6 Best Lawn Care Websites to Get Inspired

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Are you all set to get started with your lawn care business? You probably have all the equipment, manpower, software essentials, and licensing to operate as one.

But, you need to be more visible among your target audience.

Most of your potential customers are looking for lawn care services on the internet.

So, what is the first thing you need to make a presence online for your lawn care business? A well-designed lawn care business website.

The competition in this industry is way too high, which demands you to craft your online presence outstandingly for a stand-out appeal.

To help make that possible, you need some creative designs in mind to tweak and build your unique lawn care company website. And this article is just the right place for you, with 6 best existing designs of various best lawn care websites, to have a foundation idea of what you can expect.

Best Lawn Care Website Designs

Here are the six best landscaping websites with outstanding designs for all you lawn care business owners to build your magnificent online presence and stand out from the crowd:

1. GrassPerson Lawn and Landscape

GrassPerson has a very appealing website that is clean in its design and super easy to navigate. These are the prime considerations that you should have in mind while planning on building your lawn service website.

Grassperson lawn and landscape

Things to adopt

  • Homepage of the website has the pricing plans. The customers do not have to click on a separate tab to see the prices. They have their cost-related answers right on the first page.
  • Added emphasis on the “About Us” page. It is natural for lawn care company owners to think that people don’t stress the “About Us” section, but it is the opposite. Your potential customers are keen to gather information about you, before hiring your landscaping services.
  • Testimonials, customer maps, and videos are trust-building elements on the GrassPerson website. Such aspects of your website will also help your customers build trust and rapport with your brand.
  • GrassPerson has a lot of rightfully placed call-to-actions. Give sufficient action buttons to your visitors to draw them to the booking page right when they have made up their minds.

Things to avoid

  • GrassPerson’s homepage doesn’t have many images in association with lawn services. So, you don’t have to adopt this, and add not much but a considerable amount of images showcasing the lawn services you offer.
  • Company’s experience was highlighted deep in the “About Us” page but could have been highlighted on the homepage itself. Don’t do that! Instead, showcase your experience in the industry right on the page where people can see it. It can be a game-changer for you.

2. Dunner’s Lawn Service

The moment you enter the website of Dunner’s Lawn Service, you will find green sliding images that will mesmerize and hold your attention. They have the best opening pitch on the top that will push their customers to scroll down and learn more about their services.

Dunners lawn service

They have made the website very approachable, as they have tried to portray their family-friendliness in the services they offer.

Things to adopt

  • Clean and simplistic design for the visitors to help them find what they are looking for. You need to emphasize this factor and avoid clutter on your website and keep it easy for your visitors to navigate through the website.
  • Dunner’s Lawn Service has used no-stock imagery. It means most of the images used on their website are clicked by them. Adopt this idea and keep it real. In this way, your potential customers can connect with your brand better.
  • Dunner’s Lawn Service uses testimonials on the homepage to earn the trust of its potential customers. It is evident that your lawn care website builds trust with your visitors, and testimonials of happy clients can help you achieve that. Do mention them on the front page of your website.
  • The “About Us” page of Dunner’s Lawn Service has a picture of the owner’s family. The idea of that is to give a homely feel to the customers so that they can easily connect directly with the owner. You can try to implement this to build a better rapport with your potential clients.

Things to avoid

  • Dunner’s is using fewer contact forms and buttons on their website. Some of them are very complex to spot, which might deviate the customer to some extent. While implementing this design, avoid this practice and add more visible contact buttons for your customers to reach out to you or head to the main page right when they have made up their minds.
  • Testimonials are added only to the homepage of this lawn care service website. You must not limit yourself to this practice while you are designing your website. Add different or the same testimonials on different pages of your website because you don’t know at what point your customers will stop and read them.

3. Lawns & Palms

When you enter the website, you will have a contact form asking you to schedule an estimate. It is the right move because most potential clients might seek your website just to get the cost for overall lawn maintenance or specific services such as lawn mowing, trimming, and mulching.

Lawns & palms

Things to adopt

  • Lawns & Palms have highlighted their experience and start date right on the top. They have also shared the badges of awards and titles they have won in their business. Such information right on the top adds credibility to your brand impression. Try using this approach on your landscaping website and see the results.
  • Video on the homepage explaining reasons to choose Lawns & Palms. Customers who have been through the websites of many lawn care businesses will like to look at something that claims reasons to prefer a particular brand over others. You can highlight your unique selling propositions (USPs) in such a video and add them to your website for potential clients to relate.
  • Testimonials, along with review platforms, are added to the homepage. Lawns & Palms is not just posting testimonials on its website but is also stating the review platforms where the review was submitted. All of it is just to improve brand credibility among customers.

Things to avoid

  • Too much text is being used on the body of this website’s homepage. The homepage introductions to services could have been a little less wordy. Just inform the customers about what you offer, and let them connect with you to learn more about it. For the best case scenario, let them click on “Read More”, to make them stay longer on your website.
  • Note: Adding information is not bad. But you must keep it short and informative so that you touch the main point of discussion immediately without framing a story on your homepage.
  • Homepage has no images to display the work they do. There are some work-related images in the “About Us” section. But nothing on the homepage, which is a little offbeat for the design. You can prefer adding images throughout your website to get visual attention to your services as well.

