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Use our sales invoice templates to create your final invoice post-completion of your work. Download and edit the sales invoice template the way you want. The template consists of all crucial fields required for adding vital information for your client’s better understanding.

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Professional-looking sales invoices not only win hearts but also get you payments promptly. Gone are the days of waiting for payments post-sending invoices. Now with the help of blank sales invoices, you fill and send them to receive payments quickly.

Besides, you can create sales invoices in five different file formats, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Adobe PDF.

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Compare template and software to see which one suits your business requirements. Check out how software is better than a template or vice versa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the uses of sales invoice?

    A sales invoice is a record of a transaction in which a vendor sells products or services to a customer. It usually contains information like the sale date, the goods or services sold, the cost of each good or service, any discounts or taxes that were charged, and the total amount owed. Sales invoices can be used for a number of things, such as

    • Giving both the buyer and the seller a record of the transaction
    • Providing a framework for producing client bills and collecting payment
    • Supplying a record of the transaction for use in inventory management, and reordering
    • Providing a reference for warranty or return claims to the customer
    • giving the vendor a record of the transaction for the purposes of taxes, licenses, and permits
  • How to write sales invoices?

    The format of a sales invoice will depend on the kind of services being sold, the needs of the client, and other factors; therefore, there is no one format that applies to all situations. When preparing a sales invoice, there are a few common rules and best practices that can be used:

    • Use a clean, professional design: The invoice should have a tidy, orderly structure with legible text and margins. It should also have a clear, easy-to-read typeface.
    • Include all necessary details: A sales invoice should contain the date of the transaction, the client’s and vendor’s names and contact details, a thorough list of the products or services sold, the unit price and the number of each item, any discounts or taxes that were applied, and the total amount due.
    • Unique invoice number: To make it simpler to track and manage the sales, number your invoices. Give each invoice a special invoice number.
    • Be clear about the terms of payment: when payment is anticipated and to which bank account it should be made should both be specified precisely.
    • Avoid employing jargon or technical terminology that the buyer might not comprehend by utilizing straightforward, succinct language. Keep the invoice straightforward, understandable, and uncomplicated.
    • Keeping records is important, particularly if your company is liable for sales tax or if you frequently deal with big sums of money.
    • To create invoices, you can use software such as accounting software, invoicing software, or an excel spreadsheet.
  • What are the different types of sales invoices?

    Depending on the circumstances, a variety of sales invoice formats may be utilized; the most typical ones are as follows:

    • Proforma Invoice
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Tax Invoice
    • Credit Invoice
    • Self-billing Invoice
    • Recurring Invoice
  • What is a sales invoice template alternative?

    Estimating and invoicing software is one of the perfect alternatives to sales invoice templates. The software comes with features like

    • Generating reports
    • Quickbooks online sync
    • Digitally signing the document
    • Adding multiple companies

    It is crucial to keep in mind that a proforma invoice template could also include extra details like discounts, specific instructions, or unique taxes based on the demands of the company and the client.

  • How to create a proforma invoice?

    Here is how you can create a proforma invoice

    • Select a template: Use a spreadsheet program to create a proforma invoice template that best suits your needs. You may also download one from the internet.
    • Describe your business here: Enter the client’s details along with your company name, address, and phone number.
    • List the goods or services offered: Include information on the amount, cost per unit, and price of the goods or services you are offering in your list.
    • Include any additional fees, such as taxes, shipping, and handling costs, or discounts, if any.
    • Include payment terms: Add deadline, any rewards or discounts, and any crucial details regarding the payment procedure.
    • Include any pertinent shipment details such as the shipping method, the estimated arrival date, and any tracking information, if available.
    • Unique number: For the proforma invoice, add a special reference number that can be used to follow the transaction.
    • You should sign off: With the signature of a representative from your business, sign the invoice.
    • Send the invoice: The proforma invoice can be sent to the client through email or postal mail for evaluation and approval.
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