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Are you a professional electrician and looking to keep yourself updated with news and updates? Then, we have a list of 21 blogs that you must refer to.

Are you a professional electrician? Are you looking to keep up with the latest technologies?

You should know that Decatur offers an average salary of $62,190 to electricians having more than 500 jobs.

Being an electrician, you understand that with the increasing energy demand comes a higher cost to safely and efficiently provide energy as well.

Also, to step up in your career, it is inevitable to garner information and learn new skills frequently. Moreover, we have analyzed the 21 best electrician blogs that have all the details like news, the latest trends & technology, and equipment information. All such information and knowledge will help you uplift your skills.

All of these blogs will help you stay engaged with the industry and will help you become a leader in your marketplace.

21 Best Electrician Blogs and Get Quality Topic Ideas

Still confused about what is the best electrical estimating software? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. The following table includes the list of the 21 best electrician blogs that helps you increase the knowledge to become an electrical estimator, which have been categorically divided. Even the table contains the popular post from that blog to help you understand the category and popular posts.

1. Electrician Talk Articles

ElectricianTalk is one of the well-known online communities that represent professional electricians. Find varieties of topics on the website, even you can read forums and the latest published articles and news on the latest topics. Some of the articles include in-depth guides and research-oriented information about how the industry is changing.

Electrician talk articles

Apart from writing electrical articles, they have another option, What’s New, which shows the latest published articles on their website. To see updated articles, you can simply click on What’s new. You can also join the electrician talk as well.

2. Electrical News

Electrical news

A key industry newspaper, Electrical News, has been around for more than three decades. Electrical News is considered a reliable place to turn to when looking for electrician blogs because its contributor blogs cover topical and beneficial themes, and the website’s archive and extra material provide a wide range of local, national, and international electrical industry news items.

3. Electrical Contractor Magazine

Electrical Contractor is a well-known online magazine that National Electrical Contractors Association publishes.

Electrical contractor magazine

Founded more than 100 years ago, the NECA remains a well-known organization in the electrical contracting industry. You can easily publish and share special newsletters directly in your inbox.

4. Voltage

The main focus of Voltage is to connect buyers with sellers of utility and electrical equipment. Being an electrical professional, you can easily browse the website and digital magazine without paying anything. You can find multiple information, such as the newest electrical products and warranties, depending on the industry players and economic analysis.


Voltage is a famous publication and website which aims to connect sellers and buyers with different utility and electrical equipment.

For free news on anything from the newest electrical goods and warranties to emerging industry leaders and economic analysis, refer to this blog.

5. IEC Insight Journal

Insights Magazine is published by the charity Independent Electrical Contractors and serves as a forum for news about the electrical industry, professional advice from electricians, updates on the IEC organization, and more well-known award-winning and known hallmark publication for electrical and system contractors that reaches more than 7000 professionals per issue.

IEC insight journal

This magazine focuses on highlighting current trends and offers a voice to electrical and systems for the contracting industry. There are 50 local groups and academic institutions spread out across the country.

6. r/electricians


Reddit is home to one of the busiest online forums for electricians. DIYs (Do It Yourselfers), businessmen, electricians, industry veterans, and handymen come together to discuss everything related to residential electrical work on the electrician’s subreddit.

7. Media Centre for IBEW

More than 750,000 employees and retirees in various electrical professions are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in the United States and Canada.

IBEW news, local interest stories starring electrical workers, and commentary on national topics that are likely to influence the industry are all constantly updated on the IBEW Media Centre’s website.

8. Mike Holt Forum

For those seeking free resources for ongoing education or experienced contractors hoping to enter the field as professional electricians, Mike Holt Enterprises offers educational training services. Discussions between seasoned electricians, inspectors, engineers, and those pursuing a career as an electrical contractor keep the Mike Holt Forum lively.

9. Electrical Wiki

Electrical wiki

This is one of the technical blogs, more focused on experienced electricians and electrical engineers. This website offers articles on the design, installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical equipment and systems. This website was started in Nov 2019, you can expect 3 new posts from this website. However, the publishing cycle varies sometimes.

10. Electrical Easy

A new profession as an electrician, electrical engineer or mechanic, lineman, or electrical systems technician can be pursued by visiting Electrical Career Now, an online educational resource.

Electrical easy

To promote jobs and educational opportunities in the industry, the group collaborates with neighborhood trade schools and training programs and offers helpful materials about working in the electrical area.

Sharing it with team members who want to brush up on the fundamentals or pursue additional training is a terrific idea. Even this website has the option to write for them as well, you can even publish the article according to their guidelines.

11. Electrician Mentor

If you are striving to become a successful electrician, you have to read Electrician Mentor. As this training platform is reliable and offers in-depth information to students and educates them properly.

Electrician mentor

David Walter, the company’s creator, supports encouraging people to pursue careers as electricians.

