How to Confirm an Appointment by Email? [With Best Examples]

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đź“ťKey Takeaways:

  • Understand the essential elements you need to include in your appointment confirmation emails.
  • Dig deep into understanding the why behind using appointment confirmation emails for your business and the best practices that you can follow to improve the quality of your emails.
  • Look at a few appointment confirmation email templates and use them for your business.

Understand how to confirm the customer’s appointment using email. Go through the technical details and a few templates to help you create professional confirmation emails.

Different types of confirmation emails have a high opening and click-through rate. A professional confirmation email can start a solid relationship with your customers, resulting in successful long-term transactions. 

Depending upon your service business type, you should craft a pitch-perfect appointment confirmation email for your customers that can help you create a strong impression on your clients. 

Using confirmation emails for your service business can ensure the customers don’t have to face future misunderstandings or inconveniences that can deliver a poor customer experience.

But creating quality and high-converting appointment confirmation emails is a task in hand that you need to master to deliver an excellent customer experience.

So, let’s understand the nitty-gritty aspects of an appointment confirmation email that can help you create your contractor business appointment confirmation messages.

What Is an Appointment Confirmation Email?

The email sent by a business to the client to confirm the appointment is considered the official appointment confirmation email. 

You can include the appointment confirmation email in your email marketing campaign to help you promote your future discounts, new services, or other contractor business offerings to your existing clients.

But to avoid misusing the appointment confirmation email, businesses need to use a specific strategy and tact to draft quality messages.

You must include a few mandatories that can help you positively impact the clients’ minds and make them feel safe and secure about their appointment scheduling.

The appointment confirmation email differs from a meeting or flight confirmation email with different subject lines, cancellation policy, and other details.

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Look at the important segments of an appointment confirmation email that can help you create a professional email.

How to Write a Confirmation Email?

Service businesses use different tactics and strategies for creating an appointment confirmation email. But we have filtered the bare minimum information that must be included in your next appointment confirmation email.

You must include the location or address of your service business, data and time of the scheduled appointment, contact details, the services intended by your clients, and the payment status or the processing method.

But that’s just the overview of the appointment confirmation email sample. Let’s dwell a little deeper.

1. Content

The content of your email is an important aspect that your clients are looking to read. Ensure that the appointment confirmation details and text are readable and highlighted to enable the client to read the information quickly.

How to reply to a confirmation email for meeting

Avoid using clever copy, fancy GIFs, or compelling CTAs that can hinder the purpose and experience of the confirmation email and deliver a negative experience to the customers. 

You can use your marketing strategies once you have sent the appointment confirmation email to ensure that it has a better impact on the clients. 

Focus on providing what the recipient wants from the appointment information emails, nothing less, nothing more.

You have the flexibility of adding a basic image or a link to confirm the appointment, depending on your business workflow or your service industry. But these things can work until you don’t overlook the core purpose of the confirmation email.

2. Design

The appointment confirmation emails should be simple and attractive. You should also focus on your branding but don’t go too far with your creativity to lose the effectiveness of your message.

You need to remember that the appointment confirmation email is not primarily a marketing email, but you are just trying to confirm the service booking appointment of the customer.

For example, when DoorDash confirms their food delivery bookings, they try to focus on keeping the bare content minimum. They confirmed the food delivery booking and provided the essential details about the delivery, and gave a few instructions that their users can use to minimize the hassles.

You can create a simpler design of your appointment confirmation email that can help you maintain the email’s visuals as simple yet effective.

Hire a professional email designer to help create professional confirmation emails for your service brand based on your specific industry.

3. Delivery

With the deliverability of your appointment email, you should set a basic rule to finalize a specific medium you want to deliver, the frequency of the email, and the channel your client will receive the email.

The basic protocol followed by different businesses globally is sending the right message to the right person, at the right frequency, at the right time, and on the right channel.

Avoid focusing on the marketing messaging in your appointment confirmation email because sometimes the mailbox providers can mark the message spam, hindering the message’s deliverability.

Also, don’t delay the timing of appointment confirmation and send it immediately. You need professional email service providers that can help you streamline the deliverability of the email. A robust ecosystem can help minimize the time gap between the scheduled confirmation and email deliverability to the clients. 

Focusing on fast delivery can better reinforce your brand and the appointment details. Follow specific rules set by the mail provider to help you avoid your confirmation email being marked as spam.

Try to send the appointment reminder 24 hours before the appointment; that can prevent the client from missing out on the scheduled appointment and enable you to deliver a quality experience.

But you might think, why is an appointment confirmation email important for your service business? Let’s find out.

Why Is an Appointment Confirmation Email Important?

The importance of the appointment confirmation email has increased in today’s digital era because of the changing customer demands and expectations from the brand they associate with.

Delivering an excellent customer experience has become quintessential to ensuring your business’ sustainability and long-term success. 

And appointment confirmation is a vital element for ensuring a premium customer experience for the clients that can assist you in building a solid relationship with your clientele.

Consider why delivering an appointment confirmation email is important for your service business in today’s business ecosystem.

1. Customer expectations

With the changing times, customer experience has become paramount for customers, and they expect the brands to take care of them and make them feel important at different stages of interactions.

Multiple businesses have started implementing a very thought-out confirmation process that their clients expect them to do. And many businesses are not changing their traditional approach, which can result in losing their clientele.

Appointment confirmation emails should be your new standard while delivering a professional service to your clients. It can help you match the expectations and avoid being left behind in the changing trend.

2. Surety to clients

Once clients make an online payment, they want to receive a quick confirmation from the service provider to help them bypass the anxiety and achieve peace of mind.

