Top 10 HVAC Apps in 2022 [Handpicked]

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The HVAC industry has grown by 13% over the past years. The service industry can reach $82.5 billion by 2026.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the features, pros, and cons of the top 10 HVAC apps required to run your business effectively.
  • Based on your business requirements, filter the leading HVAC apps and integrate suitable ones for your business.

But with the rising demand, you need professional tools and technology to handle the industry and customer demands.

With hundreds of suitable HVAC apps available in the industry, you must filter a few based on your requirements and business goals.

Our team has picked the best HVAC apps to transform your HVAC service business and help you stand out from the rest.

So without further ado, let’s explore the apps one by one.

Table to Compare the 10 Best HVAC Apps

Logo Pricing Plan
Most PreferredInvoiceOwl Free 14-day trial

  • Monthly: $11.99/month
  • Yearly: $9.99/monthly, if subscribed for yearly plan


  • Monthly: $28.99/month
  • Yearly: $23.99/monthly, if subscribed for yearly plan
fieldcamp Free 14-day trial


  • $29/month
  • $348/year


  • $49/month
  • $588/year


  • $99/month
  • $1188/year
quickbook Pricing:

  • $5.99 on Apple App Store
  • $0.99 on Google Play Store
square invoice Pricing:

  • Free
jobber Pricing:

  • Core – $39/month
  • Connect – $119/month
  • Grow – $239/month
Gemaire HVAC contractor assist Pricing:

  • Free
quick Pricing:

  • Simple Start – $12.50/month
  • Essentials – $25/month
  • Plus – $40/month
  • Advanced – $90/month
imanifold Pricing:

  • $19.95 / month
  • $179.40 / year
hvac check and charge Pricing:

  • Free
hvac buddy Pricing:

  • $9.99 on Apple App Store

Top 10 HVAC Apps for Contractors

1. InvoiceOwl (iOS, Android)

InvoiceOwl is the leading invoicing software for contractors that can help you streamline your business finances and ensure that you have centralized control over the cash flow.

The software offers a wide range of features that provide services like invoicing processes, recording and generating sales reports, creating purchase orders, and other vital financial business aspects.

You can manage your HVAC clients and ensure they get an instant notification to pay their unpaid invoices within a few clicks. You can send real-time notifications to clients that can help you process the payments digitally.

You can improve your invoicing process by analyzing the feedback provided by the clients. The software can help you analyze areas that can be improved to strengthen your financial ecosystem.

Your account payable team can automate the verification of purchase orders, invoices, and other financial documents using the software. The smooth UI/UX of the HVAC app can enable your HVAC technicians to adapt to the new integration and enhance business productivity.

You can use InvoiceOwl on iOS and Android devices, enhancing its usability and accessibility.

Look at the top features offered by InoiveOwl to transform your HVAC business.

  • Efficient client management

    You can store the information of different clients like their contact name, phone, addresses, and previous transaction details that can help you make better future decisions.

    Because of the strong database, you can minimize the errors in creating future estimates, invoices, and other financial documents related to your clientele.

  • Go paperless

    You can bypass the manual dependency on managing your financial management ecosystem and minimize the errors and inefficiencies of your business operations. You can use your resources to scale your core business operations.

  • Customizable templates

    You get hundreds of customizable templates to handle your requirements for creating professional invoices, estimates, and other important documents.

    InvoiceOwl can help you save time and effort to deliver your associates, clients, and stakeholders a quality experience.

  • Reporting

    You can extract well-vetted reports that can help you analyze different financial angles and ensure that you have your financial books in check. You can streamline your cash flow and ensure that your funds are managed wisely to deliver excellent results.

Pros Cons
  • You can explore different templates for your HVAC-based invoicing and estimations.
  • In-built email and unlimited estimations.
  • User-friendly and simple interface.
  • You can extract estimates in PDF format only.

In short, if you are looking for an HVAC app that helps you make your business operations like invoicing, estimating, client communications, and financial report generation simple and sorted, the InvoiceOwl app is the only app you need.

HVAC App for Bidding to Accepting Payments

Make your business more about delivering quality services to your clients by automating estimating, invoicing, receiving payments, and generating reports.

2. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is another invoicing software for HVAC you can use to manage your HVAC field services. With a few clicks, you can extract the details of your HVAC professionals to help you manage your resources effectively.


It provides excellent back-end support to handle your business workflow and ensure that you deliver the highest quality service to your employees.

You can create professional HVAC systems to manage your daily business operations. You can get a centralized view using the powerful dashboard that can save 95% of the time managing your HVAC field service.

The HVAC service app provides GPS tracking that can help you share the live locations of your team with your clients to maintain great transparency. It can enable HVAC businesses to communicate with an on-ground HVAC professional to bypass dynamic situations that can hinder the business workflow.