If you’re interested in learning more about current and upcoming apprenticeship programs, David’s blog is full of information that can help you find your ideal job.

12. Electrician Apprentice HQ

Are you planning to become an apprentice electrician? The Electrician Apprentice Headquarters provides a streamlined online resource that will help you become a successful electrician apprentice.

This website was started by a master electrician who is inspired to help newcomers to establish careers in the electrical field. The Electrician Apprentice headquarters also writes about industry trends, news, best practices as well as product reviews.

13. Electrical Career

Discover what path is best for you and find the ideal college to enable your professional and educational dreams.

Electrical Career offers valuable and insightful education. If you are searching for a new career path, consider using this portal. Our business will connect you with the proper school which will train you for a professional career in electrical.

Our business actively partners with different countries that use Electrical Careers and lists information about their programs as well as opportunities for students. Being in the electrical business for so long, we have become a one-stop solution for all the information you can think of regarding schools and programs.

14. Service Nation Blogs

Service nation blogs

Service Nation, the biggest private association of contractors in the nation, gives experts in electrical, plumbing, solar, and HVAC the tools they need to succeed in the service contractor industry. The association’s blog frequently delves into industry-specific topics. It covers topics that are pertinent to business owners in all home service sectors, including electricians.

15. Contractor Talk Electrical Forum

Contractor talk electrical forum

The sister site to Electrician Talk, Contractor Talk, is one of the most extensive online contractor hubs with specific forums for several trades and disciplines. This Electrical Forum, filled with seasoned electricians and business veterans, offers industry insights and professional counsel on various electrical contracting topics.

16. Lighting Supplier Blog

On its website, the lighting distributor Lighting Supply sells a variety of electrical tools and accessories and has a thorough blog and an interesting learning center. Electrical contractors who wish to brush up on lighting fundamentals, read product evaluations, and learn about other lighting-related issues can find helpful material on the Lighting Supply blog.

17. Mister Sparky

Mister sparky

The website offers a wide range of posts, as well as publishing blogs frequently that keep their users engaged. Although the topics are written on the surface level, you will surely be able to get tons of new ideas from the blog. By reading their guide, you will get answers to your question.

18. Mr. Electric Blog

Mr. electric blog

Mr. Electric was established in 1994, and it is a global franchise organization offering repair and electrical services. Mr. Electric franchisees offer services to commercial and residential clients at more than 200 locations. The company is a subsidiary of the Neighbourly family of service franchises.

19. KB Electric LLC

KB electric llc

KB Electric LLC is the first family who owns and operates residential and commercial electricians based in Collegeville, PA, and Pottstown, PA. all of our staff at KB Electric is licensed, insured, uninformed, and equipped with fully stocked and lettered vans. By reading the blog of KB Electric LLC, you can quickly learn tips and tricks to become a skilled electrician.

20. Expert Electric Blog

Expert electric blog

Electrical Service & Repair is what Expert Electric does. We have offered skilled electrical service to thousands of residential and commercial customers throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The Expert Electric Blog is intended to provide advice and educate you on electrical services so you may save money and preserve energy.

21. Schaffhouser Blog


Professional industrial and commercial electricians who love to impart information and advice written for our site. For many years, Schaffhouser Electric Company has offered top-notch residential and commercial electrician services as well as power solutions to the people and companies in Middle Tennessee and South Central Kentucky.

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  1. What are the best electrician courses you can do?

    You should only choose the electrician course that provides knowledge and value simultaneously. To save you from hassle, we have listed the top courses you should sign up for to become a better electrician.

  2. What are the core responsibilities of an electrician?

    There are multiple skills and responsibilities an electrician should have. The following is the list of responsibilities.

    • The core responsibilities of an electrician include managing electrical control, wiring, and lighting system installation, maintenance, and repair.
    • Reading blueprints and technical drawings. performing routine maintenance on the electricity supply.
    • Examining circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical parts.
    • Utilising the proper testing equipment to troubleshoot electrical problems.
    • Equipment, electrical wiring, and fixtures repair and replacement.
    • Observing state and municipal building codes and the National Electrical Code.
  3. What is the average hourly rate of an electrician?

    The average hourly rate of an electrician is $50 to $100. However, the hourly rate also depends upon multiple factors, such as experience, expertise, and the problem. If you want an electrician to do extensive work, it may cost you around $500 to $2000.


Regardless of your position, as long as you are working in the electrical field, you must be up to date with the latest information. It is your responsibility to stay updated with the latest information.

But, you should not rely on every website that offers information on Google. Therefore, we have listed the 21 best electrical blogs that include complete information from the latest news, articles, case studies, and e-books related to your industry.

Even if you would like to glance at all the information quickly, you can get all the information from the table, which includes all the information about the best electrician blogs. You can directly read popular posts and understand more about the electric industry. If you still have any questions or concerns related to understanding more about electrician blogs, feel free to get in touch.

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