Residential Construction Estimating Software: 8 Best Estimating Software

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Whether it is a home repair and remodeling work or a home building project from scratch, it all begins with the willingness to learn to estimate construction cost. You have to visit the site, understand client requirements, determine the type and scope of work, and provide the client with an estimated projection of total costs.

Now manually carrying out cost calculations is both time-consuming and error-prone. So, you must be finding a construction estimating solution? Well, let you be informed that the construction companies across the globe resort to online estimating software. Such software options simplifies forecasting through automation and less manual intervention. Also, a business mangement solution like this is essential, helping to streamlines your operations and build-in efficency. The result? Your construction estimates become accurate and more reliable, winning you more projects. And you save time and resources in abundance, which, in turn, lets you focus on what you do best – build.

Wondering which is the best residential construction estimate software for your business? Here is a curated list of the top-performing software you could try.

Top 8 Residential Construction Estimating Software Comparison Table

Logo Name User Reviews Pricing
InvoiceOwlMost Preferred InvoiceOwl 4.6/5 Monthly at $28.99 and annual $99.99
CoConstruct CoConstruct 4.7/5 Standard at $99 a month for monthly billing
Clear Estimates Clear Estimates 4.5/5 Standard at $59 a month
ArcSite ArcSite 4.6/5 Essential at $60 per month
MeasureSquare MeasureSquare 4.6/5 Multi-family at $149 per user, per month (Windows plan)
Procore Procore 4.5/5 Standard starts from $667 per month
Stack Stack 4/5 Single estimator plan at $1,999/year
Jobbers Jobbers 3/5 Essential at $35.00 per month
Name User Rating Pricing
InvoiceOwlMost Preferred 4.6/5 Growth at $9.99 a month for annual billing
CoConstruct 4.7/5 Standard at $99 a month for monthly billing
Clear Estimates 4.5/5 Standard at $59 a month
ArcSite 4.6/5 Essential at $60 per month
MeasureSquare 4.6/5 Multi-family at $149 per user, per month (Windows plan)
Procore 4.5/5 Standard starts from $667 per month
Stack 4/5 Single estimator plan at $1,999/year
Jobbers 3/5 Essential at $35.00 per month

List of Top 8 Residential Construction Estimating Software

1. InvoiceOwl

InvoiceOwl is an online invoicing and estimating software that residential construction professionals can use to create and send accurate estimates to clients in a matter of a few minutes. All it takes is a tap on your screen, and you can start building from the software’s library of templates, personalized to your construction company requirements. The automated sum of the project’s estimated expenses is both fast and accurate.

Using this software solution, it is also possible for you to itemize the labor and raw materials you would be using for the project. That adds weightage to your proposal, encouraging your clients to trust you with the work. What’s more? You can use this one of the best residential construction estimating software wherever you are, as the software also offers a dedicated mobile app to save you from losing out on any project.

Key Features

      • Create professional estimates that impress your potential clients
      • Create contracts with easy acceptance via digital signature
      • Create and send accurate estimates with clients on-the-spot from the mobile app
      • Collect testimonials from successfully completed jobs to attract more clients
      • Itemize labor and materials so clients know exactly where their money is going
      • Upload photos and documents to accompany your proposals
  • Ease of use & shorter learning curve
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Built-in emailing tools
  • Estimates are available in PDF format only

Pricing: InvoiceOwl comes in two pricing plans:

      • Monthly: This plan costs $28.99
      • Yearly: This plan costs $99.99
      • Free: 3-day FREE Trial available

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for estimates and invoices.

Create Lightning-Fast Estimates and Invoices With InvoiceOwl

Cut short the time you spend on estimating and invoicing system by using the InvoiceOwl. It helps you with predesigned templates and autofill data to create accounting documents 10x faster.

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2. CoConstruct

When it comes to cost estimating, bidding, and sending a quick yet sleek proposal, CoConstruct simplifies the job of construction professionals with its keyboard-friendly design.
The system allows you to generate an estimate and auto-build your selections and project specs at the same time. Besides, since all your data is in one place, your proposal generation process gets faster while minimizing the mistakes, which, in turn, helps you win more bid construction job.

The software comes in with a range of customizable construction templates that offers advanced functions, for instance, configurations for taxes, profits, and contingency. You can make your accurate estimates as detailed as required, leaving a good impression on your prospects.

  • Simple to use
  • Integration with other accounting software tools, like QuickBooks
  • Customer service
  • Limited features in the standard plan


CoConstruct has two pricing options for the residential construction industry – Standard & Plus. The Standard plan costs you $99 a month, and the Plus one costs $399 per month. The price of both these plans increases after the first two months.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for managing bids.

3. Clear Estimates

Considered one of the simplest estimating tools for residential construction industry professionals, Clear Estimates helps you create professional quotes in minutes.
clear estimates
It is a cloud-based platform that, that empowers you to manage your cost estimates irrespective of where you are. Since this software is powered by RemodelMAX, your cost database, along with the material and labor expenses, becomes all the more accurate and in line with the current market rates.

Moreover, Clear Estimates offers 60+ templates that you can personalize in seconds for pricing, services, margins, and more according to your residential construction projects. You can also avail of its free support via email, phone, and chat if you get stuck using the software.

