How to Get Florida Handyman License? A Complete Guide

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A handyman’s service is always in demand in any state, and Florida is no exception. So, if you have been thinking about becoming a licensed handyman in Florida, then you have landed on the right page.

Do you know the handyman market has expanded by 2.9% in 2022, and it will continue to expand until 2028? In the next three years, the industry will touch new heights and will bring many opportunities.

That is why now is the perfect time to get a handyman license and start a handyman business, given the growing reliance on outsourcing household projects, maintenance, and repairs.

Talking about getting a handyman’s license in Florida, you won’t face any difficulties. To know how you can get your Florida handyman license, you can continue reading this blog.

Reasons You Need a Handyman License in Florida

In some instances, you can perform a task without a business license. But still, it is not encouraged to work as a contractor without a valid Florida handyman license. You may be subjected to fines or criminal charges if caught working illegally.

Despite your knowledge of how to fix a pipe and put up walls, unless you possess a license, you can’t work, regardless of how skilled you are at your job.

Florida handyman licenses are needed for the following reasons:

1. Credibility


Having a proper handyman business license and insurance increases the likelihood that your clients will trust you. Your license demonstrates dedication and compliance with business and professional regulations.

2. Get paid better

As a licensed contractor in Florida, you can earn more than you normally would as a general contractor. In contrast, clients are willing to pay more to a licensed and certified contractor rather than an unlicensed worker.

Unlicensed professionals are losing the opportunity to earn as much money as they can and need. By obtaining a Florida handyman license, you can take the cap off your earnings.

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3. It’s the law

A Florida general contractor should have a license to set up a handyman business. However, a distinction must be made between doing handyman work without a contractor license legally and doing so illegally.

Contracting without a permit limits your services tremendously unless you have a contractor license. To ensure that you comply with the city ordinances, you must read up on them before entering the city.

4. Get more customers

Customers increasingly depend on online reviews and social media to find businesses with sound business practices because of online reviews and social media. A general contractor license gives you an edge by demonstrating your expertise. Brag away!

How to Get Handyman License in Florida?

To obtain a handyman license in Florida, follow these easy steps:

‍1. Select the right type of contractor’s license

Becoming a Florida contractor includes either becoming certified or registering as a contractor. The Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB), which falls under the Florida (DBPR), is responsible for issuing your general contractor license.

As a contractor, if you plan to work across the entire state, you’ll need to become state-certified before getting hired. Whether you wish to work solely at the state level or only on a local level, you will need to become a certified contractor license. Moreover, you will also need to get a certificate from your local authority to use the service.

2. Take the licensing exam

Take the licensing exam

The process begins by completing a handyman license application, proofreading it, and paying the processing fee. If you are eligible to take the contractor’s exam, you will be notified to attend the examination. Additionally, you can find more information online.

‍3. Prepare for the exam

As a general contractor, the exam you are required to write may consist of multiple choice questions that focus both on theoretical and practical aspects of the job and will need you to demonstrate your proficiency in the field in which you work.

Get yourself a study guide from your state licensing board, so you can get used to the material on the exam as soon as possible.

4. Take the examination

Take the exam at the end! To schedule your exam, the local licensing authority will give you instructions on the time and place where it will take place. Bringing an ID card and any other materials you requested is the best way to prepare for the interview. The board determines a pass or failure after you have taken your exam.‍

5. Provide fingerprints and background checks

Some states require contractors to have a license that requires them to provide their thumbprints, pay a processing fee for the fingerprinting, provide details concerning their criminal record check, and provide their thumbprints.

It is not a requirement for applicants to have a criminal record to be considered, but they may need to provide a written explanation.

6. Receiving your license

Once you pass your exam and submit all the necessary documentation and fees, your contractor’s license will be issued to you, so you can start working as a handyman safely and legally. Keep your license current by contacting your state contractor’s board.

Obtaining a Florida Handyman License may seem overwhelming, but organizing all the necessary information will make things easier. A handyman license must be obtained by complying with your state’s business and professional regulations and following the appropriate steps.

Therefore, you should confirm whether you require a general contractor license before performing a handyman job.

Requirements to Get Florida Handyman License

Different contractor specialties to require different requirements, and licensing requirements may differ from one state to another. Here, we will cover the criteria for getting a handyman license in Florida.

Read on to know

  • A minimum age of 18 is required.
  • Send your credit report with at least a 660 credit score. When their score is low, surety bonds can be purchased.
    Fingerprinting is part of the background check.
  • Under the local jurisdictions, ensure you have coverage of general liability and property damage.
  • You should purchase workers’ compensation insurance within 30 days of receiving your license or apply for an exemption.
  • The state provides a listing of credit reporting agencies for the convenience of applicants.
  • Obtain a Florida Construction Exam and pass it.
  • Get your contractor’s license.
  • Fees for contractor applications and licenses.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Handyman License?

It is not necessary for a handyman in Florida to hold a license. Although your scope of work may be limited to only a few tasks, your work will still be expansive.

