7 Proven Ways: How To Retain Landscaping Clients

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When you are into a landscaping company, you have to be on your toes to serve your clients better. Or else, you may lose them. Such landscaping businesses where most of your customers are unhappy could be a worrying sign. In such cases, you should attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Mostly, landscaping business owners choose to retain loyal clients by setting up a customer loyalty program. If your old clients have more negative thoughts about your service, then you should take the necessary steps. Otherwise, you are likely to lose your existing customers day by day.

Many landscape experts believe that attracting new clients would be more difficult than retaining the existing clients. Those who are associated with landscape companies will agree that pleasing new clients are not that easy. Being a Landscape designer, you should not only make customers happy but retain them.

There are two major questions that arise for a landscaper. The first question is how to run a landscaping business, and the second is how to retain clients in the landscaping industry.

Are you wondering how to retain landscaping clients? Let’s read the seven ways to retain your old clients.

How Loyal Clients Can Help You Boost Your Landscaping Business?

Existing lawn care customers are those who admire your services and can help you expand your landscape business. That’s right, these individuals can make your job easier by spreading the likes of your service to their close ones. For that, you need to give them an amazing experience by customizing your service according to their needs.

owners who are new to the landscaping industry should develop new strategies to make customers loyal. Happy customers would love to collect rewards, so offer them a great discount with exciting prices, especially in lawn care season. By doing so, they will stick to building your landscaping services list and bring a few more clients too.

Also, when first-time customers will learn about your loyal client base, they will be ready to collaborate with you. These newcomers would be your target audience who can help you reach your landscape business to the next level. Hence, they will turn into repeat customers who can assist you find the leads.

Here are some ways how existing clients can help you expand your business:

  • Refers Your Service To Others
  • Helps You generate leads
  • Gives Thumbs Up For Your Service
  • Shares Positive Experiences
  • Enhances Business Credibility

7 Ways To Retain Your Lawn Care Customers

Ways to retain your lawn care customers
  1. Win Your client’s trust

    Trust is a significant factor before starting the loyalty program. You should take the necessary steps whenever your clients have payment issues or complaints regarding landscaping services.

    Analyze the need of your clients and come up with added value services. Moreover, know your customers by giving them feedback forms of your services. When you receive a call from clients, quickly turn up to their house and help them put their ideas into action. Slowly, you will earn their trust.

  2. Enhance marketing strategies

    As a landscaping business owner, you have to increase your marketing efforts week in week out. Let your customers know how you will help them create the best landscape designs. One of the best digital marketing strategies is to start email marketing, which is quite different from social media marketing. These end-to-end conversations are likely to convert your potential clients into repeat customers. If you are new to the landscape industry and finding it difficult to estimate the invoices to your clients, start using free landscaping estimate template.

  3. Use CRM software

    Managing landscaping customers would not be easy unless you have landscape client management software. It allows you to store all details and further helps you develop long-term relationships with your customers.

    Also, it will help you improve your relations with the old clients. Soon, you can expect new clients too as most of your clients are likely to encourage their close ones to choose your services. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software gives you the advantage to stay on top of any potential troubles.

  4. Conduct online surveys

    It is understandable that you won’t know what is going on in clients’ minds. So, it is better to give them feedback forms after the completion of your service. Let them choose the answer from the multiple options and ask them to rate your job work.

    During the online surveys, request your clients to leave their ideas in the suggestion box. For instance, you can conduct a small survey by giving them 5 basic questions to answer by sending an email.

  5. Introduce referral bonus

    Existing customers who like your landscaping services would be ready to lend you a helping hand. They will be good at face-to-face advertising your services to others. On that note, you should introduce the referral bonus for those clients who bring other members to your service.

    In this process, customer retention numbers will increase and you are likely to have new customers as well. A bonus system will assist you in converting first-time buyers into frequent callers.

  6. Discounts on customer loyalty programs

    Having support from trusted clients, you can then move on to launch the customer loyalty schemes. Such a customer-friendly program will attract more people as well as old clients to stick around your service. This would help your clients to choose your service without denting their monthly budget. Moreover, offer discounts with other benefits on customer loyalty programs to become their first-choice landscape designer.

  7. On-demand customer support

    A lawn care business largely depends on the quality of your work. And if the customers are disappointed with your landscaping services it means you need to fix the loopholes. This is why customer support is necessary to listen to what clients think about the job work. Allow your clients to easily access the customer contact number in case they want more help from you.

    Some of them also raise concern over your work. In such scenarios, quickly schedule a visit on call and give them service according to their expectations. Tell them you are available round the clock whenever the need arises.


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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to form retention strategies?

    Lawn care business owners develop retention strategies to ensure they don’t lose their clients to their competitors. To form such strategies, use the below four key points.

    • Listen to your clients
    • Introduce value-added services
    • Convert first-time buyers to repeated customers
    • Establish loyalty schemes
    • 24*7 call support

  2. How to improve relationships with customers?

    When you find that customers are not happy with your work done, have face-time with them to ensure an easy solution to their problems. Even you can offer discounts on the next service to make your client stay glued to your landscaping company. Conduct surveys via email to boost your service performance. By doing so, you can set up a loyal customer base. Hence, it will assist you to improve relations with the clients.

  3. Will email marketing help in customer retention?

    Of course, it is the best way to retain customers by making one-to-one conversations. Set up digital marketing strategies and let them know about your seasonal offers and loyalty programs. Use automated email marketing to promote great deals running on your website. You can mention customer care details on the mailer so that instead of moving away, your client will discuss the issues. Thus, there are chances that customer retention rates may increase by 4-5%.


As you know retaining customers can have positive impacts on your lawn care business. But, at the same time, it would be difficult to engage them with your landscaping company. Hence, in terms of digital marketing, you may require more marketing efforts. We revealed the seven tips that will help you retain your clients. Simultaneously, these tips would convert potential customers into paying clients.

Apart from that, we understood how existing clients can help you in the expansion of your business. On an ending note, It is clear that you need to adopt a customer retention strategy to increase your loyal customers.

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