15 Best Flooring Estimating Software

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Running a flooring business requires great coordination. According to the reports, the flooring market size exceeded USD 312.7 billion in 2020. But, from 2021 to 2027, it is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 6.3%. 

In the flooring business, you must ensure the safety of your workers and those around you, but you must also keep track of how much money you are spending and improve future projects to make them more cost-effective.

Much estimating can be involved, which can become complex with a calculator and pencil, and paper. Fortunately, it is possible to create estimates and bids with accuracy and efficiency through estimating software solutions designed for contractors.

We’ve examined and selected some of the best flooring estimating software with varied features and price ranges. Have a look at them.

Top 15 Flooring Estimating Software

1. InvoiceOwl

Best for generating invoices and estimations.

InvoiceOwl is an invoicing and estimating software that helps users create professional-looking invoices and estimates in minutes! Suppose you are a retail flooring dealer or have an association with a company involved in the construction industry.


If so, you will have an easier time preparing professional proposals that impress clients.

From this software for flooring contractors, it is easy to send fair and accurate estimates on the spot and gather testimonials from clients who are satisfied with the service so that you can attract more clients.

Alternatively, you can also estimate materials and labor costs for your clients so they can understand the cost of the work.

InvoiceOwl can be the ideal software for your commercial and residential projects. You can start with a free trial if this appeals to you.

Key features

  • Support available 24/7: As a convenience, it provides 24/7 inbuilt email and chat support to help you Create estimates without hassle. Hence, you can just drop your queries, and they can resolve them quickly.
  • Easy to Customize Templates: Several estimate templates are provided as part of the app. These customize estimate templates can be downloaded and customized according to your requirements. With a few clicks of the mouse, you would be able to prepare professional estimates in a matter of minutes.
  • The annual report: Using a paperless billing method to create accurate estimates, you can keep a precise record of your current projects and past jobs. Several document management tools can help generate reports on a company’s annual performance.
Pros Cons
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to use
  • Integrated software for estimating
  • Real-time tracking
  • Multiple payment gateways with Stripe
  • Solve your problem like how to estimate flooring jobs
  • You can download estimates only in PDF


There is a monthly subscription charge of $28.99 and $99.99 for Yearly. The option of having your account billed monthly is also available. A free trial is also available for this software so that you can test it yourself.

Know How InvoiceOwl Benefits Your Flooring Business in Many Ways!

InvoiceOwl is the top estimate and invoice software to create estimates from anywhere and anytime in clicks!

2. Clear Estimates

Best for estimating costs.

Clear Estimates is an excellent option if you are interested in a platform primarily concerned with estimates. Its subscription plan starts at just $59/month and is affordable for small-scale flooring contractors.

Clear estimates

To generate product and material costs based on geographic location, Clear Estimates uses data obtained from RemodelMAX to create a cost model that uses products and materials based on regional data. In addition to the wide range of data available, it allows customers to get a more accurate estimate based on their location.

Key features 

  • Apt for smaller jobs 
  • Templates for offers and proposals 
  • Easy to use 
Pros Cons
  • An easy-to-use tool for everyone
  • Adaptable
  • Providing excellent customer service

Pricing and plans

Pricing plans offered by Clear Estimates start at $59 a month, increase to $99 a month, and increase to $249 a month for a more upgraded version with added perks. Each of these plans comes with a 30-day trial period.

3. Procore

Best for managing projects.

Procore is a well-known flooring estimating software that guarantees efficiency in creating accurate estimates of your flooring projects. In addition, this software makes it easier to connect every project team member.


This way, teams can communicate more easily and work together more efficiently. Your team can be equipped with all the information they need to accomplish their tasks using Procore.

Key features 

  • Dashboard in one place
  • Partner app integration
  • Teamwork and communication
Pros Cons
  • Provide more predictability and profitability for flooring jobs
  • Estimates can be transformed into budgets with just a click
  • All in one place to manage all your data
  • The price is relatively high


The Procore Windows desktop and mobile plans are divided into three categories:

  • With $667 per month per user, you can connect the field and office
  • Each user pays $870 per month to manage projects and finances
  • At a monthly cost of $1,182, maximize ROI

4. Contractor Foreman

Best for determining estimates for flooring business.

Using Contractor Foreman for your flooring business is one of the best business decisions you can ever make. 

Contractor foreman

This excellent estimating software is of great help in getting you the right estimate. 

Even for the small flooring business, this software is affordable. 

This estimating software helps you send accurate estimates and has some great features and integration that will surely ease your day-to-day business operations. 

Getting started with this software is easy when used for the first time, thanks to its knowledge base and customer support team.