Your HVAC techs can quickly adapt to the smooth interface as it offers features like.

  • Payment processing
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Staff management
  • Invoice management
  • Generating business reports
  • Customer management

You can access the 14-day trial to experience the ins and outs of the software before making the purchase decision.

Pros Cons
  • Mobile access.
  • One-click dispatching.
  • Manage tasks easily.
  • Voice-to-text functionality
  • No third-party integration.

3. HVAC Duct Sizer

The HVAC Duct Sizer app can enable you to calculate the size of the duct using the airflow and dimensions. Being one of the leading HVAC calculator apps, duct sizer uses the constraint friction method to focus on a single HVAC duct size or run.

hvac duct sizer app

The HVAC duct sizer app is a digital alternative to the traditional Trane ductulator that can assist you in analyzing results based on the input data. It is a universal duct sizing application that offers different features to help you analyze the rangeland size of the duct.

You can provide the rounded height, width, friction loss, and velocity of the existing duct system to help the application calculate the duct size. The app can display specific duct size ranges and is a quality tool for HVAC technicians on the job site.

Pros Cons
  • Delivers excellent results.
  • Can minimze the effort of an HVAC tech.
  • Intuitive UI/UX of the application.
  • Limited usage benefits in the HVAC business.

4. HVAC Practice Test

It is the best HVAC educational tool that enables different HVAC businesses to train their workforce and help them enroll in a digital HVAC school for skill enhancement. It’s one of the best HVAC learning apps and offers exam questions just like you’d get in a traditional HVAC school.

hvac practice test

Like with the HVAC flashcards app, you can access the different learning modes, practice tests, and much more. The HVAC school app can help analyze an HVAC professional’s strengths, skills, and weaknesses of an HVAC professional.

You can extract statistical HVAC exam results to improve your team’s skills, which can help you achieve excellent HVAC service results. This will also make you one of the leading HVAC companies on the market.

The application offers easy-to-read text to grasp the information quickly and apply theoretical knowledge in the HVAC industry.

Pros Cons
  • Great for HVAC skill enhancements.
  • Detailed questions and exam tests.
  • A balance of technical and soft skill learning.
  • The UI/UX needs improvement.

5. Jobber

Jobber is a professional field service management software that can help minimize your HVAC business’s time and energy and boost its work efficiency. The mobile app is extremely useful and offers great features that can be utilized to manage your HVAC resources, HVAC equipment, and other significant business operations.


It’s an all-in-one solution that can assist you with your HVAC business operations and streamline the business flow and operations.

The application can help you deliver a quality customer experience by managing, scheduling, invoicing, and dispatching your workforce. You can skyrocket your productivity and strengthen your in-house communication with your team to deliver efficient business results.

Jobber offers GPS tracking, real-time tracking, generating invoices, following up on assigned tasks, and robust communication.

Pros Cons
  • You can easily edit the information of the service task.
  • A great tool to optimize routes and keep your workforce updated.
  • You can check the customer history within a few clicks.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Is a bit expensive.
  • You can’t restore the deleted history.

6. Gemaire HVAC contractor assist

HVAC Assist is a free Android and iOS application created by GEMAIRE to enable the HVAC technicians to provide detailed product information and the tools required to operate on those products.

gemaire hvac contractor assist

It offers a quick sign-in feature to access your accounts and uses a password, Face ID, or a touch ID to log into your account later.

It’s one of the leading HVAC service apps that enables the HVAC tech to view the availability of the HVAC equipment in the store and stay up to date with the delivery time of the requested orders.

Your team can avail of the required equipment to deliver a professional HVAC service to your clients and ensure that there are no delays in your service. You can avoid a poor service experience due to the unavailability of professional HVAC service equipment.

Pros Cons
  • Detailed HVAC equipment description is available.
  • Smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Different login options for quick account access.
  • Limited equipment and product range.

7. QuickBooks Online

It is professional accounting software that can help you save time and effort to focus on different business chores that can scale your HVAC operations.

quickbooks online

You can create and manage multiple invoices within a few clicks using the mobile application or the powerful desktop version of the software. You can design the customized template for your HVAC invoicing to simplify the bulk invoice generation.

You can schedule monthly invoices for your long-term HVAC clients that can enable you to deliver excellent services to your retained clientele. You can automate the invoicing and bypass the troubles of forgetting to send invoices to your customers.

Being one of the best HVAC apps, it can keep the accounts of your vast clientele and help you create separate accounts for management. The HVAC app provides quick access to the information needed to manage your HVAC business efficiently.

