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Got frustrated by creating the same kind of invoices over and over?

Starting from scratch every time you create an invoice is actually a waste of time and energy. As a small business owner, you have to manage a lot of tasks by yourself.

Thus, you can not afford to spend most of your time doing the same repetitive tasks again and again.

So, what’s the way out of this mundane loop that seems never to end?

Well, there is one solution that never fails and that is a fillable invoice template.

Want to know more about it?

Just be with us till the end of this blog and you would learn all about what, why, and how about the fillable invoice template.

So, let’s jump right in.

What is a fillable invoice template?

A fillable invoice template is the type of template that is available in digital format for trouble-free editing. These templates are frequently used and/or highly customizable.

Each template is considered a formattable document that lets you add your data easily. It includes the components that you can modify according to your branding style and your business strategy.

Generally, a company or an individual uses the blank customizable invoice to fill in the additional information and collect the payment for the services they have offered to the customer.

With such a free invoice template that is fillable, you can list out the quantity of the products or services, the corresponding cost, and the relevant taxes, as an organization or an individual.

These invoices are also helpful to give a clear breakdown of the rates and costs to make it clear to the clients about the charges they are going to pay. You can also keep these templates for your internal records for all the transactions you and the client make internally.

If sending invoices is a frequent task for you and you need to keep editing every invoice template pdf each time for the various clients then a blank invoice online is the best solution for you.

Here are more reasons you should use a blank billing template for any business you are in.

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Why Should You Use A Free Fillable Invoice Template?

A fillable invoice template helps you in many direct and indirect ways to run your business efficiently.

So, let’s mention a few of the benefits of using customizable invoicing templates.

  • It guides with pre-filled fields to create a detailed and organized invoice
  • It saves a lot of your time as you can create a brand new invoice with just a few clicks
  • You can save the created invoices in multiple file formats (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, or PDF)
  • The sooner you send invoices the sooner you get paid
  • Half of your job is already done, all you have to do is fill in the details
  • It helps in maintaining the consistency of every invoice
  • It helps to keep a record of all the invoices digitally

So, the question should actually be, why not?

Now that you are convinced to use a customizable invoice template, let’s take the first step to create it by collecting all the pieces of the puzzle.

Important Elements of Fillable Invoice Templates

The invoice elements play a major role while choosing the right invoice type for your business.

So, when you are looking for the right invoice you must look for the right elements in the template that are suitable for your requirements.

  • A Header That Standouts

    To create such a header you need to make sure that it contains the following components:

    Business name, logo, contact details including phone number, email address, and website

    • Unique invoice number
    • Invoice Date
    • Billing cycle
  • Billing Particulars

    In this section of the invoices, you must give an itemized breakdown of the goods or services.

  • Applicable Tax

    If your services include any taxes, you must include the appropriate tax type in a dedicated column.

  • Total Amount and Due date

    You should highlight the grand total and the due date so that the clients can quickly know exactly how much they have to pay and by when.

  • Payment Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions are the most important part of any invoice that states clear instructions for making the payments, such as preferred payment method and currency.

How to Create an Invoice Using an Editable PDF Invoice Template?

Using free PDF invoices is the best way for freelancers or small business owners.

So, let’s discuss the process in simple steps.

  • Download the InvoiceOwl invoicing template in your favorable file format
  • Add invoice date and the invoice number
  • Add your business information, such as name and contact details
  • Add client’s name and contact information
  • Add the line items
  • Mention the subtotal
  • Mention the tax, discounts, and shipping (if applicable)
  • Calculate and highlight the total amount
  • Notify Payment terms and due date
  • State payment instructions and payment policy


You are done.

With this simple process, you can create unlimited invoices even on your smartphone.

How to Send a PDF Invoice Using Fillable Template by InvoiceOwl

When it comes to sending your clients invoices, the PDF file format is the best.

A PDF document can’t be edited without the author’s permission and appears the same on all the systems and displays. Therefore, it is just the industry standard practice to send invoices in PDF format.

To send your invoices in PDF regardless of the file format you created the invoice in, follow the below steps.

  • Locate and open the invoice you want to send
  • Proofread all the details
  • Save it in PDF format by clicking on the “Save it as”
  • To send it online, attach it to the email
  • To send it offline, print it and mail it to the client’s billing address

That’s how simple it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a fillable invoice in Word?

You can use a customizable invoice form in word to create professional invoices. To help you we have created a classic invoice template for Word that you can tailor in Microsoft Word, you can choose any of the invoice templates according to your business requirements. These specially designed invoices help you maintain your branding image.

How do I make an editable invoice?

To make an editable invoice template you need to download the editable invoice bill template online and after that, you need to start editing the template and add the relevant information that you need to include in the invoice form.

How do I make an empty invoice?

To make an empty invoice form you can create it from the scratch using any of the online tools/software or selecting any platform for making an empty professional invoice form. You can also add/delete the details anytime you want.


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The Gist

Generating accurate invoices on time requires a lot of time and effort. And self-employed businesspersons, freelance service providers, and small business owners can not afford to keep other important business operations aside and create invoices all day long.

Thus, to make invoices quickly and easily, use pre-designed fillable invoice templates that can be customized to create unlimited unique invoices.

We hope this blog has cleared most of your doubts regarding invoicing. Still, don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you feel the need.

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