Examples of Pest Control Ads for Attracting Customers

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Learn more about pest control ads and different ad examples to create your paid ad campaign.
  • Go-through different tips to attract customers and how to increase your retention.

Pest control services can generate $17.42 billion in revenue in the United States by 2023. 

A huge figure, isn’t it?

But with the increase in business, the competitiveness in the industry is rising. Businesses are looking to explore the opportunities available in the industry to stand out and strengthen their position.

Being a professional pest control service business owner, you must stand out and utilize the most effective online paid advertisement strategies to create a steady flow of clients and instantly impact your target market to stand out.

But using pest control ads can be overwhelming for you. Without the proper knowledge, you can’t invest a huge marketing chunk in your pest control ad campaigns.

So, let’s understand in-depth details about pest control ads and different examples to help you create your paid advertisement campaigns.

What are Pest Control Ads?

Pest control ads can be used to draw the attention of your prospects, leads, or customers to your website, landing page, or other communication platforms to fuel your marketing goals.

You can use different ‌pest control ads like web-based search ads or social media-based video ads. Multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer you the opportunity to run quality pest control ads to achieve your business goals and convert prospective clients to long-term customers.

Only Facebook and Google stand out as the leading advertising platforms ideal for your pest control advertising. Both offer different features, results, and audience types to assist your marketing efforts.

Google, a demand fulfillment platform, offers a hot and qualified target audience but is expensive. And Facebook is a demand generation platform where people are not looking for pest control service providers but spend their leisure time scrolling through the feeds. You need to generate demand for your services and nurture them to become your leads. 

Let’s look at the best pest control ad examples to get a better idea about different pest control paid advertising scenarios.


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Successful Pest Control Ads Examples

With the rising competition, it’s important for you to learn about pest control advertising ideas and compete with other pest control businesses to stand out.
To create a successful advertising campaign, ‌consider different factors like

  • Advertisement platform
  • Ad format
  • Cost of advertising.

These factors can help you filter out the best results for your pest control advertisement and ensure you achieve your desired ad campaign goals.

With detailed examples, let’s explore the pest control ads you can run on these platforms.

1. Google Guaranteed ads

You can use the Google Guarantee feature while using Google for running pest control ads. You must pass the screening and qualification requirements for Google local services and access the guarantee feature to achieve your desired lead generation and client inflow.

You can display your pest control ads on top of different search results pages, and the ‘Google Guaranteed’ badge can help to build trust and help your rodent control business generate big leads.


Here, the green ‘’ mark represents that the pest control service provider is Google guaranteed, and the viewer can trust them over other pest control service providers. It can boost your credibility and help deliver your brand’s professional image. 

2. Google local services ads

Google local service ads can appear on the top section of search results below the advertisement section displayed by Google. The ads are modeled with a pay-per-lead model. Hence, you only need to pay for the ad when someone clicks on your ad and gets redirected to your landing page.

Anytime your target customers search for products or services associated with pest control, the search engine will display your ads over the top of the organic SERPs.

There is a different price for the pest control keywords on Google local services ads. On average, the price is around $5 to $10 based on the popularity and search volume for the keyword.

You can use the Google local service ads for

  • Attracting more new and local customers for increased pest control job requests. 
  • Increase visibility and reach of your pest control business during the initial days of business setup.


The image below displays a local Google search of pest control service providers in Washington, DC. The companies listed with local services ads with proper local search engine optimization (SEO) will be displayed. 

Your ratings, reviews, and other SEO factors can decide your rankings on the service list. Invest your effort and time in local SEO to ensure you rank higher in the local search ad results.

You can also list your business free of cost. Register with Google My Business to get your pest control services listed. But the search result will display the paid ads above your organically listed business details. 

3. Google display ads 

Google offers you the option of using display ads where you can take a step further compared to the search ads and add videos, graphics, and banners. The display ads are displayed to the consumers where they once browse the web looking for pest control services, and the data gets stored at Google servers.

With the help of display ads, you can stand out from other local businesses and improve your connection with your potential clients in the competitive marketplace.

You can create your ad creatives using the relevant information by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and ensuring highly effective ads for a successful campaign.

  • Uploaded image ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • In-app ads
  • Other Google-related platforms

You can use display ads for

  • Higher visibility and engagement.
  • Increase your traffic to the websites.


Here’s a banner ad format that can be ‌displayed on different channels and platforms to ensure your potential customers perform a specific action. You can create your graphics for banner ads and must follow the specific instructions Google provides to ensure campaign effectiveness.

