Top 7 Marketing Ideas for Lawn Care Businesses

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Follow all the lawn care marketing ideas to prepare yourself and run the business effectively. Try these once, and you will see the business growing round the clock.
  • Thoroughly see to all the steps involved in each marketing idea and save a large chunk of money on hiring marketing people.

In this post, you will learn about lawn care marketing ideas for your business. Having understood these ideas will let you effectively market your lawn care business.
Whether you own a lawn care business or any other kind of company, you may find that growing and maintaining your company requires a steady stream of customers which can be achieved through effective lawn care marketing strategies.

To accomplish that it is of critical importance for businesses to understand their target audience’s demographics. This is to ensure that the proper way of communication is maintained with them, in this way you will always be ready to serve them whenever they need you.

You must market your lawn care business creatively and develop effective marketing strategies to keep your existing customer and attract new ones. It is estimated that 68% of small businesses use offline and online marketing methods.

Your marketing strategies should focus on targeting the right prospects to maximize your marketing results. Ideally, lawn care company should plan their marketing budgets carefully to maximize return on investment.

Listed below are some creative lawn care advertising ideas for the lawn care business.

Marketing Ideas for Lawn Care Businesses

‘Boost your lawncare business’ online presence and generate more leads with digital marketing. This lawn care marketing primer outlines seven strategies for finding new clients and building your business’s brand.

1. Set up a website

Clients will often form their first impression of you by visiting your website. If you do not already own a website, you should seriously consider having one. 

how to market lawn care business

A website forms the basis of your marketing efforts. If you wish to attract prospective customers to your lawn care website, it must be easy to access and navigate and full of information about your services. 

A new site will usually rank well for specific keywords within two to six months, so this is the perfect time to create an easy-to-search website. With a great lawn care website, you can connect directly with new clients and put all your marketing efforts in one place. 

The following suggestions will help you build a successful lawn care website:

  • Name and phone number of your business

Your business name and phone number should appear on each page. If this information is conveniently located on your website, visitors and existing customers can learn more about you. The information may also give you an edge in Google searches.

  • Pricing transparency

Customers should have an easy time finding your services or pricing.

  • Add your testimonials

Initially, customers may be skeptical about your lawn care services, but by posting testimonials on every page of your website, you can build customer trust.

  • Video and image quality

It is extremely important to use compelling images and videos on your website. Doing so will engage your visitors and encourage them to contact you.

Ensure that your lawn care website is designed with the needs of potential customers in mind. When you create SEO-centric content, you will appear in search engines as people search for services similar to yours.

Ultimately, your website should convey professionalism, trust, expertise, and reliability to entice more customers.

2. Valuation

Why do people buy lawn care services? This isn’t due to their tall grass. In general, logic doesn’t influence people’s buying decisions. A client’s final decision is heavily influenced by how they feel when they look at their lawn. You’ll gain more customers the sooner you focus on this.

Mowing a lawn is a necessity for every homeowner. You get paid when it looks much better with your additions; you let them enjoy what they love more; they don’t need to maintain their equipment.

You will be seen as valuable if you sell it. By doing so, they can imagine what it would be like to hire you and appreciate the value you bring.

Thus, your lawn care marketing success will improve dramatically when you start selling value.

3. Consider email marketing

Marketing your lawn care business with email is one of the most cost-effective strategies. Therefore, email marketing may yield an insane return on investment. So, how is email marketing so successful?

Consider email marketing

The reason is that even if they are automated, every email feels personal. Here is a simple, two-step approach to building an email campaign framework:

  • Identify new leads

You must collect email addresses if you plan on selling more work via email. Ideally, you should passively collect emails for this purpose.

Using Facebook ads, you can host a lead magnet (a gift that requires an email address to download). You can also offer lead magnets inside your blog.

Lead magnets can range from watering schedules to winterization procedures. You can offer your clients any lead magnet they might need.

Ideally, your lead magnets should be hosted wherever your potential clients may find you. A lead magnet does more for you than just getting their email addresses.

You demonstrate to your clients that you’re an expert on lawns and landscaping. Plus, it lets them know what you’re offering before becoming clients.

  • Taking care of your emails

Email is the golden ticket for selling to people “on the fence,” which is why you keep acquiring email addresses on the top of your list for all clients and leads.

Automate your campaign with a series of “welcome” emails. Leads should receive an email campaign consisting of:

  • A guide or blog that is useful.
  • An aggressive sales effort (that converts leads into clients)
  • SPEAR – Specify who to call (short, personal, expecting a response)
  • Constant communication with your market by practicing healthy email marketing.

Cut Down Your Cost on Manual Paperwork

Explore different change modes to advertise and be the first to pitch your customers with estimates.

4. Positively boost online reviews

Have you ever heard that online reviews are almost as good as referrals? You can ask your clients to post a review on your website if they love your work!