4. Denmark Lawn

Denmark Lawn’s website feels like it is destined to make its visitors feel comfortable with them. It is a family-owned company, and a welcome picture explains that well to the visitors. They have added a phrase, “We are your Fort Worth family-owned business!” People find it more convenient for people who share the same mindset of what a family feels regarding lawn care service needs.

Things to adapt

  • A lot of contact options, like call and price estimate buttons on the website. Hence, this makes it easy for the visitors to get to the real deal when they feel ready. Your business site visitors should also have the same flexibility.
  • Real no-stock images are used across the website, making customers trust you even more. To prove yourself as a trustworthy business, you must click your pictures and add them to your landscaping website.
  • Denmark Lawn has a very detailed “About Us” page. They have covered not just the company history but have the founder’s story of how he decided to enter the lawn care industry and start offering associated services.

Things to avoid

  • Website security is not guaranteed as HTTPS setup is not enabled on it. So, this mistake is unacceptable for any landscaping website, as, with many people browsing the website, security is of utmost importance.
  • Testimonials are only on the homepage and nowhere else on the website. It is better to have your customer testimonials on the service pages as well. It will help people believe in how well you provide diversified landscaping services.

5. Juniper Landscape Company

Juniper Landscape Company is a typical example of how photographs convey the required information. In the case of landscaping companies, a great website should use less text and convey more information that interests potential customers.

Juniper Landscape Company

Things to adapt

  • Use of photos in a strategic design implementation makes this website very attractive. It has a cuboid-shaped element right on the top of the homepage, with testimonials in the center, and is surrounded by design, build, maintain, and portfolio. Every section is represented with a photo to grab visual attention.
  • Clickable phone numbers and social media links are embedded on Juniper’s website. Hence, this will make the customers to access your brand and book services more conveniently.

Things to avoid

  • “About Us” page has too much information about the company and its promises. It can be shortened as there is a high chance your visitors won’t have that much time to spare learning about your company and would like to book with you. Hence, this is why you should add only sufficient information in the “About Us” section.

6. Ryan Lawn and Tree

Ryan Lawn and Tree are one of the most renowned companies on this list, but the website is simple and understandable for visitors. The website makes potential customers believe their needs will not be overlooked due to the large crowd of customers. They have adapted a design to showcase the right offers and services.

Ryan lawn and tree

Things to adapt

  • Ryan Lawn and Tree have a considerable number of reviews on its homepage, along with a summary of Google reviews. You must also consider adding positive and realistic reviews to the homepage to let your customers trust your brand.
  • They have included a lot of clickable links throughout the website. Those clickable links allow visitors to quickly redirect to the sales page after surfing the website. It is a great idea to adapt because you allow your visitors to redirect to the sales page while on the homepage, service page, about us, and even on the blog page.
  • The live chat feature allows visitors to get in touch with the chatbot for immediate answers when they cannot find what they need. Try installing one on your website to let your visitors feel like you have a pre-programmed bot to answer frequently asked questions and help them locate anything around your landscaping website.

Things to avoid

  • Ryan Lawn and Tree have a design issue in terms of page sizing. While scrolling on either side, you will find a large gray gap. It is a coding error that needs to be fixed. You just have to get the coding right for your website to fix these minor flaws.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is a perfect design important for lawn care websites?

    A perfect design is important for lawn care websites because the paying customers will choose you instead of others based on what unique features you have that others don’t.

    And the best way to explain it is through your website design. Keep your design simple, yet add certain aesthetic elements to hold your visitors’ attention. Once you have it, then you can convey all of the sales pitches in a perfect copywriting tone.

  2. What are the steps to making a landscaping website?

    You can create your landscaping website by using an adequate site builder. You can check out some tutorial videos online and get an idea of how to approach it. But, it will definitely be time-consuming, which might affect your important business operations. Therefore, it is advisable to hand over the job to professionals.

    The usual steps adapted by individuals or professionals for building a landscaping website are:

    • Buy a domain for the desired time period, depending on your investment plans. Keep renewing it after the select period is about to expire.
    • Hire a professional to design the website.
    • Add informative and promotional content to the site.
    • Add clients to an integrated way to approve price quotes, review invoices, and pay bills online. Try InvoiceOwl for this purpose, as it can help you with all of these features under one roof.
    • Keep updating the website at regular intervals to make it rank on Google.


The designs listed above were picked after intense research on many key players in the landscape industry. These designs have all the necessary elements to pick and integrate into your design. With a great design, you can hold your visitors on the website for a longer time. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the higher the chances of conversion.

Link your CTAs and estimation forms with an estimation software such as InvoiceOwl. This way, when a visitor connects with you for an estimate, you can speed up the process and send them the estimate even before they exit the website.

Have active team members do the needful! This way, you can make your design efforts payout with a higher conversion rate and better revenue.

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