22 Best HVAC Blogs to Follow in 2024

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What if you get the latest HVAC industry trends, news, and new software information in your inbox? Wonderful, right? Follow these reliable HVAC blogs consistently from the list and stay updated!

Being a part of the HVAC industry, you must know the importance of constant learning and stay updated about the trends, right? From new technologies to the latest news about equipment & revolution, you, as an HVAC professional, stay informed about everything to make your business successful.

As an HVAC professional, you’re always busy marketing your services, pricing HVAC jobs, providing services, or collecting payment. There isn’t much time to search the internet for HVAC news and blog sites to keep up with what’s going on in the industry.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best HVAC blogs, forums, and website design for hvac to follow in 2024. We have listed these blogs on the basis of their popularity, reliability of the information, and reviews from readers.

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Must-Follow Blogs for HVAC Professionals
Best HVAC News Websites To Get Industry Updates
Best HVAC Forums for Insightful Discussions

Must-Follow Blogs for HVAC Professionals

1. HVAC Software – HVAC Software Reviews, Trends, and Insights

HVACSoftware is the blog for you if you want insightful information and the latest industry trends on the most recent HVAC products and services. It is an excellent platform with useful blogs for all contractors and subcontractors in the heating and air conditioning industry and creating website is the best HVAC lead-generating ideas.

Hvac software

This free platform also offers helpful tips and advice on using HVAC apps and software to scale your business and run your day-to-day operations efficiently.

2. FieldCamp blog- HVAC Services Business Guides

FieldCamp’s HVAC Services Business Guides are packed with information every HVAC contractor and subcontractor needs to know. It is one of the best HVAC blogs to follow for professionals in the heating and air conditioning industry.


The blog section covers everything from the most recent industry news to tips and tricks for running a successful HVAC business.

Keeping up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements in the HVAC sector is also made easy with the help of the FieldCamp blog.

The FieldCamp blog has your back, whether you’re searching for details on the most current energy-efficient systems or want to know about the most recent developments in HVAC controls.

3. HVAC Classes

HVAC Classes platform aspires to serve as a starting point for HVAC maintenance career paths. The platform helps coordinate newcomers and professionals in the HVAC industry with training programs, apprenticeships, top industry schools, and other resources.

Hvac classes

This subject is the prime focus of the HVAC Classes blog, which provides insight into relevant education and recruitment challenges for both experienced professionals and newcomers. Hence, it is one of the best HVAC blogs to follow.
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4. National Air Warehouse Blog

The National Air Warehouse blog is intended for homeowners as well as HVAC professionals. You can use this platform to

  • Find out more about your customers and their goals (such as wanting eco-friendly systems).
  • Learn how to expand your company.
  • Understand how to address and solve issues.
  • Determine how to make intelligent choices like selecting the best smart thermostat for your organization.

5. Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) Blog

The Air Conditioner Contractors of America (ACCA) organization represents over 4,000 HVAC businesses and 60,000 professionals across the country.

Air conditioner contractors of america

Their goal is to provide guidance and resources for HVAC professionals who need to meet and exceed best practices in the following areas through their blogs:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heat pump
  • Installation of a heating system
  • Equipment maintenance and repair

Additionally, ACCA provides information on how to run a business successfully in the modern marketplace and industry news.

6. The HVAC Blog (HVAC Solutions. Simplified.)

Will Housh of Ohio, a third-generation HVAC professional, aimed to establish his family’s HVAC company as a leading online HVAC resource. As a result, The HVAC Blog (HVAC Solutions. Simplified.) was born.

This platform provides information, directories, and videos aimed at DIY homeowners looking for maintenance tips or experiencing heating or air conditioning issues. Will’s frequently updated website also contains several tips for engaging potential clients for HVAC professionals.

7. Women in HVACR’s Newsletter (CONNECT. CULTIVATE. GROW.)

This newsletter’s content focuses on introducing and connecting women to other professionals in the HVAC-R industry. It is managed by a non-profit organization that strives to transform the lives of women in the HVAC-R industry.

