11 Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors to Get Genuine Leads

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The best lead generation websites for contractors filter out those not genuinely interested in their services. But generating quality leads can be quite tricky, which is why over 55% of marketers say finding leads that convert is their primary challenge.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the difference between generating leads and marketing.
  • Learn about the performance characteristics of the best lead generation websites for contractors and decide which suits your target audience and marketing efforts.

Since contractors often tend to deal with large one-off projects and don’t usually generate recurring revenue like e-commerce and SaaS businesses, contractors have to always be on the lookout for leads to remain in business.

Here are some of the best lead generation companies for contractors to minimize time and effort in searching for the right platform that guarantees quality leads. We’ve sourced 11 of the best lead generation websites for contractors based on user review, lead quality, strategy effectiveness, and ROI measurability.

1. Google

Google provides multiple ways to help boost your reach as a contractor and get you noticed quicker.

best lead generation website for contractors: google

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a platform that helps those actively searching for your services find you via Google Search and Google Maps.

With a Google business profile, you can claim, customize and optimize your contractor business on local searches for specific target keywords. Suppose you have a landscaping business in Chicago, with GMB, you can ensure your business is listed when a prospect searches for the ‘best landscaping contractor in Chicago.’

On the search result page, leads can access the business information you’ve made public like your business name, location, and list of services as well as reviews from past clients. The best part about Google My Business is that it’s absolutely free.

Google Ads

Google owns 92.47 percent of the search engine market share with over 63,000 searches every second. Google search page results include sponsored ads and if you’re looking to generate quick leads, a Google ad campaign is one of the best ways to do so.

Google ad is an advertising platform that lets businesses pay to appear on Google search results for related keywords. Google also offers paid advertisements on Google-owned services (such as Gmail and YouTube), as well as millions of third-party websites and apps which appear on the Google Display Network.

Google Organic Search

In 2019, 68% of website traffic was via paid search and organic traffic. And when user intent matches search results, potential leads are likely to visit your website. Since Google estimates that the first page on its search results has an average click-through rate of 28.5%, ranking higher on organic results increases your chances of gaining organic traffic and potential leads.

One way to improve your organic search result position is by creating blogs to share your knowledge or expertise on the services you offer. This does not only establish your authority and credibility in a niche, but it also helps you use several keywords relevant to user search intent which drives traffic to your site.

2. Meta

Meta builds technologies that connect people and grow businesses. Meta announced during the second quarter of 2022 that about 3.65 billion people use at least one of their core products (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger) each month. With Meta owning a large chunk of the social media pie, it’s easy to see why it’s favored among other lead generation services.

Facebook Business

With nearly 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is still the largest social media platform in the world. And while social media might not be the ideal place for contractors to generate leads, having an account is worthwhile. You can always encourage your network to share their testimonies and stories, which helps increase your brand awareness.

Facebook Business is fantastic for generating new leads and offers many advanced targeting options for contractors. With features like Facebook leads, you don’t need to send leads to an external landing page as prospects can now interact with your offers without leaving Facebook.

With Facebook Ads, you can advertise your brand even on a tight budget and gain contractor leads by sponsoring posts that boost engagement. You can also leverage Facebook groups, a feature that helps you create a community and engage in interesting discussions.


With more than 1 billion active users every month and the average user spending 58 minutes a day scrolling through Instagram feeds, Instagram can be the best place to get your brand noticed.

best lead generation website for contractors: instagram

With a business account on Instagram, quality content, and proper use of hashtags, you can gain an enormous amount of leads on this growing social media platform. Many contractors today share their customer stories on Instagram and use Instagram Reels and influencer marketing to gain leads.


With a WhatsApp business profile, you can offer personalized service to your prospects and clients. Although not a contractor lead site, WhatsApp can help you get leads if you create a WhatsApp button on Facebook. You can also use WhatsApp to offer customer support and deliver a quality experience to existing customers which helps increase the chances of positive word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is one of the best lead generation companies for contractors that maximize your marketing efforts and ensures you get high-quality qualified leads. The best thing about Thumbtack is that you only pay for using their lead generation tool when you choose to do business with the leads that reach out to you. This is one of the reasons why Thumbtack is favored among many lead generation sites. But although you can find residential and commercial clients through Thumbtack, small, one-time jobs are more predominant on this platform.

4. Angi’s List

Formerly Angi’s List, Angi is a directory that helps connect customers to contractors that need their services. Angi lets contractors run lead generation paid ads which costs between $4 to $8 per click.

