Tree Service Invoice Template

Just like pruning branches or cutting a tree, creating an invoice using the pen-and-paper method takes time. But not anymore; our ready-made invoice templates are the escape from your busy day. Download and use them to create an invoice for any of your tree services.

Tree-service invoice template

How Does InvoiceOwl Help Tree Service Contractors?

Tree services require more time and line items to perform one particular job. Now the challenge is you are also supposed to prepare invoices as soon as you complete the tree service jobs. It would be difficult for you to balance both jobs when you are already short of time.

Considering the time and more line items as a challenge, we have introduced five different invoice template formats that are pre-set. Just download, add details, and share them with your clients. Those five formats are Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

Additionally, if you are looking for invoice templates in a similar business category, like a lawn invoice template, we offer that too.

InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software vs Free Invoice Template

Want to know what’s best for you? Let’s compare the free invoice template and the InvoiceOwl invoicing app and see the advantages the InvoiceOwl app offers you.

Perks InvoiceOwlStart a free trial Downloadable Tree Service
Invoice Template
Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time Right Wrong
Automate reminders for late payments Right Wrong
Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays Right Wrong
Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports Right Wrong
Save clients with all the client information Right Wrong
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long it takes to create an invoice using invoice template?

    If you use invoice templates to create tree service invoices, then you will be free from administrative tasks within a few seconds.

    Because there are pre-set fields that need to be filled in with information. All the essential fields are added to our invoice templates so that you don’t have any trouble creating invoices.

  • What should be included in the tree service invoice?

    Arborists must know the following things to be included in the tree removal invoice, which are as follows:

    • An invoice number to keep track of invoices
    • Tree removal service business details (name, address, and contact details)
    • Your client information (name, address, and contact details)
    • Invoice date and due date
    • Tree service items required (climbing supplies, rigging equipment, hedge trimmers, motorized hand tool, and manpower)
    • Add rates (hourly or daily), labor costs, material costs, machinery
    • Subtotals, taxes, discounts, and service fees
    • Add payment terms and notes
  • Why should you use a tree service invoice template?

    Firstly, tree service invoice templates are useful since they

    • Create invoicing easier and better
    • No need to spend time writing an invoice from scratch
    • Deliver professional-looking invoice that builds trust and goodwill

    So, these are a few benefits of using tree service invoice templates.

Free Yourself from Manual Invoicing & Start Using Tree Invoice Template

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