You can use QuickBooks payments to enable the client with quick payments and faster invoice processing. You can add different products or services and accurate costs while invoicing, which can help you earn great profits.

Pros Cons
  • TurboTax compatibility.
  • Excellent bookkeeping.
  • All-in-one invoicing software.
  • Bank account syncing issues.

8. iManifold

It is a professional application that helps HVAC technicians achieve effective and precise results. iManifold can help with hydronic calculations, HVAC/R system efficiency, and other important HVAC business elements for great troubleshooting results.


It is one of the effective HVAC troubleshooting apps that can deliver in-depth reports for better service outcomes. It offers different HVAC calculators, over 40 refrigerants, and equipment profiling options to help you extract the correct refrigerant charge and deliver quality service results.

The app has British thermal units per hour breakdown and a live annualized savings analysis to provide a holistic view of the problem. You can manage your services like air conditioning, heating and cooling systems, refrigerant charging, hydronic distribution systems, and ventilation systems.

The HVAC software helps you strengthen your HVAC systems and ensure that your technicians have the best technology access for better service delivery.

Pros Cons
  • One of the leading HVAC load calculations apps for mobile
  • A professional HVAC troubleshooting app that delivers precise results.
  • The interface is smooth, and the features are excellent.
  • Niche-focused mobile app.

9. HVAC Check & Charge

A free mobile application that can be used by HVAC technicians on their iOS and Android mobile devices. You can calculate the customer’s HVAC system refrigerant charge like the HVAC Refrigerant PT. It is a powerful and quick calculator that can estimate and deliver accurate results.

hvac check & charge

You can use applications for R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-22, and R-134a, including other refrigerants. You need to choose from subcooling, HVAC superheat calculator, or airflow calculators and input the details of the system latent load, temperature, and sensible load.

As one of the professional HVAC business apps, Check & Charge enables you to determine the system charge and update you on whether there’s a need for more alterations based on the current scenario.

You can use the app to calculate air conditioning and refrigeration charges and deliver the HVAC load based on the live system data.

Pros Cons
  • Covers a wide range of refrigerants.
  • Can deliver accurate and professional results.
  • Determine the system charges effectively.
  • The interface is not smooth.

10. HVAC buddy

One of the best HVAC apps, HVAC Buddy, is a professional application you can use to optimize your HVAC business operations. It makes it easier for your technicians to charge and diagnose refrigerators.

hvac buddy

You can use the application to troubleshoot the HVACR equipment and calculate the refrigerant charge precisely.

You must enter the refrigerant temperature, pressure, and type once you start troubleshooting. The application displays the different targets for airflow, subcooling, and superheat.

The HVAC app offers a fully-fledged system status report with the help of the troubleshooting data to enable you to deliver a professional and excellent HVAC customer experience.

Being a professional HVAC app, it is the most reliable application for handling HVAC jobs as it displays charts, historical values, and other professional updates to boost your accuracy and efficiency.

HVAC Buddy also analyzes the airflow and compares the targeted difference on the coil. The information provided by the HVAC app can be used by on-ground technicians to quickly spot the areas needing improvement and perform the required task, saving their effort and time.

It’s one of the limited HVAC apps that can help your HVAC technicians remove the guesswork and efforts involved in manual troubleshooting.

Pros Cons
  • Provides precise and accurate HVAC data.
  • It also analyzes the airflow and other vital HVAC components.
  • The features can be accessed quickly, and the application is highly responsive.
  • It only focused on HVAC technicians.

Take Your HVAC Business Everywhere You Go

Get the InvoiceOwl and access all the data from anywhere. Create, sign, and send accounting documents without rushing to your office.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are HVAC apps costly?

    The price of the HVAC apps varies depending on the software features. You need to review the pricing of different HVAC apps to ensure that they fit your budget.

  2. How much does a professional HVAC software cost?

    Depending on the type of software you choose and the features you unlock, the price of the HVAC software can vary.

  3. Which is the best HVAC app in the market?

    You can choose multiple HVAC apps to help you minimize manual business operations and automate redundant processes. You can choose leading apps like InvoiceOwl, and FieldCamp, among others, for your business success.

  4. Why are HVAC apps necessary for the HVAC service business?

    HVAC apps can help you minimize time and effort while managing your daily business operations. You can extract the desired result based on the app you integrate into your business ecosystem.

Make A Wise Decision

Now that you have analyzed the best HVAC apps, it’s time you tailor a few applications based on your budget and business requirements.

But if you feel that choosing multiple software at once can be difficult, then we recommend you at least choose one.

And you won’t find a better option than InvoiceOwl that can assist you in handling your HVAC financial management with finesse.

Think, analyze, and channel your investment in the leading software in the industry. Access the and transform your HVAC business.

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