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Creating professional and all-inclusive invoices can be a struggle for the construction business owner. Especially small businesses face such issues and have lots of other concerns they face.

That is why most small business owners create construction invoice templates online which are fully customizable and allow them to include all the essential elements as per their choices. Such free invoice generators help them calculate the total amount due to their clients and open effective ways for business owners to collect the money without much hassle.

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Running a company successfully is a very difficult task and requires a lot of hard work. That is where a sample construction invoice will help you spend more hours doing what matters the most for your business. Personlizing your invoice templates will maintain your brand style and professionalism. Get access to Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF.

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How to Create Construction Invoices?

As a construction business owner your company designs and constructs large projects every day, which means creating a commercial invoice should not demand hard work from you or any of your team members. Especially when there are so many tools available in the market, the answer sounds interesting, right? Keeping your construction business in mind, we have created a guide that helps you modify a construction invoice for free so you can send invoices in just a few clicks.

How to create construction invoice template

Here is the step-by-step process of construction invoice template:

  • Download the free invoice templates for Windows & Mac
  • Fill in your business details, i.e. company name, logo, and contact information
  • Insert your client’s details, i.e. the client’s name or firm name, and contact information
  • Create a unique invoice number for each template you create
  • Include invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Add an Itemized list of products or services with descriptions and costs, and make sure every item is listed separately
  • Calculate the grand total including sales taxes
  • Insert precise payment terms and conditions
  • Double-check all the details
  • Save and send the final invoice directly to the client via email or print out and send by post

With these construction businesses in your mind, you can do your best and skip the extra hassles of complex invoicing. The Word, PDF, or Excel allows you to customize the invoices that best serve the needs of your client and your business.

You need to include comprehensive descriptions of the services/products that you have provided so that your clients know exactly what services they are paying. Also, at the same time, the clear instruction for a mode of prompt payment and due date is equally helpful to the clients. If you follow these basic steps, it will help you get there in a timely manner without any problem. Invoice for consulting services will also be helpful. Now you must be thinking about which type of invoice is suitable for businesses’ infrastructure.

Why You Should Use a Construction Invoice?

As a part of the construction project, you must be wondering about how to bill your clients and how to keep track of your finances. The most important component of professional and organized invoicing is similar to running a successful business and ensuring that you get paid on time and immediately after you send an invoice, each and every time.

Benefits of using a construction invoice

Business owners have many responsibilities for running their business successfully and keeping their clients happy at the same time. They definitely don’t want bad invoicing to keep them down. The construction business invoice template is the easiest solution for the billing process without any headache. There are plenty of reasons for the construction invoice template free download to use–

  • Manage your unlimited invoices from the same place
  • Take care of the subcontractors with appropriate invoice details
  • Handle the clients with ease
  • Keep financial transactions of post-construction
  • Supervise transaction history throughout the work

With the construction invoice template excel, construction invoicing software, construction invoice form, construction invoice template word, or construction invoice template PDF creating and customizing invoices is very easier than ever. Such templates can be supportive of many aspects of construction jobs or companies. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Organized financial transactions
  • Store important payment process information
  • Watch out for payment due dates
  • Collect relevant information for tax purposes
  • Remark outstanding debtors and their debts
  • Keep track of inventory (purchased items, rates, services performed, etc.)
Create customized construction invoice

The construction work invoices will typically include products and/or services, labor costs, quantity, sales taxes, payment details, the total amount, payment due date, payment instructions, and other relative information needed in the construction billing industry. By including all the relevant & basic information, construction companies make sure that their clients easily understand all charges that they have been charged for the service.

With such clear communication, it will help companies to avoid confusion at the time when the clients may miss to pay the payment, and troubles they may face at the time of tax. This undoubtedly will lift the extra weight from your shoulders and make construction businesses trouble-free.

Making professional construction templates will be a blast if you just focus on the best thing you are doing. Do not waste your precious time and effort worrying about how to create a construction invoice template, because we have got you covered all about it here, in this article. By using our guide you can professionally create professional invoices the right way.

Suitable Invoice Types for Construction Businesses

As a construction business owner, you must choose a unique and appropriate kind of invoice to bill your clients. Choosing the right invoice design for you and your clients makes a great difference. So, choose the perfect invoice type for your business needs.

No “one design fits all needs” when it comes to a construction job because there are various types of work businesses do and differ from each other. So, make sure the invoice you choose is highly customizable and helps you get the job done quickly.


Standard Invoice

A standard invoice is a basic invoice and a simple template to choose from. It includes just the basic details about how the customer owes for the hard work you have done.


Recurring Invoice

A recurring invoice is used to accept ongoing payments from the customer. This kind of payment would be suitable to collect the money from a recurring service.


Prepayment Invoice

A prepayment invoice is used to collect an advance deposit or down payment for the services or tasks before completed construction work is accomplished and also for the final payment.


Time-based Invoice

Such an invoice is used to bill customers for a service that is charged by tracking the hours. It is also considered an ideal invoice for hourly invoices.


Credit Invoice

A credit invoice is used to state a credit balance in case of a refund that has been credited to the client’s invoice account. In cases like refunds, it displays transaction information just like a receipt.


Debit Invoice

A debit invoice is utilized to add a balance that a client owes after a raise or adjustment for the total cost. Basically, when the project requirements change and unit prices may change, all the changes should be included in the debit invoice.


Mixed Invoice

A mixed invoice is similar to a statement as it includes the details about all the transactions (credit and debit) made into the client’s account and shows the final balance.


Interim Invoice

An interim invoice is made to collect payments for every milestone of a large project. It helps break the large amount into smaller amounts and maintain good cash flow throughout the project.

Comfortable using the construction invoice templates? Look at HVAC, roofing business, handyman, contract labor, and plumbing contractors‘ invoice templates, saying no to the time-consuming invoicing process.

Elements of a Construction Invoice

Once you have downloaded an invoice, you should consider following the basic elements which should be considered appropriately.

Elements of construction invoice

Invoicing Tips for Construction Business Owners

Keep digital record

Keep Digital Record

Keep a digital copy of all the invoices you generate and store it on a virtual cloud to never lose any invoice and avoid digging into piles of paperwork.

Avoid hidden charges

Avoid Hidden Charges

Discuss all the costs and charges before taking the service in hand. Hidden charges make you lose the customers’ trust and delay the payment.

Proofread the invoice twice

Proofread The Invoice Twice

Once you have created the invoice, proofread the invoice twice before sending it to the client. It cuts your invoice correction costs and adds to your reputation as a brand.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I write construction invoices?

    In this article, we have provided a few details about creating an invoice that will help you to create professional bills for your clients. The main thing that you can make sure of is choosing the right detailed template and editing according to the projects you have done. This will also help you maintain the image of your brand in front of the client.

  • How do you write an invoice for a contract job?

    Writing an invoice is not an easy task. But, it will be easier if you choose the right template for your business. Above you will find a selection of professional invoicing templates for contract jobs to help you get started. Alternatively you can use a invoicing software for construction which makes you life a lot easy!

  • How do I invoice a subcontractor?

    Invoicing a subcontractor is similar to sending it to any other type of client. The only difference in this template is, in the client’s template there will be services included, and in the subcontractor’s template there are products/materials, and labor costs included.

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