Appointment Reminder Templates for Contractors

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Learn how to create professional and effective appointment reminders for contractors. Go through the standard templates that you can use for your business.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the process of how to write a good appointment reminder email.
  • Get ideas from appointment reminder emails and text message templates that can help you achieve your desired results with finesse.

Your business can lose up to $26000 per year on missed appointments if you don’t integrate automated appointment reminders for your clients.

But integrating appointment reminders is not an easy task. 

You must consider multiple factors, like creating appointment reminders and delivering them to the client on time. 

Our team has filtered the best appointment reminder template to help you create your professional reminder emails to achieve the desired service outcomes.

So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

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How to Write a Good Appointment Reminder Email?

You must ensure that your appointment reminder email delivers a professional experience with the message and the timings to the clients. Here’s what you can do.

1. Keep it short

Emails, phone calls, and text appointment reminders need to be straightforward and to the point. You must ensure clients get the required information that serves the message’s purpose and ensure there’s no miscommunication.

Don’t include different marketing strategies in your appointment reminder emails that can deliver a bad experience and overwhelm the clients to go through the unnecessary details. 

2. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Focus on keeping the appointment reminder email simple and limiting the email to one. Sending precise and to-the-point reminder emails fulfills the sole purpose of sending the text or emails.

Also, limit the number of appointment reminder emails or text messages to one. Don’t try to overload the customer with multiple emails that can annoy the clients and result in a poor experience.

Streamline the appointment reminder process and ensure you can achieve your desired business goals with finesse.

3. Include every detail

You should ensure that all the scheduled appointment details are included in the email or text. If there’s a window for cancelation of the scheduled appointment, you can include the vital details.

Trim the appointment reminder messages and add tailored information that can help increase the message’s impact. Thoroughly review the message or hire professional copywriters or editors to complete the desired process.

You need to ensure that your message is just a friendly reminder and nothing more than that. 

Using these tips can help you deliver excellent appointment reminders to your clients and ensure you can achieve your primary motive.

To help you with the entire process, we have created a few professional appointment reminder templates that you can use for different communication channels.

Appointment Reminder Email Template

Sending appointment reminders using emails can help you create a professional image of the brand is an effective approach followed by businesses to automate the processing using a powerful email marketing software.

You must ensure that your appointment reminder emails include the following elements:

  • Name of your business to build trust and credibility.
  • Date and time to ensure that the purpose is fulfilled.
  • A short description of the services booked by the clients.
  • Information about how to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

You can analyze your client’s data and filter out the best time to get a high opening rate that can help you further increase the effectiveness of appointment reminder emails.

But here are a few suggestions from our end:

  • Send the appointment reminders email an hour before your team’s arrival at the job site.
  • Or send the email 24 hours before the confirmed appointment date and time.
  • You can also automate the reminder email immediately once the booking is made.

You can choose multiple other options for the smooth delivery of reminder emails that can deliver you with a high click-through and open rate.

Check out a few templates based on the timings of the scheduled emails.

Appointment confirmation email template

1. Appointment confirmation email template

Pre Head: Just a friendly email

Hi [customer name],


We at [Company name] would like to thank you for booking the appointment for [Service name] with us on:




If you want to make some changes to your scheduled appointment, click on the link below to implement your desired changes.

[secure link]

You can also address your queries or concerns with our support team, which can assist you with tailored solutions. Get in touch with our team NOW.

[email address or phone number]

Thank You

[business name]

2. Appointment reminder email template – 24hrs before the appointment

Pre Head: Only 24 hrs left

Hi [customer name],

We want to highlight that you have an appointment with [business name] to [service] tomorrow at [scheduled time].

Our team is getting ready and equipped to handle your required service request and deliver you an excellent customer experience.

But still, if you want to implement a few changes in the set schedule or want to cancel that appointment. This is your last chance to make the amendments.

Please contact our office at [email address] or [phone number] to complete the further processing.

Thank you!

[business name]

3. Appointment reminder email template – 1hr before the appointment

Pre Head: 1 hour left

Hi [customer name],

As per your scheduled appointment with [business name] to [service description] at [time], our team is ready to reach your job site with the required equipment to complete the task

Please ensure that [the dog is inside/yard is clean/gate is open, etc.] before our service team arrives.

For resolving your doubts, connect with our support team, which can guide you through the process. 

Get in touch with our team NOW.

[email address or phone number]

See you soon!

[business name]

4. Appointment reminder email template – 5 mins before the appointment

Pre Head: We have arrived

Hi [customer name],

As promised, our team has arrived at your job site based on your scheduled appointment with [business name] to [service description] at [time].

Please ensure that [the dog is inside/yard is clean/gate is open, etc.] to initiate a smooth and flawless service process from our end.

Once our team completes the process, you can review the process to finalize the payment process.

We hope you like our work.

Thank you

[business name]

Appointment Reminder Text Template

But if you want to deliver a quick and to-the-point reminder text message to your clients who don’t check their emails regularly, then you should include a few basic elements like

  • Business name
  • How to confirm
  • The time and date of the appointment.

Just like the emails, you have different scheduled timings for sending the text messages.

1. Appointment confirmation text template

Hi [customer name],

We would remind you about your upcoming appointment reminder with [business name] on time] for [service].

If you have any doubts about bookings, contact our support team at [phone number]

2. Appointment reminder text template – 24hrs before the appointment

Hi [customer name],

This is a quick reminder for your scheduled appointment with our company [name] at [time] tomorrow to provide you [service] solution.

Contact our support team at [phone number] to clear your doubts or queries.

3. Appointment reminder text template – 1hr before the appointment

Hi [customer name],

Our team from [business name] will be arriving at your service site in about an hour. We want you to [keep your dog inside/yard clean/gate open, etc.] for smooth service processing.

See you soon.

4. Appointment reminder text template – 5 mins before the appointment

Hi [customer name],

As promised, our team has arrived at your job site based on your scheduled appointment with [business name] to [service description] at [time]

Please receive them and assist them further in completing the required services. You can review our work and rate us at our online portal.

Thank you.

You can use these above-listed appointment reminder templates in your business to help you increase the service request completions and reduce the ineffectiveness of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to remind clients of the appointment?

    You can send automated text messages or emails to help your clients remember their scheduled meetings. You can also initiate service reminder calls that can complete the desired task.

  2. What if there is a need to reschedule the appointment?

    You can provide the clients with the rescheduling link to enable them to perform the task with finesse. Ensure that they don’t pass the time limit set for service rescheduling.

  3. How to set an automated reminder for clients?

    You must have professional email marketing software or other automation software to help you automate the client reminders and ensure that you can deliver the message effectively.

  4. What to write in an email about the upcoming appointment reminder?

    You can include the precise scheduled appointment details to help serve the message with finesse. You can provide options for rescheduling or canceling the appointment based on your preference.

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