As a first step, search for online reviews on at least two of the following websites: Yelp, Google, Nextdoor, Facebook, and Angie’s List.

However, do not forget you cannot expect your service to be reviewed on every platform.

You should never send out a mass email asking for reviews from all recipients. Most platforms stop brigading upon the occurrence of a positive or negative trigger.

An ideal approach would be to include the review request in an automatic or email campaign triggered as a response to a client action (for example, 30 days after winning the bid).

Even though bad reviews may impact sales, if you have more positive reviews for your lawn care business than negative ones, you will still be able to increase your sales.

Although you cannot prevent bad reviews, you can manage them. How you respond to negative customer reviews makes all the difference to prospective clients.

5. Improve your lawn care crew’s sales skills

An experienced team of lawn care workers helps expand a business. Thus, they should be trained in sales techniques.

Due to their involvement with your potential customers directly, they have a thorough understanding of what they want, dislike, and would like to see. 

Moreover, if they do not know this already, they can easily find out by asking them.

You can now rely on your lawn care crew to win you more ideal clients with all the information they have been given.

So what’s the next step? Teach them sales techniques.

The key is to encourage them to dress professionally, be respectful, and talk about the things they want.

Getting to know your potential clients will not only help you sell more to them but also help you do a better job because you’ll know what they expect from you.

If you are trying to get new clients or upsell your current clients, this is a great way to do that in-person

6. Lawn care flyers

There is still value in print marketing. It’s not for everyone, though. Most people don’t know how to use it in a way that is effective for them.

Lawn care flyers are a great way to spread the word about your business, and build awareness of it. 

You should ensure that your flyers are designed professionally, printed on high-quality paper, and that bright colors are used. 

Lawn care flyers can benefit your lawn service business in several ways, including increasing referrals, building your route density, retaining your customers, and even getting hired from a cheap piece of paper.

If you decide to distribute your flyers, the following ideas may be useful:

  • You can leave flyers at local businesses if the owner permits you.
  • Give each client a few copies so they can spread the word to their friends and neighbors.
  • It may be worthwhile to target a specific location by going door to door.
  • Consider having an outreach campaign to your client’s neighbors.

Moreover, it is possible to advertise specific services and target potential clients based on their yard’s landscape. 

If you hand out lawn cutting flyers to homeowners whose lawns are overgrown rather than those who maintain their lawns well, you are more likely to generate new clients.

Your flyers should make it easy for customers to identify your company. You will achieve better results if this is the case. Please do not go overboard with your message. Let the flyer explain why the prospect should contact you.

Include a list of the services you provide and briefly explain why you are the best lawn care company in the area. Consider offering a discount or other incentive so you can attract more customers. 

Keep track of the number of satisfied customers you have acquired through your flyers by creating a unique coupon code. 

By adding a call to action you will encourage people to contact you. And ensure your leads are pleased with the content you provide.. And ensure your leads are pleased with the content you provide.

7. Recommendations

It is possible to grow your lawn care company through word-of-mouth marketing from your existing clients. It is the most effective way to grow your local business.

lawn care promotion ideas

Providing your customers personalized service is important to you, and you should assure them that they will refer your lawn care services to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues if encouraged. 

They can display their lawn to convey the quality of your lawn care service. You should reward your potential clients for bringing in local businesses by giving them referral bonuses, discounts, or rewards. 

You should also offer an incentive to those who sign up through your referral program. Developing a successful referral program requires developing referral rules that are easy to understand. You must also make it easy to register and claim rewards.

As long as you provide excellent customer service, the results of implementing a referral program will be positive. This is one of the few marketing channels you don’t have to monitor or manage actively.

Efficient Manpower = Effective Software

With advertising, you must also focus on adopting new technology and streamlining your most manual work.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can lawn care marketing benefit my business?

    An effective lawn care marketing strategy reveals your company’s values to potential customers. Moreover, it engages current satisfied customers and keeps them loyal while helping to differentiate your company from its competitors.

  2. How do you market to your existing customers?

    You must continue to communicate with existing clients if you want to maintain good relations with them. Sending out email newsletters, interacting with your community online and making special offers at specific times are all effective communication methods.

  3. How often should you advertise lawn care?

    It is a good idea to advertise your services throughout the year, especially if you reside in a warm region. If you are experiencing seasonal changes, you should advertise your business a few weeks before launching your spring promotion.

  4. What is the best way to advertise my lawn care business?

    Several methods are available for marketing your lawn care business online. By promoting your lawn care business on social media and using door hangers and business cards, you encourage customers to contact you.

  5. How do I get lawn care customers fast?

    By encouraging your customers to refer, rewarding them for referring, promoting through paid media, and making use of organic search, you can gain more lawn customers quickly.

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