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Are you tired of creating hotel invoices manually from scratch every time? What if we tell you that you will get an invoice half done from now on for you? Amazing?

InvoiceOwl has brought the best hotel invoice templates for you to download and make your clients pay you happily.

If you want to save time and energy on making invoices, read this blog till the end as we will discuss uses, types and how to create hotel invoices using templates. And as a bonus, we will share quick tips for invoicing for hotel businesses too.

Construction Invoice Templates

Download a Hotel Invoice Template for Free

To begin with, a blank page is always tough no matter if you use MS Word or MS Excel. But it is a great help when you get pre-made invoice template designs and InvoiceOwl lets you download hotel invoice sample templates and bill templates in both the file formats and in PDF too.


Blank construction invoice

Download Accommodation Invoice Template Zip Download
This invoice template is flexible so it can be used to bill all your clients – no matter what services or amenities they have used. Simply add or subtract lines to list items and the cost. Your clients will clearly see what all charges are for.

Group Bookings

Parts and Labor Invoice

Download Group Bookings Invoice Template Zip Download
If corporate clients are important to your business, use this free invoice template to cover all the charges their large group bookings incur. It can be easily tailored to include every detail of your group rates and services.

Recurring Services

Contract Labor Invoice

Download Recurring Services Invoice Template Zip Download
When guests rely on you for regular bookings throughout the year, you can rely on this invoice template to calculate the correct charges. This free invoice template is also the perfect solution for any spa or gym membership you might offer.


Blank construction invoice

Download Weddings Invoice Template Zip Download
You must be expecting your wedding clients to pay you as soon as possible, right? So, you can not start from scratch to create an invoice for wedding clients. Thus, download this wedding invoice template to create one in no time.

Corporate Events

Parts and Labor Invoice

Download Corporate Events Invoice Template Zip Download
You should send professional invoices to your corporate clients. This helps you create a positive brand image and build a strong business-client relationship. Thus, download this professional-looking invoice template to get paid faster from corporate clients.

Bid Adieu Your Guests With Professional-Looking Invoices

Don’t be late when it comes to trying invoicing templates. Serve the best and leave the rest behind

How to Create a Hotel Invoice Using a Free Template?

Creating a hotel invoice using from scratch is a tedious and hectic task. But to make your life hassle-free, you can use the free hotel invoice template from InvoiceOwl since it is the best way to generate professional invoices.


Here is the step-by-step process of hotel invoice template:

  • Download the best free hotel invoice template from InvoiceOwl for MS Word/ MS Excel/ PDF
  • Start customizing the free hotel invoice template and add your brand name, logo, color, hotel address, and other details
  • List out items with their description, rates, and charges and all the relative information
  • Send it to your guest over email or get a print and hand it over in the physical form

And you are done. Isn’t it simple and effortless?

This way, you can create unique invoices for your hotel business.

But before getting started, read the quick invoicing tips and tricks specifically for hotels.

Why Hotel Owners create and send Professional Invoices?

Billing your hotel guests with a generic invoice template might work but will not necessarily create a long-lasting impression on their minds. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, you should create a hotel invoice template.


Moreover, invoicing for a hotel business has a lot more complex requirements than general invoicing requirements. Every guest that stays may use avail of different services and room types, for example cleaning service invoice. Thus, to generate flexible invoices, you should create a hotel niche-specific invoice template.

Other than that,

  • It helps you create unlimited invoices instantly
  • It helps to keep a record of invoices
  • It helps to reduce the room for errors
  • It helps to maintain consistency
  • It helps to create printable invoices as well as e-invoices
  • It helps to mention different services and products sold as line items

Other than that, using the hotel invoices has many indirect advantages that contribute to growing your hotel business, such as;

  • It helps in establishing the brand
  • It helps in winning the clients’ trust
  • It makes taxing simple by keeping a record
  • It helps in organizing all the invoices efficiently


Types of Hotel Invoices

To know which hotel invoice template is best for your business, you need to know all the types of hotel invoices first. Hence, here are the types of accommodation rental invoice templates.


Standard Invoice

The standard invoice includes all the basic needs that a hotel business has to create a bill. It includes basic information, such as hotel name, address, and logo, with time and date of check-in and check-out, room rent, and sales tax.


Recurring Invoice

This type of invoice template is used for creating a bill for ongoing payments such as membership charges for the hotel’s gym or spa.


Prepayment Invoice

Prepayment invoice is majorly used to accept advance payments such as room booking charges and banquet booking deposits before the final invoice at the end of the service.


Time-based Invoice

A time-based invoice is used when hotels charge for services for a length of time. For example, booking a hotel room depends upon the number of days the stay lasts or getting a receipt like handyman receipt template.


Credit Invoice

This type of hotel invoice template is more like a hotel receipt. It is used to notify clients about a refund transaction and a positive balance in their account.


Debit Invoice

A debit invoice is used to convey to clients the due amount they owe to the hotel. These are also known as payment reminders.

What Should be included in Hotel Invoice?

Once you have downloaded an invoice, you should consider following the basic elements which should be considered appropriately.


Invoicing Tips for Hotel Owners

As we promised in the beginning, here are some quick tips and tricks on creating outstanding invoices.

Save The Time

Accept Payment Through Different Modes

Make sure you accept credit cards, debit cards, and online & offline payments.


Make it a Detailed Invoice

Don’t miss out on mentioning any relative information on the invoice, such as payment terms, amenities/services used & their cost, and all the applicable charges.

Multiple Channels Of Invoicing

Personalization Is The Key

Mentioning your brand name, logo, and address in the brand colors is a unique way to impress your customers

Free Invoice Template vs. InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software

Want to know what’s best for you? Let’s compare the free invoice template and the InvoiceOwl invoicing app and see the advantages the InvoiceOwl app offers you.

Features InvoiceOwlStart free trial Free Invoice Template Free

Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time

Right Wrong

Automate reminders for late payments

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Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays

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Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports

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Save clients with all the client information

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  Download Template

Features InvioceOwl Free Template
Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time Right Wrong
Automate reminders for late payments Right Wrong
Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays Right Wrong
Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports Right Wrong
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Download Template

Frequently asked questions

  • Which is the best free invoice template?

    InvoiceOwl is the best invoicing software to get a free invoicing template.

  • How do I set up hotel bills in Excel?

    Download InvoiceOwl invoice template for Excel

    Personalize free invoice forms with your branding

    Enter the bill details

  • When Is the Right Time to Give an Invoice to Your Hotel Guests?

    At the time of checking out. Since you are in a hospitality business, asking for payments at the time of check-in would not be the best for your business and goodwill. You must welcome your guest wholeheartedly, let them spend leisure time, and at the time of check-out, present their invoice.

  • What Are the Important Elements in Hotel Invoices?

    Here is the list of essential elements to be considered in the hotel invoice:

    • Hotel name and contact details
    • Guest(s) first and last name
    • Number of staying days and dates
    • Charges incurred during the stay
    • Add taxes
    • Payment method
  • What Are the Best Alternatives to Free Hotel Invoice Templates?

    Hotel invoice templates allow you to download, add details, and share them with your client. The drawback with the templates is you can keep track of it. Besides, you need to manually sync with your accounting platforms. All these challenges would pile up and could make things messed up.

    To overcome these challenges, you could subscribe to Invoicing software. InvoiceOwl is the estimating and invoicing software that helps quickly create estimates/invoices, store them, and sync them with the accounting platform. So, don’t worry when tax season is near; everything is ready.

  • How to Choose the Best Hotel Invoice Template?

    Since there are different types of hotel invoice templates available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one. You can go through InvoiceOwl’s invoice templates and select one as per your requirement.

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