Best Pest Control Websites Contractors Should Know

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With digitalization at its peak, every business is working to build an online presence. People look up on the internet before investing in goods and services, and pest control services are no different. 

But why do you need a pest control website first? Well, you help potential clients find you online, gain trust by displaying your expertise and make it easy for them to access your services. So, now you know how significantly a website can benefit you. 

Once you’re ready to run a successful pest control business with a website, you must be looking for ideas to make it different.  

Worry no more! You have landed on the right page. Here we have researched and listed the best pest control websites in this article with pros and cons. You will also understand design and functionality ideas from these. Now without any ado, let’s get started. 

📝Key Takeaways:

  • This article highlights the essential features for building a pest control website to stand out from competitors.
  • You will also learn the do’s and don’t of creating a pest control website from the five of such best websites reviewed here.

Things to Consider for Building Pest Control Website

1. Design the website with your users in mind

Imagine this: A homeowner too annoyed with pest infestations searches “best pest control company” on Google, and your website pops up first, and it gets clicked. 

The homeowner finds the pest problem and solution and how the pest services company will help. They get relieved for a second and book your service. 

Sounds good?

You can turn this into reality if your website design is top-notch and has all the CTA’s optimized. So, you can catch your customer’s eye with your good-looking website, make them aware about your service areas, and convert the website visitors into leads. To put it simply, design it with the help of efficient designers and website builders.

2. Integrate customer reviews

pest control websites templates

Even if you have a top-notch pest control website, why should a random person hit up your pest control service? How do they know you are a legit pest control expert and can provide satisfaction guarantee??

Well, the only thing that can prove it is testimonials. 

So, integrate your existing customers‘ reviews on the website to gain some authority.

3. Customers want content

Read that again. When website visitors want more information about the pest issues, they will want to read your website content and blogs. So, your website must have original content published to get more attention from your potential clients. 

A  learning section, blog section, or even a frequently asked questions section can quickly give your pest control business a sense of ease and appreciation. Especially, a single pest control FAQ can clear their doubts and can convert them into a customer. 

4. Optimize your landing page

Optimize your landing page

Previously, we mentioned creating a good-looking website. Apart from that, you need to optimize the landing page correctly to convert website visitors into leads and scale up the business. A pro tip to rank your website across all the search engines is to practice SEO.

So, ensure you have implemented the following segments on your home page such as

  • Menu system
  • High-resolution images
  • Internal links to other pages
  • Contact details
  • Large CTAs

At the end of the day, you create a website to get leads and convert it, right? This can’t happen like magic. So, remember to include these factors to level up your pest management business. 

Best Pest Control Websites For Contractors

1. Triangle Pest Control

Triangle Pest Control

Triangle Pest Control stands out with its flexible scheduling options and same-day service features.

This website gives crystal clear information on what the pest control company is all about. By combining the best people with the best pest control products and services, this company delivers the finest services to protect the family, house, and property from tiny unwanted guests.

If the pests return or if the pest problem hangs on even after the pest treatment, customers get quick customer service free of cost.

What you can note from this website to build your own website are:

  • It clearly mentions its two main regional services’ areas. One can click on it and book the services by filling out a form if they belong to that area. Easy-peasy!
  • They operate Monday to Saturday and provide same-day service. But to claim it, one must ping them before noon Monday – Friday. So, give flexible options for your customers to choose from. 
Pros Cons
  • Client testimonials speaks volume about their services
  • Scheduling pest control service feature
  • The website is easy to read and navigate
  • An informative database of common pests is available on the website
  • Working hours may vary on holidays. So you can fix this issue in your business by offering a proper working time.

Final verdict: The information given on the website looks promising. Booking the service directly on the website makes it easy to avail of them. They advertise that the chemicals used are formulated to be less toxic than even table salt, which means their services are pet-friendly and eco-safe. So, try to highlight a core area of your pet control business to stand out. 

2. Terminix


Terminix is a big name in the pest service industry, and it’s a no-brainer that it has a top-notch website.

They have clearly displayed their expertise in the number of locations and years of experience, all in numbers because numbers build authenticity. 

The pest problem is explained to each customer clearly, and the customer can curate a customized plan. 

So, what must be your takeaway from this reputed pest service website?