Women in hvacrs newsletter

Read about the latest development in HVAC in the Women in HVACR Newsletter and draw inspiration from other female professionals in the field.>

8. Just Venting, a blog for HVAC professionals by Goodway Technologies

Goodway technologies

Goodway’s “Just Venting” blog is one of the best heating and air conditioning blogs and is written by HVAC professionals. Suppose you’re curious to learn and discover more about the technological, financial, social, environmental, and personal aspects of the HVAC industry, this blog explores a broad range of complex HVAC topics.

9. ESCO Group’s Blog

Esco groups blog

ESCO is committed to offering training program opportunities to home service HVAC professionals who want to be accredited for their expertise and experience in home comfort. 

The ESCO Group’s blog informs readers about new industry events, accreditation programs, and the accomplishments of those aspiring to be successful in their industry.

10. InvoiceOwl Blog (Invoice Ideas, Tips, and Advice)

InvoiceOwl’s blog is a great platform for all individuals working in the HVAC industry. Whether you are the owner of an HVAC company or an independent contractor who provides commercial HVAC services, you can find many blogs to learn how to streamline most of your work processes and grow your business.


Readers can learn the following from InvoiceOwl’s blog:

You can also learn how to create multiple invoices, purchase orders, and estimates while streamlining the whole estimating & invoicing process.

Effortlessly Create Estimate & Invoice for Your HVAC Jobs!

Use InvioceOwl software to streamline your invoicing operations.

Best HVAC News Websites to Get Industry Updates

11. HVAC Insider

HVAC Insider’s publications are well-read by HVAC professionals and business owners alike. It helps readers grow their businesses, remain professional in the industry, and informs them about market trends that may affect their businesses.

Hvac insider

The website allows readers to subscribe to national, quarterly, or regional editions monthly, as well as provides reports on the latest HVAC products, tools, and other critical industry trends.
Therefore, to find the specific HVAC content you need directly from your area, you can filter the news content by region.

12. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Magazine

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is the largest non-profit HVAC certification organization in the United States. HVAC contractors, distributors, manufacturers, and educators from across the country collaborate with NATE to train competent HVAC technicians. 

NATE Magazine is a great platform for information on HVAC news, such as conferences, trade shows, events, and certifications.

13. ACHR News

ACHR (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration) News is a renowned platform that publishes and distributes HVAC(R) industry information in print and online.

Achr news

The target audience for the content is active HVAC professionals looking for an in-depth analysis of current market trends from skilled professionals.

14. Builder Online 

Builder is an HVAC news website focused on all aspects of real estate development and construction development and is one of the best HVAC blogs to rely on.

Builder online

Readers can learn more about the latest HVAC innovations in the market and how to resolve concerns with air and climate quality in both commercial and residential settings. 

The goal of the builder content is to educate HVAC professionals and newcomers on the history of the HVAC industry in order to build a better future.

15. Contracting Business: Commercial HVAC Blog 

Contracting Business is a well-known publication in the home services and field services industry. Its HVAC blog section is a valuable resource for HVAC professionals.

Contracting business

The Contracting Business HVAC blog keeps all HVAC professionals up to date with everything from new product images and videos to in-depth reviews of the latest technologies.

Gather Valuable Customer Reviews to Grow Your Business

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CTA arrow

Best HVAC Forums for Insightful Discussions

16. GoTime Success Group

As a platform for professionals in the HVAC industry, GoTime Success Group provides consulting, coaching, and technical training services. 

Its primary goal is to empower HVAC technicians, business owners, and managers with the knowledge they need to expand their businesses and establish long-term organizational goals for them.

As you expand your HVAC business, you’ll need to streamline your invoicing operations with estimating & invoicing software.

17. r/HVAC – A subreddit for HVAC professionals – try r/hvacadvice for out-of-the-field questions or comments.)

The HVAC subreddit on Reddit is still one of the highest traffic hubs of HVAC social media discussion and debate on the internet.

This is a popular HVAC forum where HVAC business owners, field service techs, and homeowners can come together to talk about a variety of HVAC topics.

