11 Best Seasonal Business Ideas

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A seasonal business is financially viable during specific times or seasons. Many business ideas revolve around an activity that spikes or is most needed during a particular season.

Many business owners have begun seasonal businesses and have been successful. If you are a first-time entrepreneur or a small niche business owner seeking additional income during the off-season, starting one seasonal business is ideal. Here in this blog, we have listed a few of the best seasonal business ideas.

There are numerous low-capital options available if you want to begin your own seasonal business. We have compiled a list of the most lucrative and financially viable seasonal business ideas you can start immediately.

11 Different Types of Seasonal Business Ideas

1. Snow removal

Snow removal is a popular winter seasonal business, particularly for groundskeepers, lawn maintenance professionals, cleaners, and other small businesses. One of the biggest problems for homeowners throughout the winter season is snow-covered driveways.

The price of snow removal software like shovels or snow ploughs can be countered by the high demand for specialists willing to relieve homeowners of this chore in the winter. This snow shoveling business is a tremendously lucrative seasonal business to establish, with a $20.5 billion market.

Before starting your snow removal service, keep the following in mind:

  • Find the prospective clients:

    The key to successful snow plough marketing is time. Distribute fliers for a snow removal business, place snow removal services ads online, and word-of-mouth advertising is always effective.

  • List your services and costs:

    Draw up a list of the snow removal services you will provide before the season begins. You can use this list to define your prices and generate estimations for potential clients.

  • Create a template for a snow removal estimate:

    Making an estimation template beforehand will hasten the quoting process and increase your chances of landing more projects. By using estimating software, you may even save time and develop accurate and professional estimates in a matter of minutes with no chance of error.

InvoiceOwl allows you to include comprehensive details of each service in addition to the service name and cost. Hence, your customers are always aware of what they are paying.

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2. Pool cleaning business

In the spring and summer seasons, everyone enjoys owning a pool, but only a few individuals like to deal with the pool maintenance business. For those who love being outside, starting a seasonal pool cleaning service can be one of the best summer business ideas to have. It is considered one of the most ideal commercial businesses, despite the fact that pool maintenance is to be done year-round. Moreover, the peak summer usage rate makes those months busier and more lucrative for pool cleaners.

Pool cleaning business

The market size for swimming pool services is expected to grow by USD 3.56 billion between 2019 to 2024. Starting a pool cleaning business is a low-cost business idea as it has modest initial costs and good income potential. You may start your own summer season pool care business with a little bit of technical expertise and the appropriate equipment. All you need to get started with suitable tools for the work and a business license. In this industry, there is a tonne of possibility for growth if you can build a strong clientele.

While the pool maintenance business can begin as a seasonally focused business, it has significant chances to grow by securing year-round commercial clients like hotels & health clubs. This can turn a small business idea into a successful business.

3. Ice cream truck business

Out of all food trucks, the ice cream truck business is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs with potential and a passion for working with children. An ice cream truck can undoubtedly be a successful seasonal business in the summer season as long as you select busy streets and have a plan of action.

This is a very adaptable business that can be managed on your terms, making you one of the successful business owners. Your effectiveness is dependent on both your truck driving experience and your familiarity with the region you serve.

Depending on the automobile model you choose, startup costs can be pretty significant, but you could potentially make $5,000 each month, making it a solid seasonal business idea. Create a business strategy, personalize your ice cream truck, and launch it after conducting market research on competing vendors in the area. You can become one of the successful ice cream business owners and aid in achieving your financial objectives.

4. Holiday decorating service

If you enjoy holiday decorating, are artistic and skilled with equipment. Festive decorating could be a great business for you. Businesses and houses, both inside and outside, want to be festively decorated for the holidays and thus creating a huge demand.

Holiday decorating service

Although the festive decoration industry is a seasonal one, it is nevertheless highly profitable and requires low startup costs. To launch a holiday decorating business, you don’t need any specialized expertise. However, the secret to running a profitable business and being ahead in the race of successful entrepreneurs are having artistic flair and decorating experience.

You will need to set up your firm, get registered as a legal entity, have a few supplies on hand, and create a marketing strategy in order to promote your decorating services.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Inventiveness: You must be able to design distinctive and striking holiday decorations.
  • Proper Licenses for businesses and Marketing Business plan: The business venture will include your goals and your target market.
  • Basic decorating supplies: In addition to hand tools and a ladder, you’ll need transit to the areas you’ll be decorating.
  • Portfolio: Display pictures of the properties you’ve decorated in a scrapbook, as well as any written endorsements from your clients. Don’t forget to upload them online as well.
  • On-call assistance: You might need assistance depending on the volume of clients or the complexity of the decorating requirements. During the holidays, many people are in need of extra cash and are willing to help you out if necessary.
  • Pricing and service options: Offering several packages. Make sure your service prices are reasonable, and you could use InvoiceOwl to create accurate estimates and invoices.

5. Lawn care and landscaping

Gardening, lawn, and landscaping business care are excellent seasonal business ideas with minimal barriers, high demand, and hefty profit margins. Many residents have their own equipment that you can use on-site, but you could also need to purchase specialist equipment.

You can get started by registering your landscaping or lawn care company. For instance, a lawn care specialist might earn up to $100,000 per year based on their size, efficiency, and the landscaping or lawn care services they provide.

The secret to starting and expanding a lawn care business is to be smart. Determine your target market (residential or commercial), employ the best lawn care marketing techniques (door-to-door, referral schemes, etc.), and hire qualified personnel.

