Know The Importance of Having a Montana Plumbing License

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According to the Montana Board of Plumbers, having a Montana plumbing license ensures that the plumbing installations are safe, sanitary, and in accordance with the uniform plumbing code. 

As per the reports, North American plumbing fixtures are expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028. So, having a plumbing license in Montana helps you be a part of this lucrative industry quickly. This is because, a licensed plumber demonstrates his expertise, credibility, and compliance in the plumbing industry in comparison to one who is unlicensed. 

By walking through this detailed guide on Montana Plumbing License, you can surely unlock all the benefits and opportunities that come with being a licensed plumber in Montana.

Licensing Requirements for Montana Plumbers

The Montana board of plumbers favors the license from the very beginning. 

Although, the big sky state does not force registrations at the plumbing apprenticeship levels. Yet, they ensure that anyone working in this field gets supervised by a licensed journeyman plumber or the licensed master plumber.

However, when you will walk ahead and apply for the journeyman as well as master plumber license you will be in need of a Montana plumber license. Plumbing licenses are issued through the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, and Business Standards Division. However, the Montana Board of Plumbers licenses as well as regulates the plumbing industry.

General Requirements for Montana Plumbing License

    • You must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED in your hands.
    • Enroll in the Montana registered apprenticeship to experience on-the-job training and gain experience before moving forward.
    • At least five years of experience working under a licensed plumber to apply for a journeyman license.
    • Additional four years of experience working as a licensed journeyman plumber and three years of experience working either in the supervisory capacity or with a Montana master plumber, or document nine years of experience verified by notarized statements or letters, to apply for a Montana master plumber license.
    • Pass journeyman and master plumber exams with a minimum 70% passing score or higher.
    • Get the plumbing license.

Let’s deep dive into the detailed licensing requirements at different levels.

Apprentice Plumber Licensing Requirements

There is no strict enforcement over registering for the Montana registered apprenticeship program. However, to learn something new or to meet the rigid experience requirements, while applying for the Montana journeyman plumber license, you need to enroll yourself under the Montana apprenticeship. 

There are either of the ways open for a plumbing contractor applying for journeyman licensure: 

  • Learn on-the-job training under a licensed plumber for at least five years and 7,500 aggregate hours of experience, and complete a registered apprenticeship program, or 
  • Educated yourself from the accredited plumbing trade school and get a degree to count two years of experience. Also, work for three more years with a licensed plumber to meet the five-year experience threshold.

Journeyman Plumber Licensing Requirements 

Here’s how to apply for a journeyman plumbing license in Montana:

  • Applicants for the licensed journeyman plumber need to register at least 5 years of work experience which can be 7500 hours working in the field of plumbing. 
  • From these 5 years, 2 years of experience can be accepted for accredited trade school experience as per the standards set by the Montana Apprenticeship and Training Bureau or United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship.
  • After fulfilling this experience criterion, one must fill out the application form for the journeyman license to the state board of plumbers.
  • The Journeyman License Application Form
  • You need to pay the required application fees or required reciprocity/out of state fees to the Montana board along with the few below-mentioned documents:
    • Experience Verification Affidavit (Page 9 of the application form),
    • Verification Of Licensure (Page 10 of the application form) and/or
    • Copy of Apprenticeship Completion Certificate.
  • When the board of plumbers approves the application form, then you are eligible to sit in the Montana journeyman plumber examination. Journeyman plumbers will receive notification of their application within the period of 30 days of receipt of the application.
  • The passing criteria for the journeyman written and practical exam is 70% or higher, after which you can get a journeyman plumbing license in your hands.

Note: Do not forget to review this checklist before submitting the journeyman application form or journeyman exam.

Master Plumber Licensing Requirements 

Here’s how to apply for a journeyman plumbing license in Montana:

  • A licensed journeyman should document four years of legally obtained experience as a licensed journeyman with three of the years in a supervisory capacity or with a licensed master plumber, or document nine years of experience verified by notarized statements or letters.
  • After which the application form for the master license is to be fulfilled and submit to the board.
  • Along with the application form, the Experience Verification Affidavit on page 9 and the Verification of Licensure on page 10 of the application form is to be submitted paying necessary application or reciprocity fees. 
  • Once the application gets approved, you can apply to the board to take the master plumber exam, whose passing score is 70% or higher.
  • Once you clear the Montana master plumber exam, you will be a licensed master plumber in Montana.

Note: Do not forget to review this checklist before submitting the application form for master plumber licenses or master exams.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Montana Plumbing License?

Type of Plumbing License Application/License Fees Exam Fees Renewal Fees
Journeyman Plumbing License $270
  • Practical exam costs: $75
  • Written exam costs: $175
Master Plumbing License $380 $175 $265

Montana Plumbing Trade School

The Missoula Montana Plumbing School and the College of Technical Sciences at Montana State University-Northern both provide accredited plumbing programs in the state. 

The subjects offered in these plumbing trade schools are

  • Technical mathematics 
  • Plumbing drawing
  • Specific piping
  • Hydronic heating and cooling systems 
  • Plumbing codes
  • Plumbing systems 
  • Pipe fixtures, first aid, and CPR 

The cost of trade school tuition at authorized universities can reach $350 per credit hour.

Read a blog on how to get more plumbing leads, because after getting the plumbing license, you will open up various options of attracting more leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why a plumbing license is essential in Montana?

    A plumbing license is essential for any plumber in Montana as it reflects the plumber’s commitment to their profession and also to public safety. Not only does it depicts that the plumber is capable enough to perform the necessary skills and knowledge, but it also ensures that the plumbing work is completed in compliance with the necessary state regulations.

  2. What are the continuing education requirements for a plumbing contractor?

    Yes, in Montana, both the journeyman and master plumbers are required to complete 4 hours of code-related plumbing courses annually to maintain their licenses. The courses must have prior board approval.

  3. What are the insurance requirements for plumbers in Montana?

    For the plumbers in Montana, insurance is essential because humans are prone to errors irrespective of how much knowledgable they are or the expertise they possess. Insurance protects them against a range of financial and legal risks that can arise in their work. Minimum plumber insurance requirements are

    • $300,000 for property damage insurance
    • $100,000 for general liability insurance

  4. What are the reciprocity arrangements for the plumbers of Montana?

    The journeyman plumbing licenses in Montana have reciprocal agreements with four states, i.e Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

    The licenses must be in active status with no current complaints filed against them in order to qualify for reciprocity. However, there is no reciprocity for master plumber licenses and all applicants must take and pass the Montana master plumber examination to be licensed.

  5. What are the eligibility criteria for a plumbing license in Montana?

    The eligibility criteria for a plumbing license in Montana include

    • Being at least 18 years old,
    • Completing a plumbing program at an accredited college or trade school, and
    • Passing a licensing exam by fulfilling the experience and the examination criteria.

  6. Is my plumbing license valid in other states?

    Oregon, North Dakota, Idaho, and South Dakota have journeyman plumber license reciprocity agreements with Montana and not for the master plumber license.
  7. What are the benefits of obtaining a plumbing license in Montana?

    The benefits of obtaining a Montana plumbing license are scripted below:

    • Increased job opportunities
    • Better pay and benefits
    • Professional recognition
    • Protection of public health and safety

So, Are You Up for Getting a License Today?

So as you saw, the licensing process can be complex. However, with the right education and preparation, it is achievable. For running a successful plumbing business, licensing is one of the weapons but not the ultimate one. 

You need to work on various areas to get success. One such area is to have efficient and organized financial management. 
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