6 Best Construction Estimating Software Contractors Should Try

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Construction cost estimating is a crucial aspect of the construction industry. This is a process of predicting the cost of building a physical structure or building. Of course, builders and clients of united states are both concerned about the financial aspect of cost and failure to complete a project. We have an entire guide for calculating construction costs that will give you an in-depth idea about what to consider.

That’s why a certain amount of time and effort has to be dedicated to estimating how much the project costs before moving forward with it.

Clients considering large project plans often seek accurate cost estimates or quotations, including those prepared by general contractors and those calculated by independent estimators. Here in this blog, we have discussed top construction estimator software options that make estimating easier than ever.

Understanding Construction Estimating

The process of figuring out the approximately appropriate but specific costs related to construction companies and their projects is known as construction estimating. An expert contractor can quickly determine a project’s cost estimate in their head for smaller jobs. A lot more research is needed to get an accurate cost estimate for megaprojects that call for comprehensive bids.

The construction estimator need to calculate the quantities and costs of all the items, tools, and labor required for their job in order to provide the project estimates. Typically, this process starts with creating a takeoff data list utilizing data sourced from the bid package. The term “takeoff” describes the materials and manpower needed to finish a construction project.

Estimators utilize project blueprints to identify the different types, quantities, and labor requirements for each component of the project that is within their control in order to collect this data. The cost estimate as well as the project bid are then produced using the takeoff list.

Construction Estimating Software Program: An Overview

Software specifically created for contractors for the purpose of estimating construction costs for a given project is known as construction estimation software. Usually, a contractor utilizes the best construction estimating software to calculate the bid price they will submit for a construction project, which will then be included in the construction contract that results. In certain cases, top construction estimating software applications are used by engineers, architects, construction companies, and other industry experts to provide cost estimates for purposes other than bidding.

The processes of generating construction cost, materials, and labor estimates for construction projects can be streamlined and improved with the use of cloud-based or desktop estimating software. There are numerous types of top construction estimating software available, from straightforward spreadsheet layouts to online collaboration solutions with various capabilities that improve the estimating process.

Estimation, Takeoff, & Bidding Software: What’s The Difference?

The procedures of bidding, estimation, and takeoff are all intricately connected. Because some businesses promote “Construction Estimating Software” and others “Construction Bidding Software,” customers may become perplexed since the product descriptions seem to meet the same objectives even if the solutions are frequently different.

So, let’s outline and clarify the most common words or phrases top construction estimating software suppliers use to market themselves and the typical characteristics these terms often imply.

Construction bidding software

The generation of construction project bids as well as proposals, planning and scheduling of subcontractors and construction projects, customer management, and bid evaluation and reporting are the main foci of construction bidding software.

Takeoff software

The takeoff software mainly focuses on extracting information from digital designs and specification sheets and employs that data to finally create the accurate estimates of project costs.

Estimating Software

It assists estimators in developing detailed cost and volume estimates regarding supply and materials.

Best 6 Construction Estimator Software Comparison

Construction Estimator Software Pricing Rating
invoiceowl Monthly plans


  • $11.99 per month
  • $28.99 per month

Yearly plans

  • $9.99 per month
  • $23.99 per month
contractorforeman Annual plans


  • Standard: $49 per month
  • Plus: $87 per month
  • Pro: $123 per month
  • Unlimited: $148 per month
  • $49.00 /month
  • Pricing Model: Per Feature
  • Standard: $99/month
  • $349 after 2 months
  • Not provided by vendor
  • Pricing Model: Per User
  • Pro: $270/month
  • Team: $540/month
  • Business: $810/month
  • Enterprise: $35,000
  • Enterprise plus: $350,000

6 Best Construction Estimating Software and Management Solutions

1. InvoiceOwl – Estimate and Invoicing Software

InvoiceOwl is one of the leading estimating and invoicing software companies that allows users to create professional-looking invoices and estimates in a matter of minutes! Those who are into the construction business or associated with a construction company will find it easier to create professional bid proposals that impress their potential clients and serve them profitable work.

Using this estimating tool, you can send clear estimates on-the-spot from the mobile app as long as you have strong internet connection, and collect testimonials from successfully completed jobs to attract more clients. You can also make materials and labor cost estimates so that it will help clients to understand the project cost.