Navigating through Angi is easy and it offers intuitive features for contractors to optimize their lead generation campaign, gain qualified leads, and convert those leads into long-term customers.

5. Yelp

Yelp is also one of the best lead generation sites with 30 million unique visitors per month. Yelp listings rank well on search results so it’s a good idea to sign up your business. For $90 monthly, Yelp offers paid advertising options that can help you target your ideal audience, attract more leads and grow your contractor business.

6. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and not necessarily a lead generation company, LinkedIn can function as a core marketing platform for generating high-paying leads that can convert prospects into your customers.

best lead generation wesites for contractors: linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional social platform where different professionals share their stories, experiences, and expertise with a focus on connecting with other professionals. LinkedIn’s organic content reach makes it an ideal space to connect with prospects compared to other lead generation companies. Here are some of the ways to gain more leads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional social platform where different working professionals share their expertise and focus on connecting with other professionals.

LinkedIn Page

You can create a professional LinkedIn business page to showcase your expertise, connect with your target audience and current customers, share updates and gain more leads by advertising.

Once users share or like your content, more people are likely to see your post and that comes with the potential of gaining more followers. Sharing exciting and relevant posts can help users find and follow your LinkedIn page for more exciting content.

LinkedIn Native Ads

You can create sponsored content with LinkedIn to boost your reach and assist you in achieving your lead generation goals. This sponsored content appears on users’ news feed in the sponsored content section and can help you gain more leads. It also supports audience filtering so you can decide to display your ads to your ideal customer.

With multiple targeting options in PPC ads, you can choose the specific job titles, industries, job functions, or company size that would help you reach your intended targeted group.

The sponsored content is labeled “promoted,” which makes it stand out from the regular news feed on LinkedIn. With this lead generation platform, you can create ads in various formats like image ads, video ads, or carousel ads for higher engagement and increase the chances of conversions.

You can also run feature ads with text, spotlight, or followers. The condensed ads are priced lower than the sponsored ads and can be a vital asset for smaller and targeted ad placements when on a tight budget.

LinkedIn Groups

With LinkedIn groups, you can build a business community and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. LinkedIn makes it simple and effective to communicate and interact with the members of your group that can build solid long-term relationships with your target audience. You can ask for constructive feedback about your services and handle the inquiries and service requests directly from the group.

You can also encourage discussions about your services which can be useful if you have a referral program. As a contractor, you should get as many property managers in the group as possible and set up a referral program. This relationship can easily become a steady stream of income in no time.

7. Bing

Bing is also a search engine with 2.47% of the worldwide search engine market share and is also good for contractor lead generation. With Bing Places, Microsoft’s response to Google My Business, you can gain free contractor leads when you create a free business profile, select your business information and category, upload photographs and optimize your listing for the desired keywords.

Although Bing is not as popular as Google, many potential clients use Bing every day so it’s worthwhile to show up when their search terms match your services. With Bing’s paid ads, you can create targeted local advertising campaigns that will put your business in front of local customers and get you new leads.

8. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is another contractor lead website with over 30 million users. As one of the most reliable business listings to find top-rated local home improvement services, HomeAdvisor offers great organic search visibility for contractors.

HomeAdvisor is one lead generation website that promises to give the best ROI on your investment. Although a bit pricey (each lead cost $15 to $100), most users opt for the annual membership fee of $300 as they’ll almost certainly find residential and commercial clients eager to get started on their home improvement projects.

9. Houzz

Aside from being one of the best lead generation websites for contractors, Houzz has gradually built a name for itself as a leader in the remodeling and interior design space. Regarded as the best lead generation site for contractors in residential landscaping, interior design, and remodeling, Houzz is increasingly popular among local contractors looking to gain lead contacts for their home services business.

10. Reddit

With over 430+ million active users, Reddit is arguably one of the best lead generation websites for contractors. Reddit combines social news, web content, and social networking, into a powerful platform that can help you provide great support to your prospects, leads, and clients.

best lead generation website for contractors: reddit

You can instantly get customer suggestions and feedback on Reddit and create user-generated content using testimonials and product photos from your clients to attract new prospects. As several threads are formed based on conversions within your business community, you can also create a community or subreddit where you can add Reddit users and post content to increase user engagement. You could also conduct various ‘ask me anything sessions’ within your subreddit and communicate directly to your community members to gain qualified leads.

