How to Print an Invoice

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Creating estimates and invoices for each client is a day-to-day stress for business owners. It takes a long time and heaps of paperwork. The work gets more delayed because of errors, like forgetting to add important information and human errors in accounting documents.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Let an estimate and invoice software take the hassle out of estimating and invoicing. Create, save, print, and send custom invoices in seconds with the custom-made estimation and invoice template.

This article has the step-by-step guide on how to print an invoice that will help you have printed copies of those invoices in your client’s hands within minutes.

How to Print Invoices?

A growing range of printable invoice templates is available in premium and free versions, helping business owners stay organized, look professional, and get paid faster for years.

Once you completely write an invoice, double-check the preview to see whether it’s ready to send to the client and take a printout or not. Select the ‘View’ option from the top left of the invoice if there is any mistake, correct them by clicking on ‘Edit.’

Here is how one can create an invoice and prepare it for printing.

Step 1: Fill in the required information.

Fill in the required information

Sending a detailed invoice means more clarity and getting paid faster. So, try to include relevant information, especially contact information, a breakdown of products purchased or services performed, payment details, and due dates of payment. The basics of any effective sales invoice are:

Add and double-check the contact information

A successful sales invoice needs to show who is doing the estimation or invoicing, who is receiving it, and ensuring that the right invoice will be sent to the right client.

No matter whether you’re entering information for new clients or the software is automatically acquainting the contact details of previous customers from the records, make sure that the right contact information is recorded for every client.

Include breaking up costs

Break-even pricing is a competitive strategy that can lead to the perception of clarity. This is where the business owners mention labor charges, operating expenses or severance costs, and other administrative expenses besides unit costs.

Once you enter the quantity from the drop-down menu under ‘Item,’ the unit price, shipping charges, and necessary sales tax will automatically be added.

If the clients have any discount vouchers or offers, once they enter the promo code in the specific section, the discount will be applied to the total amount.

Add the date of invoicing and due dates

If any business owner accepts partial payments in the EMI process, adding a payment due date to the sales invoice is a good habit.

It is a simple reminder, though InvoiceOwl has separate automated options to send notifications regarding due payments, and delivery alerts.

The software notifies the clients about their due payments considering the billing date. The software also allows you to write notes if any extensions are granted for that due date.

Personalize the invoice

Invoices are an efficient part of marketing. So, when you add the company’s name, logo, physical address, contact information, and any pertinent media (such as your official website, Facebook profile, etc.), your invoice also works as a business card.

Customizing an invoice by inserting your company’s logo  which is easy as it contains only a few steps. Select the customization option at the top, tick the box labeled logo and upload the images (your company’s logo) using the browse button and click save.

Add payment terms

It would be wise if you mentioned the modes of payment you accept. Remember to be as detailed as possible. Clarify whether you accept personal checks, credit cards, debit cards, or UPI payments.


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Step 2: Preview your invoice

Preview your invoice

Once all the information is registered, double-check the preview to see whether it’s ready to send to the client and take a printout or not. Select the ‘View’ option from the top left of the invoice if there is any mistake, correct them by clicking on ‘Edit.’

Step 3: Print your invoice

Once you’re all set to print the invoices, after saving the invoice, you’ll see a few options, such as ‘View,’ ‘PDF,’ ‘Send,’ ‘Print,’ and ‘Mark as Paid.’ Simply click on the ‘Print’ button/ printer icon to take out printed copies.

After clicking on the print icon or button, a window will be opened to adjust printing settings, insert the number of copies you want to take out, determine the color mode, and determine what pages you want to print.

Step 4: Save as a PDF and send it to your client

You can save the file as a PDF and send it directly to the clients’ email addresses using the ‘Send’ option.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I make my own invoice?

    You can make an invoice using MS Word or Excel, but some dedicated invoicing software, like InvoiceOwl, makes printing invoices work a breeze.

    Where you only need to do the following –

    • Fill in all the required information related to the customer and delivery location.
    • Add company name and logo.
    • Write a description of products or services being charged for.
    • Don’t forget to add discount offers and mention payment terms.

  2. How do I print an invoice from a PDF?

    To create a PDF of an invoice, follow these instructions –

    • Click on File.
    • Click on Save from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on Save As.
    • Select This PC.
    • Select PDF from the drop-down box under Save as Type.
    • Click on Save.

  3. How do I print an invoice from my phone?

    The invoice printing process is the same whether you are using a Mac PC or Windows PC, but the invoicing application for Android and iOS system-based smartphones works slightly differently.

    First, you ensure that the chosen app has Android or iOS compatibility and then further proceed with the following instructions –

    To print invoices with the iOS app, after opening the invoicing app, select the invoice you would like to print. Then, select the three dots in the upper right corner of the mobile screen (known as the MENU button) and click PRINT.

    In the Android app, you’ll see the overall process is the same, though you can see some right or left-faced arrows defining NEXT or BACK.

  4. How can I download the invoice?

    When you open the PDF file of the invoice, you’ll see a download option on the invoice header, just click on it to download the invoice.


Remember, clean, correct, and quick invoicing matters greatly for a professional reputation. Several invoicing software available out there ease the complicated process of billing. Their 100% paperless workflow with automated calculation speeds up the process and makes it free from human errors.

Their number of estimation and invoicing templates enable straightforward customization according to many different business needs as an additional benefit. So, enough of dealing with multiple excel sheets or physical bills. It’s time to work smart and quickly with reliable invoicing software and print multiple invoices in no time.

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