Reimbursable Expense: Why It Is Significant For Small Businesses?

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To deliver the best service to your customer, you need to make a few expenses. These are the ordinary and necessary expenses for the job to be done. Many freelancers and small business owners hesitate to charge their clients for certain types of expenses. There are times when you have to make payment for the expenses out of your pocket just to make sure the project is completed on time.

For instance, if you are out for office work then you have to bear all the travel expenses. These expenses may increase due to the project requirement, so it is essential that you charge them for those expenses.

If you ever find that you are spending more than you are earning that means you may have to bear the loss. In such cases, if you are facing the same issue, then you must keep a track of the client-related expenses and imply expense management. Now, without any further ado, let us shed more light on the Reimbursable Expense.

What Do You Mean By Reimbursable Expense?

Reimbursable expenses are basically the employee’s own money that will be paid back at the time of reimbursement. This amount can be used by the employee on the employer’s behalf using debit or credit cards. In short, they are the company’s payables, which will be claimed by them later from the finance team.

Now a question may arise: what is a billable expense? So, the billable expenses are completely different as they refer business to business proceedings. While employees themselves pay the amount on behalf of the company in reimbursable expense whereas billable expense helps the employer in generating the overall revenue.

For instance, if you are going out for field activities, there will be certain expenses based on the research and planning work. In case you need to spend your own money to make a purchase, this reasonable amount will be considered a reimbursable expense. Similarly, if the company directly pays for the purchased goods or for its client project, it will be billable expenses.

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Various Types Of Other Expenses

Here are some different types of company costs you have to bear if you are willing to explore your start-up ideas.

  • Marketing expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Utility cost
  • Hotel expenses
  • Rented Office charge
  • Marketing expenses

    To expand your services to the right customers, you need to give marketing efforts day and night. By doing online and offline advertising, you may spend more to please the customer. Hence, the expenses incurred for these advertising costs are part of reimbursed expenses.

    Moreover, if you want to boost your business online, you would have extra spending on PPC advertisements and other web portals. Also, the promotion through the social media platform may have increased the cost amount.

  • Medical expenses

    Medical expenses are one of the mandatory employee expenses in a company. Employees of any company are protected by the HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) plan. So, whenever an employee receives health treatment or gets injured during the on-field job, he or she can claim reimbursable expenses. Such medical expenses will only have benefits until you are part of the company.
    Also, you can get rid of the other tax deductions while claiming such expenses. Thus, you must form a health expense reimbursement policy to protect your employees in terms of health and medical emergencies.

  • Travel expenses

    It is another type of reimbursement expense used to cover the cost of the employees who are on the field. If you are a business owner, you would have employees traveling from one place to other promoting your services. These employees when they purchase any office materials from outside it would be covered in the travel costs.

    Moreover, these reimbursable expenses can be claimed by the employee if they participate in a training program outside of their area. Many companies develop an expense policy to cover the travel expense only on the purchase made for their clients. Other services, which are not related to the business, can not be claimed under business travel expenses.

  • Utility cost

    When the company’s employees are traveling to other places, they are protected by the reimbursement policy. Such utility costs can be called to action for the employee’s accommodation and other utility payments done by them. Also, mobile allowances like internet cost and mobile recharge for business phone calls are included in the utility cost.

    The employee making the trip to the outside of the state will have water and electricity costs as reimbursable expenses. For instance, if your team member is working from home, he or she will have common reimbursable expenses such as laptops, electricity, and internet, which will be credited into their reimbursable bank account.

  • Hotel expenses

    Mostly, the company’s policy includes a full-time meal and hotel accommodation to the employees who are performing the duty away from the office. If you are serving the client in the ruler area, it will be tough to get lunch and accommodation.

    In such cases, you need to look out for a nearby hotel where you can spend an overnight. These hotel expenses or lodging costs are considered business-related expenses. In scenarios, where the company has pre-defined rules for the reimbursement policy, employees will only have restricted benefits.

  • Rented Office charge

    In the current era where most of the companies are adopting the work-from-home policy, many of them still require office use. So, those employees who need to work from the temporary workplace should have reimbursed expenses from their company’s financial teams. Along with that, office supplies like work computer, pens, paperweight, books, registers purchased are adjusted into the office expenses.

    Also, all the details should be mentioned to track the purchase made for office use. Employees rent the office when they are remotely working to carry out certain on-field equipment. You can also rent a house to store materials and tools required for the jobbers.

How To Track Reimbursable Expenses?

At the first glance, you may find the reimbursable expenses difficult to manage. But it would be only a tedious job when it comes to comparing the right payments. To eradicate such issues, let your employees already know which documents they need to submit at the time of expense reimbursements.

  • Set pre-defined rules for billable expenses or reimbursable expenses to avoid conflicts at the time of expense reimbursements.
  • Those employers who want to record reimbursable expenses should start using accounting software like InvoiceOwl.
  • Keep the perfect record of expenses while billing clients.
  • Know what are the tax implications and also identify which of them are not eligible for tax deduction.
  • Whenever you charge your clients, never forget to generate receipts.
  • Once the receipts are ready, store them in the cloud, with InvoiceOwl it is possible in less than a minute.
  • By doing so, it would be easy to track and download the document. Hence, you may not need budget approval or verification.
  • As a result, you will have a quick pickup for the reimbursable expenses and have expense reports ready in a short time.

Why It Is Necessary To Have A Reimbursed Expenses Policy?

The employer developing a reimbursement policy will have reduced stress and confusion. This is because employees can claim the reimbursement anytime and if you do not have a plan, there will be disappointments from both sides.

With the proper reimbursable policy, employees will learn in advance what are necessary documents they need to claim the reimbursement. Plus, you will know if the expense reimbursement would be taxable income or not if the employee fails to prove expenses within a given time.

You should remember employees only have reduced income because of tax purposes. These incur expenses from the employee side should be incurred by the company itself. Having a written reimbursement policy means that it will be easy to identify whether the expense claims are eligible or not.

  • Deliver the best quality of services
  • Maintain the smooth cash flow
  • Make sure the business is profitable

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I include the expenses on top of the invoice?

    No, it is ideal to have an invoice at the bottom of all your main service charges, and then you can add them as miscellaneous charges in your accounting. So that clients know exactly what they are paying for.

  2. Is there a difference between payment and reimbursement?

    Payment is the act of purchasing something by paying the full amount. Whereas, reimbursement means paying on behalf of any company or organization. It would be deducted from the company’s revenue while the payment is deducted from any other income account of someone.

  3. How do I include the billable expenses?

    When you start any project, the first thing you need to do is make a list of things that you might need to purchase or book in advance. Meanwhile, keep adding those expenses to your expense account list. Then at the end of the project, shortlist the billable expenses and include them in your invoice.

  4. How can I monitor the invoicing expenses?

    During the project, many of you might need to travel, while traveling if you want to monitor the expenses, you can use invoicing mobile apps (Android, Windows, iOS). With such apps, you can easily create and track expenses from anywhere, anytime.


When it comes to business expenses, many organizations struggle with the reimbursement process. As a business owner, you need to take care of the employees paying on behalf of your company. To ease your workload, you need to develop a reimbursement policy. And you will not have differences when employees claim the reimbursable expenses in their income accounts.

However, with the right tools, you can be on top of the business expenses and other expense claims. Therefore, we recommend you use the accounting software named InvoiceOwl. The software helps you to manage your entire billing and invoicing process in just a few clicks. and explore a range of features and functionalities.

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