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Looking for the best plumbing estimating software for your plumbing business? We've compared the top 8 tools based on their features, pricing, and pros & cons to help you generate accurate quotations.

One of the most critical parts of being a plumbing contractor is cost estimation. If you underquote, you run into losses. And if you overestimate, you could lose the bid for the plumbing project./span>

That’s why many leading plumbing companies prefer using good estimating software for plumbers

But do you know what a plumbing estimating software is?
So, let’s describe it real quick.

What is Plumbing Estimating Software?

A plumbing estimating software helps create professional-looking bids for each of your projects in just a few clicks. And since it automates the calculation of estimated costs with timelines, the entire bidding process becomes smoother and more streamlined.

On top of that, it takes human errors out of the picture while ensuring complete accuracy and transparency in the overall material and labor cost projections.

Sounds great! But which is the best plumbing estimating software you should get for your business?

Let’s start with the list of our top 8 picks for plumbing estimating app to help you make the right choice.

8 Best Plumbing Estimating Software Comparison

Plumbing Estimating Software Key Features Platforms Supported Pricing Model
  • Estimation
  • Invoicing
  • eSign
  • Quickbooks Sync
  • Multiple Payment Receiving Options
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Monthly: $28.99
  • Yearly: $99.99
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • API
  • Bid Management
  • Aerial Measurement
  • Automatic Backup
  • Web-based
  • Start: $2,499 /yr
  • Grow: $5,499/yr
  • Estimating
  • Invoicing
  • Easy payment options
  • Quickbooks Sync
  • Client Management
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Joist Pro: $13/ mo
  • Joist Pro Elite: $30/ mo
  • Invoice
  • Payments
  • Estimates
  • Client portal
  • Time Tracking
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Get in touch with the Zoho team for pricing details.
Estimate Rocket
  • Paperless Workflow
  • CRM Tools
  • Team Management
  • Custom Templates
  • Financial Reports
  • Web-based
  • $59 per full user per month after the 30-day free trial is over.
  • Accounting
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Billing Portal
  • Client Portal
  • Customizable Branding
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Lite: $6/mo
  • Plus: $12/mo
  • Premium: $22/mo
  • Customizeable pricing plan
Invoice Simple
  • Estimating & Invoicing
  • Professional Templates
  • Customizable Branding
  • Client & Invoice Data Management
  • Accepts Various Modes of Payments
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Contact Invoice Simple team for pricing details.
  • Quoting
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Accounting & Payments Integration
  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Basic: $28/mo
  • Professional: $42/mo
Plumbing Estimating Software User Rating Pricing
invoiceowl 5/5 Growth at $11.99/mo
stackct 4.5/5 Start at $1,999/yr
joist 4.1/5 Pro at $12/mo
zoho 4.6/5 Request pricing
Estimate Rocket 4.9/5 Request pricing
Freshbooks 4.5/5 Lite at about $6/mo
Invoice Simple 4/5 Request pricing
Fergus 4.6/5 Basic at $27/mo/user

Top 8 Plumbing Estimating Software For Plumbing Contractors

1. InvoiceOwl: Best for Contractors, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses

As cloud-based software for estimating and invoicing, InvoiceOwl, enables you to create professional estimates in a matter of mere moments. With its dedicated estimating mobile app, you can generate and send quotations right from your smartphone, no matter where you are. What’s more? You get notified whenever the clients open your quotes, saving you from those awkward follow-up calls.


The icing on the cake is how this software for plumbing contractors supports adding documents and photos to your proposals. This way, your bid easily stands out from the competition, making a strong impression on your clients. You can also accurately itemize the estimated material and labor costs of the plumbing project with InvoiceOwl. This allows your prospects to have a clearer picture of their expenditure from the very beginning.

Additionally, the features like invoice generator, purchase order generator, and receipt maker, along with financial reports and QuickBooks integration, make this app one of the best plumbing software.