Key features

  • Invoicing and flooring estimating
  • Managing projects
  • Scheduling of employees
  • Communication within the team
Pros Cons
  • Platform-agnostic online training
  • A real-time tracking system
  • Using past data to customize reports
  • A lack of customer service
  • The price of bid management tool is too high
  • A bit difficult to use


Four types of plans are available at Contractor Foreman: Standard plan $49/month, Plus plan $87/month, Pro plan $123/month, and Unlimited plan $148/month. They are billed annually. 

Besides this, the quarterly billing plan is also available with three major plans: Plus $133/month, Pro $189/month, and Unlimited 228/month. Get a free 30-day trial if you’re a new user.

5. ArcSite

Best for determining the scope of a project.

After finishing your project drawings, you can easily create a ready-to-esign, personalized proposal in minutes using ArcSite flooring estimating software.


If you try to create estimates manually and give measures, it could lead to human error. But this software has an exciting feature that lets you create estimates, eliminating the chances of making human errors.

Key features

  • Premium capabilities for project management 
  • Easily customizable templates as per your needs
  • Advanced functionality
Pros Cons
  • The design is simple and intuitive
  • Access via the web
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • The desktop version is not available


There are four plans with ArcSite residential construction estimating software that you can choose from Essential with an annual fee of $60, Advanced with a yearly fee of $119, Enterprise with an annual fee of $149, and Growth with a yearly fee of custom pricing. The free trial of the software is also available for 14 days.

6. CoConstruct

Best tool for managing bids.

CoConstruct allows flooring professionals to estimate costs quickly, bid, and submit short and elegant proposals.


As you build your selections and specifications within the system, you can also generate an estimate automatically. Furthermore, since all your data is in one place and you can create proposal documents faster, you will not only be able to minimize the number of mistakes but also win more bids.

Many customizable templates are available with advanced features, such as modifying taxes, profits, and contingencies. You can provide your prospects with accurate estimates and as many details as possible.

Key features

  • Estimating using a single entry
  • Integrating accounting systems
  • Generating proposals
  • Communication with clients
Pros Cons
  • Easily accessible
  • Integration with QuickBooks and other tools
  • A good customer service experience
  • A limited number of features are included in the standard plan


Two pricing options are available for flooring companies – Standard and Plus. In the Standard plan, you will have to pay $99 a month; in the Plus plan, you will have to pay $399 a month. After two months, both of these plans increase in price.

7. Stack

Best for takeoffs.

Contractors in the flooring industry will benefit from this project management software due to its flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Takeoff software and estimating responsibilities are offered.


The advancements in Stack flooring takeoff software, including cost code, pre-built assembly, and measuring digital plans, make it one of the most popular cloud-based takeoff estimating solutions.

Cost errors can be eliminated by taking off in construction, and estimation is more accurate.

Key features

  • Collaboration within a team
  • Management of documents
  • Create estimates and takeoffs
  • Integration of software
Pros Cons
  • Streamline takeoffs with an entirely cloud-based solution
  • Customer support, training, and user interface are excellent
  • Custom assemblies can be created for reuse on other projects if they are complex
  • The cost of annual renewals can be high
  • Customer service can sometimes be slow when trying to get in touch with them.
  • The software can become sluggish when working on large projects.


Two plans are available for Windows desktops and mobile devices with Stack

  • There is a $1,999 annual fee for the Grow plan
  • Starting at $4,999 per year, the perfect plan is for teams

8. Jobbers

The best method for estimating project schedules.

This cloud-based software allows flooring contractors to create estimates for jobs and manage their customers. The platform will also enable scheduled appointments, invoices to be made, and routes to be optimized.


Thus, it facilitates customer relationship management and project scheduling. The project management software will notify crew members about job details and automatically generate a payment reminder.

Key features 

  • Quote management 
  • Robust CRM 
  • Flooring and construction estimating with ease 
Pros Cons
  • Payment by credit card
  • A bit pricey


For desktop and mobile devices, Jobbers offers three plans

  • A $35 monthly core plan
  • Monthly fee of $105 for the Connect plan
  • The Grow plan costs $211 a month

9. ConstructionOnline

Best for contractors.

ConstructionOnline is another incredible addition to the list of flooring software solutions. It plays a significant role in preparing flooring estimates for your business. You cannot go wrong with the flooring estimates, and it is designed to help you finish work on time and within budget. You can manage construction projects quickly with this software. Profit margins are increased by integrating estimates, take-offs, and client selection.


Informed decisions can be made using real-time dashboards. Using this scheduling software, you can stay on top of your projects and achieve your objectives. A monthly fee of $300 for each feature and a free trial is available.

