Consulting Invoice Template

Invoicing could be trickier because consulting services are ample. You could be thinking of how to present consulting service invoices to your client. That’s where the Consulting invoice template comes into the picture.

The template comes with five different formats, out of which, you could choose anyone for your consulting services. These templates come with pre-defined fields under which you have to just add the required information.

So, what are you waiting for? Download an invoice template and create your consulting service invoice.

Construction Invoice Templates

Download Consulting Invoice Templates for Free

To begin with, a blank page is always challenging no matter if you use MS Word or MS Excel. But it is a great help when you get detailed invoice template and InvoiceOwl lets you download templates in both the file formats and in PDF too.

Get Paid For Your Advice With Invoice

Use the Invoice template to create invoices for your clients who have availed consulting services.

Free Consulting Invoice Template vs. Invoicing Software

Want to know what’s best for you? Let’s compare the free invoice template and the InvoiceOwl invoicing app and see the advantages the InvoiceOwl app offers you.

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How to Create a Consulting Invoice Using a Free Template?

Here is the list of certain pieces of the information you should include in your consultant your invoice section (whichever invoice types you choose).


Here is the step-by-step process of consultant invoice template:

  • Business name, address, logo, and contact information or email address of your company
  • Invoice date and the due date
  • Invoice name and unique invoice number
  • Descriptions of line item/product/service
  • Current price/resale rates
  • Total cost
  • Applicable VAT/GST or sales applicable taxes rates
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy and rights reserved
  • The payment method you accept
  • The subtotal
  • Thank you note

Elements To Make a Perfect Consulting Invoice

Once you have downloaded an invoice, you should consider following the basic elements which should be considered appropriately.


Why Create Professional Consulting Invoices?

As a consultant you must charge your clients by hours, right? Then who would understand the value of time more than a consultant? Your time is the most precious asset. So, keeping yourself busy creating similar recurring invoices every day is just a waste of time and energy.


You cannot bring solutions and clarity to clients with the general invoice template. A person with special skills like you should use a niche-specific consultant invoice template like a contractor does with a labor invoice template.

Other than that, a consultant invoice template lets you;

  • save your valuable time
  • charge hourly rates precisely
  • create customized invoices for your consultancy
  • manage all the invoices effortlessly
  • create accurate consultancy invoices
  • maintain consistency with all the invoices

Moreover, your clients will also get benefited from your consultant invoice as it helps them

  • understand the invoice easily
  • receive the invoice conveniently (online or offline)
  • with the payment instructions
  • pay you on time


Types of Businesses Opting Consulting Services


Icon02Technology Companies


Icon04Food Industry


Icon06Sales And Marketing

Invoicing Tips for Consultants

Now, as you know about all the elements of free invoice template designs, but are confused about whether to charge a flat fee or on an hourly rate to your clients, especially when you are going to handle a start-up on your own.
But don’t worry about such things.

Here are a few elements that you can consider while charging a consulting fee during the invoicing.

Research About Competitor’s Rates

Research About Competitor’s Rates

When you are deciding on the consulting fees for the consulting invoice template, the first thing you need to do is, do a little research about your competitors’ rates. The cost or fees may vary in each way that helps you decide the cheaper rates/fees than your competitors and the number of differences.

You can also strategize the personal approach that you can address according to market demand and based on such an opportunity to sell the solutions. You can also switch your rates as per your research.

Decide The Rate Model

Decide The Rate Model

Once you have completed your research on your consulting business competitors, you need to make sure you create an appropriate model for the rates/fees that you are going to charge for the service or products.

If you ever feel that your solution may take only several billable hours or sometimes based on your experience and specialized expertise may take longer than expected tracking billable hours. So, based on your analysis, decide your hourly rate model.

Bill The Client

Bill The Client

Now, the model/documents are decided whether according to an hourly rate or monthly rates, it’s the right time to bill the client’s business for the solutions you have offered. Ensure that you immediately start the design part of the invoice on the completion of the consulting project and prepare the expense reports for any industries you are serving.

Also, ensure that the final invoice is accurate with all the contact information included and has all the rates included in the invoice you are about to send.

Keep All The Records

Keep All The Records

Once you have generated all the invoices, you must keep all the records of invoices of paid and unpaid invoices. This will also help you track and analyze all the financial transactions and the expense report for future company strategies and make sure that your revenue flows on a continuing basis for your consulting company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to send an invoice if I am a freelance consultant?

    Definitely, yes. Because if you want to be professional and continue to provide consulting work to the same clients or work from the references, it is essential to be professional and create a brand image by sending an appropriate completed invoice template. For this reason, a freelance consultant should create a professional consulting invoice with personal touches to make an impact and be in a competition and be different from others.

  • What should I consider before sending a consulting invoice template?

    There are lots of elements that you should consider before you create and send free consulting flexible invoice templates. The main thing that you can consider before creating consulting invoices to create a recurring invoice is to identify the information you need to include in the templates. Collect all the consulting business branding materials and prepare a format that your clients can identify immediately that it’s your brand.

  • How do I write a free consulting invoice?

    To write an invoice template or generate invoice online is not at all a difficult task for consultants. There are plenty of ways you can create professional invoices using free consulting invoice templates or by creating manual designs using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Spreadsheets. It depends on your preferences and consulting about business needs. When you choose online invoice templates it will be easier for you to modify and use and save you save time.

  • How to bill for the consulting services sample?

    Once you are done with your project, you should start your billing process for the consulting services provided. Ideally, you should start formatting your free consulting invoices and including all the complete invoice details step-by-step like you do in construction invoice example. So that when you complete your client project your consulting service invoice will be ready and save you time.

  • What to include on an Invoice for consulting services?

    When creating an invoice for consulting services, make sure to add the below-mentioned information.

    • Consulting firm name and contact details
    • Client’s first and last name
    • Services rendered by clients
    • Pricing structure of the consulting services
    • Add taxes
    • Payment method
  • What Is the alternative of consulting invoice templates?

    InvoiceOwl is one of the best alternatives to invoice templates. The reasons are as follows:

    • Budget-friendly subscription plans
    • Takes less than a minute to create an estimate and invoice
    • Sync all the documents created in InvoiceOwl to an accounting platform, so no more workload to accountants or subscribing to separate accounting platforms
    • Easy learning curve
    • No more use of a calculator
  • Why should consultants send professional invoices?

    There might be times when the business might run on credits. In that case, it becomes difficult to remember all the clients. Sending invoices to the clients will help you remember the client’s name and outstanding dues.

  • When is the right time to send an invoice to your consulting clients?

    Soon after the consulting is over. The consulting business can be one-time or sometimes it completes in multiple sittings. But you have to make sure that as soon as you complete a consulting service, you issue an invoice to your clients.

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