6. Mini golf course

An excellent opportunity for a business owner seeking a reliable and best seasonal business is a mini-golf course. Owners ought to be gregarious, like working with kids and be generally business smart. Mini-golf courses have high startup expenditures but very minimal overhead costs. This may indicate a strong earning potential based on where your firm is located.

Many proprietors of miniature golf courses are able to recoup their initial investment in a few years. Since many mini golf facilities also provide arcade games and snack bars, this business can also generate numerous streams of income. As long as you are prepared to expand the range of services you provide, there is growth potential for the miniature golf course business.

7. Rental scooter business

Similar to bicycle rental shops, having scooter rental shops can turn out to be a great business idea. It creates excellent possibilities for company owners in locales with a high tourist population and scooter-friendly driving regulations. Owners of successful businesses will need to be proficient in scooter maintenance as well as sales and customer service.

Depending on how many scooters you have in your fleet, startup costs may be considerable, but seasonal revenues may also be substantial. The region in which you operate and the volume of clients you can consistently bring in will decide the success of your bike rental business. It can be in terms of your total growth and earning potential, making it the best seasonal business idea.

8. Vacation camp

The most prosperous summer camp entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about both education and the outdoors. Additionally, they are typically diligent and innovative individuals with great business and customer service sensibilities. You could decide to start a camp that welcomes all interests or zero down on a subject that particularly interests you.

The subject matter could range from the outdoors to athletics to art or any multitude of specialized subjects in between. A summer vacation camp has extremely high startup costs. You will need a sufficient number of staff members to accommodate your campers, as well as any essential licenses to manage the camp and work with children, in addition to the property required to conduct the camp.

Your profit potential is high if you can start a well-liked and prosperous summer camp with well-maintained facilities seeing a profitability of anywhere between 25% and 40%.

9. Surfing academy

Consider starting a surfing school if you are an enthusiastic surfer searching for a business endeavor that won’t conflict with your pastime. In addition to being an accomplished surfer, you should also be excellent at instructing others in the sport and knowledgeable about all necessary safety precautions when dealing with people in the water. You can also think about earning a certification from the International Surf Association, though it’s not necessary.

Low startup costs are possible, particularly if you hold your classes at a public beach. The majority of the money you bring in will be profitable because of the low setup and operating expenses. When you start a surf school, the number of students you can teach each week and the cost of each session will determine how much money you can make altogether. Even though the majority of surfing schools will continue to be relatively small, adding more teachers could lead to growth.

10. Walking tour company

People with friendly personalities who reside in or close to a popular tourist area can think about starting a walking tour company. The best business owners will have a passion for the industry, be informed about it, and enjoy interacting with customers. Since you can frequently run without a real retail location, startup costs are low.

Starting out modestly by conducting your own tours, you can gradually grow by adding more tour guides. The degree of demand in your region and the number of tours you can give each week will determine how much growth there is overall. Profit margins might be high because the overhead is minimal to nonexistent.

11. Pedicabs business

Athletic people who enjoy interacting with the public and favour emissions-free modes of transportation should consider starting a pedicab business. Owners of pedicab businesses should be physically active and have a basic understanding of bicycle maintenance. Depending on the area and market saturation, there is good profit potential and moderate startup expenditures.

These companies work well in places with a sizable market for public transportation and the chance to grow your company by renting or leasing more vehicles to contractors. Despite the fact that your earning potential will be greatly influenced by the market you are in, cheap overhead means you will start seeing money relatively quickly.

There are other seasonal business ideas you can choose from during the off-season to earn some extra money with minimal startup costs. One can consider starting a food truck, surfing school during summer, air conditioning cleaning services, being a pet owner, roof repair and replacement, and house painting are a few great business ideas that anyone can start as local businesses.

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    With the help of InvoiceOwl software, you can quickly see which clients have paid you and which have not. You don’t have to look through files and printed reports to compare and evaluate.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is seasonal business likely to succeed?

    Seasonal business is one of the most lucrative temp jobs available. Seasonal business ideas are the first to come to mind when someone wishes to start a small business. The trend in this field fluctuates with the seasons, just like it does in other professions. Examples include warmer months business ideas, summertime business, monsoon rainfall business, and more.

  2. How can seasonal enterprises stay in business?

    A seasonal business does not necessarily equate to part-time earnings. Running a seasonal business should not imply having any cash flow during the off-season. During lean times, it’s critical to manage your cash flow and increase sales. Additionally, the off-season is a great opportunity to plan, strategize, and develop relationships with customers.

  3. Which invoicing software is ideal for small businesses?

    It’s possible that the best invoice app for one company won’t be your ideal choice. The optimal option for your company should offer the features you want at a cost that works with your budget. However, InvoiceOwl is a good fit for many small businesses, which is why we think it’s the finest small-company invoicing software overall.

  4. What advantages does invoice software have?

    Software for invoicing promotes quicker payments because it offers several payment methods. The customer’s ability to select the most appropriate one speeds up the payment process. Numerous capabilities are offered by invoicing software, including information on overdue payments, receivables, market trends, inventory control, and budgeting.

  5. What functionality does invoice software have?

    A billing system is essentially the method by which a company bills and invoices consumers. The billing software streamlines the process of creating customized invoices, sending it to the clients, tracking expenses, and tracking invoices


The above listed are some of the best seasonal business ideas that you can start; a few are low-cost business ideas that earn great profits to ensure that your work is easier.

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