Top 23 Cleaning Websites in 2024

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Want to create an online presence, win more clients, and grow your business? Read on to make notes on how to build your own website uniquely from the top cleaning websites in 2024.

Starting a commercial cleaning business might be simple for many small business owners, but can the same be said for attracting customers and managing the operation?

On the other hand, bigger and established companies can often gain a significant amount of market share through excellent customer service, brand recognition, and an impressive website. Especially one that allows online service bookings.

This tells us that a small cleaning business too can create a significant impact and secure bookings with a unique website design. 

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To help you build an impressive cleaning website that will create your digital footprint, we have compiled a list of the 23 best cleaning websites to look up to.

Let’s dive in!

📝Key Takeaways:

  • An impressive cleaning website must include a list of all their services and areas where they provide service in a comprehensive manner, with a focus on effectively marketing your cleaning business.
  • A cleaning company must include genuine customer feedback and testimonials on its website to prove its reliability and trustworthiness.

23 Best Cleaning Websites to Look Up To

1. Maid Simple

Maid Simple

Maid Simple is one of the great cleaning websites and ranks number one on our list. The company does an excellent job attracting new clients and has implemented multiple call-to-action buttons throughout its website, which are featured prominently. 

Potential customers can get a free instant quote, read client testimonials, and learn about the company right on their cleaning website. By clicking on the ‘book a cleaning’ tab, users can fill out the online service request form. 

2. Clean My Space

commercial cleaning websites

Clean My Space is one of the finest cleaning websites and ranks second on our list as it provides remarkable cleaning services. This cleaning business webpage reflects its owner’s personality. 

With appropriate thumbnails on their website, the company features links to the various cleaning procedures in an organized manner. Their webpage also displays a call-to-action button that prompts users to subscribe to their email newsletter.

3. CottageCare

house cleaning websites

CottageCare ranks third on our house cleaning websites list as it does a brilliant job on its webpage with a minimalistic design. The company includes an embedded video on their page, which allows you to see the cleaning services they provide and offers free quotes too. 

Additionally, visitors can book a cleaning service, purchase gift certificates, and receive bonuses for making referrals. The company does robust branding by outlining all these benefits on their webpage in an organized manner.

4. Maid Marines

Maid Marines

Maid Marines ranks fourth on our list of professional cleaning websites and uses a simplistic design for its webpage. The company quickly explains why it is the best option for customers. 

Their home page includes an online service form that allows users to quickly calculate an estimate. They also include a chat option which is an essential feature for a website that wants to convert leads.

5. House Cleaning SF

House Cleaning SF

House Cleaning SF uses a creative web design to match its professional cleaning services and ranks fifth on our cleaning websites list. They focus on consistent branding throughout their page. 

Visitors can get a free estimate for the cleaning service they want by filling out their online form. Additionally, leads can learn more about their company and the cleaning services they provide on their website.

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6. Austin’s Maid Service

Austins Maid Service

Austin’s Maid Service ranks sixth on our cleaning websites list and is a locally owned and operated business. This is conveyed in the design of their site, which features a family photo. The website includes a navigation bar, a call-to-action button, and a chat feature too.

7. Planet Maids

Planet Maids

Ranking seventh on our cleaning websites list, Planet Maids has a simplistic web design with multiple call-to-action buttons. Users can get $10 off their next service if they enter their email address in the pop-up box. Visitors can book cleaning services and learn more about the company on the website as well.

8. NY Housekeeping

NY Housekeeping

NY Housekeeping is ranked eighth on our list and has a well-designed website. Visitors can receive a free estimate by entering their details as soon as they land on the home page. They include a chat box and feature their contact details prominently on the website. Their cleaning services, charges for the cleaning services, etc. are outlined and broken down in detail.

9. Maid First

Maid First

Maid First ranks ninth on our list and is a cleaning business website that makes use of cutting-edge technology and web features. By entering their information, potential customers can book their service and obtain an estimate. 

Customers also qualify for a discount if they book house cleaning services frequently, which is prominently displayed on their website. The home page provides clients with a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know.

10. Synergy Maids

Synergy Maids ranks at number ten on our cleaning websites list. They let customers book a trusted cleaning team in less than a minute. The website features a simple design and functions well. They also feature their company’s accolades along with call-to-action buttons prominently.

11. Superb Maids

Superb Maids

Superb Maids promotes its business with high-quality photos and ranks eleven on our list of cleaning websites. The company says that its customers are entitled to a clean home. This fits in well with the home page photo of a beautiful, spotless home. 

It includes call-to-action buttons as well. Visitors can find the company’s story by scrolling down. Further down, the company details its qualifications, licensing, and accolades.

12. Spouses Cleaning Houses

Spouses Cleaning Houses

Spouses Cleaning Houses is ranked twelfth on our list and features consistent branding across its website. The brand emphasizes that it is a veteran-owned company and also features a call-to-action button in the center of the home page. 

A navigation bar is also present at the top, and you can find the company’s story, qualifications, and how to book a service option by scrolling down the page.

13. Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids comes on the thirteenth spot of our list with consistent online branding. It showcases the company’s story and features an easily accessible call-to-action button. 

