9 Best Tips for Home Service Business Marketing

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In the home service industry, digital marketing has changed the rules of the game. Today, digital marketing and advertising are allowing local home service businesses to compete on a bigger scale.

Digital marketing strategies for attracting, engaging, and converting customers have evolved to dominate the market by targeting customers wherever they are.

However, in today’s digital landscape, competition can be intense and challenging to keep up with if you aren’t a marketing professional or have a full-time marketing executive on board.

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Home service companies require revenues to operate and optimize their return on marketing expenditure to expand and own their business as a brand customers return to.

Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled some of the best home service business marketing tips to help you build a sustainable and lucrative business.

9 Marketing Tips for Successful Home Service Business

Let’s go over each home services marketing strategy in detail:

1. Focus on local search

Householders are turning to local search engines like Bing and Google to discover home services locally to assist them with their problems. 

Home Service Business Marketing tips

When prospective customers look up a service or a local business online, they will discover local service ads such as Google ads, organic search results, and sponsored links. Therefore, home service companies must make it simple for local customers and other potential customers to find them.

Frequently, people search for something like “electrician near me” or “plumbing services near me.” After all, finding an electrician or plumber from five states away isn’t helpful. That is why having a presence in search results is crucial for home service professionals.

This means that local SEO (search engine optimization) must be a part of your home services marketing strategies in order to assist you in ranking in organic search results when potential customers are seeking your services nearby.

Local SEO is simply SEO that focuses on optimizing your online presence for local search results and websites. Including location-specific keywords on your webpage, optimizing your online content with the appropriate keywords for your services, and updating your offsite local listings are all part of this.

Invest in Automation Software

Just the way you invest in SEO, you must also invest in such estimating/invoicing software to fasten your business accounting process.

2. Invest in search engine optimization

When you invest in SEO to optimize the content on your home services business website, you need to think like a potential customer. You have to figure out first what they are searching for when they are looking for someone who provides the services that you do.

For the home services marketing, it is important to optimize certain pages of your website, especially the ones that clients are likely to search for.

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As you continue to optimize your home services business website, you must add new content focusing on keywords that are related to the services you provide and around your services pages. The idea is for you to have a service business webpage for every service that you offer.

3. List your home service company in Google My Business

If you want to list your home services company on Google for free and manage your online presence easily, then the Google My Business tool is your best solution. In contrast to traditional SEO strategies, Google My Business assists you in getting noticed by homeowners in your local region. 

This implies that local SEO and Google My Business are necessary for all business owners or service techs in the home services industry, from plumbers and HVAC technicians to handymen, electricians, and roofers.

Therefore, you must take control of and improve your Google My Business profile using the following tips:

3.1 Include an engaging description

Your Google My Business page is an effective place to discuss your home services company’s mission, skills, experience, and offered services. An engaging description of your business, including expertise and services, will help customers trust and understand your company, resulting in increased service phone calls.

3.2 Include multiple eye-catching images

Google My Business is a reliable platform for home service businesses to post images of service technicians performing a job. You don’t even need professional equipment because the cameras of your mobile devices are capable of taking photos and uploading them to your Google My Business profile.

3.3 Include contact information and working hours

Local home services companies must update their Google My Business profile with up-to-date information. Make sure your working hours’ details are accurate. You can also add a discoverable phone number to your Google My Business profile to monitor who calls you year-round.

3.4 Include customer testimonials and online reviews

If your Google My Business profile lacks a substantial number of positive online reviews, your digital marketing efforts will suffer. Before calling, prospective customers will evaluate your Google My Business profile to gain trust in your company, so make sure you display positive reviews from previous jobs.

An optimized Google My Business profile aids in creating a reliable, reputable impression for prospective customers browsing on a search engine such as Bing and Google. With these few simple steps, you can create an effective home services marketing strategy that will set you apart from other home service companies in your region.

4. Run a PPC ads

Paid search advertising is another cost-effective home services marketing strategy to get your home services business discovered on Google searches or other relevant searches.

how to advertise home services

PPC (pay per click) ads are a prevalent paid search marketing technique that provides an option for home service providers that may not have the time or knowledge to promote their business through social media platforms or other marketing strategies.

To grow your business through PPC, select phrases or keywords to bid on and budget accordingly. Your money is only used when your advertisements are clicked, hence the name pay per click ads.