The topics for discussion can range from a new HVAC technology in the market, maintenance or emergency repair of the HVAC unit, to cooling system troubleshooting and replacing an HVAC system.

18. HVAC Site Professional Forum

The HVAC Site includes both a community HVAC forum and a traditional blog. Members are invited to contribute to this community’s blog by writing their own blog entries.

Hvac site professional forum

They are also welcome to read its Trade Talk topics, which include “HVAC Tools and Equipment,” “HVAC Material and Products,” “HVAC Codes and Certifications,” and others.

19. RefrigerantHQ  Blog

RefrigerantHQ, which focuses on the “R” of HVAC-R, is an active site and resource for professionals in the HVAC industry who work with refrigeration systems and refrigerator technology. It is one of the best HVAC blogs to read.

Refrigeranthq blog

Audiences can read articles on everything, including reviews on the latest products or HVAC technology and possible industry-impacting legislation. To engage in conversation with other refrigerant experts, RefrigerantHQ also hosts HVAC forums.

20. HVAC-Talk: Heating, Air & Refrigeration Discussion

HVAC-Talk, managed and run by Contracting Business, is one of the best HVAC blogs and the internet’s most popular forums for HVAC professionals and industry newcomers.


A seemingly never-ending list of threads and topics is available for HVAC professionals to explore in the community, which is home to over 150,000 professionals from around the world in the HVAC industry.

21. Contractor Talk: HVAC Forum

Contractor talk

Contractor Talk is an HVAC forum for all types of HVAC contractors and sub-contractors. It is an online community, and its HVAC blog section contains discussions on HVAC topics for specialists looking for information on air conditioning and heating technology solutions, equipment recommendations, and more.

22. Service Nation, Inc.

Service Nation, Inc. assists service contractors and sub-contractors, including HVAC professionals, in growing their businesses and increasing their profits. 

The entry-level membership in this contracting group, called Service Roundtable, is incredibly popular. It offers access to information and a chance to learn from other professionals in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the future trend in HVAC?

    Future HVAC systems will incorporate innovations to cut down on their energy consumption and overall environmental impact. This includes innovations such as:

    • Reliance on solar energy
    • Smart thermostats
    • Geothermal heat pumps
    • Ice-powered air conditioning

  2. Which are the best HVAC books to read in 2024?

    To keep up with (and outshine) the competitors, reading HVAC books may help you remain informed on the most recent techniques, equipment, and studies.

    Fortunately, there are several excellent HVAC books on the market, some of which are:

    • HVAC Equations, Data, And Rules Of Thumb By Arthur Bell, W. Larsen Angel
    • Modern Refrigeration And Air Conditioning By Andrew D. Althouse
    • 101 Ways To Suck As An HVAC Technician By R Schuster
    • The Power of Positive Pricing, By Matt Michel
    • Step By Step To Passing The EPA 608 Certification Exam, By H. Benetti
    • The Guide To The NATE-ICE Certification Exams, By Robert Featherstone

  3. Which are the best HVAC YouTube channels?

    These are some of the best HVAC YouTube channels for HVAC professionals:

  4. What is the value of the HVAC industry?

    The HVAC Services Market was estimated to be worth USD 57.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase in value by USD 82.5 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period (2021-2026).

  5. Are HVAC companies profitable?

    HVAC owners earn between $35,000 and $75,000 on average. Few business owners or contractors earn more than $100,000 per year. Those earning more than $100,000 are implementing effective systems to streamline their business processes and improve the efficiency of their work.

Final Words

All the HVAC blogs in the above-mentioned list are the top HVAC blogs to follow in 2024. So, do your own research and stick to the ones that best answer questions or provide solutions related to your niche.

These blogs are definitely worth your time if you want to grow as a business owner and increase your company’s productivity.

Along with reading these HVAC blogs, you can also sign up for HVAC estimating & invoicing software, such as InvoiceOwl, to optimize your tedious, manual work processes. It will help you create, send, and track multiple invoices and purchase orders. You can also track your payments and generate analytical business reports with ease.

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