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In 2021, the global landscaping market generated $114.6 billion in revenue. According to the National Gardening Survey, the average amount a household spends on lawn care and gardening activities has been $503 per year and more since 2018. 

So, these statistics project a bright future for landscaping businesses, and it is high time you start with one.

If you are pumped up to start your business journey, here’s one solid piece of advice. 

Create a landscape contract and get it signed by your client before starting a project. Contracts are written for your protection and to minimize misunderstandings on both parts.

This article has the guidelines for writing a lawn care service contract and contains tips to remember to write your contract efficiently.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Go through the multiple points listed here to curate a lawn care contract in the right order.
  • Check out the tips to follow to create a lawn care contract that stands out.

What is a Lawn Care Contract? 

A lawn care or landscape contract is a document that contains all the details about your client and the service provider, along with the lawn services and payment.

The lawn care business owner must explain the entire lawn care or landscape service contract to the client. Upon finalization, the contract must be signed by the lawn care service provider and the client buying the services.

The lawn care or landscaping business can be either for residential or commercial purposes. Whatever the need is, signing a contract is a safe way to ensure you get paid by the client.

Lawn Care Contract Samples

simple lawn care contract

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How to Write a Contract for Your Lawn Care Services

A lawn care business must be clear, straight to the point, and consist of all the essential elements in the contract. To get your lawn service contract approved by the governing law must be legit and professional. Some essential elements to include in this mutually agreed lawn service agreement are

Some essentials elements to include in this legal agreement are

  • Name and contact details of the property owner (client) and the lawn contractor offering the service
  • Contract issuance date
  • Law firm name
  • Property Location
  • Service frequency
  • Service details in the form of trimming, mowing, or fertilizing
  • Signature of the contractor and customer
  • Payment terms

    Note: You don’t have to sign a contract if you deal with small businesses or residential properties that expect a sole service such as mowing a lawn or trimming. These small works can be dealt with a handshake or a word to finalize the deal. Also, you can claim payments by sending monthly invoices or checks during agreed times.

What is the right order of writing a lawn care contract?

You must have read the essentials to be included in the contract. But it is vital to add the essentials in the correct order in the agreement. 

Let’s learn about them.

1. Name of both parties

The parties here refer to the client and service provider. 

Mention the name of the client and the lawn care contractor providing the service.

The lawn service contract is entered into “Date” by and between “Client’s Name” at “Client’s Address” and “Contractor’s Name” at “Contractor’s Address.”

2. What is to be exchanged

Describe what things are being exchanged, when, and how the payment will work.

Once you mention the start date and the contract’s end date, add the due date for payments. You must also mention the available payment options, your payment, and modes. (in full or in installments).

The lawn care contractor is responsible for mentioning all the equipment and materials used to perform the services. It is recommended to mention it in the list format. 

    Note: If the client or the lawn service provider wants to negotiate the payment amount and the mode of payment, it must be discussed before preparing the contract.


This is an agreement between the parties for [insert your words here about what one party promises to deliver and the other agrees to pay or do in exchange].

The promises above will be completed by [insert date].

Payment will be made by [insert your words here about how the payment will be made, such as in full upfront or by installments, and by cash or e-transfer].

3. Scope of landscaping services or statement of work

This section must entail all the lawn care services your client has requested.

Make a neat list of the required services to help the client better understand. Apart from listing the services, provide a quick description of each service. 

This clarifies your offer and the equipment, manpower, and time requirements.

Mention the warranties and guarantees of your lawn care service. Mention any additional charges you would demand if the warranty or guarantee period is extended.

Points to remember:

  • Apart from listing the services with a quick description, you can also add the benefits of each service. This shows your professionalism.
  • If you are using the word “regular” in your contract, it can create misunderstanding. So, it is recommended to define the period of lawn maintenance for a clear understanding.

4. Termination

Describe how the lawn care will end i.e., early termination. You must include information about what will happen if either doesn’t do what they have promised and what remaining provisions will be settled. 

You can add:

This agreement will be terminated to an end when “Insert your words here.”

5. Dispute resolution

Disputes are part and parcel of many businesses, and lawn care contracts are no different. So, include how disputes will be resolved in the contract. 

6. Severability

Include a clause that says if part of the lawn service agreement is found to be enforceable, then the rest of the agreement still applies.