  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Customizable
  • Customer service
  • Converting a quote into itemized invoices is a bit tricky


Clear Estimates offers three pricing plans – Standard at $59 a month, Pro at $99 a month, and Franchise at $249 a month. You can take a 30-day trial of any of these plans.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for creating cost estimates.

4. ArcSite

With ArcSite estimating software, you can create ready-to-sign, personalized proposals in minutes right after you are done with the project drawings.
You can easily add your brand colors, logo, and marketing materials to match your organizational communication standards. It packs in a virtual canvas for you to draw your scope of work.

What’s interesting is the software can price the jobs automatically while you are still drawing the scope. That helps you get rid of the errors and miscalculations which occur when one types in the measurements manually.

In addition to that, you can access ArcSite easily online or through its app on your smartphone, whether you are at the office, on-field, or out. That ensures you never lose out on work.

  • Easy, intuitive design
  • Remote access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No dedicated desktop version


ArcSite residential construction estimating software is available in four plans: Essential at $60 per month, Advanced at $119 per month, Enterprise at $149 per month, and Growth at custom pricing. You can also opt for its free 14-day free trial.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for drawing the project scope.

5. MeasureSquare

Whether you are taking up a flooring project or building an entire home from scratch, MeasureSquare estimating software can streamline your residential construction project management with ease. Using this project management tool, home improvement contractor foreman like you can generate competitive bids without losing their profit margins.
Moreover, you can leverage diverse bid scenarios with varying margins at different project levels.

Thanks to its dedicated mobile app, you can easily generate quotes even when on-site, boosting your chances of winning the bid. Besides, your estimates can include an itemized list of various project aspects with their projected total expenses, such as labor costs, freights, incidentals, and material costs.

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Proactive customer support
  • Learning curve
  • Pricing for desktop and mobile versions


MeasureSquare offers two plans for your Windows desktop

      • Multi-family at $149 per user per month
      • Commercial at $179 per user per month.

Its Windows + iOS bundle costs you $179/user/month for Multi-family and $199/user/month for Commercial, both with Retail. The Android + Windows bundle costs the same as the iOS plan.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for large projects.

6. Procore

If you own a construction company and are looking for easy construction management software, Procore is for you. This construction estimating tool helps to manage your construction projects and deals, and streamline the financial business.
From general contractors to specialty contractors, the platform allows users to connect with every project and provide solutions accordingly.

From general contractors to specialty contractors, the platform allows users to connect with every project and provide solutions accordingly. By all means and efforts procore technologies procore the top most position among their existing competitors in the market.

It is an easy-to-use software that is built for eradicating the communication gap and delivers advanced features like project tracking, project management and collaboration tools. The quoting software for builders is known for connecting general contractors to subcontractors- from field to office smoothly.

  • Make jobs more predictable and profitable
  • Convert estimates to budgets with a click
  • Manage data in one place
  • Quite pricey


Procore has three plans for Windows desktop and Mobile devices

      • Connect the field and office at $667 per user per month
      • Manage projects and financially at $870 per user per month
      • Maximize ROI at $1,182 per user per month

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for project management.

7. Stack

The construction project management software is quick, flexible, and accurate for residential construction contractors. It offers takeoff responsibilities and estimating.
The advanced takeoff features like cost code, pre-built assembly, measuring digital plans, and material database make Stack a popular cloud base takeoff software.

The takeoff in construction help to eliminate cost error and ensure accuracy in the construction estimation. Also, the automated backup does not let construction contractors lose any necessary information.

  • Proactive customer support
  • Takeoff process
  • User-friendly
  • Too many sales pop-ups


Stack has two plans for windows desktop and mobile devices

      • Grow plan starts from $1,999 per year
      • Perfect plan for teams starts from $4,999 per year

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for takeoffs.

8. Jobbers

The cloud-based software helps residential contractors to manage customer datbase and track construction processes. It offers to create invoices, optimize routes, and schedule construction jobs.
Hence, this project management tool helps to improve project scheduling and customer relationship management. The project management software notifies the crew about the job details and has an automatic payment reminder in it.

Jobbers assist to save time with faster payment and job assignments. Moreover, this bidding software allows free training in the mobile app, so it becomes easier for the construction management team to train and boost their task management skills.

  • Bid management
  • Invoicing and estimating
  • Efficient CRM
  • Credit card process
  • Quite expensive


Jobbers has three plans for mobile devices and desktop

    • Core plan at $35 per month
    • Connect plan at $105 per month
    • Grow plan at $211 per month

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Best for project schedule estimating.

Final Thoughts

Cost estimation holds immense significance in the highly volatile construction industry. Think of it as a stepping stone without which construction contractors can find it hard to bag a project. If you follow manual cost projections, there are more chances of inaccuracies, under/overestimations, and financial losses. You also risk losing project after project.

That’s why it is important to invest in efficient construction estimation software for small business like InvoiceOwl. Doing so accelerates the estimating process while being a central hub for all your critical business data. The streamlining of operations also helps win more construction projects.

So, if you’re thinking of switching to this type of software, now is the time. Now is the right time to start your FREE Trial with InvoiceOwl and explore different features.

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