9 Noteworthy Ideas on How to Grow Your Cleaning Business

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“Never settle for just being good – strive for greatness.”

As per the reports rolling around in the market, the cleaning service market is booming and the numbers presented here support the facts. The market size of janitorial services has grown at an average rate of 1.2% per year between 2018 and 2023. It is projected to reach $90.1 billion in 2023. 

If you are already excelling in this lucrative cleaning business, what if you could take it to the next level? Consider expanding your existing cleaning services, improving your online presence, finding your niche to be unbeatable, or accurately investing in promoting your cleaning business to attract more customers. 

With the right strategies in place, you can mold yourself toward a successful cleaning business. Continue reading this blog post and collect some more useful insights on how to grow your cleaning business, helping it reach new heights and attracting a large customer base.

Identify the Untapped Growth Opportunities

Serving what others don’t help you stay connected with the target audience. There are many hidden growth opportunities that are yet to be unlocked. To identify the unleashed growth opportunities, follow these steps mentioned:

  • Analyzing the cleaning industry trends and demand for cleaning services in your area.
  • Research what your target audience is exactly seeking and see if there are any services that your competitors are not offering and you can offer.
  • Also, look for opportunities to expand your business into new markets or offer specialized services that set you apart from the competition.

The process of identifying untapped growth opportunities demands accurate research, deep analysis, and a willingness to take calculated risks. But once you do this, you can get limitless profitability for your cleaning business.

Frame Unique Selling Proposition 

After exercising this process of identifying the hidden growth opportunities, craft a unique selling proposition for your commercial cleaning business.

Things to keep in mind before crafting an effective unique selling proposition are

  • Identify your targeted audience:

    The first and foremost thing is to know who your target audience is. To whom you will be responsible and what do they want? Until and unless you are unaware of who to serve how will you be able to cater to their needs and requirements? So, get acknowledged by the below-mentioned questions:

    • Who they are?
    • What do they want?
    • What are their likes and dislikes?

      After getting answers to the above-listed questions, and identifying the ideal clients, and researching their wants and requirements, you will be able to adapt the USP to meet their particular requirements.

  • Undergo competitive analysis:

    Get your competitive secrets out. Recognize their success areas by investigating what they have to give and how they promote themselves. After investigating, find gaps and undergo a

    SWOT analysis to fill those gaps. This will enable you to stand out from the competition and develop a distinct selling proposition.

  • Determine your unique selling points:

    List the unique qualities, benefits, and advantages that your product or business offers. These should be characteristics that set you apart from the competition.

  • Be clear and concise:

    Utilize your unique selling points to create a message that is appealing to your target audience and is clear and concise. Your USP (unique selling proposition) should make it obvious how you stand out from your competitors.

  • Try and Test:

    By incorporating it into your marketing materials, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your USP. Refine and modify your message as necessary to ensure that it is understood by your target group.

Find Your Niche

Before knowing the significance let’s first find out how to find a niche for cleaning businesses.

To find a niche for a cleaning business, follow these steps:

  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of expertise. 
  • Think about the types of cleaning services you enjoy and excel at. 
  • You can also conduct market research to identify the gaps in the market and the needs of your target audience. 
  • Additionally, consider the competition in your area and try to identify areas where you can differentiate yourself by offering unique services. 
  • By combining these factors, you can identify a niche that suits your business and helps it grow.

Hence, “Instead of going abruptly without direction, what if slowly and steadily you can win the race.” 

Filter out your own strengths, and weaknesses. This can be your best weapon helping you stand firm and find your area of expertise in this cut-throat competitive world. Consider specializing in a particular type of service like residential, commercial, or industrial, instead of serving all. You can also target specific audiences such as hospitals, schools, or restaurants. 

This exercise will help you get benefit in the following ways:

  • Chance to get a competitive edge by providing specific services catering to the needs of a specific target audience.
  • Leverage to charge a higher price for the specialized service you provide as you face less competition and almost no one is providing the same services as yours.

Consider the Business Costs Involved

It is very important to consider and take note of the costs involved in your cleaning business. Also, if you are wondering about expanding your commercial or residential cleaning business, understanding the operating expenses and then charging accurately for the cleaning services is crucial. This covers all costs, including salaries, supplies, equipment, and promotion. You can find areas where you can cut costs, boost earnings, and invest in expansion opportunities by keeping track of your costs.

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Adopt an Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is one of the trusted and powerful techniques for expanding many cleaning businesses. Create an email list of your existing as well as potential customers, and then regularly send them newsletters, offers, and other messages, keep them interested in your company. By doing this, you can increase your leads and purchases while staying at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

When used effectively, email marketing can be a potent tool for nurturing leads, gaining the audience’s confidence, and ultimately expanding your cleaning company. But in order for your email campaigns to stick out in the inbox and benefit your subscribers, it’s crucial to carefully construct them.

