How to Advertise Handyman Services? 9 Simple Ways to Follow

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on your advertising efforts by investing in social media ads. Post engaging, meaningful, and informational content on your social media accounts consistently to increase your reach online and acquire prospective customers.
  • Ask your existing clients to share reviews and testimonials on social media and review sites. This will build trust and bring more customers who would want to hire you.

More than ever, property owners are making improvements to their buildings and estates. In fact, the number of leads for remodeling contractors has increased by 58% annually.

Regardless of whether you’re a small business owner of a handyman service company or planning to start a new handyman business, you can take this opportunity and work on it to your advantage.

But how do you promote your services and get new clients?

To target customers in your area, you’ll need to develop a comprehensive plan with effective handyman marketing strategies.

If you operate a handyman service business and want to improve your marketing efforts to expand your pool of prospective customers, this blog post can help.

Here are a few offline as well as digital marketing ideas on how to advertise handyman services to expand your business in 2023.

9 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Advertise Handyman Services

1. Collaborate with other small businesses locally

Local businesses have undoubtedly taken the heaviest financial hit from the pandemic. According to a CBIZ survey, 84% of small businesses claim COVID has had a negative impact on them in some way over the past year.

Best way to advertise handyman services

However, quarantine offers a new chance for local companies to collaborate and support one another. Your handyman business can flourish together with other local businesses if you work collaboratively.

Use one of these handyman advertising ideas to collaborate with another local business in the spirit of community:

1.1. Contact your local news

Community newspapers have a large audience, with 51.8% of readers citing them as their primary source of local news

Therefore, to draw attention to your company, you’ll need to take a unique approach. One idea is to team up with other local businesses to organize free community services.

Perhaps you could collaborate with a local electrical contractor to upgrade a community event venue while it is shut down due to COVID-19. Alternatively, you could provide affordable local repairs for minor damages or repair works.

You can get in touch with the regional news outlets using this as your pitch to try and secure a spot. Call it a gesture of goodwill, but your company will benefit from this generosity!

1.2. Participate in a giveaway or a charity auction

Giving back to your community builds good relationships with people and exposes your business to new customers. 

Offer your handyman services as a reward in any upcoming giveaway or local charity auctions. By supporting your community, you might attract new clients.

1.3. Offer your handyman services in a bundle with other relevant home services 

There are multiple businesses that complement your handyman services. Consider putting together a package deal with another local home service business.

For instance, collaborate with a hardware store to provide discounted painting services for choosing their paint. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

2. Leverage the power of social media

Documenting your work and posting it on social media platforms is an effective advertising tool for a local business. The most significant advantages of using social media platforms to promote your handyman business are its affordability and reach. 

Leverage the power of social media

You can build a social media following that will bring in potential customers by posting a few engaging photos and using a few relevant hashtags.

It’s time to get your handyman business on social media if it isn’t already. This is a good marketing strategy for a small business because it can be started with little prior knowledge.

For building a solid and appealing professional presence online, consider the following factors:

2.1. Customer interaction

User engagement is one of the simplest and easiest ways to build an audience on social media. Invite your followers to like and engage with your posts. 

Additionally, don’t forget to follow local vendors and clients who are important. A collaborative post with another local business will increase sales for both of you.

2.2. High-quality media 

The value of a good phone camera cannot be overstated. Customers seeking handyman services will be attracted to video proof of your knowledge and experience. 

Begin by gathering as much business-related content as possible such as photographs and videos of you providing services to your existing customers. Also, ensure that the content you post has enough clarity.

2.3. Running social media ads

Consider investing in handyman advertising by running social media ads if you want to increase the visibility of your business. Facebook offers affordable handyman marketing plans that allow you to target audiences in specific zip codes and increase your social media presence.

3. Run a Facebook page

Facebook has several useful features that promote your handyman business. The exposure of your handyman services’ Facebook business page is similar to having a website, and unlike setting up a website, it is free of charge. 

How to advertise handyman services on facebook

There are two specific things on Facebook that drive leads: the recommendations feature and Facebook Messenger. 

When someone is looking for a handyman service, they can make a post asking people to tag businesses in their responses. This is a common method for requesting local recommendations.

The Messenger feature is popular because it is simple and effective. Leads can text you through Facebook using the Messenger feature. These are typically job inquiries and hot leads ready to hire services. You can track your response time, but it’s best to respond within an hour.

Aside from these features, use Facebook to personalize your services. Post useful home care advice, service updates, and tool and appliance recommendations.

4. Earn and display your certificates and licenses

Regardless of the career field, official degrees instill trust and confidence in customers. Certifications also promote the effectiveness and expertise of your handyman services.

Begin by researching the handyman license requirements in your home state and the licensing rules in your municipality. If the government requires a license, it is usually issued by the state’s construction or labor department.