Key Features:

  • Easily create customizable estimates and invoices
  • Quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Credit memos
  • Client management
  • Real-time invoice tracking notification
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable templates
  • Online payment support for upfront deposits & invoices
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Sending a proposal through SMS is not too smooth

InvoiceOwl Pricing: InvoiceOwl comes in two pricing plans:

  • Monthly that costs you $28.99
  • Yearly that costs $99.99


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InvoiceOwl offers instant estimating and invoicing features so you can send quotes and bills immediately to your clients and get paid quickly.

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2. STACK: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises

STACK’s estimating software for plumbing is meant to give your manual counting and measurement duties a break. Thanks to its powerful AutoCount feature, you can get item totals within seconds. Moreover, you can store and convert those details into a comprehensive estimate that includes multiple factors, such as labor, equipment, tax, and profit margin./span>


What’s more interesting is that the solution can determine the number of plumbing fixtures, toilets, and sinks. It also simplifies projecting the quantities of fittings required for a particular project./span>

Apart from that, the software offers centralized storage for all your documents and proposals. This helps ensure your team is always aligned and using the right data for their respective work./span>

  • Customizable, easy-to-learn software
  • Remote access
  • Improved communication among teams
  • free support & training
  • Loading blueprints is troublesome when multiple users are on the same account
  • Limited features in the free plan
  • A bit expensive

Stack Pricing: Stack comes in two pricing plans named:

    • Start plan costs $1,999 a year
    • Grow plan costs $4,999 a year

3. Joist: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses

The Joist app is specifically designed keeping in mind the estimating needs of general contractors. The software cuts down the process of creating and delivering your plumbing estimates from hours to mere minutes. /span>


You can save and select your most in-demand services in the system’s item catalog, which, in turn, simplifies and speeds up generating your future estimates. The software comes with mobile accessibility, which is simple enough to use for people with little to no tech knowledge./span>

To make things even smoother, Joist supports e-signature functionality. It empowers your clients to sign estimates either online or in-person hassle-freely. Besides, you can customize estimated templates your way, duplicate them, and attach contracts for a more centralized process./span>

  • User-friendly interface
  • Streamlined, faster estimating
  • Online/in-person client e-signatures
  • Remote access across devices
  • Limited features in the starter plan. For extensive functions, you have to upgrade to the platform’s paid plans

Joist Pricing: Joist comes in three pricing plans named:

    • Starter that costs you $0
    • Joist Pro that costs $12 per month
    • Joist Pro Elite that costs $29 a month

4. Zoho: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises

With Zoho estimating software, sending professional quotes for your plumbing contracts becomes super smooth. There is a wide range of estimating templates to choose from.You can customize each quote according to the distinct project requirements with ease./span>

To make the estimates more comprehensive, Zoho allows you to include every piece of information that you find necessary, right from consumer notes to specific terms and conditions. Such attention to detail makes your estimates stand out, boosting your chance of winning the bid./span>

What’s more? It accelerates the approval process through its e-sign capability. Moreover, you can convert your estimates into a professional invoice with a simple click. Also, you can easily revisit previous records, including your estimated history, client interactions, and discounts offered./span>

  • Easy interface
  • Client portal
  • Ready, personalizable templates
  • Customer support

Zoho Pricing: Get in touch with the Zoho team.

5. Estimate Rocket: Best for Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises

The estimate builder in Estimate Rocket estimating software streamlines the process of creating easy-to-understand yet detailed estimates for you. Using this tool, developing estimates only takes a few minutes instead of the hours that go into the conventional manual process loaded with documents./span>

Estimate Rocket

The system provides you with a variety of templates that you can tailor according to your brand. And as the system automates the complex calculations for you, your estimates become more accurate, minus the hassles./span>

Estimate Rocket allows you to get up and running in moments. You don’t have to go through the tedious software installation process or worry about downloading the latest updates. All you need to do is log into the platform through any device of your preference and begin working since this tool is available online./span>

  • Simple-to-navigate interface
  • Customer service
  • Hassle-free estimate generation
  • Uninterrupted access from anywhere across devices
  • Tracking can improve
  • The learning curve is subjective

Estimate Rocket Pricing: You can connect with the Estimate Rocket team for the pricing details of their plumbing estimating software. You can also opt for its free 30-day trial or ask the team for a tailored plan.

