SEO for Contractors: Expert Tips for Online Success

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Over 68% of the online experience starts with search engines, and search engine optimization is critical to having a solid presence on search engines.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the importance of SEO in a contractor business and understand the basics of SEO for contractors.
  • Boost your SEO performance by implementing different SEO strategies for contractors.
  • Focus on improving the local SEO results and search rankings that can help you achieve your desired results.

46% of Google searches are for local services or businesses, making local SEO a vital aspect of your contractor’s business success.

But with an increase in the number of contractors in different industries, it’s getting difficult for small and medium-scale businesses to strengthen their SEO and attract organic traffic to their business.

You need to follow different result-driven custom SEO strategies for contractors to help you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your SEO rankings and score.

Let’s look at how you can improve SEO for contractors and what are the best SEO strategies for you to drive great organic search results.

What Is Contractors SEO?

SEO for contractors focuses on improving the overall search engine rankings and helping you attract more clients through lead generation and service booking rates.

You can use the power of on-site and off-site SEO for your contractor business to improve your rankings, increase domain authority, and attract a more organic audience for fulfilling your business goals.

You need SEO specialists to help you build a custom contractor SEO strategy to achieve your desired business goals using the power of search engine optimization.

You need to hire a digital marketing firm to assist you with contractor SEO services for better marketing strategy and SEO results. SEO has different goals in a contractor business that can help you stand out from the rest in the industry.

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How Is SEO Beneficial to Contractors?

SEO can provide great benefits for contractors but planning, executing, and optimizing different SEO strategies can take time, and you should remain consistent and be patient in unlocking the real SEO potential.

1. Brand awareness

SEO can boost your brand’s awareness by enhancing the reach of your website.

brand awareness

You can choose different search engines and list your web pages to help the search engines rank your website for different keyword search results.

If you have a decent domain authority and have sprinkled different keywords in your blogs with high-quality, relevant content, your website will rank on the first page of the search results.

Higher rankings can help boost your brand’s reach to a wider audience, increasing the chances of lead conversions and service sales.

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2. Lower expenses

The prime motive of using SEO is to attract organic traffic without investing a high-end amount in traffic conversion. SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that you can use to top the Google search results and ensure that your local business can compete with the big guns.

But if you hire an SEO company to manage your organic marketing operations, you might need to invest a decent amount to increase the overall marketing cost.

Different SEO companies have different prices as they provide a professional SEO marketing team and strategies tailored for your contractor business. They perform a specific.

3. Competitive advantage

Leveraging SEO can help you get an extra edge over your competitors who are following the traditional marketing approach and not focusing on the power of search engine results pages.

You can optimize your contractor SEO process over time by analyzing different data points of your existing strategies that can help you stand out.

4. More traffic

Implementing SEO strategies and extracting desired results using SEO is a long-term process. You must be patient while adapting to a full-fledged SEO strategy.


But if you remain consistent and pass through the dry spell, you’ll start witnessing great organic traffic results that can boost your performance and help you stand out.

You can sustain organic traffic for longer and help you rank your newer content faster because of your authoritative website.

Let’s explore the top five strategies you can use as a general contractor to achieve these exclusive SEO benefits.

Top 5 SEO Strategies for Contractors

1. Update your meta

Meta tags are the code that tells the search engines what’s important on the web page. You must update your meta for every blog published on the platform that can boost your SEO rankings and results.

Every web page has meta tags only visible in the HTML code. There are a few meta components that you should be aware of.

Meta title

Titles are crucial to give users a quick insight into the content of a search result. An intuitive title can help you attract more clicks to your blog than a normal basic title.

You should create multiple meta titles for your blogs to help you brainstorm and a quality title that can help you boost your SEO campaign results.

Once your title can attract more clicks, the search engine can rank your web page higher in the list for different keywords. Keep the title short, crisp, and within 60 characters.

Also, use the primary keyword in the title to match the search intent and improve the ranking of your website.

Meta description

You should update your meta description while posting a blog on your website. Your meta description contains a brief description of the blog’s message that can help the search engine crawlers understand the crux of the website.

Your meta description is also displayed in the search results below the title of your blog or web page. You should include relevant keywords in your meta and make it short and crisp to entice the users to click through.

2. Content is king

SEO for contractors is incomplete without a robust content marketing strategy. You should ensure that content is the prime focus and other SEO techniques while implementing your SEO strategy.

content is king

Perform keyword research related to your contractor business and create content around those keywords that can add value to the readers.

Content can help you showcase your expertise and knowledge in the service industry that can help you build trust and strong relationships with prospective customers.

Focus on creating engaging and SEO-focused copies for your website, blogs, and other SEO strategies to achieve SEO success and attract great website traffic.

All the authoritative websites use the content as their foundation to execute the SEO strategies that can help them rank higher on the first page of search engines.

Keep your content simple to hook your visitors and ensure that it is SEO-friendly to attract more visitors to your websites and enhance your online visibility. You can rank better in keyword rankings with quality SEO-focused content and stand out from other general contractors.

3. Update alt text for all images

An underrated SEO strategy that can help you improve your contractor business SEO results is ensuring that you have SEO-focused alt text for your images.

Different businesses ignore the alt text for their images posted on the website and publish their blogs or other content without utilizing the power of online images.