Additional certifications, alongside state requirements, are excellent marketing tools. Display all degrees prominently on your business website, social media pages, and online listing profiles. Your higher credentials will attract potential customers certainly.

5. Use online listings to expand your customer base

At-home customers can be directed to your handyman business via online listing platforms. Online listing services enable contracting agreements by acting as an intermediary between clients and employees.

Users looking for your handyman services will be able to reach you if you just mention your services, prices, location, and availability. To find local clients, consider signing up for these platforms:

  • Handy (Pro)
  • TaskRabbit
  • Thumbtack

The review sections of online listing apps are another advantage. The more clients you attract, the more opportunities you’ll have to establish a solid reputation and turn up in more searches. 

Request your customers to leave reviews on your online listing profiles and watch your service request rate increase.

6. Invest in Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads is an alternative marketing strategy certified handyman professionals can use to promote their services instead of pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Google Local Services Ads are much different from PPC ads. Unlike PPC ads, it doesn’t make you pay based on the traffic you receive. You must only pay for the leads you acquire. You can use reviews from customers in Google Local Services Ads are your primary content. 

This strategy will help you rank better and will also help you convert leads on the platform itself. Your potential clients don’t have to visit your business website; they can instead call or text you through this platform.

Additionally, you must undergo a background check or a verification process to sign up. But first, you must complete two critical steps.

Start by increasing the number of reviews on your Google My Business profile. These are the testimonials that appear in the Local Service Ads search results.

Next, ensure that you can pass the Google verification process. They will conduct a background check as well as verify your insurance, licenses, and financials. If you or anyone on your team has a criminal record, you may fail the background check.

Because the lead flow is generally of high quality, this platform is beneficial for handyman services and will also help you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

7. Ask for reviews and rating

Nowadays, people read online reviews first before hiring a handyman. More often, people will find you on Google, Top Rated Local®, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor and read your review profile before visiting your business website.

How to advertise handyman services for free

Therefore, having a positive review profile on most of the popular review sites is absolutely essential. Start gathering and publishing as many positive testimonials from existing customers as you can to grow your business. Below are some more strategies to get five-star ratings.

Reviews are Word of Mouth

Advertise your handyman business with the use of customer reviews received in InvoiceOwl software

7.1. Email surveys

You should have a list of all potential customers’ contact information, just like every other business. Create a template for a follow-up email that includes a survey for potential clients. 

Be sure to save all the amazing remarks and comments to post on your webpage and social media channels.

7.2. Promotions on social media

If you have satisfied clients, ask them if they would mind sharing your handyman services or reviews of your work on social media. Give them your company’s social media handle so they can tag you in their shoutout post.

7.3. Online business review sites 

Although many businesses find online review sites overwhelming; however, with careful monitoring, you can gather enough positive review content to boost your business.

8. Design a professional website

Many local handymen assume that having a website won’t make a difference in their business. However, they are wrong. A website is just like a business card; only it is online and more elaborate. 

It is a reference point for individuals who have heard of your business and a starting point for individuals looking for a new handyman. You don’t have to cut corners on website design because you’re a small neighborhood handyman. 

With editing tools, you can create your website even if you have no prior experience, and professional designs on DIY templates are inexpensive. The design shouldn’t be unprofessional or outdated. Professionalism fosters confidence.

You primarily want a simple website that explains what services you offer, advertises any specials you may be running, and makes it easy for people to get in touch with you.

Additionally, it is critical that your handyman business website be mobile responsive. A majority of traffic comes from people who use their phones to look up services online.

9. Work with property management companies, and rental owners

Property management companies and rental owners are two of the most lucrative clientele for handyman services. Anywhere homes are being rented out or sold, such as a senior living facility, a handyman can find consistent work.

Meet landlords, local real estate brokers, and property management companies by networking. Ask the people you already work with for recommendations.

Create organic and paid search campaigns that target specific keyword phrases, such as “handyman services for property management” or “rental handyman services.”

Make sure your business website includes a page that explains how you collaborate with rental owners and property management companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the most common and requested handyman services?

    The common handyman services are:

    • Laying tile
    • Painting
    • Fixture replacement
    • Patching and painting
    • Deck construction and repair
    • Drywall installation
    • Repairing damaged gutters

  2. How profitable is a handyman business?

    The annual income of the average self-employed handyman ranges from $51,000 to $110,000. (after expenses). This estimation is for a handyman who works on their own and without any assistance. So, the answer is “yes” if you’re wondering whether the handyman industry is profitable or not.


We hope that this blog post helped you understand how you can advertise your handyman service business to gain more clients and grow your company.

Along with following these tips, you can also digitize your work processes to scale your business!

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