6. FreshBooks: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses

FreshBooks, through its advanced estimating software, helps keep the guessing game at bay when it comes to forecasting total project costs. All it takes are a few clicks, and the system generates a professional-looking, accurate estimate for you./span>


Sharing these estimates with clients is also a hassle-free process since estimates can be sent via email right from the platform. Your clients can approve and digitally sign the proposals with ease, which some of FreshBooks’ competitors don’t offer!/span>

To make the entire process more streamlined and speedy, FreshBooks empowers you to monitor the estimation status. In fact, you can also review and reply to the client’s requests for modifications immediately. You also get to add discounts and profit margins, as well as turn your estimates into invoices with ease. The best part? FreshBooks enables you to charge clients in the currency you prefer./span>

  • Ease to use
  • Customer service
  • Remote access + Dedicated mobile app
  • Rich customization & invoice conversions
  • Lags sometimes

FreshBooks Pricing: The software offers four plans:

  • Lite at around $6 a month
  • Plus at about $10 a month
  • Premium at about $20 a month
  • Select at personalized pricing

It also offers a free trial for 30 days.

7. Invoice Simple: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large enterprises

Generating professional estimates for your plumbing services from scratch becomes faster and smoother with the Invoice Simple estimating tool. The platform provides plumbing contractors like you with ready-to-use estimate templates. You can fully personalize these templates based on your unique brand guidelines and project requirements./span>

Invoice Simple

Using Invoice Simple, you can automate the complex task of calculating the sum of your material and labor costs, taxes, profit markups, and final estimate pricing. /span>

The platform also sends you updates when your clients receive and view your estimates so that you don’t keep waiting endlessly and can plan for further steps accordingly. This helps save time, resources, and effort. /span>

Apart from that, you can easily convert these estimates into sleek invoices with a simple click, streamlining your payment operations./span>

  • Simple to use design
  • Customer support
  • Flexible & customizable
  • Ability to change currencies & languages
  • Limited estimate templates

Invoice Simple Pricing: You can get in touch with the Invoice Simple team to understand the pricing of their estimating software. Besides, you can opt to try the tool online for free to generate both your plumbing estimates and invoices.

8. Fergus: Best for Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses

With the plumbing estimating software by Fergus, you can choose to generate a detailed itemized estimate or a quote with just an overview. The process of building a quote in both of these cases, however, remains simple. What’s more beneficial is that the system allows you to create an invoice or a purchase order with merely a click to accelerate your payments./span>


The software comes with a Favorites Builder through which you can seamlessly group the labor and items you frequently use for recurring jobs. That way, you have a repeatable estimate, which further speeds up your estimating process. You can change your markups and hassle-freely upload and pull pricing from your books, reducing the need to enter all the data again./span>

Using this estimating and job management software also enables you to create and track multiple versions of a quotation along with its status. The tool also keeps a history of the changes requested by clients./span>

  • Simple interface
  • Free training & support
  • Customizable
  • Accounting integration
  • Learning curve

Fergus Pricing: This plumbing estimating software comes in three plans:

    • Free (limited features)
    • Basic that costs you $27 per user/per month
    • Professional that costs you $40 a month/user

Challenges in Manually Creating Plumbing Estimates

Plumbing estimates are challenging because there is so much data to organize:

  • The costs of labor and parts might be challenging to check on the spot because they change often.
  • Lead – time and inventory fluctuate.
  • Time management issues and the technicians’ work schedules are also important factors.

