10 Types of Cleaning Services to Offer for Profit

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The new cleaning businesses are struggling to determine what services they should start to earn a high profit. Here are the best ten Kickstarter cleaning services that might help you do just that!

đź“ťKey Takeaways:

  • Pick the cleaning services that the location and consumer demand more frequently to have more cleaning projects in hand at all times.
  • Know the different approaches in terms of equipment needed, manpower, and pricing when it comes to residential and commercial cleaning services.

Residential and commercial properties often demand periodic cleaning of their spaces, leading to a booming cleaning industry with new entrepreneurs starting cleaning businesses offering profitable services. With the continuous growth of the sector, it is important to keep up with the latest cleaning industry trends to stay ahead in the market.

But, what does it take to decide which cleaning services are profitable? You need to look around your location and the demand factors to pick the cleaning services that can benefit your business growth. 

Beginners in this industry are still in a dilemma about what types of cleaning services they should start their business with. So for them, here is a brief explanation of ten different types of cleaning services that would turn around profitability for their business.


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10 Types of Cleaning Services that the Contractors can Offer Customers

You can offer both residential and commercial cleaning services, depending on the manpower and resources you have to start the business.

Residential cleaning covers almost all types of cleaning needs that homeowners frequently require. Commercial cleaning includes contractual projects that allow you to prepare a higher estimate and get better profits, such as complete office cleaning. 

To help you kickstart your cleaning service business, here are ten types of cleaning services that the contactors can offer customers:

1. House cleaning services

2. Deep cleaning services

3. Window cleaning services

4. Carpet cleaning services

5. Pressure washing services

6. Laundry cleaning services

7. Upholstery cleaning services

8. Disinfection and sanitization cleaning services

9. Green cleaning services

10. Pest control cleaning services

Let’s discuss these cleaning services in detail.

1. House cleaning services

House cleaning services come as a whole package or as individual picks by the customers. Your team will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living rooms in this cleaning service. Customers can book your business for all these house cleaning services or a single job. 

Basic house cleaning services

The tasks involved in this residential cleaning service are dusting, sweeping, mopping, polishing, and vacuuming. It is the most demanding cleaning service among all the homeowners, and they keep looking for reliable professionals to help them with it. Therefore, do your marketing and be findable in your target market to get more jobs. 

2. Deep cleaning services

Deep clean is mostly recommended for commercial buildings. The kitchens, office rooms, work floors, industrial kitchens, and other spaces need deep cleaning. It is because commercial spaces are used rigorously and carelessly in comparison to residential properties.

types of commercial cleaning services

Therefore, deep cleaning is essential for hygiene and cleanliness around commercial spaces. Make sure to use eco-friendly solutions to remove de-greasing, de-scaling, and carbon accumulations from dedicated spots. 

Commercial spaces experience a build-up of dust and debris on floor carpets, work tables, and appliances. They need proper cleaning to have a hygienic and appealing workspace for employees to work in. 

The business owners will seek commercial cleaning services frequently over a while to keep their premises maintained. So, it is a profitable cleaning service for your business. 

3. Window cleaning services

Window cleaning is an urgent need for both residential and commercial sectors. You get to charge your clients on a per-window basis or as per a decided commercial contract. You can vary the price depending on the intensity of cleaning the window needs and the challenges that your team might face while cleaning the windows. 

Suppose an office is located on the 10th floor of a building, the professional cleaning service providers have to take many risks and use complex equipment to deliver the cleaning services. Hence, the pricing will be higher than what you would have charged for an office on the ground floor. 

Similarly, if the residential apartments or independent houses have big picture windows, then additional equipment such as ladders and cleaning tool extensions will be required. You have the flexibility to charge the additional effort that you make to conduct your cleaning services. 

You can upsell some of your additional cleaning services for blinds and curtains. Hence, you will have an additional scope of earning from a single project. 

4. Carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning can be listed under residential and commercial cleaning services. You can try out several ways to approach this service, depending on the material and type of carpet installed at clients’ premises. 

Carpet cleaning services

If you have the budget, then you can get equipment for both steam and dry cleaning of carpets. Apart from deep and normal cleaning of the rugs, you can also repair the carpets to increase their longevity. Work on removing bad odors and stains to finally complete your service offering. 

The homeowners mostly demand this service to add tidiness to their house as clean carpets enhance the looks of the house flooring. So, your cleaning business must have this service under their roof. 

5. Pressure washing services

To offer these cleaning services as a priority, you will first need to buy a jet washer and hire pressure washing professionals to take on the jobs. Pressure washing is not a particular service but opens up your window for many different types of cleaning services. You can take requests for pressure washing boats, house walls, vehicles, roofs, gutter, and windows. 

6. Laundry services

The key to thriving with a house cleaning business is offering services that people don’t have time to do alone. The high-standard families in the United States have maids to take care of their laundry in the house every day. 

But the usual families where all members have to go to a 9-5 job and no maid often find it difficult to do their laundry on time and manage their work. So your laundry service will target those customers who cannot afford hiring maids for regular laundry.

You can offer them weekly laundry services and deliver the services on said time to get repeat business or get hired on a contract basis for better benefits. 

