoice for any of your clients as a freelancer. You can use free online freelancer contractor invoice templates and edit them according to your needs.

  • How do I make an hourly invoice?

    To make hourly invoice templates, first of all, you need to track the hours you have worked for the particular project. You can use Microsoft Excel or any other online time tracking tools to track your freelance working hours. Then you can include those hours and your rate per hour in your hourly invoice templates. But make sure your clients agree to pay by hourly based rates for the project.

  • Which contractor can use invoice templates?

    All contractors that provide services to the clients, such as HVAC, construction, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, handyman, electrical, and lawn care can use ready-made invoice templates. Besides, they can even bill subcontractors with the same invoice templates. The templates would make you available for your contracting business rather than sitting in front of computers creating invoices.

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