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Contractors barely get a respite when they have scheduled tasks week in week out. And this might result in a mess of the invoices that could negatively influence their business strategies. Furthermore, it may even delay payments that might bring a money shortage.

To dodge such business issues, it becomes necessary to create MS word invoices in a professional way. By doing so, you will not only create the invoice template within a minute but get paid faster.

Here, we will discuss about invoice templates for word, so that you can have hassle-free invoicing with your clients.

pdf invoice template

Download Microsoft Word Invoice Templates For free

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For your ease, we also provide these printable invoices in a selection of formats, including .XLS invoice template along with a Google Docs invoice template and a Google Sheets invoice template.

Let us explore the invoice sample for MS Word to save your time and work.

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How to Make an Invoice Template Using MS Word?

Creating invoices using Microsoft Word is a common method which is used by business owners and entrepreneurs. MS word invoice will be easily generated by selecting a word template. And then, you can download it on your own device with the click of your finger.

MS word invoice templates can be made from pre-existing templates or blank invoice templates.

Here are the easy steps to create an invoice using MS Word:

pre existing template

Using Pre-existing Template:

  • Firstly, open Microsoft Word.
  • Move your cursor to the ‘File’ option and select a new template.
  • Now, select the template as per your needs by clicking twice on it.
  • Then customize the template with the necessary details.
  • Following that, save the document on your device.

Using Blank Invoice Templates:

  • Opening the Microsoft word, click on the new template.
  • For invoicing, you can tap on the search bar and write an invoice.
  • Choose a template as per your wish from available templates.
  • Customize your template with a business logo and all the basic details.
  • Now save your invoice template as a pdf document.
  • Once you have your invoice ready, you can share it with your clients.
blank invoice templates

Elements of MS Word Invoice.

Note down the list of essential things to consider in an invoice

elements of word invoice

Benefits of using MS word Invoice Templates

Invoice templates fulfill the needs of every business owner. It helps you prepare the invoices in a professional way. Let us see how invoice templates can be beneficial for us.

getting paid faster
getting paid faster
  • 1

    Sending Invoices To Multiple Clients

    An invoice template gives you the perfect theme to prepare the best invoices for the provided services. Creating such invoices would be easy, but sending them to multiple clients is much easier. No matter if you are traveling to hilly regions or enjoying a vacation at beaches, you can share the invoices from anywhere.

  • 2

    Getting Paid Faster

    An MS word-made invoice lets you share the payment details with your clients. So, by clicking on the ‘pay’ button, they can safely make a payment for your services. Your clients can choose the credit or debit card option to pay you within a minute. Plus, your client can transfer funds using net banking.

  • 3

    Keeping Transaction Records

    Business owners might be aware of how difficult it is to track paid or unpaid invoices. This is where the invoice template helps you keep a tab on the transaction activities. Moreover, you get notifications for unpaid transactions on your mobile.

  • 4

    Reducing Business Workload

    Invoice template reduces your paperwork and saves more time so that you can get in touch with your clients more quickly. This will also assist you in achieving your business profit goals, which ultimately result in business development. Thus, no more unnecessary business issues.

Pros and Cons Of Invoicing with MS Doc


  • Multiple templates selection feature
  • One-click download and share
  • Creates professional-looking invoices
  • Error free and accurate invoices

  • No access to offline users
  • Sent invoices lands in the spam folder
  • Desired profit goals might be unachievable
  • Difficult to edit

Types Of MS Word Invoicing Templates


Hourly Rate

Business owners, especially contractors, need to perform multiple tasks. This document carries the necessary information regarding the job done and the details of the clients. The hourly rate invoice template consists of the work completed during an hour. It also states the extra items required or replaced during the service.


Contractors usually select the fixed rates templates when they have agreed with customers to work as per the pre-decided price. In this process, the contractor helps the client to resolve the issues regardless of the time. Fixed rates invoices are for projects where contractors may even work for an entire day.


Invoice Templates for Partial Work

Whenever contractors get urgent work between their scheduled tasks, they opt for the invoice template based on the work done. This template is perfectly designed for the contractors to get paid for their provided services. The completion of work and the other required information are mentioned in the documents. Thus, contractors will find it easier to issue invoices to their clients.


Mixed Work Invoice Template

Most of the time, when contractors are done with the assigned tasks, their clients may ask for small repair works or avail the service of the product. In such cases, contractors use the mixed work invoice template and share it with the hiring party. This invoice template is designed to make it easier for contractors to mention information in detail.

Tips For Invoicing using MS Word Document

client friendly invoice

Prepare A Client-friendly Invoice

Contractors making the invoices need to take care of the client’s expectations. Therefore, you should mention the items and the service costs in detail. Also, you should justify the rates and qualities of the items delivered.

unique number

Assign Unique Number

Create your new invoices with the unique number so that it would be helpful for you in preparing reports. This unique number should be mentioned in invoices. Invoice unique numbers should include date of generation.

tag your brand

Tag Your Brand

Your business logo and name should be clearly mentioned in bold letters. It plays an essential role in marketing. Besides, you can use the branding colors along with the watermarks text.

payment detail

Complete Payment Details

Following the generation of the invoices, you must recheck the payment details before issuing them to the client. The invoice copy must have payment terms and conditions. Also, offer your clients different modes of payment to get paid quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does MS Word have an in-built template for invoice?

    Of course, when you click on the new templates in MS word, you will get multiple templates along with the invoice layout. Then, you can put on the required details for generating an invoice template. Later, you can also share it with your clients.

  • How do I create an invoice in Microsoft Word?

    To create an invoice in MS word, you need to find one from the menu bar. Once you find it, you can create an invoice using MS word

    • Open an MS Word
    • Write the Invoice as a Header
    • Add Invoice Date in MS Word
    • Add Unique Invoice Number
    • Add Your Client’s Details
    • Add Goods/Service under the Line Items section
    • Add rate, quantity, and subtotals
    • Enter Payment Due Date
    • Add Payment Terms & Conditions
  • Where can I find an invoice template in MS word?

    Microsoft Word has the feature of invoice templates which you can find by following these simple steps:

    • File > New > search and select from the available invoice templates Pick an invoice template and start creating invoices at your requirement.
  • Is it necessary to include the terms and conditions in an invoice?

    Invoice templates may not always have terms and conditions. However, we recommend you include the necessary terms and conditions at the bottom of the invoices. By describing it, your client will have an idea of the policy at the time of payment.

  • Can I make estimates before generating an invoice?

    Yes, InvoiceOwl assists you in creating estimates to make your client learn about the service and delivery charges of the products. If required, you can also make necessary amendments. This will help your client to know about the estimated costs of the items.

  • What is a fillable PDF invoice used for?

    A fillable PDF invoice is a basic invoice template used to bill clients for the products and services they have provided.

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