InvoiceOwl Features

  • Estimates Using InvoiceOwl, construction professionals would not have to worry about making and sending estimates. Select a perfect template, fill up the missing details, and then share it with your clients.
  • Client Management Considering the overall requirements of construction businesses, InvoiceOwl brings you a user-friendly software where you can customize the estimate, manage reports and get approval faster.
  • Round-the-clock Support To help you make estimates hassle-free, it comes with 24/7 in-built email or chat support. So, you can just drop your queries and quickly get them resolved.
  • Entirely Paper-free The accounting integration assists you to complete the estimating process without the use of pen and paper. You can mention the details in the e-paper before releasing it to clients.
  • 100% Customizable Templates It brings you multiple construction estimate templates, which can be downloaded and customized by adding the necessary details. In short, you would have professional estimates ready in minutes.
  • Annual Business Reports Adopting a paperless construction billing methods to create accurate estimates means you will have estimate records of current and past projects. Such document management tools would be useful in generating annual business reports.
Pros Cons
  • Easy user interface
  • In-built emailing for unlimited estimates
  • Multiple estimate templates based on the construction industry
  • Estimates in PDF format only

2. Contractor Foreman – Construction Estimator and Bidding Mobile Software

Contractor Foreman can quickly and easily create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. This construction allows the users to quantify material, labor, and other equipment costs needed to complete a construction project. It does all the calculations, so once all the data is entered, the user will get the total estimated project cost. This makes it a convenient software to use on-site.

Tax can be included in the estimated cost at the user’s option. You can download this handy app on mobile devices. All of this takeoff capabilities can be at the tips of your finger.

Pros Cons
  • Online training materials available
  • Real-time tracker
  • Customizing reports using past data
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Overpriced bidding tools
  • Not so user-friendly

3. Autodesk

Autodesk is a cloud-based construction software that provides the best customer estimating solutions to unite office teams and field teams providing services from designing to planning and construction to operations. The goal is to make construction more predictable, safe, and sustainable.

The pricing starts at $49.00 per feature per month. This is one of the software solutions that also offers a free trial, a beneficial point for small business owners.

Pros Cons
  • Updates frequently Easy file transferring for teamwork
  • Easy to use for sub-contractors
  • Smoothly help you create checklists with attachments
  • BIM 360 document management might be confusing
  • A bidding process is complex

4. CoConstruct

One of the highest-rated residential construction estimator software. An all-in-one tool for construction professionals and custom home builders. Enter the data once, and that information passes through the estimate to the specs, selections, bid requests, proposals, purchase orders, change orders, and budget, and it is also fully integrated with Quickbooks.

Pricing starts at $49.00 based on usage, per month. There is no free version or free trial for this software.

Pros Cons
  • Customer communication during project scheduling
  • Ready templates are handy
  • Beneficial for job management
  • It might feel outdated
  • Mobile App doesn’t work properly
  • No free trial

Make Error-free Estimates Using Online Invoice Generator!

Leaving customers unimpressed with your hand-written estimates? Say no more, hop on to InvoiceOwl and turn them into repeated buyers by sending professional estimates.

5. Procore

This construction management software helps in managing all your construction projects, resources, and finances from the beginning. This makes it easier to connect every project contributor to the solutions built for the industry, the owner, the specialty, and the general contractor.

This makes the ability to communicate across teams easier and helps to work together by linking it to the source. Procore can give your team easy access to everything that they need to know about getting the job done.

Pros Cons
  • Simple initial onboarding Up to date document organization
  • Saves past records
  • No manual project syncs
  • Not so familiar with on-field tradesmen

6. ConstructionOnline

An all-in-one construction management software that is designed to help finish work on time and under budget. It increases profit margins by integrating estimates and take-offs, client selection, and change order tracking.

Real-time dashboards help the team to make informed decisions. This faster takeoff tool keeps your projects on track and achieves your targets. The pricing starts at $300 per feature, per month. They offer a free trial.