For delivering laundry assistance, you must invest in getting soaps, softeners, detergents, and dedicated machines to speed up the deliveries. The investment you make is worth the returns that you would experience. 

Remember that some clothes, blankets, or fabrics might need dry cleaning services over usual laundry. You will need high-end chemicals to remove grease and stain from the fabrics. 

7. Upholstery cleaning services

Upholstery is the fabric installed over furniture such as armchairs and sofas. It cannot be cleaned with regular practices and needs special solutions and techniques. Therefore, introduce a dedicated upholstery cleaning service for the customers at nominal rates.

You can also upsell this service and carpet cleaning service at a combo price to offer overall client satisfaction. 

8. Disinfection and sanitization services

The COVID 19 era has explained the importance of being clean, hygienic, and sanitized. It is the additional upselling service for all the other residential and commercial cleaning services. 

You can include disinfection and cleaning services cost in the quotation for all other services. It is a very demanding service request, especially with office cleaning necessities. 

As office spaces usually have a lot of people working under the same roof, it is very important for owners to seek frequent sanitization of the space to prevent infections from viruses and bacteria. You will need a team of highly professional cleaners to do the job. 

9. Green cleaning services

Green cleaning is not a single service but is more like a responsible and professional cleaning service approach. It is a cleaning practice where you will only use biodegradable, safe, and non-toxic products for offered services. 

You can market your green cleaning approach in your advertisements to stay ahead of the competition. It will let the people know that you are concerned for the environment and are taking fruitful measures to protect it. 

 10. Pest control services

Pest control is one of the best types of cleaning services that prevents or treats rodent and pest infestations in commercial and residential spaces. Commercial office spaces might need pest control services frequently over a specified period. 

Pest control services

Therefore, we propose to make a contract with commercial property owners to keep their premises free from pests and rodents for a long time. At the same time, a contract will also ensure that you will have a streamlined flow of income till the agreement lasts. 

What are the essential equipment for cleaning services

To get your cleaning business started, here are some of the essential equipment for cleaning services:


  • Mops
  • Rags and cloths
  • Brooms
  • Dusters
  • Buckets
  • Spray bottles
  • Dustpans
  • Toilet brushes
  • Squeegees


  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Latex gloves
  • Disinfectant
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Garbage bags


  • Garbage bags
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet steam cleaners

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What three services sum up the house cleaning needs?

    Regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and end-of-tenancy cleaning are the services that sum up all the needs for a complete house cleaning.

    • Regular service involves a basic approach for the overall tidiness of the specified areas. It takes around 2 to 3 hours of cleaning time for such basic cleaning practices.
    • Deep cleaning is a comprehensive approach and involves core cleaning of the requested areas. A cleaning service provider can offer a packaged cleaning service to customers who want to get the overall job done in one go.
    • End-of-tenancy is the third type of service. When a tenant vacates the rented house, the owner needs to clean it thoroughly before it can be made available for the next tenant. Such type of cleaning involves the complete cleaning of all nooks and corners of the house, including chimneys, carpets, appliances, floors, bathrooms, and walls.

  2. What are the tasks of a professional while cleaning houses?

    The tasks of the professionals while cleaning houses include:

    • Vacuuming the floors and carpets
    • Mopping floors 
    • Waste removal and emptying of trash
    • Dusting
    • Cleaning light fixtures and doors
    • Dusting window ledges and sills

    An intense level of cleaning for these areas can be made available for high-priced packages. The house cleaning prices depend on the amount of effort the property needs.

  3. How can one grow a cleaning business?

    You need to first create a business plan and strictly follow its guidelines in the long run to achieve a goal. Decide on the initial cleaning services that you will be offering your clients. Later, you can get more equipment, and manpower and add other cleaning services to enhance your profitability. 

    After the business plan is ready, you need to make your brand website and start implementing marketing measures over it. It will help your brand get more online visibility and website traffic. As a result, more potential customers will turn up to your brand with residential and commercial cleaning service requests.

  4. Is it profitable to run a cleaning company?

    The earning potential for a cleaning company ranges between $20,000 to $5100,000. The figure will vary depending on the number and types of services that your company offers. The more services you offer, the better your earnings will be. 

    The location and the service demands play a major role in deciding how profitable your cleaning firm will be. Commercial cleaning services pay more profits to the business than residential projects. But, the flow of residential jobs is higher for many cleaning businesses than the number of commercial projects. So, the profitability is equally balanced in residential or commercial businesses.

  5. What are the types of house cleaning services that one can offer?

    It makes perfect sense to provide house cleaning services if you intend to run your business close to a residential area. Here are a few types of house cleaning services that you can offer:

    • General house cleaning services like vacuum cleaning, mopping, dusting and the like.
    • Upholstery and carpet cleaning services
    • Window cleaning services
    • Pressure washing services
    • Chimney sweeping services

  6. What are the types of commercial cleaning services that one can offer?

    You can offer the following general commercial cleaning services:

    • Office cleaning services
    • Window cleaning services
    • Janitorial cleaning
    • Medical cleaning
    • Sanitation and disinfection

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