12 Best Snow Removal Business Software to Consider This Season

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Are you looking for the best snow removal business software to manage to estimate, invoicing, tracking, receiving payments, and reports? Refer to this blog!

A snow removal gig may only be available during the winter, but it is a very lucrative industry. It’s booming because most parts of the country have snow, and many people live around these areas, so more jobs are available. There are over 70% of US roads in snowy areas where the average snowfall is around 5 inches or 13 cm.

It is estimated that more than 70% of the American population lives in these snowy regions. So it is no wonder that snow removal businesses have immense opportunities.

Despite its popularity, it can be challenging to make money from it. It is possible to keep things organized and generate revenue with the right software solutions in snow removal season.

With snow removal business software, serving a broad range of clients is a lot easier because you can choose the right software.

You may not know what snow removal software to invest in since you plan on structuring your snow removal business idea, but you might still need to invest in some to make it a success in the short run.

Top 12 Snow Removal Business Software

1. InvoiceOwl: Best for estimating and invoicing

When considering the snow removal business software for your business, you can’t miss out on InvoiceOwl. It is just the best software to any extent possible. InvoiceOwl is among the leading invoicing and estimating software that lets you send estimates to clients in just a few clicks.


As a snow removal business owner, most of your time is wasted managing multiple jobs like how to charge for snow plowing. This is where InvoiceOwl comes to the rescue. It helps you manage jobs, keep track of employees and expenses, and doesn’t trouble you with the traditional process of generating invoices.

You can even grab an invoice template when you are running short of time. It is one of the best time-saving features that has benefitted and loved by tens of hundreds of contractors.


  • Quotes and estimates: A professional quote or estimate you send online will impress your customers by using custom built snow plowing estimate template. For your snow business, InvoiceOwl lets you create precise estimates.
  • Purchase orders: Create orders for your business whenever you need supplies or products.
  • Detailed reports: You can use this software to keep track of your business transactions. This tool allows one to create monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.
  • Real-time notification: This estimate and invoice software helps you stay on top of invoicing and improve customer service.
Pros Cons
  • Once the free trial ends, you must purchase either plan to enjoy its features

Pricing: You can choose from two pricing plans.

  • A monthly subscription costs $28.99.
  • A yearly plan, you will pay $99.99.

A free trial is available. Once the free trial ends, you can upgrade to any of the plans according to your needs.

Stop Wasting Time on the Manual Invoicing Process With Our Software

InvoiceOwl is here to you automate your estimates and invoices process, saving your time and efforts.

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2. Exactrack: Best for small and medium businesses

As an enterprise platform where tracking, mapping, and remote management are all possible, Exactrack is an innovative software system.


However, it manages local authority vehicles remotely, including removal vehicles, plows, salters, communal cleaning vehicles, and winter maintenance vehicles.

With this business software, drivers and dispatchers can create pre-scheduled winter maintenance routes online and then transfer them through the cloud to the vehicles’ navigation systems, allowing them to perform maintenance tasks.

Key Features

  • Vehicle tracking with GPS
  • Managing routes
  • Navigation in a vehicle
Pros Cons
  • Easily manage and communicate with employees from the comfort of home
  • Easy to use
  • Some of its features get stuck in between

Pricing: Pricing is based on your requirements. To get more clarity on Exactrack, you need to service requests the pricing by filling out the form on the website.

3. Service Autopilot: Best for a medium-sized cleaning service provider

This innovative business software solution is specifically designed for businesses that offer lawn and landscape services, cleaning, and snow removal services.

Service autopilot

As part of the Service Autopilot platform, you can manage clients and leads, job scheduling and dispatch services, create routes and maps, configure mobile access to the field, and more.

Key Features

  • Dispatching and scheduling
  • Managing clients
  • Mapping and smart routing
Pros Cons
  • It is capable of a wide range of functions
  • Invest a little and save money and time
  • Irresponsive customer support


This comes with three pricing categories: startup, pro, and pro-plus plan.

  • Startup: $49/month
  • Pro: $109/month
  • Pro Plus: $279/month

4. WebFleet: Best for managing vehicles and fleet optimization

The WebFleet provides real-time vehicle tracking and instant alerts, fleet optimization, dynamic communication between mobile workers and office staff, and the ability to integrate with business software.


It is designed to be an online system to track the location of your vehicles and your employees and to give you insight into their driving behavior, time spent on-site, standstill time, and working time.

Key Features

  • Tracking vehicles
  • Manage workflows
  • Traffic updates in real-time
  • Optimizing the fleet
Pros Cons
  • Easily and quickly dispatch calls
  • Keeping track of technicians’ movements
  • Poor service


No pricing details are available to get the quotation, and you need to connect with the support team.

5. AccuWeather: Best for weather forecast

Many factors influence the snow removal business, but the weather is the most important. In this sense, you are to consider whether you will be able to complete a job as planned or whether you will need to revise your plan in advance.


It keeps you up-to-date on the current weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Global, national, and local weather
  • Android and iPhone downloads
  • A business plan is not required
Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Sometimes, the app crashes

Pricing: Free

6. Waze: Best for traffic updates for small businesses

There is no doubt that logistics play an important role in snow removal: the process of getting to all job sites on time, especially during the snow storm, is dependent on the route planning of each team member.


Waze comes to the rescue in this case. When you enter an address in Waze, it will provide you with the fastest route and an estimated arrival time for your destination.