Pros Cons
  • High price
  • Mobile App gets stuck in-between
  • Generating reports takes more time

Construction Estimating Software Cost

In comparison to business management software, leading construction estimating software are often the cost-effective solutions. Comparing these technologies to manual ways of estimating and summing construction expenses, a substantial amount of time is saved. Software vendors frequently have different pricing models, but the best construction estimating software cost is typically based on three factors in particular:

  • Additional Features

    Amongst the prime factors that determine the price of a piece of construction software is the number of features it offers. Many businesses provide extra features in their solutions, and the more you choose to add, the more you’ll have to pay for the software.

  • Per-User Basis

    Several businesses impose a set price on the software. They assess a per-user fee, which they calculate by multiplying the set price by the number of users who share access.

  • Deployment: Online vs. On-Premise

    There are several construction companies that are not well acquainted with cloud-based technology. That’s why they prefer to choose an on-premise best construction estimating software program. The installation of the software is performed on their desktop systems or servers.

If you are one of such companies, then you will have to make a one-time upfront payment in order to get the software’s lifelong ownership. However, compared to online or cloud-based options that do not require installation, the price of on-premise software installation is typically higher.

Steps To Generate Online Construction Estimate

Here are the easy steps to follow for generating a professional-looking estimate. These guidelines would help you create estimates quickly and you will have the client’s approval instantly.

  • Step 1: First, adopt an online bid management tool for creating job estimates and consequently, identify the overall job cost estimation.
  • Step 2: Know about the project timeline, labor and material costs, and risk factors involved in the project.
  • Step 3: Enter the missing details such as customer name, address, and contact number.
  • Step 4: Provide the company’s information with a logo and customer care number.
  • Step 5: Thereafter, mention different project costs and let the system calculate the net amount.
  • Step 6: Now, recheck whether the information filled is correct or not.
  • Step 7: In the last step, send the estimates via online modes.

Tips to Use Constructing Software

  • Construction estimating software program makes your work faster and easier, there is absolutely no doubt about that. Still, you need to ensure that all information is placed right.
  • Verify the payment and amount mentioned in the estimate generated by the constructing software.
  • To use top construction estimating software, you need to understand them; so go through the entire bid management software before executing it for your small businesses.
  • Like a civil constructor the expert knows what to do in the civil construction field, you should know what use you want from constructing software and how to use construction estimating systems.

Why Do You Need Construction Estimating Software?

With the growing challenges, construction companies prefer to adopt construction estimating software programs to make clear and accurate estimates. In regard to project management, you need to estimate labor and material costs, service charges, and expenses for vehicle transportation. This process could be time-consuming, which might insist the clients turn their back.

This is where cost estimating software or estimation tools play a vital role in fulfilling your needs and attracting more customers. If you are looking for top construction estimating software options, construction management software like InvoiceOwl can help you overcome the challenges as you will represent an accurate estimate and your work will be completed faster.

Such online construction project management software or project management tools let you create a detailed and accurate cost estimate. Moreover, when you use this construction estimating solution system, you don’t have to keep checking twice or thrice as it will make sure you have no errors.

Hence, the benefits of construction estimating systems and software are more due to its specialized estimating process that lures clients to hire you for big residential projects. This proposal generator or project estimates would be your on-demand assistant who manages the entire project lifecycle on a monthly or annual basis.

That was the top construction estimating software that every contractor should try; if you don’t believe us, go and try, and experience the worthiness of the best estimating software.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the main aspects to consider while making an estimate?

    Below are the major elements you should keep in mind when it comes to making estimates.

    • Project size and location
    • Availability of labors
    • Risks involved at a job site
    • Material cost and extra charges
    • Project deadline
    • Commercial vehicles for transportation

  2. How do general contractors estimate construction projects?

    The general contract estimates construction projects on factors like precise detail, time taken to complete work, cost of materials, location, machinery, and labor.

  3. What type of construction estimate is most accurate?

    The most accurate type of estimate in construction is the control estimate. However, it also depends on the size of the construction business.


Construction cost estimation software is important, and for that, patience is important, and it is vital for any project management. Therefore, choosing construction estimating software would be a good choice for a competitive estimate. Moreover, the construction estimating software cost helps you to track progress.

We have compiled the best estimator apps that general contractors can use for maximizing their efficiency. In the research we found InvoiceOwl to be amongst the best estimating software that contractors should use. It is way simple and way too quick to work with in comparison to others.

So, you can and experience how this software is helpful to your business.

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