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Want to create professional-looking and accurate invoices for your freight business in a few minutes? Then download our free invoice templates that allow you to create invoices in a few taps for all the services you provide.

Our Invoice templates come in various formats, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe PDF, so you can pick the best one for your needs. Download them now for free.


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Downloadable Invoice Templates

Delivering the best service is halfway through getting paid faster. The other half is creating and sending professionally-built invoices. That’s where invoice templates play a significant role.

InvoiceOwl has been helping contractors with customizable cloud-based invoicing for a long time now and one of the reasons why most of the contractors liked our templates is all of them are free and customizable.

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InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software vs Free Invoice Template

The free freight invoice template is just the tip of the iceberg. Try our invoicing software which lets you send unlimited invoices, automate reminders for payment, manage them from anywhere, and much more. To learn more about the template and software, check this comparison:

Perks InvoiceOwl Downloadable Freight Invoice Templates
Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time Right Wrong
Automate reminders for late payments Right Wrong
Downloadable invoices? Right Wrong
Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays Right Wrong
Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports Right Wrong
Save clients with all the client information Right Wrong
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information should be included in a freight invoice template?

    Here are the details that should be included in a free freight invoice template:

    • Company name and logo
    • Address
    • Invoice number, invoice creation date, and payment due date
    • Goods information such as name, quantity, price, tax, and amount
    • Other charges such as shipping and handling
  • Can I customize the freight invoice template to fit my business needs?

    Yes, you can customize the freight invoice template as per your business needs However, your customization ability can vary depending upon the format you pick for the invoice. For example, a Word file is more flexible than PDF.

  • What are the benefits of using freight invoice templates?

    Sending professional invoices has many benefits, such as:

    • It helps you establish your business brand.
    • You stand out from your competitors who still rely on traditional invoices.
    • Your business comes up as more professional and trustworthy.
    • It helps you create more accurate invoices, reducing the chances of invoice rejection.
    • You will be able to keep your invoices in order so you can properly update your balance and calculate your income tax.
  • How can I create invoices on a large scale easily?

    We know that you may need to create a lot of freight invoices on a daily basis. Thus, we have an even better solution for you. Try our invoicing software which takes care of all your invoice-related tasks. With it, you will be able to:

    • Save details for your items and clients
    • Manage all your invoices, estimates, and purchase orders from one place
    • Get customized reports on payments

    Start your free trial to experience for yourself how it can ease your life.

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