Key features

  • Support via live chat
  • Process of estimating
  • Project-specific email features
  • Cloud-based storage
Pros Cons
  • Online chat support is available
  • A process for estimating
  • Project-specific email features
  • The cloud storage service
  • Prices are high
  • Intermittent problems with mobile apps
  • It takes longer to generate reports

Pricing and plans

You start with the free trial, and after that, it will 300$/month. With additional features, you can upgrade to $600/month and $900/month.

10. Esticom

Best for construction measurements.

The Esticom platform is another cloud-based software for flooring takeoffs and estimating. The features provided by Esticom enable customers to access business metrics and keep track of new bids and projects in real time. The focus of this project is to eliminate the need to use paper business plans and long-winded Excel spreadsheets since these two items can hinder productivity in the office.


Esticom serves construction professionals and small businesses of all types. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and painters fall into this category.

Key features

  • Easy to customize templates
  • It has an excellent change order management feature
  • Estimating cost with ease
Pros Cons
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Worth the price
  • There is a lot of lag in software upon internet failure.

Pricing and plans

14-day free trial for new customers. After that, $139/month.

11. Builder Trend

Best for the flooring business.

The Builder Trend software tool is designed for flooring business owners. It is important to note that this professional has specific needs regarding construction projects. Some of these requirements include estimating a property’s custom tile patterns and age when work is being done on demolition or structural improvements.

Builder trend

This is where Builder Trend’s estimating software excels. It includes tools for managing leads, bidding on homes and marketing campaigns, and partnering with businesses. 

Key features

  • The sales process
  • Management of projects
  • Tools for financial planning
  • Tools for communication
Pros Cons
  • Simple to use
  • Provides functionality
  • Highly-priced

Pricing and plans

There are two pricing plans offered by BuilderTREND: Core Plan and Pro Plan. They are offering their Core Plan for $99 a month in the first two months, and after that, the rate will rise to $349 a month or $2,899 a year. During the first two months, the Pro Plan is priced at $399/month, and it will be increased to $599/month or $4,999/year after that. 

12. Sage Estimating

Best for robust construction estimation.

Sage Estimating is a suitable option for organizations that require a more robust construction estimating system

Sage estimating

Using the software, bidders and solicitors can estimate and evaluate quotes.

Key features

  • Forecasting job costs
  • Integrated with project takeoff software
  • Integration of building information modeling (Autodesk)
  • Cost databases for construction
Pros Cons
  • Customization of templates
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Costly

Pricing and plans

It provides access to the free trial to all the customers. Besides that, it has a basic program priced at $4965.

13. ProEst

Best for flooring contractor and subcontract managing estimates.

ProEst is a worthy flooring software for subcontractors and general contractors. Its appealing interface allows access to accounting, CRM, and proposal creation. 


It doesn’t integrate with Excel but provides estimating and accounting facilities through its spreadsheet and table generation tools.

With ProEst, you can handle multiple projects and customers simultaneously with its digital takeoffs and report templates.

Key features

  • Estimating costs
  • CRM 
  • Creation of a proposal
  • Accounting
Pros Cons
  • An excellent tool for estimates 
  • Create summary reports in one go.
  • Issues with the update affect the performance.

Pricing and plan 

There is an annual fixed price. To get full details on pricing, you need to fill up the form, and the concerned person will get in touch.

14. Buildxact

Best for estimates.

Whether you are a small flooring contractor, remodeler, or residential builder, Buildxact is the best flooring estimate software. With all the features of this system, you get such things as price list import, pre-made templates, and digital takeoffs, which will improve the estimation production process’s efficiency much more than before. 


With Buildxact, you can manage your flooring projects, account for your projects, and schedule your work.

Clean user interfaces are one of the software’s most robust features, with users expressing appreciation for the ease of learning and training the program.

Key features

  • A pre-made template
  • Importation of price lists
  • Functionality of takeoff
  • Management of projects
Pros Cons
  • The price list is easily transferable
  • Xero integration
  • Estimating is simplified
  • The function of variation is sometimes limited
  • Having trouble locking templates


There are two pricing plans: Entry plan (Estimation) 149$/month and Pro plan $249/month. A free trial is available. 

15. SimPRO

Best for managing projects.

SimPRO is a flooring project management software solution with a wide range of features designed for flooring contractors of varying sizes. This flooring software offers many useful features, from accounting and scheduling to fleet management and project management.


Aside from generating individualized quotes, SimPRO helps users calculate flooring costs as quickly as possible. 

Key features

  • Quoting and estimating
  • Dispatching and scheduling
  • Integrating accounting systems
  • Tracking of fleets
Pros Cons
  • Excellent customer service
  • Creating custom invoices.
  • Accept only Square as an online payment method (no Apple Pay, PayPal, BPAY, etc.)