The ads created by Find A Pest Pro can also be used for their retargeting campaign to boost their brand recall and scale their business leads and operations. 

The cold prospect who visited their brand website or viewed their ad on Google can be shown the retargeting display ad while scrolling through the web or using a mobile application listed on Google Play Store. 

The target audience can click on the banner ads, scroll through the websites listed on the search engine, and get redirected to the landing page where they can get the estimate. 

4. Google search ads

Being the most popular type, Google search ads can help a local company take the business online and strengthen audience engagement. It can help you attract qualified leads to your landing page and minimize the efforts of organic SEO or running other PPC ads.

You can engage with your potential customers by placing ads on specific search terms with basic information about your pest control services. 

You can target the search ads for the local area, use accurate data to understand what people search for, and offer your pest control or similar services to achieve your desired results and generate more leads.


The search ads contain a description, call-to-action, headline, and landing page URL. The headline will comprise keywords you expect the target audience to use while looking for pest control services.

The ranking of the ads is based on the bidding process. The highest bidder for a specific keyword will get the highest spot. The PPC model ensures you are charged a specific amount once your search ads get a click.

For highly popular keywords, the price can shoot up. Still, you’ll get the best quality leads for your pest control business to minimize your time and effort in the lead generation process.

5. Social media ads

Social media ads

Around 58.4% of the world’s population is using social media, you must leverage the opportunity and use tailored social media pest control ads to boost your marketing efforts.

Different social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram offer great paid advertising platforms for businesses to run and monitor their ads.

You must ensure your ads are specific for the platform and you optimize your ads based on the data provided.


Here’s an example of an Instagram ad where pest control service providers highlight their target audience’s problems and offer their service as the solution.

It’s a great approach to connect with prospective customers on social media and increase the conversion rate.

Apart from these pest control ads, here’s how to attract more customers to your pest control business.

Tips for Attracting Customers

Apart from using pest control ads, multiple ways can attract customers to your pest control service business, but we have filtered the best ways.

1. Social media

You use social media to increase your visibility and reach to ensure you stand out from other pest control businesses and achieve your desired results. Create different social media business profiles to create an omnichannel approach to unlock your true potential.

Use tailored content formats for platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to connect with the audience and accomplish your business goals.

2. Online reviews

Online reviews

Improve your online ratings and reviews by delivering quality pest control services and asking for online feedback from your happy clients. It can enable prospective clients to go through the comments section on Google reviews, social media platforms, or your business website.

It can boost your chances of lead conversion and ensure you increase the client inflow and service request calls.

3. Business listings

List your pest control website on different listing websites or online directories to boost your local presence and streamline your business operations. You can list your pest control business on platforms like Google My Business or Thumbtack to create your presence among local online audiences and increase pest control service requests from new leads.

4. SEO


Search engine optimization effectively attracts search engine traffic to your web pages and increases lead generation marketing efforts. The organic approach can minimize your marketing expenditure and ensure you unlock the potential of pest control blogs on your website. 

SEO can take months, weeks, or years to show its potential, but it can deliver long-term results that minimize your worries about lead generation flow.

5. Email marketing

Explore the potential of email marketing and maximize your ROI on your lead generation or sales conversion efforts. Hire professional copywriters to create engaging copies to convert your prospects into leads.

Integrate a professional email service provider to implement a successful email marketing campaign to increase your business efficiency and customer count.

Once you use these pest control marketing strategies to boost your clientele, you must ensure you deliver them quality invoices,  credit memo journals, or estimates for a quality customer experience

Professional financial management software can increase your business efficiency, manage financial documents, and stand out from other pest control companies. We have selected the best software to ensure you scale your pest control company to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much do pest control businesses spend on advertising?

    You can set an ad budget based on your goals and ‌marketing funds. Utilize the power of data analysis to increase your customer engagement, new customers, and online reputation. Optimize your pest control ad campaigns to increase the efficiency and results to stand out from the rest of control companies.

  2. How to get more clients from pest control businesses?

    You can increase your online presence, create a pest control website, use social media marketing, pest control advertisements, and other digital marketing strategies to get more clients and generate sales for your business.

  3. How do I advertise my pest control business?

    You can implement different pest control marketing ideas to connect with potential customers and generate pest control leads. Ensure you use the power of pest control advertising and stand out from most pest control companies to increase your reach and visibility.

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