Due to the lack of professional estimators in the majority of small businesses, the estimation procedure becomes even more difficult. This can result in issues such as/span>

  • Miscalculations or errors in the cost estimations of labor or part cost estimations.
  • Presentation that isn’t very professional.
  • Not knowing exactly what has to be done due to a lack of technical and operational understanding.
  • It takes time and effort to repeatedly look for prices and lead times.

It is impossible to stay afloat, let alone consider expanding your business if you are unable to receive estimations priced correctly and issued quickly./span>

By developing better, more effective ways for project management and communicating information, you may shorten the project estimating process and help your entire business expand./span>

Ways Plumbing Estimating Software Simplifies Your Life

Below are some of the benefits you get with plumbing estimating software, but if you want to stand ahead of your competitors, start matching up with plumbing marketing trends.

  • Saves your time
    It saves you time when creating professional estimates for your plumbing business with customizable, pre-designed estimate templates.
  • Saves your money
    Plumbing estimating software saves you money spent on hiring an accountant to create and record an estimate accurately for your plumbing business.
  • Eliminates human errors
    It eradicates the human touchpoints in creating and managing estimates and thus reduces the scope of fat finger errors in your estimate process.
  • Automates follow ups
    It not only helps you create an estimate, but it also helps you track estimates in real time and updates you with live notifications.

Streamline Your Plumbing Estimate Process

InvoiceOwl automates your plumbing estimate process to make it quick and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the features one should consider while choosing the top plumbing estimating software?

    When selecting plumbing estimating software, you should take into account the following features:

    • Accuracy: You must ensure that the software you use can provide you with precise project estimates.
    • Usability: The software you use should make it simple for you to generate and modify your estimations. Make sure the interface is simple to use and easy to understand.
    • Screen Takeoff And Estimating Software: To access dimensions data that has been derived from digital designs and blueprints.
    • Customizable Estimation Templates: To create specialized cost estimation templates for plumbing projects.
    • Quotes Management: Before setting bid prices or providing clients with official service estimates, it helps determine the expenses of plumbing projects.
    • Order Change Functionality: Facilitate demands from clients for hurried modifications to materials, timelines, or renovation projects that were previously agreed upon.
    • Documents Management: To keep digital copies of crucial papers, such as previous offers, quotations, and estimates, in an easily accessible system.
    • Analytics And Reporting: To examine previous plumbing projects to find opportunities for development.

  2. How much does plumbing estimating software cost?

    Most SaaS solutions are charged per user and range in cost from $19 to $225 monthly. For a specific number of users, one-time perpetual licensing costs range from $279 to $1,445 per user.

    Choosing on-premises or cloud-based solutions will affect how much plumbing software costs. The monthly SaaS subscription for cloud-based software is different from the one-time perpetual licensing fee for on-premise solutions. Both of these options include varying levels of updates, general upkeep, and IT support.

  3. How can I pick the right plumbing estimating program for my business?

    Selecting plumbing estimating software requires:

    First, determining the business’s size and scope. Small businesses might not require quite as much functionality as bigger ones.
    If you run a big business, the software you use should be able to manage the volume of tasks you perform.

    You should also consider what kind of data the app will be tracking. For instance, if all you need to manage is the cost of supplies, you won’t need as much capability as a business that also wants to keep tabs on client data, equipment utilization, and staff hours.
    Your budget is also a key factor to consider.


Estimating is a vital aspect of a plumbing contractor’s work. A one seemingly minor mistake can drive the clients away from you. Therefore, it becomes a wise decision to switch to a good plumbing estimating tool that automates this critical task for you./span>

It’s challenging to single out one software solution as the best one while evaluating 8 alternatives. Each piece of software has a distinct set of pros and cons. Your business requirements are also a prime factor to consider. /span>

But when it comes to estimates and quote creation, InvoiceOwl would create effective proposals with the utmost accuracy. The functionalities like quick estimation and invoice creation, eSign, estimation tracking, and real-time notification are some of the unique functionalities that make InvoiceOwl one of the best plumbing estimating software./span>

So don’t delay; begin immediately and automate your estimating process./span>

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