People don’t want to get scammed, and sending an appointment confirmation helps you set up the trust that your clients want from your brand.

Add a logo and the details of the services availed by the customers in your appointment confirmation that can bring a sense of relief and tremendous amounts of joy to the clients. It can help your clients feel secure and less anxious about online safety.

3. Remove no-shows

People don’t like no-shows from the brand they are associated with. If the client is unavailable at your service site and your team reaches the destination, it can affect your revenue and waste resources and time.

You should focus on sending out confirmation and reminder emails to minimize the chances of no-shows and ensure you can utilize your workforce with finesse. It can help you avoid revenue loss and boost your time management and productivity.

4. Professional brand image

You can use confirmation emails to show your customers professionalism and trust to your clients. Include the required content like appointment date, location, name, address, appointment time, and other business details.

Position your brand effectively, which leaves your brand in an excellent location to boost brand awareness. The emails provide the real estate to add your brand’s tagline, slogan, logo, vision, and mission.

Once you deliver a detailed booking confirmation email and the friendly reminder that the client likes, you boost the chances of positive word-of-mouth marketing that can help you attain new customers.

5. Email marketing

Over 64% of small businesses use email marketing as their primary weapon to connect with their target audience.

confirming appointment

The appointment confirmations open the doorway for your business to slowly get the customers accustomed to your new discounts/sales/offers/services and other business campaigns integrated into the email marketing strategy.

Automated confirmations can help you minimize the delays and ensure you get a higher click-through rate that can kickstart your campaign.

6. Rescheduling or cancelation options

Once the customer gets the upcoming appointment confirmation email, you should provide space where they can reschedule or cancel their appointment before the appointment reminders.

You should mention in your policy or terms and conditions the cancellation charges (if any) and refund policy in your policy or terms and conditions to avoid future misunderstandings with your clients.

Appointment Confirmation Email Best Practices

You can follow the best practices to help you ace your appointment confirmation email. 

1. Concise subject line

While putting automated confirmations in the queue, you should not forget to write a fine and crisp subject line that delivers the message effectively.

Don’t try to play with words and focus on the email’s message. A clear message can assist you in receiving near-instant feedback from clients with a higher open rate.

2. Add to calendar option

Include the option for your recipients to include the meeting confirmation details in their Google calendar to avoid encountering missed appointments.

How to confirm a meeting formal

Focus on details like business name, cell phone number, meeting details, appointment timing, and other important details for better transparency.

3. Don’t sell or market

Add a brief welcome in your confirmation email and ensure that you don’t try to up-sell or market your products and services using different CTAs. 

It can help you bypass the filtration process of the mailbox service of the recipient and ensure that your emails can land in your customers’ inboxes.

4. Testing

Focus on testing your appointment confirmation email design that can help you filter the best email working for your customers.

Once you finalize the confirmation email template, you must test it with different audiences, images, texts, or other elements.

Ensuring that your emails display well on mobile devices can help you increase the chances of better delivery and a quality experience.

5. Detailed information

You must include the booking and contact details that can help the customers experience a premium-quality appointment confirmation email from your brand. Include the time, date, service details, locations, cancellation details, and other vital elements related to booking details.

Add your business name, website, social media handles, contact numbers, and other vital information to open up the business communication channels with the clients.

Using these best practices can optimize the quality and professionalism of your confirmation emails and help you deliver an excellent experience to your customers.

Here are a few text samples of powerful email confirmation templates that you can use.

Confirmation email reply sample

Appointment confirmation email templates

1. Basic email confirmation template


Pre head: Congratulations!


Dear [Customer’s name],

It’s a friendly reminder to confirm your appointment with [Business Name] on [specific time and date]. Our service team will contact you using your contact details and will try to reach the job site 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.

You can consult your queries or can reschedule or cancel the appointment before we send the reminder email 24 hours before the set schedule.

Contact our team at [Phone number] or drop us a mail [ID].

We look forward to delivering you the best service on [Time and date] at [job site physical location] 

Have a great day!

Thank you

[Business name and contact details]

2. Detailed email confirmation template

Pre head: Your appointment has been confirmed!


Brand name and logo

Dear [Customer’s name],

The email is focused on informing you that your [Service name] appointment on [Time and date] has been confirmed, and our professionals will reach your job site at the promised duration.

But if you have questions or concerns, contact our support team using the contact information provided below.

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment before the set rules using the link: [URL to schedule management].

Please refer to our cancellation and rescheduling policy to view the refund eligibility. [URL to policy PDF] 

Thanks for booking the service with us.

Click here to add to your calendar: [URL to Google calendar or Outlook sync]

You can contact us at:

[Staff contact]


You can use these basic appointment confirmation templates for a service business to deliver an excellent customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to confirm an appointment by phone or text?

    You can gain the client’s trust by quickly confirming the appointment via phone or text. You can set up an automated friendly reminder confirming your clients’ appointment booking using different communication modes that can help you avoid the hassle. The scheduling software can help you forward text messages or initial automated phone calls that remove the manual dependencies and processing.

  2. What to say when confirming an appointment?

    You can choose a professional template while designing the confirmation email that can help you minimize your time and effort. You need to be crisp with your message and avoid marketing emails or upselling that can hinder the customer experience or direct your emails to spam. Also, include your contact number, booking details, and other vital information.

  3. Do you have to call back to confirm an appointment?

    No, it’s not necessary to call back to confirm the appointment of your clients. You can use different communication methods like text messages and emails that can include all the appointment confirmation details. You must ensure that you respond quickly, irrespective of your chosen medium.

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