11. Bark

Bark is a lead generation website that matches customers with service providers. Bark runs on a paid business model and while you can sign up for free, you’ll need to purchase credits to contact leads.

With over 20 million users, Bark is ideal for local contractors planning to attract new business and construction projects. Bark handles the entire process of finding and sorting out your leads and gives you an overview of their requirements so you can choose whether or not to submit a proposal.

With the competitive business climate, quality lead generation remains vital to business success as a contractor. Now that you’ve learned all about the top lead generation sites, let’s focus on how you can find which suits your business model.

How to Know Which Lead Generation Websites Are Best for Contractors?

Here are a few questions that’ll help determine which lead generation service best suits your service offerings as a contractor.

Look at the following questions:

  • What do they charge for joining the platform?
  • Are your competitors or similar local businesses on the platform?
  • How much time is required to implement a successful lead generation strategy?
  • Do contractors gain more qualified leads on the platform?
  • What do other contractors say about the platform?
  • Does the platform exchange contractor lead with other lead generation sites?
  • What’s the cost for every customer acquired on the platform?
  • What’s the platform’s reputation regarding lead generation for contractors or other businesses?

Once you answer these questions, you can decide which lead generation website offers the most cost-effective solutions for your business, increase your lead acquisition rate and streamline your sales funnel journey. Feel free to cross out sites that don’t fit your essentials to edge closer to the most suitable lead generation solution.

What’s the Difference Between Lead Generation and Marketing?

Lead generation is the art of identifying and targeting potential clients for your product or service. Marketing, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for all aspects of marketing, from advertising and brand awareness to public relations.

Lead generation should be a component of your marketing strategy and you can kickstart your marketing process by creating brand awareness as prospects must recognize your brand before they can be converted into leads.

Once prospects are aware of your business and are in the position to inquire about your services, they would be willing to sign up for future communication in most cases. Once the prospect is converted to a lead, the lead generation process ends there, but the marketing funnel is still ongoing.

These prospects will then do some online research on your business, read your blogs, and look at online reviews to decide whether to patronize your services. You can then convert these cold prospects to warm leads by reminding them about their prior interest in your services and prompting them to take the desired action.

Once you establish a clear understanding of what prospects need after some discussions, send professional project estimates to lock the deal. These estimates can be modified until the client is comfortable with the cost and project expectations. If you implement multiple lead generation solutions, ensure you track conversions to determine which platform offers the best ROI and intensify your efforts to gain more leads.

Why Should Lead Generation Be Your Priority?

Lead generation is a process of building visibility, credibility, and brand awareness for your products and services with the aim of converting potential clients to loyal customers.

With a reliable lead gen service, you can acquire more potential clients and grow your contractor business. And with lead generation at the heart of your entire marketing process, you can give your business the push it requires to make a difference.

And when the clients come pouring in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you need to send out lots of estimates in a few days or hours. Most times, prospects are also considering other options and need a slight nudge in the right direction to get committed to their project—this is where InvoiceOwl is very helpful.

InvoiceOwl is a simple estimating and invoicing solution for contractors that helps you create and send estimates and invoices in a matter of minutes. InvoiceOwl also helps you accept payment online which can prove very helpful for clients that prefer convenient payment options.


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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do contractors generate leads? Contractors acquire leads by utilizing some of the various lead generation marketing strategies and platforms that help attract high-quality leads. Optimizing your lead generation strategy by analyzing the areas of improvement and strengthening your marketing efforts would help to build credibility, trust, and brand awareness.

  2. What is the best lead generation platform for contractors? Although many platforms claim to offer quality leads, Google seems to be the best for contractor leads due to its large stake in the search engine market. Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and HouseAdvisor are also viable options to enhance your lead generation results and increase your business clientele.

  3. How to generate contractor leads for free? Organic SEO is the best way to get free contractor leads. By publishing high-quality keyword-rich content, leveraging social media and directory listings, and building high-quality backlinks, you’ll slowly establish yourself as an authority and build client trust. With free tools like Google My Business and Bing Places, you can optimize your business for user search intent.

  4. How much does lead acquisition cost a contractor? Depending on your lead generation strategy, expect to pay $15 to $60 per lead. Bear in mind that the cost per acquisition rate may vary depending on whether you are targeting residential or commercial clients. Ideally, you should keep your per acquisition ratio three times lower than the customer lifetime value.

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