7. Governing law and jurisdiction

This is an important part. You must include which laws apply to this contract. 

8. Signature

Each party must read the entire agreement and agree to be bound by it by signing it. When you collect signatures, it works as written evidence over the mutually agreed terms between two parties.

Why Do You Need a Lawn Care Contract?

Why You Need a Lawn Care Contract

Signing a lawn care service contract will give clear clarity about your services to your client and also create confidence to invest in your services. On the other hand, signing contracts can avoid unwanted misunderstandings, and the professional can work with a clear head on what has to be done in the project.

So, defining the agreement terms prior also helps you think about the sub-contractors you need to hire, calculate the cash flow, and develop a professional reputation with clients in your local market.


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What are Some Essential Tips to Level Up Your Lawn Service Contract Creation Process?

Follow these best practices while creating your lawn care service agreement:

1. Meet the client in person

Meet the client in person

Meeting with the client in person is recommended before presenting the contract. It might be tempting to skip this step when the potential client is ready to sign the agreement without meeting. But still, go ahead with the meeting.

When you meet with the client to inspect their grounds, gather enough details to know the scope of the work. 

Also, meeting in person builds relationships and trust, and there are chances to find out if there are red flags. 

2. Safety and insurance

If you are an independent contractor dealing with dangerous tools and lawn service equipment, you must educate your clients about the safety risks. And as a professional, you have the skills and insurance to handle any safety risks.

3. Be more specific about your lawn maintenance and care services.

Don’t just write, “You will maintain the grounds.”

Instead, you can break down the legal services you offer and give clear details.

Here are some examples:

  • Weekly/biweekly lawn mowing
  • Summer pruning of various trees and shrubs
  • Border ending for walkways, patios, and driveways
  • Watering and weeding regularly

When your legal services are crystal clear, your client will better understand what you do and will be happy to sign the contract.

4. Using the equipment for lawn service

commercial lawn care contract

Will you use your own equipment for the garden maintenance or your client’s tools?

If you use your equipment, you must be responsible for transporting and maintaining your tools. On the other hand, if you use your client’s equipment, make it clear that your client is responsible for maintaining the equipment. 

    Pro tip: There are multiple lawn service contract templates available online for free. Using an online free lawn service contract template will level up your contract creation process instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to bid on lawn care contracts?

    The lawn care contracts are often simple, making them easy to bid on. As a landscaping business owner, it is essential to research and understand what your residential, as well as commercial clients, want or look for in a lawn care provider.

    Also, being a business owner or contractor, it’s your responsibility to market your services to potential clients. So, you can avail of different marketing methods to promote your services. Quote a clear pricing structure so that your clients know what to expect from your service.

    These are some ways to bid on your lawn care contracts.

  2. How to write a lawn care contract?

    Writing a contract for lawn care or landscaping services holds huge importance as it acts as a service bond between the property owner (client) and the lawn care service provider.

    So, the contract must consist of the below-given details:

    • Name of the business owner offering the service and the client
    • Start and end date
    • Service frequency
    • Property location where the work will be done
    • Contact details of both parties
    • Payment terms
    • Signature of the contractor and customer
    • Business logos and taglines

  3. How do lawn care companies get clients?

    When starting as an independent contractor, the first people who will lend hands to grow the lawn care business are friends and families. With time, the lawn care business owners or contracts will market their business in multiple ways and start getting leads. Also, if the customers love their service, they will recommend it to their circle. So, that’s how lawn care companies get clients.

  4. What happens if you cannot fulfill the landscaping contract due to illness or availability?

    We can’t predict one’s health. So, illness at any time during the project is inevitable. So, it is recommended to let your client know your situation as soon as possible and assure them they will get back to work.

    If you are unavailable for some other reason, it is better to seek help from your network or lawn care community to step in each to do the client work due to emergencies.

  5. What services do lawn care companies provide?

    Lawn care companies provide the following services:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Mulching
    • Pest control
    • Tree services, hedge trimming, and flower services
    • Lawn fertilization and weed control
    • Irrigation system maintenance and repair


Overall, a lawn servicing contract will be a reference point for accountability for the service provider and the client. Also, having a contract will keep both parties in check and reduce the volume of disputes. 

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