5 Best Pest Control Software for 2024

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Say goodbye to old manual techniques of handling pest control business and welcome to the auto world. Get equipped with the best pest control software and take your business to the next level.

If you are running your own pest control business, then it is challenging for you to excel amidst various competitive factors. Globally, the pest control market size was $19.73 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach $31.94 billion by 2027, depicting a CAGR of 6.31%.

Wondering how to grab the maximum market share and be a part of this profitable industry? We will be happy to help you.

Automation is one of the hugely profitable business tactics. Adopting the best pest control software for your business can lessen your worries to some extent, improving efficiency and reducing complexities, costs, and paperwork. “Say NO, to manual intervention and HI to automation”.

Top 5 Best Pest Control Software

Here are the best pest control software options available to choose from in 2023-24:

1. InvoiceOwl

2. Sales Rabbit

3. Insectram

4. Housecall Pro

5. Smart Services

Out of all these best pest control software listed above, what will you choose? Which can be best for you? For answering your query, we have compared leading business software options based on cost, features, ease of use, pros and cons.

1. InvoiceOwl – Invoicing and Estimating Software

Are you the one who wishes to focus more on growing your pest control business? Want to stop wasting your precious time doing multiple jobs manually? Then you have approached the right pest control business software.

InvoiceOwl is one of the leading invoicing and estimating software, with a customer rating of 4.6/5. It caters to the need of those pest control agents who are seeking smooth and automated business operations. Being the best pest control software, it allows users to create professional-looking pest control templates for free download in just a few seconds without much effort.

Key Features:

  • Allow users to create customized invoices or estimates
  • Can create purchase orders and raise credit memos
  • Keep track of client information for future reference
  • Online customer reviews and feedback for improvising the business operations
  • Manage the reports and keep the track of monthly, quarterly, and annual business activities
  • Allow users to send invoices or estimates to the clients through emails in PDF, CSV, and XLS format
Pros Cons
  • 100% paperless workflow
  • Customized pest control receipt template available
  • In-built email option for sending invoices and estimates
  • Easy user interface
  • No 24*7 customer support

Pricing Plan

Two pricing plans are available.

  • A monthly plan $28.99.
  • Yearly plan $99.99.

A free trial is available. Once the free trial ends, you can upgrade to any of the available plans per your preferences.

Say Hello to Digitalization & Enhance your Pest Control Invoicing Process.

InvoiceOwl helps you in generating customized estimates & invoices which you can send instantly to your clients, and get paid faster.

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2. Sales Rabbit

Sales rabbit

If you possess good sales skills and want to master, then SalesRabbit can be one of your destinations. It is the cloud-based sales management software that focuses on the core points of any field service company. It is available on windows and iOS devices as well as on mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Key Features:

  • Works for reps’ motivation
  • Sales team mastery
  • Lead generation
  • Performance improvisation by increasing sales team efficiency
  • Helps raise the sales conversion rate.

An integrated core product like DataGrid favors management efforts by automatically populating the homeowners/customer information. GPS tracking helps to meet the target audience easily. Also, it provides training libraries and geofenced marketing tools to improvise the sales team’s performance.

Pros Cons
  • Little outdated, and can’t keep the user updated with the latest appointments
  • No real-time communication

Pricing Plan

SalesRabbit comes up with three pricing categories:

  • Team: $25/month/user
  • Pro: $35/month/user
  • Enterprise: $59/month/user

3. Insectram


Insectram is a QR-encrypted pest control management software designed to streamline all the business operations of pest control businesses. It collects real-time data on the spot and helps field service management to reach all monitoring points through QR codes and NFC stickers. Insectram is incorporated with all the local as well as international standards such as; such as AIB, BRC, FSSC, IFS, ISO, and more.

Key Features:

  • Generate work orders to manage technicians
  • Pest tracking activity
  • Real-time data collection
  • Various trend analyses and reports available for matching standards
  • Generate quotes/estimates
Pros Cons
  • Customer oriented
  • Best tracking standards
  • Mobile Access
  • A bit expensive for future versions

Pricing Plan

It provides three pricing plans listed below:

  • Lite: £23/month
  • Basic: £37/month
  • Standard: £70/month

4. Housecall Pro

This cloud-based field service management software serves a wide range of industries, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and many more.

Housecall pro

Housecall Pro comes with a simple user interface and an easy onboarding process. It helps the service business to create invoices easily, and get quick payment from clients. The easy billing management system with zero overdue.