Here’s how you can excel in the email marketing strategy:

  • Know the Behaviour: 

    For an effective email campaign, it is very much essential to know and consider the behavior, interests, and location of your customers. How can you do this? By breaking up your email list into different groups based on, then customize your messages appropriately. This will enable your subscribers to get personalized email messages which in turn will leverage them with more pertinent material and boost conversion rates.

  • Send effective and relevant newsletters:

    Advertising your blogs or other material, such as cleaning advice, business news, and success stories, is another successful tactic that helps the cleaning business grow. You can position your company as a thought leader in the cleaning industry and gain the confidence of your audience by giving your subscribers useful information. This will add value to your brand and increase customer engagement.

  • Maintain healthy customer relations: 

    Consider sending automated email campaigns, such as welcome series, abandoned basket reminders, and post-purchase follow-ups, in addition to newsletters and promos. These can save you time and effort while assisting you in nurturing leads and promoting repeat companies.

Improve Online Presence

In the current digital era, having a strong online presence is essential for expanding your cleaning company. Start by developing a credible website that highlights your abilities and services. To increase inbound traffic, you can also optimize your website for search engines. Additionally, think about promoting your cleaning business and interacting with your community on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Set up a Strong Referral Program

A productive recommendation program can be advantageous to both you and your customers. By offering incentives to people who recommend your business to others, you can produce new leads without spending a fortune on advertising. Additionally, content customers are more likely to refer your business to others, which helps you build a loyal audience.

Offer them incentives like discounts, free services, or even cash for each new customer they introduce to your business. You can also make it simple for them to recommend others by providing them with recommendation cards, email templates, or social media posts that they can share with their friends and family.

Start Strong Networking Channel

Building strong networks with other business people in your industry can help you find new chances, work together on projects, and expand your company. Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Identify your goals and objectives:

    Do you desire new customers, collaborators, or employment opportunities? Having specific objectives can help you concentrate your efforts and make the correct connections.

  • Participate in industrial events: 

    Look for conferences, meetups, and industry events in your neighborhood and visit them frequently. These gatherings give you the chance to network with other experts in your area and learn about the most recent trends and industry best practices.

  • Join Professional Organizations: 

    Getting involved in a professional organization can help you expand your network and position yourself as a subject-matter authority. Look for organizations that share your hobbies and get involved in their activities and events.

  • Utilize social media: 

    Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent resources for networking. Participate in online forums and groups, share your own content and ideas, and follow and interact with influential people in the business.

  • Follow Up:

    After meeting new people, make sure to follow up and stay in touch. Send personalized messages or emails, connect on LinkedIn, and schedule follow-up meetings or calls.

Canvassing in Your Community

You can establish a powerful presence and reputation in your neighborhood by canvassing there. You can better comprehend potential customers’ needs by speaking with them in person, listening to what they have to say, and providing personalized services that address their individual needs. This approach can also assist you in gathering opinions and insights about your company, enabling you to make the required alterations and improvements to better serve your clients.

Even though canvassing can take a lot of time and effort, the outcomes may be worthwhile in the long run. In the cleaning business, developing a devoted customer base is essential, and canvassing can help you win over the confidence and credibility of prospective clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I set my cleaning company apart from the competition?

    Finding your niche is one method to set your cleaning business apart. Think about specializing in a particular cleaning service, like business or residential cleaning, or choosing a particular clientele, like hospitals or schools. Additionally, you can provide specialized services to distinguish yourself from the competition.

  2. How important it is to have a solid media presence?

    In today’s digital era, having a strong online presence is essential. To increase your online visibility and draw in more customers, make sure your website is user-friendly and simple to navigate. You might also want to engage in digital marketing strategies like social media advertising and search engine optimization.

  3. How can I expand my existing cleaning services?

    One way to expand your existing cleaning services is by offering specialized services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, or deep cleaning. You can also consider expanding your business into new markets or partnering with complementary businesses in your area to cross-promote each other’s services.

  4. How can I generate more leads for my cleaning business?

    There are several ways to generate more leads for your cleaning business. Consider offering a referral program to incentivize existing customers to refer new business to you. You can also invest in digital marketing strategies such as social media advertising and search engine optimization to attract more customers online. Canvassing your community by going door-to-door can also be an effective way to generate leads.


I hope this blog post has been what you were seeking. Implement all these cleaning business growing tactics into your business and see the wonders just before your eyes. The only thing that keeps you stay on your toes is the process of refining and adapting the new approaches as and when you go ahead. Just test and try things without being afraid to change. 

With hard work and perseverance, you can take your cleaning business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tactics today and watch your business thrive!

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