5. Location pages on your home services website

Location pages are an effective home services marketing strategy to boost the visibility of your business website and rank higher in local searches. These pages, like any other, adhere to a specific web design with content aimed at customers in a particular region.

Location pages on your website provide information about certain towns or cities where you offer your home services. While other pages on your company’s business page discuss the services you provide, these location pages discuss how your products and services benefit clients in those targeted regions and the local market.

Location pages are shorter in length and allow the visitor to check reviews from other customers who have used your home services. This home service marketing strategy converts new customers into positive leads. 

This is an excellent marketing strategy for home service professionals who want to rank at the top among local competitors and their business to be found by more leads online.

6. Provide live chat

One way to upgrade your business website is to add a live chat feature. Incorporating a live chat feature is another great home services marketing strategy that can help you quickly provide service details, answer questions, and collect lead information. 

most in demand home services

This remarkable feature enables you to offer a positive user experience for existing and new clients on your website.

People prefer to communicate with businesses via chat and message rather than contacting them through phone calls. Therefore, if you offer live chat as a way for them to contact you, you have a better chance of scoring them as a customer.

7. Ask customers for referrals and reviews

Asking satisfied customers for referrals and reviews is one of the simplest methods to begin marketing proactively for your business. 

Although many home service businesses underestimate the power of reviews and referrals, 90% of clients will read reviews or ask for a reference before selecting a home services provider.

Ensure you secure your business listings on Yelp, Google, and other major websites for reviews. Additionally, improve your company profile and include your brand logo and images. 

This makes it simple for new customers to discover your business listing and leave a review. It cannot, however, be a one-way street. You must also set aside time every day to read and reply to those reviews.

8. Keep customers updated with email marketing

Beating your competitors in the home service industry is all about being discovered first and staying in close association throughout the customers’ journey. 

Keep customers updated with email marketing

If you can accomplish that, you will be able to set your company apart from other local businesses that struggle to handle their client interactions.

Here enters email marketing which is an excellent strategy to beat your competitors. 

You can leverage email marketing to capture and nurture leads by sending emails about ongoing discounts, ideas, recommendations, etc. This helps you stay at the top of your existing and potential customers’ minds when they need your services.

You can use the data from your customer form or any data collected in your CRM software to segment customers into smaller groups that have similar traits.

You could, for instance, compile a list of clients who have had AC repair work done in the last four years but have not installed a new unit. Send a special offer or a discount on a new AC unit to this list, or ask about maintenance service.

9. Run a social media page

If your home services company is yet to leverage the power of social media, now is the time. Not only is social media marketing an incredible strategy for businesses to engage with customers, but it’s also a place where users spend a lot of their time.

Run a social media page

According to research, a user’s daily social media usage is 142 minutes on average. If your home service company isn’t on social media, you’re passing up an opportunity to gain high engagement from current and potential leads.

You can use your social media platforms to share:

  • Updates about your business and services
  • Genuine feedback or positive testimonials
  • Photos and videos that are both informative and entertaining
  • Blog content that is educational and relevant to your industry
  • Information about regional events or causes

Your social media posts only need to be consistent and engaging; they don’t need to be fancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What do you mean by proactive marketing?

    Proactive marketing is a method of taking charge of your marketing plan and developing a strategy for attracting new clients. Unfortunately, several home services companies use a reactionary marketing technique.

    Although this method occasionally works, it’s generally a short-term fix. With a proactive marketing approach, you will gradually build your marketing strategy.

    While you should experiment with different marketing strategies to gain more customers, keep records of data, and make changes depending on what works. This ensures that you will consistently receive more home service job opportunities in the long run.

  2. What is the importance of proactive marketing for your home service business?

    One of the most common mistakes in marketing is trying a number of activities based on trends and hoping they all work. While it appears to be a good idea, it is hard to determine what actually worked. It’s basically a guessing game unless you monitor your marketing expenditure and identify where each lead comes from.

    With proactive marketing, you can see which marketing channels created leads and which squandered money. You can then leverage that data to make an informed business decision about how to best sell your services.

  3. How to market your home services business?

    Here’s an overview of the most important home services marketing tips from this blog:

    • Focus on local search
    • Invest in SEO
    • List your home service company in Google My Business 
    •  Run a PPC ads
    • Location pages on your home services website
    • Provide live chat
    • Ask customers for referrals and reviews
    • Keep customers updated with email marketing
    • Run a social media page

    Follow these proven tips to successfully promote your home service business.

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