You should ensure that you add a keyword or a long-tail keyword related to the blog in the alt text that can help the search engine understand the message of the image.

The search engine crawlers can’t view the image and grasp the message of the image. Rather they crawl through the alt text and understand the purpose of the image.

If you use a specific alt text, you can attract traffic from the image section of the search engine while your prospective client performs a specific search related to the alt text.

Using alt text can open a new channel to attract organic traffic to your blog and help you achieve your desired business goals.

4. Register on GMB

Use Google My Business to increase your local search ranking and boost your local SEO strategy. You can list your business on GMB, which can help you increase your reach and branding in different searches.

Providing detailed information to Google about your business operations, contact details, timings, and addresses can help your prospects connect with your contractor business.

Google showcases different business listing results based on the search made by the users. Suppose if a user types landscaping contractors near me, Google will show the list of the closest contractors available that can help ease the user’s decision-making process.

GMB is a great asset for connecting with your local customers and increasing the reach of your business page on the most popular search engine. You can stand out from other local businesses that follow the traditional approach of word-of-mouth marketing and offline advertising.

5. Get backlinks

Backlinks are the heart of off-page SEO. They are different from technical SEO and can help you organically increase your website visitors. Different search engines use backlinks to indicate the linked-to content’s authority and quality.

get backlinks

A site with multiple high-value backlinks will get a better ranking and a higher domain authority.

For example, suppose you have a highly authoritative website that gives a backlink to your website. In that case, it indicates to the search engine that your website offers great quality insights on the specific topic or that your website inspired the content.

It can boost your credibility and authority on the topic and help improve your domain authority and SEO rankings.

There are two types of backlinks that you can use for your business.


Do-follow links enable search engines to follow the links and reach your website. It provides your website with the juice and the backlink that can help you improve your overall rankings and authority in the industry.


No-follow links don’t allow the search engine bots to follow the link to your website and limit the link juice and a backlink to your website. Your website’s ranking won’t be affected by a no-follow backlink.

So you should be focusing on attracting do-follow links by following blogger outreach, blog commenting, guest posting, broken link building, and user-generated content that can help you improve your local visibility and attract your target audience.

Talking about local visibility, there are different ways you can use it to enhance your local reach.

Local SEO Tips for Contractors

1. Create citations

You can use different citations that can help you boost your local brand reach and awareness. Citations are getting your business’s name across the web. You can use local listings, review sites, and Google My Business to increase your citations.

Improving your online reviews, testimonials, and ratings to strengthen your citation impact on the web can help you close more leads and increase your clientele.

You can stand out from other local contractor businesses with a wider presence on the web.

2. Research keywords

Look out for keywords that your local audiences are using that can help you include those keywords in your blogs and help you rank higher for those search results.

Local search keywords generally include the location of the prospect, which you can use in your keywords to improve your local SEO results and achieve your desired business goals.

3. Get verified on Google

Get your verification done on Google to boost your reach and presence on the search engine. While listing your local contractor business, Google will ask you for your official business documents as proof that can help you enhance your business listing results.

Being verified by Google can help you access different features and SEO opportunities offered by Google easily and ensure that you attract a great number of organic results from Google.

4. Respond to reviews

Reply to your reviews and ratings that can help you make your clients feel special and improve your listing rankings. Great Google reviews and ratings can help you hook your prospect closer to your brand and help you rank higher.

Responding to reviews can help Google improve your visibility because of the higher engagements.

Following these local SEO tactics can increase the number of interactions and prospects’ engagements. You can improve your results and ensure that you stand out from the rest.

Final Thoughts on SEO for Contractors

SEO is a powerful digital marketing asset that can help your contractor business attract organic traffic and save your paid advertising budget.

Consistent and quality content can scale your business rankings and improve your domain authority over time. You should perform an SEO audit to help you analyze the data and optimize your future decisions.

But once you can attract new leads and boost your service sales, you should focus on improving the in-house financial operations that can help you deliver excellent results.

Use professional software to handle estimates, invoicing, purchase orders, and credit memos that can help you streamline your cash flow and manage your finances.

Out of hundreds of software in the industry, it can be overwhelming for your business to find one suitable for your contractor’s business services.

But our team has filtered the best software that can help you streamline your finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why should contractors invest in local SEO?A contractor should improve the local SEO to attract organic traffic and enhance the business’s online reputation. You can scale your contracting business locally, which can help you build healthy relationships with your clients and stand out from others. Local SEO leads are generated using different techniques and methods for maximizing the impact of your business. You can attract local traffic to your online directories, contractor website, and other platforms that can strengthen your local SEO.

    1. How long does SEO for contractors take to work?SEO can take months or years to work properly and help you achieve your desired business outcomes. It’s a long-term process, and you must remain consistent and have the patience to achieve your desired results. Different businesses and marketers use black hat SEO techniques to purchase backlinks and boost their SEO rankings and authority, but we suggest you stick to the white SEO techniques that can help you achieve results correctly.

    1. What contractor SEO KPIs should we track?Contractors should check the overall engagements, new lead generation, rankings, and multiple other SEO KPIs that can assist to optimize the SEO strategy and help you achieve desired outcomes.

  1. Why is SEO necessary for trenchless contractors?SEO is necessary for trenchless contractors to help them achieve lead generation and service sales results. Using different SEO tactics, contractors can achieve desired results by minimizing their marketing expenses.

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