  • First things, first. The pest service video embedded in the Terminix homepage grabs immediate attention. Actions speak louder than words, aren’t they?
  • The large fonts on each page are easy to read and give vivid information about the pest control services. Did we mention it’s easy to navigate?
  • The static price board gives the website an instant idea about the starting pest control cost. 
Pros Cons
  • Easy to read and navigate
  • Offers a free guide to superior home protection
  • Has national pest control resources displayed on website
  • Design is top-notch
  • One-time service fee is more expensive here. So make sure to offer a competitive price.

Final verdict:  This is one of the pet control websites that can quickly leave a strong impact on any customer visiting the page. With links to their four different social media accounts, they’ve allowed potential customers to connect and get to know about the pest control company before buying. The design and functionality are spot-on. 

3. Orkin


How about keeping it simple yet slaying it? You must learn this from the century-old pest service brand’s website design. Orkin is among the big heads in the pest control industry, and the company’s history is given on the website. Anyone can quickly find the portfolio; all the necessary information is sprinkled all over the website. 

Orkin protects houses from 20 household common pests using its general pest control plan.

The website’s features which make it stand out are:

  • It serves 400+ locations worldwide, and customers can find their local branch using zip code.
  • What’s cooler is they follow a strong theme. The red, black, and white colors throughout the website look attractive. 
Pros Cons
  • 24-hour customer care team for pest control solutions
  • Offers technologically advanced pest control methods
  • Doesn’t offer online chat

Final verdict:  Overall, Orkin has a great web design for the best pest control companies to learn from and get inspired by. It is among a few pest control websites that have a clear, intuitive design. It offers pest control, termite infestations control, prevent and protect plans, pest library, and whatnot. It happens to be simple yet effective in delivering what it stands for.

4. Family Pest Control

Family Pest Control

Family Pest Control is one of the top pest control companies in the US, serving San Antonio & surrounding areas. We chose this website for its more intuitive design. Did you get reminded of Orkin’s theme seeing this website? We guess you did. The overall design gives a killer look and reminds customers that their services are designed to kill pests effectively. 

Apart from pest and termite control services, it also indulges itself in rodent and wildlife control.

What must your final notes from this pest control website be?

  • The ant-moving animation is on-point. You can use animations that resemble your pest control services. 
  • This website has integrated all its social signals in the top right corner. It’s a huge plus as customers validate their business via social platforms these days.
Pros Cons
  • Promises to return all calls and emails
  • Offers four different membership plans
  • Scheduling service feature
  • No live chat but make sure you offer your customers with chat option

Final verdict:  Most pest control companies don’t stand out with unique value. But those which do, grab special attention. Family Pest Control company supports veterans and provides equal opportunity to women. In terms of design, it is neat and easy to scroll through and grasp the information.

5. Green Earth

Green Earth

Green Earth is one of the crisp and effective pest control websites whose design is worth checking. 

They pointed out the house owners’ problem right away and promised a quick solution. However, although they have advertised eco-friendly services, they haven’t given a clear idea on the same. However, the “Go Green” theme never fails to capture eyes. 

Green Earth Pest Control mainly covers New York City and the Los Angeles area and delivers its pest control services for both residential and commercial buildings. 

What we want you to check out on this pest control website are

  • The strong call-to-action button on the homepage
  • A small about-us on the home page
  • Various services on grid-format
Pros Cons
  • Informative blogs
  • Clean and neat to navigate
  • Website visitors can avail their services right away
  • The website doesn’t explain its pest control methods. So don’t forget to mention on your website, as it gives customers a clearer view of what and how you carry out the process.

Final verdict:  This website design is to the point and avoids conventional designs followed by pest control websites. If you don’t want to design a generic website for your pest company, then this design might intrigue you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the elements found in the best pest control websites?

    • Responsiveness and function
    • A strong call to action
    • Informative and engaging content
    • Reputability
    • Consistency

  2. What do the best pest control companies use to treat pests?

    Most pest control companies are reported to use pesticides called pyrethrins and pyrethroids, including Permethrin. Since they mimic natural and organic pesticides found in chrysanthemums, they reduce pesticide risk. Though some companies use chemicals, it’s not so common.

  3. What are the variables of pest control pricing?

    The pest control companies’ costs vary for every project as multiple factors affect the cost.

    The variables include:

    • Type of pest
    • Degree of infestation
    • Property size
    • Number of treatments


Building a pest control website to get leads for your business is not a breeze. After all, you are an expert in the pest control field, not a web designer. But in today’s digital world, with most people relying on digital information, you need a website.

This article would suffice if you were looking for some ideas to grasp regarding pest control website design and functionality. 

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