There is also an online service request form that doesn’t hinder the presence of the other information available on the website. Customers can learn about the services they require by watching embedded videos. The website also features customer reviews and testimonials.

14. Spectacular Housekeeping

Spectacular Housekeeping

Spectacular Housekeeping comes at number fourteen on our cleaning websites list and displays a picture of a beautiful and tidy living room on its home page.   

The website features lists of services they offer in three categories: kitchens, common areas, and bathrooms. Visitors can learn about the services they offer and the company’s story in a clear and concise manner.

15. Organic Cleaning Supreme

Organic Cleaning Supreme

Organic Cleaning Supreme is ranked fifteenth on our list of cleaning websites. This company’s website layout is quite basic. However, the company’s details, call-to-action, and logo are presented in a professional manner.

16. Merry Maids

Merry Maids

Ranking sixteenth on our list of cleaning websites, Merry Maids is a big cleaning service company that proves its worth on its webpage. The website has a navigation bar and two CTA buttons at the top. 

There is also a link to discounts and special offers. By scrolling down further, visitors can read about the company’s history, the perks of using its services, and details concerning the worry-free guarantee.

17. The maids

The maids

The Maids offers an aesthetically appealing website and ranks seventeen on our house cleaning websites list. Potential clients can use the search feature to find out if their location is in the list of areas that can avail immediate servicing. 

Visitors can learn about the company’s cleaning procedure and obtain a free estimate by calling on the displayed contact number. They can also read customer reviews and watch an embedded educational video by scrolling down the webpage.

18. Molly Maid

Molly Maid

Molly Maid ranks eighteenth on our list and is one of the best cleaning websites that do a great job with consistent branding. The company claims to have been in business for over three and a half decades. 

On the website, visitors can find services available in their area as well as a phone number to contact for more details on the services. Prospects will find a list of services as well as the company’s story as they scroll down. On their website, they also showcase their cleaning process and pricing structure.

19. Maid Brigade

best cleaning services website

Maid Brigade takes the nineteenth spot on our cleaning business websites list. The website features a corporate approach, includes a navigation bar at the top for accessibility, and never fails to show consistent branding. 

Prospects can call for a free estimate, find out if their area is serviced, and book a service conveniently. They can also find links to the company’s social media channels, blog posts, and more details about their cleaning process when they scroll down.

20. TruBlue Total House Care

TruBlue Total House Care

TruBlue Total House Care is one of the best cleaning websites and ranks in the twentieth spot on our list. It uses a basic layout for its website but features the CTA buttons prominently. 

The company’s story can be found under the header, and its services are described in greater detail further down the page. Following that, prospects are shown how to contact for services. The website also includes links to the company’s social media channels and embedded customer reviews.

21. King of Maids

best commercial cleaning websites

At number twenty-one on our list comes King of Maids. It is a decent cleaning business website but uses a simple website template. Nonetheless, it comes with a chat box feature, CTA, and its contact number is prominently displayed. 

Nonetheless, it has a chat box and a CTA, and its contact information is prominently displayed. It is explained on their website why this company is a wise choice. Furthermore, visitors can read the company’s story along with genuine customer reviews.

22. Shine Window Cleaning

Shine Window Cleaning

Shine Window Cleaning, ranked number twenty-two on our list, gets full grades for making the process of booking a service or requesting an estimate simple. They have all the information you need to make an informed decision about booking a service with them. They also provide holiday lighting installation.

23. Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Nothing beats a real fireplace for setting the tone. Ranking twenty-third on our list,  Midtown Chimney Sweeps, as hearth experts, understands this and immediately sets the tone with an image of a mother reading to her daughter in front of the fire.

While the photography on the Midtown site creates an appealing atmosphere, the real points go to the “Book Appointment Now” function, which requires customers to simply enter their zip code and book their chimney cleaning services.

Further down the page, you’ll discover that Midtown does more than just clean fireplace chimneys; they also provide residential and commercial services, as well as clean dryer vents.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What should I include on my cleaning company’s website?

    The following are some of the things that best cleaning sites include:

    • A homepage with a captivating photo and an overview of the company’s services
    • A services page that describes all cleaning options
    • A careers page, if there’s more than one cleaner or a requirement for more cleaners
    • A contact page that includes contact information and a booking form
    • An about page that tells the story of the company
    • A visible call to action that tells prospects what to do next
    • Positive customer feedback and testimonials
    • A blog with useful cleaning content that is updated on a regular basis
    • A FAQ page answering the most frequently asked client questions

  2. What is the cost of building a cleaning website?

    Building a cleaning website can cost anywhere from $60 per year to over $5,000, based on your method.

    Domain prices vary greatly. They can start at around $2 USD and usually stay under $100, but a premium domain can cost thousands of dollars. Think about this when choosing a name for your cleaning business.

    Basic website builder plans typically begin at around $60 USD per year, excluding the domain. This price will rise if you select a higher-tier plan or pay on a monthly basis.

    If you work with a developer, you can expect to pay between $500 and $5,000 USD for your cleaning website, depending on their hourly rate and the complexity of your website. This price does not include domain registration or site hosting.

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