Free Google Docs Invoice Template

Do you know what sets you ahead of the competition? Being prompt and quick because nobody in today’s fast-moving world likes to wait. Take Google as an example, its products are agile and accurate. For you, Google templates are one of the best examples when it comes to winning the competition.

Google docs invoice template

Free to Download Google Docs Invoice Templates

Google Docs invoice templates are one of the types you get from our free invoicing template gallery. Other types of invoice templates are Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets. Using these templates to create professional gains clients’ trust.

You get a fully customizable Google Docs invoice template with which you can add or delete fields. Share them with your clients and get paid faster than the pen & paper method.

InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software vs Free Invoice Template

Invoice templates let you download and share invoices in a click, but having an invoicing software would multi-fold the benefits list. Unveil how the modern approach towards invoicing could benefit you.

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Invoice Template
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Google Docs have invoice templates?

    Yes, Google Docs have invoice templates for any type of business. Just log into your Google Docs account and check for a button in the home section named Template Gallery. Click and choose the right invoice template matching your business preferences and create invoice accordingly.

  • Does Google have an invoice generator?

    No, Google doesn’t have an invoice generator. The extension was previously available, but now it has been taken over. So, if you want to create professional invoices using Google Docs, you must download them from the available invoice templates.

  • Do Google Sheets have invoice templates?

    Yes, Google Sheets have invoice templates. Go to Google Sheets and check for the Template gallery in the home page section. You will find several templates falling into different categories. Choose one that matches your business requirement and create an invoice accordingly.

  • How long does it take to prepare and send professional invoices using Google Docs templates?

    Using Google Docs templates, it hardly takes a minute to create a professional-looking invoice. No matter if you are managing multiple projects or a sole proprietor, invoicing with a Google Docs template would be quicker and better.

  • What things should you include in Google Docs invoice templates?

    In a blank invoice template, you must add the following things to make it look professional:

    • Add invoice number, invoice date, and client address
    • Create line items section and add goods/services
    • Add services, price, quantity, and totals
    • Add notes and payment terms & conditions
    • Add taxes and discounts
    • Add photos and attachments, if any
    • E-sign invoice and send it to your client

    All the fields are important, so do not skip any one of them. Adding all the fields will get you paid faster.

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