Pricing and plans 

The pricing on SimPRO is a bit higher than those on several other software programs in the same industry. Pricing for this software starts at $129 per month, but the price can be increased based on your platform’s features.

Stop Stressing About Manual Process, Work Smart With InvoiceOwl

No need to bother about the pen and paper process for creating estimates and invoices when you have InvoiceOwl with you!

Benefits of Flooring Estimate Software

Using flooring estimating software can provide your flooring business with many unique advantages. Getting a project quote can be made easier with an estimating tool.

1. Accurate estimates and faster quotes

Traditionally, to calculate a quote, you had to calculate it manually or in Excel, which could take you days. A flooring software program automates the estimating process so that human error is reduced, typically caused by manual calculations.

Flooring jobs can vary dramatically in price depending on the material used. 

Therefore, it is essential to have an estimating software program that can address the characteristics and concerns of the flooring industry as a whole to avoid mispricing work in the future. 

2. Reduce the cost of waste and materials

Getting a flooring estimate can be challenging due to the complexities of materials. Since tile has to be sized and shaped, it cannot be easy to price it upfront. 

To reduce material costs and waste, it is essential to have proper seam placements and clear diagrams of cut sheets before installing new flooring.

It’s easy for customers to see exactly what they’re getting with advanced 3D drawings and walkthrough features.

Costs associated with takeoff can include:

  • Window and door placement
  • Placement of stairways, counters, and appliances
  • Baseboards and subflooring requirements
  • Materials for hardwood flooring, carpet pads, etc
  • Tile, linoleum, floor patterns, etc.

3. Enhance customer service

There can be much disruption caused by flooring installation in homes and businesses. An extended period of walking on baseboards isn’t that appealing to many people. Fast estimates are also expected since they want a job done quickly.

A common expectation among flooring customers is to receive a free or low-cost estimate. Quality construction software makes creating floor estimates faster and easier for flooring contractors and installers in just a few clicks. 

Mobile apps on smartphones and tablets that support cloud-based estimating software allow customers to receive quotes instantly, making the process more convenient.

4. Improve field services

Workshops can’t be used for flooring tasks. For flooring estimating software to be effective, iOS and Android apps must be compatible with mobile devices since on-site work requires mobile devices. 

You can conduct flooring estimates directly from your smartphone or tablet when you work with customers at their residential or commercial property.

In addition to allowing real-time estimates during walkthroughs, this extra functionality will enable customers to receive their estimates in real time.

Flooring Estimate Template

Using these templates, flooring contractors can create a thorough flooring estimate. You can use these templates to estimate flooring for a lot of things.

1. Template for flooring business proposals

Using a proposal contract template, you can tell your client the basics of the project and how much it will cost. 

The report does not provide a detailed overview of the project, but it can be used to explain the basics to your client. Templates can also be used as contracts.

2. Construction professionals work on quote templates

An estimate template for work quotes lets you specify how much labor and material are required to complete the project. The agreement can also be legally binding after the contract (or its extension) period has expired.

3. Template for comparing soft and hard flooring job costs

A soft cost and a hard cost are separated in this template. A hard cost is a material or labor cost, whereas a soft cost is an administrative fee, legal fee, insurance fee, or permit fee.

Soft costs vs. hard costs template can provide clients with clarity regarding non-typical costs such as LEED certification fees.

4. Budgeting and estimating template for flooring

Tracking your cost estimates against your budget utilization is possible with an estimating and budgeting template. It lets you see how much each line item is estimated to cost (called job costing) and how much each vendor and subcontractor owes.

Keep track of your estimate throughout a project with this template.

5. Tabulation template for flooring bids

Using this template, you can compare subcontractors’ bid items, comparing the engineer’s estimate with the bids from different flooring contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does a flooring takeoff work?

    The flooring takeoff consists of a list of the quantity of the floor material for the project, separated by the flooring types used.

    Flooring takeoffs typically include square tile footage, carpet square footage, wood flooring square footage, cove base square footage, transition strips, etc.

  2. Is construction estimate software easy to use?

    Using digital construction estimating software can allow you to manage your budget more effectively. Calculators are available in some apps that can automatically calculate each material, helping you save time and money.

  3. How do flooring takeoff and estimate software differ?

    Even though estimating and takeoff procedures are closely linked, they are different. A takeoff program converts digital blueprints and specs into cost estimates based on the information.

    Meanwhile, flooring contractors can use estimating tools to develop quantities for supplies and materials without necessarily considering blueprints when calculating the quantity.


The above article on flooring construction software might have given you a better idea of what they can do and which estimating software to choose for your flooring business.

The bottom line is, your choice of estimating software should not only be in line with the budget of your flooring business, but it should also be flexible, easy to use, and have a short learning curve. You should start with a flooring estimation solution that ticks all these boxes.

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