How to Start a Handyman Business?

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Over 91,120 handyman service employees work in the United States. The handyman service industry is estimated at around $4.5 billion in 2022.

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  • Learn about nine simple steps that you can use to start your handyman service business from scratch.
  • Understand what it takes to solidify your business fundamentals and scale your business to great business heights.

With the rise in the residential buildings across the country, the industry’s estimated value is expected to rise exponentially. You won’t have a better time starting a handyman service business than in 2022.

With the rising industry demand, you have the opportunity to earn great profits and create a solid footprint in the industry.

You must follow the right strategies and integrate the right resources and tools to help you stand out from most handyman businesses and deliver an excellent customer experience to your clients.

But the question is, how to start a handyman business?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We have filtered the best and easy nine steps you can follow to create a professional new business to help you connect with potential customers and achieve desired business growth.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

9 Steps to Start a Handyman Business

1. Decide your services

Starting a handyman service business starts with a foolproof handyman business plan that can help you set a solid foundation for your business success. You need to start planning by shortlisting the handyman services you need to handle for your residential clients.

Decide your services

Multiple services can be offered for a successful handyman business, such as interior and exterior handyman services.

The interior handyman services include furniture assembly, paint and stain, drywall maintenance and repair, minor plumbing, minor electrical, minor carpentry, window coverings, interior winterization, and tiling.

The exterior handyman services include gutter cleaning, pressure washing, window washing, screen installation and repairs, exterior paint and stain, general yard maintenance, and fence and gate repairs.

You can filter some handyman service jobs based on your handyman experts and their ability to manage different tasks.

Once you have finalized the handyman services, you need to choose a business name, target audience, competitors, and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

2. Strategize your service pricing

Setting up the business basics and handyman job services are not enough to kickstart your own handyman business. You need to analyze and finalize your handyman service pricing.

Pricing of a handyman service plays a significant role in deciding how successful your handyman service business can be and help you stand out from the rest of the handyman businesses. You need to determine the pricing based on the niche of your handyman services.

Check the competitor pricing, industry average standards, expenses, and other marketing offers to finalize the overall handy service pricing.

Two pricing models are used across different service industries, i.e., hourly rate and fixed price.

You need to analyze your business industry and profit margins considering both the pricing scenarios and choosing the most suitable pricing model.

Mostly the service prices are hourly based, but if you have the right idea about the complete client requirement and are confident about your employee’s commitment and delivery, you can also estimate a fixed price. Moreover, you must even get your hands on handyman job estimator software so that you can speed up the process and get jobs done.

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3. Register your business

Once done with the initial planning, it’s time to jump onto the execution and start your business registration. You must register your handyman business and avail yourself of business general liability insurance.

register your business

While filing your business registration, you need to select your new business to be registered as

  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship

Multiple handyman businesses choose to start as a partnership or sole proprietorships because it’s the most straightforward approach to managing the business operations.

You can also start as an independent handyman contractor without partners and employees. You just need to acquire the required business licenses once registered to start the service delivery to your clients. Just get to know the difference between general contractor and handyman for better understanding.

4. Get licenses and certificates

Based on your area of operations, you need to follow different laws to acquire the required business license and certificates to run a handyman business.

get licenses and certificates

You should apply for the basic papers before applying for the handyman’s license and certificates. Complete the requirements of your local governing authorities to ensure you can legally offer your services.

Also, look into different permits for specific jobs because a few specialized small jobs can also require handyman licenses and permits.

Operating without having a general contractor’s license and certificates can land you in legal trouble that can harm your business image and drain your industry impact.

You should restrict your services within the limits of your contractor’s license and permits to ensure that you don’t break the law of different states and ensure a professional image of your business.

5. Create an ideal customer profile

Once you have set the foundation for starting your handyman business operations, it’s time to make your target audience aware of your services.

But how to decide your target audience?

You must create a professional buyer persona for your ideal target audience to understand the desires, goals, and requirements.

You must dive deep into their problems and place your handyman service solutions wisely once you create an ideal buyer persona for your target audience.

The customer profile can set the base and tone for your future marketing efforts and help you determine what emotions you want to trigger to ensure your ideal audience becomes your leads and your clients.

6. Start marketing your business

Marketing your handyman business is the most crucial part of your new business venture. You need to analyze your target market and kickstart the marketing operations to maintain a stable business cash flow.

start marketing your business

First, you need to figure out startup costs and create your marketing strategy based on the marketing budget. Your marketing strategy should focus on providing value to your customers and showcasing your credibility and authority to attract your prospects to your business.

You can create business cards, flyers, personalized postcards, and referral programs to strengthen your traditional approach to marketing a handyman business.

Many handyman businesses only focus on traditional offline marketing and end up running into a dry spell of clients in the modern internet era. Being a professional handyman business owner, you must adapt to the change and switch toward digital marketing platforms to achieve your desired business goals.

