Estimating Guide

Best estimating software

10 Best Estimating Software to Look for in 2024

Cost estimation helps contractors, check the feasibility and scope of the construction project. It also helps them to offer fair and reasonable pricing to the clients. Further, procurement of finance...
How to become an electrical estimator

Guide on How to Become an Electrical Estimator

The need for electrical services at residential and commercial properties will never lessen. Keeping that in mind, there are many new businesses signing up to meet customers’ needs for the...
Best flooring estimating software

15 Best Flooring Estimating Software

Running a flooring business requires great coordination. According to the reports, the flooring market size exceeded USD 312.7 billion in 2020. But, from 2021 to 2027, it is expected to...
Is a quote a contract

Is a Quote a Contract?

Businesses often offer a quote to clients when they first offer a service. Why is that? By doing this, the client will get a better idea of the cost of...
How to follow up after quotation

How to Follow-Up after Quotation?

Are you a new business owner? Are your clients not texting you back after you delivered the price quotation to them? If yes, then you have to do something about...
Quotation reminder email templates

Quotation Reminder Email Templates

There is a common feeling among businesspeople or salespeople who engage in email outreach that they would like to get a thousand hits.  What if your first email to a...
What is a Price Quote

What is a Quote or Quotation for Contractors?

A quotation is an excerpt taken directly from a text, email, or speech.  Italicized quotes emphasize the key information that should be recalled for the specific circumstances.  By presenting authorities'...
how to become an hvac estimator

How to Become an HVAC Estimator?

Interested to become an HVAC estimator? In this blog, you will learn everything you should know, from steps to becoming one to salary.
how to estimate carpentry jobs

How to Estimate Carpentry Jobs [Pricing Guide]

You should know how to estimate a carpentry job before you even start marketing your services. As it not only helps you get new clients but also defines your client base. So, here is a guide to price your job.
three point estimating

Three-Point Estimation: A Complete Guide

A three-point estimation is a technique used to get an accurate estimate. The techniques indicate mostly likely, best, and worst- a scenario that helps businesses to plan better and efficiently.
what is a takeoff in construction

What is a Takeoff in Construction

An estimation is forecasting the resources required to complete a project, and an accurate estimate ensures you don't overcharge or undercharge when you submit a bid for a construction project....
How to Estimate Flooring Cost

How to Estimate Flooring Cost

Flooring projects have an end number of variables involved that need to be analyzed carefully before calculating any element. There are vast differences in the material and flooring type which...
is an estimate legally binding

Is an Estimate Legally Binding?

Contract, bid, and written estimate are the three important terms in any deal, and they can be misunderstood easily. Estimation is the first step that consists of an approximate value...
plumbing estimating software

8 Best Plumbing Estimating Software

One of the most critical parts of being a plumbing contractor is cost estimation. If you underquote, you run into losses. And if you overestimate, you could lose the bid...
why is estimating important

Why is Estimating Important?

Estimating is done even before designing the project. There must be some reason for this, right? Let’s discuss those reasons and benefits and know why estimating is important.