Remember that you need to get a contractor’s license to make more extensive home improvements.

  • When applying from May 1 to August 31 of an odd year, applicants should expect to pay approximately $249 to $300. In the case of applicants who submit their application between September 1st and April 30th of an even year, the fee will be prorated from $149 to $200.
  • Those seeking a registered contractor license will have to pay $309 when submitting their applications between May 1st and August 31st of an odd year and $309 when applying during even years. When applying between September 1st and April 30th of an odd year, the fee is prorated to $209 when the application is made between September 1st and April 30th.

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Florida Business License For Business Owners

Business licenses is required for organizations that receive payment for their services. Business licenses are the state’s stamp of approval that confirms you’re registered and approved to operate a business and offer products and services to its residents. It is, however, relatively quick and easy to secure a business license if you follow the right steps.

Obtain a business license and register your business. There are many ways to register your business. Choosing a business structure depends on your preferences. There are many types of companies, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Fees and taxes will vary depending on the type of filing. The minimum fee for registering an LLC in Florida is $125.

How do you choose the right business entity? In order to determine the best form of business entity for your company, it is highly recommended to consult an attorney or accountant. This will save you from paying excessive filing fees and taxes, and you will also be able to eliminate headaches caused by other unnecessary requirements.

Your region’s tax collector’s office can also assist you with obtaining a business license if you need help; they will have a professional who can guide you.

Renewing Your General Contractor License

General contractors in Florida must renew their licenses every two years. The requirement for continuing education at renewal is 14 hours, and you must complete them by the due date. At least one hour of instruction must be provided on each of the following topics in this coursework:

  • Practices in the business world
  • Rules and laws
  • Codes for building in Florida
  • Safety at work
  • The rights and responsibilities of workers’ compensation

Penalties for Unlicensed Work in Florida

Unlicensed general contractors can be fined $5,000 and jailed for up to one year (felony). Contractors with felony warrants are not permitted to take the exam. A misdemeanor conviction for providing contractor services without a license can result in fines and jail terms of up to $1,000. Moreover, homeowners hiring an unlicensed contractor can face a $1,000 fine if they include him in the sales agreement.

Therefore, getting a Florida general contractor’s license is worth the effort.

What Kind of Insurance Does a Handyman Need in Florida?

Whether you need a license or not, handyman insurance is always a good idea. Insurance coverage may include the following types:

1. Worker’s Compensation insurance

Worker's compensation insurance

Florida may require that you obtain workers’ compensation insurance for your handyman business, depending on how many employees you have. Your or your employee’s wages will be covered, as well as medical expenses if they are injured at work.

General Liability insurance

Handymen almost have to have general liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage for injuries that occur to someone other than your employees, and if you accidentally damage property that isn’t yours, you will be protected.

3. Tools and equipment insurance

Tools and equipment insurance

When you have tools and equipment insurance, your gear will be covered if damaged or stolen.

4. Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance protects you from medical expenses, towing, and repair costs related to accidents when you drive to job sites.

5. Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance will cover your business building or equipment if damaged or vandalized.

Are Florida Handyman Required to Have Business Insurance?

For handymen in Florida to work in the state, they are likely to need both General Liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

A general contractor must be covered by General Liability insurance (also referred to as property damage insurance and public liability insurance) in order to obtain a license to operate. A copy of your insurance policy will be required when you apply for a job.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required whenever you have employees. Subcontracting with another company may also require that you have a subcontracting policy in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the Florida contractor license types?

    General contractors in Florida can apply for two types of licenses from the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. First, there is a license for certified general contractors, and another type of license is a general contractor’s license.

    You can work throughout the entire state if you hold a certified license in Florida. You can perform work in a particular jurisdiction with a registered license.

  2. What is the easiest contractor’s license to get in Florida?

    Getting a Florida Residential Contractor License is the simplest way to obtain a contractor’s license. As a result, there are fewer questions on the exams. Although, the process for obtaining the license is similar to that of the license for general contractors and builders.

  3. In what ways should I prepare for the Florida general contractor exam?

    A Florida State Construction Exam must be passed before an applicant can obtain a license as a certified contractor. Professional Testing, Inc. administers this test.

    Taking and passing this exam is a prerequisite for starting the application process.

  4. What if you do not have a handyman License?

    Florida imposes fines for working outside the scope of handyman services without the correct contractor’s license. For a first offense, the offense can be punished with up to a year of probation, imprisonment, or a fine of up to $1,000.

    It can also be punished with jail time. Felonies carry sentences of up to five years in prison or probation, as well as a fine of up to $5,000 if they are committed again.


It may seem challenging to obtain a license for a general contractor. If you follow the above guide, you are sure to become a general contractor quickly and easily. Make sure you follow the application steps correctly and meet the requirements. In this way, you can obtain your general contractor license quickly.

Once you get a license in Florida and become a professional handyman to get jobs, all you need is InvoiceOwl to automate your pen-and-paper-based estimation and invoicing. Using InvoiceOwl, you can create estimates and invoices in just a few taps and keep track of your finance.

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