Key Features:

  • Online quickbooks integrations
  • Prompt payment processing
  • GPS tracking for job scheduling
  • Generate quick invoices and estimates
Pros Cons
  • Real-time notifications for smooth customer interaction
  • Efficient marketing tactics
  • User-Friendly
  • Slow technical support
  • Zero chemical management

Pricing plan

  • Housecall Pro starts at $49/month, with an upgraded service at $109/month

5. Smart Service

Smart service

Smart Service is a Quickbooks-integrated field service management software for mobile devices that contributes to users’ daily business needs. It allows the user to create invoices/estimates and manage the customer accounts along with scheduling the next appointments.

Key Features:

  • Draft effective service route
  • Automate the dispatch orders for field technicians
  • Program outdated

Pricing plan

  • Smart Service provides custom pricing, depending on your user count, and the nature of your business. For more information, contact one of its representatives.

How Does Pest Control Software Boost Your Business Operations?

Strategically, just serving pest control services to your clients is not enough, right? You need to be on your toes every day to introduce something new and unique in your pest control operations.

An example of this is many pest control companies automate processes or strengthen the pest control ad campaign or improve customer management service to stand out among their competitors.

If you want to hold a place in the market, you need to make yourself worthy. And to prove this worth, you can streamline all your business operations using various pest control management software in your business.

The top pest control software will help you out in the following ways:

  • Process automation
  • Streamline austomer relationship management
  • Maintain the inventory record
  • Enhance job management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Pest Tracking activity
Benefits Description
Process Automation Provides business automation such as fulfilling your billing requirements, creating invoices and estimates, and tracking the payment schedules by eliminating human errors.
Streamline Customer Relationship Management Smoothens customer relations by making a user-friendly platform.
Can store the client database along with the account histories and keep a track of the service details. Through this, users can easily connect with their clients for scheduling the next appointments.
Maintain the Inventory Record Inventory management can easily be done using good pest control software as it keeps a record of what chemicals to use for a particular property, how much to use, and how often to use.
Enhance Job Management Small businesses can draft customized quotations for targeting their potential clients.
Appointment Scheduling The pest control industry can plan their customer appointments smoothly in a way that there is no clash among the employees’ schedules.
Pest Tracking Activity Pest control software collects and analyzes pest data. It helps users to keep a track of the pest activity of each client, which can either be for inspections, fumigation, sterilization, or destruction.

Considerations to be Kept in Mind Before Purchasing Pest Control Software

You cannot buy field service software without matching your needs and specifications, otherwise, it will be futile. Apart from all other severe factors, some common grounds which are to be taken into consideration before purchasing any pest control business software are:

1. Accessibility

Always opt for mobile-friendly software. Field technicians are constantly juggling with their day-to-day client schedules and usually travel to many places in one day. Pest control teams find it a blessing if they have free access to their software solution.

It is convenient for them if they have their automated tool handy, where they can check client data, create invoices and estimates, and can attain prompt payment processing.

2. Network in range

Technicians of pest control companies usually remains out of network. The field technicians’ show must go on, and the network should never be a barrier to that. Having the offline mode utility in the software can let users search customer data, update the task details, and view the next scheduled appointments no matter in what corner of the world they are in.

3. Scalable software solutions

Business is itself a challenge every day. For instance, insects go on a vacation in the winter months, leading to a lull in business. On the contrary, there is a long queue of calls in the summer season. So, the software must have a robust interface handling such changing cash flow in a way that won’t affect the profitability of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the best software for a pest control company?

    Every pest control service company has different needs and specifications and after figuring out those needs they opt for one that software matches their needs.

    However, the most commonly preferred automated software for pest control business is InvoiceOwl. You will be able to create customized invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos with zero errors, and 100% accuracy making InvoiceOwl the best pest control business software.

    InvoiceOwl benefits us in the following ways;

    • Real-time notifications
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports Stores the client data for future reference
    • Online customer reviews

  2. How much does pest control software cost?

    The cost of pest control business software depends on the automated processes you wish to install in your daily routine business operations. It starts from $20 per month and can raise to $ 149 per month. However, these are not fixed rates. Software packages can have multiple pricing plans depending on the features offered.


After seeing all the above solutions about opting for the best pest control software for your business, now it’s time that you make a wise decision. Preferably, InvoiceOwl is the one you can think of choosing. It is one of the leading user-oriented software helping you out in your daily business activities.

Remember one thing no matter what you choose, you have to be very much specific in choosing software. If you are planning to go for automating the business processes, you should go for the one you feel is easy to use.

Because it is rightly said by Eliyahu Goldratt that “Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine.”

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