Regarding digital marketing, small business owners have two ways to generate quality traffic, i.e., paid and organic.

Paid marketing

You can instantly impact your target audience’s minds by boosting your brand awareness using paid means. You can use different PPC ad campaigns and paid lead generation sites that can help you increase your marketing efforts and drive instant results for your business.

Google, Meta, and LinkedIn are the leading paid marketing companies that can help you reach your target audience with various advertising options. You can use different ad content formats like images, videos, and text-based on your goals and requirements to help you achieve your specific marketing goal.

Paid marketing can help a small-scale handyman business to compete with the big guns in the industry who have higher domain authority and are difficult to displace from higher search rankings for different keywords.

You can reduce the time to reach your potential customers and don’t rely on organic marketing to drive you the desired results.

Using a robust paid marketing plan, you can maximize the potential of web searches and social media platforms to transform into a successful business.

Organic marketing

If you want to avoid investing funds into paid marketing strategies, you can stick to the organic marketing approach.

You can use search engine optimization to increase your website’s rankings for different keywords on search engines, create your business listings to attract local organic traffic, and channel your audience from social media to your website.

The organic marketing approach can take time, but it can deliver excellent results with the right strategy and consistency for a few months or years.

We recommend you adopt a hybrid marketing model that can help extract the benefits of organic and inorganic marketing approaches. Once you create a holistic and all-around marketing strategy for your new handyman service business, you can stand out from other handyman business owners and achieve desired business results.

7. Study the industry rules and regulations

Before delivering your first handyman service, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the industry. You should know the standard protocols your team needs to follow while competing for their job.

You should train your customer support team to handle and answer different client queries based on the rules that can help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

Send a professional job estimate and ask for an advance before assigning your team a handyman service project. If you manage an important handyman project or a commercial consignment, you can sign a legal document to help you remain safe and transparent with your clients.

Understanding the nitty-gritty elements of operating a handyman service business can help you give a head start and avoid future errors and service issues.

8. Open a bank account for your business

Create a business bank account before starting a handyman business to manage your business cash flow and to run a successful handyman business. Being a small business owner, it can get overwhelming to deal in cash and handle the capital flow of your business.

You should have a proper bank account to help you get approvals for different registrations and licenses, deal with your clients and suppliers professionally, and keep track of your profits, expenses, and other money-related issues.

You can easily manage your employee salaries and maintain your financial balance in check with the help of a bank account.

Having a bank account makes small business accounting easier and helps you manage your taxes with finesse. The transparency of transactions can help you avoid miscommunication and financial hurdles during your business management.

9. Invest in business insurance

You should look for small business insurance that can help you manage worker’s compensation claims, client damage covers, business risk covers, and other liabilities.

invest in business insurance

Handyman insurance is important, although you go to clients’ homes to fix a squeaky door or a troublesome AC vent.

Based on your needs and service industry, you can apply for different types of coverage, including your vehicle, business, or employee insurance.

Once you have sorted these vital aspects of starting a professional handyman service business, you need to ensure that you have professional software integration in your business ecosystem to manage in-house workflows.

You must choose dedicated software for creating and managing your estimates, invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos that can help you streamline your accounting and financial management and greatly impact your customers’ minds.

Hundreds of software can help you control your financial document creation and management, but you must choose one based on your business requirements and goals.

Our team has filtered the best software to assist you in minimizing the effort and time required for the research.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is the handyman service business profitable?Yes. With the rise in the number of residential buildings across the country, the demand for small-scale home repair services and other services is rising. Choosing a handyman service business can help you grab the opportunity in the residential repair industry. If you can deliver excellent handyman work for your clients, you can earn great profits with the increase in your clientele.

    1. Is it worth being a handyman service provider?Yes, it’s worth being a handyman service provider because of the scaling demand for quality service providers. You must ensure that you have set the strong business fundamentals to start the business operations that can help you stand out from the rest of the local handyman service providers and deliver an excellent customer experience. Once you offer great handyman service and have professional marketing and in-house business fundamentals, you can significantly impact your industry.

    1. How to price a handyman service?Pricing your handyman services is an important task that can be mastered by looking at different competitors and industry standard pricing in the industry. You must filter between fixed and hourly rates and choose the ideal profit-making pricing model for your handyman business. Once dedicated, you need to consider different expenses, including service costs, employee training, salaries, travel costs, equipment costs, taxes, and other factors, before giving the final estimate to your prospects.

    1. How to start a handyman service business?Kickstart your handyman service business by planning the fundamentals of your business. You can strategize the service, marketing, pricing, and business workflow plan to ensure that you set the strong business fundamentals for your business. Get the required approvals and legal documents to help start your handyman service operations.

  1. How to promote handyman service?The marketing efforts for your handyman service business can depend on your business requirements and goals. You need to filter out the right strategies and use the right tools to boost your inorganic and organic marketing efforts. Manage your marketing budget properly and optimize the marketing strategies to help you achieve better results with minimal expenditure.

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