As you embark on the journey, you’ll receive updates on shortcuts and live traffic updates.

Key Features

  • Real-time road hazards
  • The latest traffic updates
  • Discover the fastest route
Pros Cons
  • Ease of use
  • Great customer support
  • Real-time tracking is not available

Pricing: Waze has not specified pricing information, but you can get it by contacting their team.

7. Fleet Maintainance Pro: Best for large enterprises

Fleet Maintenance Pros software is among the best for snow removal business since it helps you track vehicle fleets and manage maintenance. The clearing business relies heavily on snowplows and other vehicles. As such, it is crucial to manage and maintain these vehicles properly.

Fleet maintainance pro

Key Features

  • Keeping up with preventative maintenance
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Keeping track of history
Pros Cons
  • Easily customizable
  • Great estimate
  • Inventory tracking capability is restricted


It comes with three pricing plans, which include:

  • Basic plan: $35/month
  • Premium plan: $60/month
  • Enterprise plan: $95/month
  • You can start with a free trial.

8. Plowz & Mowz: Best for tracking day-to-day tasks

Plowz & Mowz is a digital blessing in disguise for the snow removal industry, providing much-needed service. A mobile application such as this allows the customer to request on-demand removal wherever and at any time.

Plowz & mowz

Moreover, the customer can also book an appointment in advance to get a snow-clearing service.

Key Features

  • Job openings
  • Schedule appointments and manage them
Pros Cons
  • A great addition to any snow removal business
  • Easily track the work progress
  • Poor experience

Pricing: Free

9. Connecteam: Best for managing payroll process

Connecteam is a snow removal business that uses its cloud-based software to simplify timesheet and payroll processes, enhance compliance and safety, automate fleet operations, and manage employees by reducing costs, streamlining timesheets, and automating payroll processes (including QuickBooks Online and Gusto integration).


Connecteam snowplow management software is an all-in-one, mobile-first solution that helps business owners manage their day-to-day operations more effectively.

Key Features

  • Tracking time based on GPS and breadcrumbs
  • Forms, checklists, and reports in real-time
  • Dispatching individual or team shifts, recurring schedules, templates, open shifts, etc
Pros Cons
  • Great customer support
  • Keeping track of on-site employees directly from the home or office
  • Sometimes it’s glitchy


  • Free for small business
  • The basic plan is $29/month (billed annually) or $35/month
  • Advanced plans cost $49/month (annually) or $59/month
  • Expert plans for large businesses start at $99/month (yearly) or $119/month

10. GasBuddy: Best for determining trip charges

As you drive a lot for your snow removal business, fuel costs can increase quickly, eating away at your profits.


GasBuddy is relied on by millions of users nationwide, which is why you should join them. By entering your zip code or city name, GasBuddy can tell you which station has the cheapest fuel. You can access GasBuddy in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Key Features

  • You can get exclusive deals
  • Calculator for trip costs
  • Insights into fuel
  • Logbook for fuel
  • Graph of gas prices

11. Jobber: Best for medium and large businesses for route optimization

As an app that offers comprehensive features, Jobber is an ideal tool for a company trying to manage snow hauling well. With this service, you can schedule jobs flexibly, bulk schedule jobs, view multiple calendars simultaneously, add notes, optimize routes, manage invoices and payments, and integrate your QuickBooks system.



  • Get job alerts and notifications.
  • Easy to manage activities
  • Easy accounting
Pros Cons
  • Relatively easy to keep track of work
  • Time management is easier than ever
  • Issues with payment gateway


With Jobber, you can choose one of three plans with different features and user counts.

  • Jobber Core is the perfect solution for any jobber, starting at just $35/month (annual plan)
  • The Jobber Connect yearly plan starts at $105 per month
  • With Jobber Grow, you can start at $211/month (annually)

12. Arborgold: Best for snow-hauling businesses of all sizes

Arborgold ranks last on our list of snow removal software. This software stands out as one of the best software packages for ease of use for businesses involved with snow hauling. This software can do many things for your removal businesses, from scheduling to routing and customer relationship management.


By using Arborgold, companies can use GPS technology to track the activity of their employees.

Key Features

  • High-response customer service.
  • Crew members’ management is made more accessible.
  • Safe and secure way to keep records.
Pros Cons
  • Real-time reporting in multiple formats
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Feature-rich
  • Difficult troubleshooting
  • Complex navigation


Arborgold offers three different pricing plans:

  • In the Starter plan, you pay $129 per month
  • The Professional plan includes both Starter and Professional features; the monthly plan is $274, and the annual plan is $229
  • In the Enterprise plan, the monthly charge is $439, and the annual charge is $359.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why do I need snow-hauling business software?

    Let’s say you own a snow-clearing business with multiple locations and crews. If so, you can save a lot of time and money using fleet management systems with GPS tracking and time tracking for your employees.

  2. Is there a set of criteria that removal software must meet?

    As you search for software to manage snow removal businesses, make sure it is fast and easy to implement and that it can boost customer relations and performance.


The snow removal business is very competitive but also challenging: you must keep your equipment and fleet in good repair, follow regulations, schedule jobs and calculate payroll, track employee working hours, and invoice your customers.

By performing all that manually, you may be buried more profoundly than any snowfall under the layers of paperwork! This snow removal gives you a free hand to focus on other essential tasks.

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